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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Corruption 101

How to do business in Bolehland in 5 easy lessons...

(Caution: The following film contains adult elements and partial nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.)



kopitelp16 said...

Saw this in 15 Malaysia. Super funny, especially the Slovak boys part.

daniel chan said...

great one it...

KANNEH!!! said... come only that DVD pedler bared all his superman's underwear but not you just at a glance only.If scare of public provocation(accept those ladies la), you guys can always say it's wardrobe malfunction wat.
Anyway, nice show.

Anonymous said...

haha... really a good 101.. :)

I have my version...

What do you think is the best business in the world?
To me, i would think (if and only if i'm a businessman) it's as below:

1. Create a 'trouble' for the so call 'customers' where they would need to deal with that 'trouble' everyday;

2. Make those 'customers' to pay for the trouble created.

3. Create another so called 'convenient way' for the payment with additional charges; else if you wanna pay, please wait.

4. Create another so called 'temporary solution' to the trouble when everybody's not very happy with the trouble.

5. Sometimes when in good mood, give some rewards or discounts to 'patronize' them.

AlixmeOne said...

this one is good Pat. 5 stars performance.....
unfortunately this is how bolehland work. they will strip u to the very end......

ANN BK3 said...

"BLOCKBUSTER" .. do give it a shot going international at the 2010 CANNES FILM FESTIVAL MAY 12 - 23. GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST!!

Anonymous said...

You are a good actor!

KJ Lim said...

You are a good actor!

Anonymous said...

issit you or the script? how come u always strip in movies.


Paul Choo said...

Should've told the director to use 'Niamah-Fulat!' instead of Slovak Sling. Wakakakaka! :D

Cheers! ;)

jejaka anggun said...

i like it...

KIMHO8 said...

I was expecting you to take off everything.

new fart said...

How about a short clip, like this one, on the PDRM taking bribes from motorists. That would be hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I also have my version of Slovak Sling –leh

Najib: Osman and Jamal, I know u
guys got mistress-kan?
Don’t bluff me-lah. You
Hee ah, husband in debt
right? I give each of you
20 million.

Hee: Sing Dollar ah?

Osman: US dollar ler tu…

Jamal: Pound Sterling?

Najib: RM-lah.

Osman: Datuk Seri, can you get me
one bungalow?

Najib: I thought you already live
in one? In fact two.

Osman: I want to get second
mistress Tok. So I need
another bungalow.

Jamal: I also want one A & W, can
ah Tok?

Najib: No problem Mal, KFC and
McDonald outlets I also can
sapu all for you

Jamal: That one kedai makanlah
Tok! I want that car where
I got Ahmad who can drive
me. Alah, that one-lah Tok.

Najib: Oh! That one BMW. OK-lah
Mal, I get one BMW for you
with Ahmad some more. What
about you,Hee?

Hee: You can help my husband to
settle his ah long debt I
very happy liao.

Najib: I know you need one auto
wheel-chair right? I get
one for you made in USA one.

Hee: Wah Latok Sili, so kind of

Jamal: Datuk, can you give each of
us one ministership office?

Najib: Oh, that one need to ask my
wife first. Hehehe...

Anonymous said...

waiting eagerly for sequel 102

natives are restless said...

Imagine ...
.... the limo
.... the red carpet
.... the ladies
.... the fans
.... the crowd
.... the Oscar !!

Anonymous said...

Wowooooo, Patrick, you are very sexy,But unfortunately, I submitted a application for you for adding your blog and twitter to I'm worry about very much now after they saw this video, then can't approve. But I like you every much indeed.

----XueFeng,Tian from Mediacorp, Entertainment portal & Interactive Media.

matsalleh in KL said...

Hehe, great one !!!

PCK2 said...

wah lau eh! Don't pray pray man. Easiest place in the world to becoming millionaire......bolehland!!

Anonymous said...

jamal : ....pls, one more...MCcurry !
can laa , pls ...u veri powerful can sapu semua2 !!

Anonymous said...

osman : ok...i oso want a...aa....
'kepela-lembu' curry , KLcurry shop !
hee: ...then i mau a...aa... pig-head
porridge stall !

Anonymous said...

Great one Patrick.

Showed it to my whole family and everyone was laughing. Unfortunately the storyline is also true.

I am packing some of my clothing, underwear and shoes ( idea here) in my car in case I'm being stopped by the "gays in white uniform" during this Raya period looking for some duit raya. Instead of giving some duit raya, I am sure they will look good in my clothes, underwears and shoes.

Navin Tharan said...

First class performance as ever, Patrick. I have not laughed so hard since I left this country of ours 10 years ago. Keep up the good work.

Lin said...

Patrick & Harith;

You guys are SUPERB!

Patrick u really look SEXY & message is really Great