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Monday, September 14, 2009

For a limited time only

This video is linked here for a limited time only. It is part of 15Malaysia a short film project of 15 films made by 15 Malaysian filmmakers. The films deal with socio-political issues in Malaysia, they also feature some of the best-known faces in the country, including actors, musicians and top political leaders.

This film here titled, Healthy Paranoia features, among others, the Malaysian minister of Health, Liow Tiong Lai whom I am not entirely convinced knew what he'd let himself into. Anyway, I put the video here, for a limited period for just 1 simple reason.

I was very surprised, well shocked was closer to what I felt, at the size of the Yang Berhormat's office as shown in the film (I presume that being a small budget short film the producers would have used the YB's actual office instead of building or hiring a set).

It even looked a little bigger than the Oval Office used by the President of the USA!!!

And he is ONLY the Minister of Health! A long way down from the PM, the DPM, the Home Minister or even the Minister of Information. So you can imagine la. Now, somehow the fler's RM24million mansion doesn't seem so extravagant does it?



Anonymous said...

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Peter Loh Yoon Leong said...

you are truly observant! this is what we call "thinking out of the box"! see what others cannot see and think what others cannot think.
amazing, patrick.

kiat said...

Well, I actually enjoy the film. Our ministers have got nice offices and I think that's totally ok by me.

KIMHO8 said...

To suit their big prawn heads???

We are paying every single inch of it!

patrickteoh said...

So Kiat you know for a fact that ALL our ministers have nice big offices?

Anonymous said...

Can you feature the office of our PM at Putrajaya?

I think we got a right to see it ourselves since we are tax payers.

Anonymous said...

well you guys n gals voted them in. so what to complain?

Anonymous said...

Pat that 24 mil fela house got a jogging track in it n also 2 pools one for human the other for the fish.

Anonymous said...

bad engrish aa the Malay boy and some more bad camera angle! all thanks to our education system!

kiat said...

Hi Patrick. I do not have any fact on the size of the offices of our ministers. I have never had an office before in my life, but if I ever need to have one constructed,, I sure know where to get a good reference.

Anonymous said...

So it's good to have Strong Opposition ma.

The longer they stay the greater the chances you are going to die of surprises but not due to Health problem.

So ,you see H1N1 is nothing lah compare to the surprises in Boleh-Land. The cancer pictures dont mean anything but it's our "beautiful" surprises that kills.

Anonymous said...

wat .... our babi causes hini ah...
@#$%^&*..dun u ban our food ...!

Trashed said...

I can imagine the cost to upkeep an office of this size - electricity for airconditioning, cleaning services, etc.

I had to replay to see if our Minister had a PC (which he did).

Is an office of this size justifiable ? I dunno but it is the rakyat tax monies that are paying for the upkeep.

Wonder what would happen if the Opposition wins in the next GE ? Unfortunately, I think they will have no choice but to continue with this due to the excesses already incurred by the incumbent govt.

Either that or rent out the space but which coporation wants to have offices in Putrajaya ?

natives are restless said...

Hmmmm ...Is this shoot about interior design or the lack of it or what ???

chong said...

to ano -

wanna see najis putrajaya palace ah?

visit him during raya lah, got open house wat. but do ask him to donate for altantuya's child ah. ok?