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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


A new park for Ampang folks and a small Niamah!!! for today:-)

Once in a while Kuala Lumpur City Hall or DBKL if you want to call them by their more demonic name, does something with rate-payers' monies that is quite good. For example, they have taken an old disused mining pool in Ampang Hilir and turned it into the centre-piece of a public park! In this new park there is a jogging track. Which for some strange reason does NOT go all the way round the park. So you jog up to a point and then have to turn back and go the way you came. Maybe someone should raise this question in Parliament. There is also a community hall kind of building where there are badminton courts and other facilities I suppose, for rent. Exercise stations line the path along the lake. There is a children's playground. And of course the beautiful lake.

Great! But it wouldn't be DBKL if this story didn't have a bit BUT attached to it.

When I drove past the entrance this afternoon I noticed a big banner put up advertising the park office opening times. Meaning the times that you can go to book for use of the Dewan Serbaguna or Community Hall where the badminton courts and other facilities are located. The funny thing is that the opening times for this park's booking office is the same as the office hours of DBKL! Meaning that it is also the working hours of most Malaysian wage earners. Meaning that unless you're a) retired, b) unemployed, c) skiving from work, d) on holiday or e) a carefree Mat Rempit you have no chance in Hell of finding time to go book anything. Phone them up la, you say. Yes, there are NO phone numbers listed on the banner or anywhere at the park entrance.

But good la still. At least the residents of Ampang Hilir now have a nice park to use.



RealGunners said...

even if you can call to book, you won't have time to go and use if it's closed what, so no point la.. haih...


Chean Wearn said...

same thing happens at the Bangsar Sports Centre; try booking a squash, badminton or tennis court. Those DBKL flers think they own the place and your presence to book a court is a nuisance to them.


Anonymous said...

They will brag about their achievements but really failed in KPI !

The reason is their left hand does not know what their right hand is doing !

Niamah !!!

Wong Pencen said...

What do you expect? How can you people be so unfair?

What, you think only your office hours are important? What about our office hours? We in DBKL also work just as you work.

So, you unfair people expect us to sacrifice our evening so you can enjoy playing games and getting healthy?

We all must be fair. Everybody fair to everybody. We are ONE. Are we not?

Anonymous said...

This Donkey Bin KL the heads there must roll. At 52 years still doing the same old thing. Commonlah be a bit innovative. Since their pay is from the taxpayers they should serve the taxpayers. They operate as if everything belongs to them and you must book according to their timing. It is high time these goons pack up ang go replace them by IT. After booking for planes etc. can be done over the net so my force public to drive all the way within specific time also. Department should pension them and have it online. Forget about their pension, forget about having to view their gloomy face, forget about begging for booking time. Malaysia sure boleh.

Anonymous said...

I was told that one public park in Pudu closes at 6:30 or 7pm. After going through all the rush hour to get to the park, it is CLOSED!

BTW, the park is very clean cos nobody get a chance to use it.