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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Help the children

On Monday The Star highlighted the plight of Penan children in Sarawak. While their parents battle loggers and government over their homeland, the children just wished they had some good shoes and something to eat once in a while. Read the story...

Story and photo by STEPHEN THEN

KAPIT (Central Sarawak): Slippers and shoes are much needed by poor children living in remote pockets of Sarawak where such items are rare and expensive.

The Star, during a recent visit to three locations in the interior of Kapit Division, found the majority of toddlers and children without proper footwear.

Longhouses at the Lusong Laku, Long Tanyit and Long Lidem settlements are full of adults and children without shoes or slippers.

Barefooted and hungry: Penan children without footwear waiting for food aid to arrive at the Lusong Laku settlement in Kapit Division.

“We have no money to buy them,” said Johnson Maun, an eight-year-old boy.

The Star found only one sundry shop in Lusong Laku selling foodstuff and essential household items like soap and cooking utensils.

No slippers or shoes were available.

The shopowner said these items were expensive as the contractor who sent goods from Bintulu charged high prices to transport them.

Many children and toddlers suffer from skin problems on the soles of their feet due to being constantly barefooted.

The Miri Catholic Church is collecting donations for poor Penans in Kapit Division.

A lot of rice and foodstuff has been collected but no shoes or slippers.

Donors can take such items to Father Sylvester Ding at the Miri Carmelite Chapel or hand them to the Carmelite nuns for deployment to the needy children.

If you would like to help you can send donations to ......

Account holder : St Francis Centre Belaga

Bank : Maybank, Bintulu branch, Sarawak

Account No. : 011065307834

To think that something like this can happen in a country that still intends to declare itself "developed" in 11 years time!!! I wonder how the chief minister and all the other Y.B.'s feel as they slip their feet into their Italian-made Ferragamo's?



crazyant said...

Eh... i thought that Aunty with the big hair very concerned for children's education one? Some more got honorary PhD for her work u know??! Where the hell is she now!??! Shopping in Italy izzit?? DNMCH!!!

Anonymous said...

And they wonder why the ordinary folk hate these leeches and vampires that suck the blood from us....? And what the hell are going to do about the rape of those poor women folk? Why was there so much reluctance and delay in the release of the reports and wtf are those who denied the incidences say now??Really really f%#@$%&d morons..

Sad sack

Anonymous said...

Thks for highlighting this and providing the a/c no. Will do my part.

amoker said...

I am super angry... i wonder how i can partner with the church. will think more

heckler said...

thanks for the info. Will tt an amount over shortly. It kinda sad to read this and realized how lucky we are now.

Anonymous said...

About time for the BN government in Sarawak to help the Penan tribe, having plundered the forest for logging for so long.

Anonymous said...

For Sarawak to be in such a sorry state is a question for the BN government to answer.

Wong Pencen said...

"I wonder how the chief minister and all the other Y.B.'s feel as they slip their feet into their Italian-made Ferragamo's?"

Stop wondering Patrick. I have the answer and am willing to share with you. GOOD. That't how they feel. I am sure of that for if not they will buy some other brand that would make them feel good.

Also, I don't see anything wrong with the pictures here. The rakyat can't even buy proper footwear. The Chief Minister always put on some very expensive and confortable footwear. That is only right, in my opinion.

The CM is a WAKIL RAKYAT, voted by the rakyat, to represent them. By wearing the expensive and confortable footwear, he is just doing his job as wakil rakyat.

He is THE wakil rakyat, 'mewakili rakyat lain yang tidak dapat merasakan keselesaan dan kemewahan hidup".

Anonymous said...

Will Datin Rosmah and the Bakti group visit the Penan tribe?

Prihatin BN!

Anonymous said...

The real world is like this ! There are poor people at our backyard and they are neglected, marginalised, forgotten, downtrodden, etc. All these things will never get highlighted but those things like the delivery of submarines, who become astronauts, Petronas Twin Towers, Sepang F-1 are considered our GREAT achievements !

11 more years to come before 2020 and we call ourselves a developed nation and I won't be surprised when we still see children and adults without shoes or slippers to wear ! All our money were pumped into something else like the PKFZ project, Highways, etc.

We need to thank our leaders too for the predicaments !

Too tired to shout Niamah !!!

Fara said...

been travelling to the interiors of Sarawak, it's no surprise to see some communities were living below the poverty lines. these people usually live in areas where no tarred roads available. its not just the Penans but other indigenous communities too like Kenyah, Kayan, Iban etc. plus, they were not exposed to the world as we do. there are lot to be done by the government to make them at par with us.

Anonymous said...

The CM said Kita boleh tolong tapi jangan kacau kacau mengatakan itu tanah harta dan milik nenek moyang. Saya mahu kayu , nanti jual kayu kamu ( Penan ) dapat kasut dan money. Nanti Kami tanam kelapa sawit , dapat lagi sikit Kas money. Ini baru fair -lah

Duit kita manyak apa itu kasut - orang semenanjung ta tahu baca newspaper RM 10 million kita boleh kasi cash .Apa ini kecil punya hal main sebar sebar ke seluruh dunia. Jangan Kacau - siapa takut ??