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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's called inflation

We have to count our pennies la. So which one you want? Mercedes or BMW?

Last Monday I went grocery shopping. Admittedly, not something that I do very often. It was in a supermarket down the road from my house. Nothing very exciting. Except that I came to a rather late realisation I suppose.

The Ringgit doesn't buy shit these days!

And so, our earnings as ordinary Malaysians remain the same while the prices of goods and services increase with incredible speed right before our eyes. Some friends tell me that's called inflation. Inevitable in an economy like ours faced with the global financial health as it is. So I'm told.

When I got home with the small little plastic bag of purchases that I received in exchange for many Ringgit notes of the blue-ish-green variety I read in the newspapers that our government had announced that members of the judiciary (and some other government VIP's) were going to be given new cars!!! Apparently, this was to replace the government's fleet of aging Proton Perdana's.

And the learned judges were being asked if they preferred Mercedes Benz or BMW!!!

And then today I read that Najib had announced the government was planning to cut back a little on its operating expenditure overall next year.

“Government spending has to be prudent and that includes procurement,”
Najib told reporters at a briefing by Bank Negara.

Oh ya? Prudent spending issit? So what car you want. Merc or BM?

What the hell is going on? Does anybody in this government know exactly what the plan is? Is there a plan?



Anonymous said...

didn't you know that it is prudent to buy Mercs and BMs because the good old Proton keeps breaking down.....and we can't expect our judges to ride in Camry' there!

What's your beef? Why are you so unhappy? Always complaining!

Anonymous said...

1 word HYPOCRITE which is most probably not in their dictionary or whatever that's in their head!

KoSong Cafe said...

I was waiting for an announcement on cutting expenses since the 1M F1 boast and did not have to wait for long.

What normal folks can see as a luxury we cannot afford seems to escape those used to a life of luxuries. For the sake of one man's ego, the government is prepared to spend hundreds of millions each year and when it comes to mundane but necessary items, we have to cut costs.

crazyant said...

mortals like us have to drive shitty cars because imported cars are taxed so motherfuckingly high and these bloody suckers are spending our goddamn money freely getting them fucking beemers!??!? DNMCH! it's fucking true that ringgit doesn't buy shit these days. so if you dont have money, you can't even afford to eat SHIT!!

Anonymous said...

bro, really fucked up.. no more energy to post a comment on these super duper politician..

pinsysu said...

the plan is to scoop as much as they can b4 GE13 ... like khir & his 40 thieves did days be 0308 ...

Nin Neh Wasai said...

He(PM) thinks that he is the PM(CEO)of the country(Company), so he can do what he thinks is right.Never mind,this time we rakyat suffer sikit(hopefully this is a small amount)but come GE13,he will pay the price for it.1NIAMAH!!

michael said...

Dear Uncle Teoh,

Of course there is a plan.
Their plan is not for you to find out.:)

BTW, you know that Toyo fella? He started this perverted reasoning that if he had traveled in business class, those lower than him in the entourage might have to make that study a.k.a. holiday trip in AirAsia. So he elevated himself to first class.

So, going by Toyo's logic in true BN spirit, the real reason why judges get Benz or BMW is because ministers want something even better for themselves.


Anonymous said...

We're not alone on this one. Here's a snippet from some decades back:

"Americans are getting stronger. Twenty years ago, it took two people to carry ten dollars worth of groceries. Today, a five-year-old can do it."
—Henry Youngman

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick, one of your favourite pukefaces, the one with the keris, has just made a "Niamah statement" about umno's candidate. Apparently even if a person is charged with "money politics", he is still a good person as long as he is loyal to umno (check STAR online)!!! Wow, by this reasoning, a person can be a thief and a murderer, but can still be considered a good person as long as he is a loyal umno man. It just goes to show what umno is made of!!! Niamah!!!

solidleong said...

Oh, yes! There is definitely a plan, SPEND, SPEND, SPEND..... until kingdom come.

Anonymous said...

Probably the govt can also tell why the support of 1Malaysia F1, which is poised to get poor position next year!

Is bad publicity what they want?

They are putting the country's name at stake!

Anonymous said...

The ringgit is monopoly money! That's why we need shitloads of it just to buy just about anything in Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

aiyah, pat, dun worri laa ...every tuesday got special draws , & NOW some more 3 types ... toto , 3D & magnum &...&... who knows soon got nite kuda racing, dog racing ....then mamyak taxes coming wat !
dun worri laa , mr. honda-san, ok ?
sleep tight laa !

Anonymous said...

so what's wrong if the government intends to give high ranking officials beemers or mercs ? nothing i suppose.

maybe the initial outlay will be high, but this is outweighed by the fact that the cars will be used longer and requires probably less maintenance than perdana.

calvin said...

reduce liao, before that, they wanted a Roll Royce or Bentley, now downgraded to Merc or BMW. See, our gov very caring one, they sacrifice for us - rakyat.

Anonymous said...


Greetings from Germany...things are bloody cheap here...I sat in a brand new Audi A5 convertible..cost only 45,000 Euros here or about RM250K while same car in Msia will be 3 times more..haha a pack of Bounty minis cos only 0.95 Euros or RM5 only..truly Msia is a screwed up country..any wonder why Msians, bumis or non bumis are leaving by the droves..

cicak said...

How about we close down Proton and Perodua so that the rakyat don't have to bear their 'losses' in the global automotive industry.

Come on, they're just producing tin cans anyway.

After that, the Gov should not put insanely high taxes on cars like Mercs and BMWs. The rakyat can own them too.

And maybe ppl cannot abuse APs too.

chong said...

do u know that the candle for mooncake festival is sold as RM1.10 per box in the STORE and CARRFour now!!!

it's RM1.10 per box!!!

it was only sold RM0.20 when i was a kid!!!
then it grew to RM1 for 3 box
RM0.50 per box
RM0.70 per box

and now...

suck lah!!!

donplaypuks® said...

As a Senior Judge who is more interested in justice and truth and being concerned about the economy during this global financial crisis, I declare that a Proton Perdana will suffice for my official use.

I do not need a BMW or a Merc.

I understand that all my fellow top-level civil servants in Govt concur with this view, which will also be supportive of Proton at a time when Proton is surviving on hundreds of millions of $ of Govt "R&D" Grants and making negative operating profits!!

If you believe this declaration, you also believe that sharks can fly!!


We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...


Why you Niamah so much when you are now making Singapore $$$ with your MediaCorp engagement?

Every 1 S$ is 2.42 RM.

You earn Singapore Dollar and spend in Malaysia.
Everything to you is now half the price.

But I suppose you are venting the frustration on behalf of the rakyat. I salute you.

What happen to that Minister whose job is going around hyper/supermarket to check on prices?

ANN BK3 said...

He is such a lucky fella whose preoccupation is just to splash the rakyat's hard earned money (comes with blood, sweat n tears) on useless and syiok sendiri projects that benefit not the masses but u know who.. n even if these projects fail it won't hurt them in anyway. When he is always 'up there' how can he feel the pulse of the ordinary joe public.

Isa Pas said...

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said on 29 Sept that the government will spend an extra RM1 billion per month till the end of 2010 in a bid to bolster the country’s economy.

What is being spent?

End up in UMNOputera cronies pocket?

Anonymous said...

It is true that Merc and BMW requires little maintenance compare to Proton hence cost saving in the long run... However, rather that quick-fix thinking for solution, isn't it better to improve the manufacturing of proton itself to reduce frequency of maintenance? At the same time you improve the very Malaysian made product for Malysians. By purchasing western made product doesn't solve the issue, infact it shows how captive our minds are even after the colonials have left decades ago...

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.31 am,

Feel like migrating too lah. Tell me how? I want to escape high living cost here..btw, I'm a teacher but with a salary like mine can only afford a proton!

Anonymous said...

they r jealous of the sarawak fler
using RR silver laa !

Anonymous said...

Why Merc or BMW..? Why not just replace with another "NEW" Perdana again....????

If trade in will be cheaper & "will" cut cost...!! Don't know meh...??

Why Najib not giving support to "own" Malaysian made car..????

I've got Honda, Toyota, Gen2, Proton Saga, another Toyota, house with almost 10 rooms, a new BMW comming next week, resorts in the making, etc.., etc......

I worked very, very hard & smart for my money...! I've earned it.....!!!
I "do not" use other people's money for my convience....!!!!

So.... don't waste the country's & get back on a Perdana lah....!!!!

Anonymous said...

wake up call,

please recognise the malaysian productivities is not as the inflation force.we will at no way to overcome this force if we still carry on hope on "malaysia boleh"
start thinking about medical fees and education fees for our children.

Yellow Submarine said...

Having spent on the submarines, I guess there is nothing left.

Ipin said...

Why not use Proton Exora to carry more government servant at one go to save cost?

Anonymous said...

According to IMF (2008):

Singapore GDP per capita: US$51226
Malaysia GDP per capita: US$14081

Singapore's average is 3.64 times higher than Malaysia's.

2 packs of HL milk:

Klang Jaya Jusco: RM10.45
Singapore: S$3.55 (=RM8.70)

It is no wonder my relatives have stopped buying HL milk for their kids.

OR maybe there are cheaper (and better?)alternatives.

My 2 cents worth.

Momok said...

Drop in Malaysian Ringgit is a reflection of our incompetent government.

With the decreasing value of Ringgit, down goes the quality of life of the rakyat.

Anonymous said...


Don't be too hard on NaShit. It's true that the Ringgit doesn't buy shit these days simply because there's already plenty of shit coming from the BN government anyway, so no need for the Ringgit.

The government treats us like shit because that's what they think we are....a bucketful of SHIT.

NaShit, Nashit, Your are so full of shit , shit, shit.........

Papadom said...

I wish we could have efficient public transport system like Singapore. I could then save a lot of money.

Anyway, our government's National Automobile Policy has made eveyone desires to own a car. Too bad!

Exora said...

National carmaker Proton, whose Lotus division is providing the chassis for the 1 Malaysia F1 team next year, expects its new Lotus-engineered high-torque pressure-charged performance 1,600cc engine to be ready by 2011.

Therefore, our Police should defer purchsing new police vehicle until 2011.

This will save us money - and help to sustain Proton.

Anonymous said...

What to choose from? If he give them BMW they will buy their own Merc. If he give them a Merc, they will buy their own BMW. What is the difference. They got money mah!. His choice should be the Perdana. Remember he sold the Camrys in Perak to maintain the Perdanas. What did they say when they do that. Support the National Car mah!. Double Standard as always. My view is that all gomen senior civil servant should use Perdanas. Let them buy their own BMW or Merc with their own money, not tax payer money. I am using Proton Cars too, not because they are the best but because that is what I can afford. Niahmah!

MyKereta said...

If you wish to buy MyVi, better do so fast before it is not classified as national Car under the new National Automobile Policy.

Otherwise, you will have to live with Proton for the rest of your life given the 'Najib Inflasi Effect'.

Joe said...

Pat, oh Pat. Where have you been before this? There's not one day in the week that I am not depressed by my poverty. I'm a copywriter with the pay of an experienced clerk.

Nak beli coklat pun kene pike sepuluh kali wooo

Anonymous said...

Najib has expanded 1Malaysia ideology to 1World.

I guess he is now eyeing the Nobel Peace Prize.

Malaysia Boleh!

Prof Ali said...

In Najibnomics ( a compulsory subject soon for MBA in UiTM), this is called


Satu Inflasi!!!

Anonymous said...

Proton Saga racing in F1.

Proton Perdana as safety car.

This is the ultimate dream for 1Malaysia!

McUmno said...

Bagan Piang by-election: PAS Youth claims that the defence minister and MB campaigned in an army camp offering a swimming pool and futsal court for votes.

Shebby said...

Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s approval rating has fallen slightly, with 56 per cent of Malaysians satisfied with his performance as Prime Minister, compared with a high of 65 per cent in June, according to a new poll released today.

The poll, conducted by the independent Merdeka Center to mark Najib’s sixth month as PM, showed that many Malaysians found his efforts at reducing corruption and crime still wanting.

c4 meletup said...

Bridget Welsh, a Malaysia expert at Singapore Management University, said bolder reforms by Najib risk alienating Umno’s core voters.

“The reason for the failure to bring about reform is Umno’s dependence on race and goodies for its survival.”

Jangan Cucuk Belakang said...

Malaysia will set up a Unesco-Malaysia Cooperative Trust Fund with a launching grant of US$5mil (RM17.15mil) to enhance south-south cooperation.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the amount, which would be allocated next year, would be followed by an annual contribution of US$1mil (RM3.43mil) from Malaysia.

Is this a 'way' to win recognition?

What about channeling the money for Penang Unesco heritage fund?

Melodi said...

Which one is the official 1Malaysia song?

I am very confused as there are many interprettions by different groups and singers.

What's your take, Patrick?

Shiok Guy said...

Dear Patrick

Merc and BMW are cheaper to maintain, remember?

While proton cost a bomb mah! Like that you also don't know meh?


Shiok Guy

Hanky-panky said...

When Najib goes to Bagan Piang, he will have 'memory' of his Port Dickson encounter. Wonder if the singer/actress will be there.

Din said...

According to a Suara Keadilan report, Najib is ditching Proton Perdana as official car for an imported one.

Anonymous said...

What do we mean when we greet someone 'Salam 1Malaysia'?