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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Konfrontasi Part II?

Actually kawan, no need to fight. Just re-call all Indon labour and WE're fucked! BIG TIME!!!

The Singapore Straits Times reported that anti-Malaysia sentiments show no signs of abatement in Indonesia. One group even claimed that about 500 volunteers were willing to go to war with Malaysia.

Okay......but I am sure that given time things will cool down and we'll become good neighbours again.


What do you think one Malaysian Syariah Court judge's contribution to bilateral relations is?

Judge Abdul Rahman Mohd Yunos has sentenced an Indonesian man, Nazarudin Kamaruddin to be caned for drinking alcohol.

Some quarters will say Oi! What must be done must be done!

Sure! If you say so. But what lousy timing eh?



Ravin P said...

Duh, Like pouring C4 into fire ah!!

Anonymous said...

syariah law is god-made one = dun play-play laa !

Anonymous said...

I used to know of local Muslims borrowing Indonesian paper-permit indicating that they were Indonesians so that they could visit Genting or even go to the bar! Now they decided to lump them as together and then cane them???
No wonder those Indonesians want to go to war with us! We're trying to teach them moral when they certainly think we have none!

Anonymous said...

pity the guy..kena canned and lock-up...? th way, the gal kena lock-up meih? or sitting home eat kuaci?

Anonymous said...

cane if u must.
it's not like the indons will accord malaysians with anything less than what their domestic laws upholds.
it's like hanging all drug offenders under exceptions made.

artchan said...

The fler can appeal..then no caning lah.

End of story??? What if he does not appeal?

Big problem eh? So the Hisham fler will call for a demonstration in his office to see how it is done?

Anonymous said...

It is ironic that our Malays tend to regard their Indon counterpart as 'adik'.

About time to treat your fellow citizens in Malaysia of other racial background as your brothers.

UMNO please listen up and stop issuing IC to the Indons.

Anonymous said...

cane them, cut their hands off, insist four pious person as witness to rape, stone them after all we still live in archaic times dont we

laopan608 said...

Is there anything gained from this cultural things eh?. Those dances, songs etc can fill your stomach ka?. For me fighting for the interest of the stomach is worth for. Those critters were goners!

Anonymous said...

man n gal to be cane sentence by syariah court is not related with our country relations with.

bcos they(that muslim indon) were cought drink alcohol by islamic authority such jaip/jais/jawi n etc. malay muslim or any muslim also will get the same punishment if they get caught by the islamic authority.

if u or anybody see muslim drink alcohol u too can report to the responsive authority. so they will get the same punishment.