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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ops Sikap 2009. Record number die on Malaysian roads.

Watch this video. It may make you drive a little slower. A little more carefully. A little better.

(This video contains graphic scenes. Viewer discretion is advised)


bean laden said...

Salute you, Sir........ Thanks for posting.......I have definitely learn from this......OP Niamah is better than OP Sikap

kelly said...

this gives me chill

Anonymous said...

Ops Sikap 2009 is actually the major illegal big money making time for the PDRM. Their official summon cash register will not show an increase. Other days they make small money. We know speed kills so PDRM should be working at places where drivers like to speed. Instead these traffic cops were at kampong & road blocks checking driving licences and roadtax? How much salary is a 1 stripe lance corporal? Yet he owns a double storey 80X25ft home with a '08 Honda Wish & 1.5G Avanza and a motorcycle. Wife is not working & with 4 primary & secondary kids. The income logic is puzzling!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Teoh,

One of the best video clip that I've ever seen in youtube. Mr Teoh, I seriously suggesting that this video must be aired in all tv channels that available in the country to educate the Malaysian drivers.

mynameiskoko said...

Thanks for sharing. Its a good reminder.

crazyant said...

one more thing that i really hate is when some so called VIPs get their special treatment on the road. the traffic police would just appear out of nowhere and push everyone aside. like their fucking grandpa owns the bloody road. isn't it illegal to travel way past the speed limit? and what about endangering other road users? what rights do they have to bully everyone else? we pay our taxes too! DNMCH!!!!

umnoisshit said...

these people deserved it. it immoral to kiss in the public. thats GOD's punishment.
repent now before its too late

Anonymous said...

Wow ... The comment above is pretty idiotic. Go crawl back into your hole please.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

This is the best ad which I also agree to, "should" be put in our local tv...!

It's all "about us"....!!!

And I don't think that our local can come out with an ad as good as this....!!!

Instead of saying they come out with millions of our tax payers money on road fatalities.........

Go get the rights to this ad & show it to the public....!!!

No point in this "Op Sikap", "Oops Silap" or whatever beautiful name for glamour......

Every year they still have a "death wish"....!!
And rising.....!

This yearly "Op" thingy proves nothing..!! Sometimes I wonder how do they do it constructively to "not" let people die on the road...?????

Our present goverment should show this on our tv.....!!!!! Instead of wasting money like "flies taking off with germs....!!!"

Ho ho ho said...

The IGP says that politicians should start showing good example on road safety. I say all government employees especially the police should show good example. Do you notice that most of the time those in government vehicles do not wear seat belts including police personnel. Those guys think that not wearing seat belts means showing off their authority. I guess showing off is more important than safety to them.

Anonymous said...

= Sampai Ini Kah Aggota Polis?

1Sikap said...

= Suap Ini Kepada Anggota Polis