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Saturday, September 05, 2009


Macam ni ke? Wah! Quite syiok osso.

Sometimes the smallest things piss me off. Does that happen to you too? Maybe it's an age thing la. Anyway, the above photo appeared on page N16 of The Star today. I wouldn't have paid any attention to it except for the unbelievable caption that the editors or sub-editors or whoever is responsible for these things tagged to the picture. The caption said that Hishammuddin Hussein was,

"........helping fishermen to build a shelter in Kampung Penarik."

Hiyoh!!! I know that the credibility of MSM is at an all-time low but do you have to dig these kind of holes for yourselves so often ah? I mean look at the photo. Look at the way he's dressed. Look at his shoes. Look at the grin on his face.

Hishammuddin may be.....

1. Trying his hand at some Terengganu children's game.
2. Experiencing, for the first time what it's like to hammer a nail into something other than a political enemy's 'coffin'.
3. Beating out a rhythm for the next Merdeka Day song.
4. Just posing for a publicity photograph.

Anything la. Except "......helping fishermen to build a shelter..."



caravanserai said...

The hammer and nails
On the planks Cow Cow Keris did
Smiling on his face
The nail got in

Building shelter for fishermen
Who want to believe when dressing tell?
He may as well sit sips his tea
Let the real men do the work

Cow Cow Keris
Bee Anne papers spin
The papers wanted to look savvy
But is it?

The nail goes in
Bee Anne closures
The signature grins
It is coming soon
Black Joe walks the scenes

Anonymous said...

you have to give credit to the editors of TheStar for keeping the paper alive, if not you won't have bought it right?, to look for your daily humor in today's MSM.

natives are restless said...

Don't know about you guys ...but it looks like driving a nail into BN's coffin to me.

k4kenny said...

Yeah, now trying his hand at hammering nails so next GE13 comes, he can help hammer nails to Um-um coffin.

Anonymous said...

Reality check. Journalistic standards among those working in MSM are dropping left and right. Sometimes centre, too!

NST has a columnist by the name of Azmi something who writes ridiculous England English and yet his column gets published without any decent editing. Why?

The kind of captions you see in that picture involving so-called VIPs can be found in most of the papers nowadays.

Granted that those working in the newsroom lack the experience or don't have enough proper training, or just dumbos, the onus is on editorial management to make sure such practice of "juvenile journalism" do not get published in their rags.

If we do see deterioration of standards, we can hardly blame the juniors be they reporters or sub-editors or even editors. Because they themselves have reached their own level of incompetency in the profession, or worse, the blind leading the blind.

Who cares about true professionalism? It's a matter of serving the political masters with loyalty and brood no questions about it.

Most of those in charge in MSM are basically now political appointees and many of you blog readers will certainly know who they are.

For example, the Star is losing talents and it's left with mediocre reporters and copyeditors.

Another example, a fella who runs a certain tabloid, also runs a blog that allows commentators to spit profanities, expletives and other debauched expressions. And, of course, he's not shy about it. How do you categorize such an editor?

There are other maladies rearing their ugly heads in MSM. The next few years will expose more of it. Just wait and see.

Dirt Road Rider

Anonymous said...

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday reminded Muslims to avoid condemning or insulting other religions and the followers in their actions, but instead follow true Islamic teachings by respecting other religions.

Najib should first direct this advice and reminder to Umno Ministers and leaders at all levels as they have proved to be the greatest threats to inter-religious goodwill, harmony and understanding particularly in the five months of Najib’s premiership.

To set a good example that the Najib administration does not condone or countenance Umno Ministers or leaders setting the bad example of offending other religions and their followers, the Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein should be arrested and prosecuted for his provocative press conference defending the cowhead sacrilege on 28th August which marred the 52nd National Day celebrations three days later.

PameloTeoh said...

he looks like making coffin for himself there....WAHAHAHAHA...

Anonymous said...

At least he hammered one miserable nail. More productive than to open his gap to tokkok. Hope he hammered his thumb as well. But he cannot hammer the nail into his own coffin. We have to do it.

Anonymous said...

Silly limp-wristed feller! The least he could do was do some research as to how a builder-helper acts and behaves. He could do with some lessons from Jimmy Carter, builder-helper at many of his Habitat for Humanity projects. Here is another picture.

Tukang Kayu

Anonymous said...

To the good fishermen folks of Kampung Penarik: WARNING:

Anonymous said...

I will definately pick No. 4. Just posing for a publicty photograph. In Bolehland everything is like that lah shiok shiok only lah. One VIP doing chidish things every reporters rushing after them just to take this shot funny isn't it. Today help fisherMAN tomorrow will help WOman folks making dodol.....playing congkak and the list goes on and on. I love wan malaysia.

Anonymous said...

...i rather be a hammer than a nail,
yes i would if only i could ....
( paul simon )

"uppercaise" said...

Shocking! Truly shocking! I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked! What is this world coming to?

Actually that's what I said on my blog about a Bernama story. But you have a point about that caption, too.


Anonymous said...

I heard he can read & write too.

niamah also said...

Eiii, why do you always have to post all these disgusting thingeys? No wander, it's Niamah! LOL!

Anonymous said...

' ... if i'm a hammer, i'll hammer the head of .......!!?? '

monsterball said...

They feel no shame to keep on putting low class shows to win votes.
This man top the list in acting.
Trace his records as Min.of Education...what have he done?
From Education to Home Ministry is a demotion....and he is happy as long as he is a minister.
Not enough words to describe this racialist bastard.

Anonymous said...

Niamah! With all the billions of ringgit oil royalties the state gets and this what the Trengganu fishermen get and the niamah can only DO!

Wake up Trengganu folks!

R4Os said...

"Hiyoh!!! I know that the credibility of MSM is at an all-time low but do you have to dig these kind of holes for yourselves so often ah?" -- Patrick

To be fair, not all MSM would stoop so low, the Chinese MSM is doing a good job. The-Star aka MCA-Mouthpiece which is under a Eunuch Chief has brought much shame to professional journalism...

Anonymous said...

The cow head act is ok.
but the cow head video is offensive.

1Malaysia boleh lah!

Anonymous said...

Najib, never mind what the opposition promised. As the Prime Minister, where is your promise of a 1Malaysia? What are you doing about your vision? As a citizen of this country I ask you why there is so much inequality, discrimination, oppression, racism and religious extremism under your governance?

artchan said...

this fler will make his father turn in his grave.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is as expected from a politician !

We must also think of "chat hai chai" means the people who polish shoes !

This particular paper has been polishing some political party for a very long time. I think which is why this publication's staff got hold of some titles.

Well, something to learn from them a thing or two !!!

Niamah !!!

Anonymous said...

hahahaaaa.. show off lahh apa lagi~