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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The thinking car for the brain-dead Malaysian

Today, there is a full-paged, full-colour advertisement in the newspapers for the Proton Exora, Proton's debut entry into the MPV market. Nothing too exciting about that. Except, the headline for the advertisement caught my eye and frankly, stopped me dead in my tracks. Kudos to the copywriter who dreamed it up.


Now Malaysians have a car that does the thinking for them. Wah! Good or what?! Not that we ever did much thinking when driving anyway la. Road safety campaign keeps reminding us to THINK. The national car maker gives us a car that makes our thinking redundant. How la like dat?

So now, as Malaysians we don't even have to think when we are driving. One day soon we shall stop thinking altogether. Then 'their' job would be successfully completed. Anybody really sure the year is 2009 and not 1984?



clearwater said...

A very intuitive advertisement. Congrats to Proton glc for choosing it. Now we know which market segment this MPV is targeted at. The no-need-brains Malaysian. Should have a decent take-up.

esse said...

Lol, and, a Big Sigh too! Aah, the irony - the perfect car for poor Malaysians!
Fact is, our whole education n political system is in that mode: Where the Authorities tell us, "We know what's best for you. We'll do the thinking for you. You don't have to think or worry about anything. Trust," like Ka the Snake in the Jungle Book said.

Gyppo Byard said...

Selamat apapun. Love your take on the Proton.

Have recently provided my own analysis of Indonesia-Malaysia relations and would love to know what the view from Malaysia is (flew over you en route to and from Indonesia the other week, but didn't stop off this time...)

Richard Cranium said...

The left out the fact that the power window will stop working after a week.

They have improved it so that there is NO power window. See, we've solved the problem.

Anonymous said... those who's driving the Exora are morons? idiots? imbeciles?

Sure got huge market...Our country is full of them. At least most of those in politics fits perfectly into that market segment...

Btw, I would rather think for myself when I drive, thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Rather unfortunate for those who are already proud owners or so they thought.. however, NO THANKS to this
splashing and telling advertisement, they might now have to contend with
sniggering looks from other road users cos' ppl who have seen the advert. tend to put 2 n 2 together as
advertised!! and this is through no fault of theirs.

Your Average Mat said...

dang. true. no more thinking for malaysians today. let the car do the thinking.

Ban Ban said...

Exora is nonetheless to show that we are having the very good, competitive EXORA, but since the competitiveness of Malaysia is dropping compared to last year, we are going to compete with the world, so how about we have a NATIONAL F1 TEAM?

Anonymous said...

Hei.. if this add is from Mercedes.. Will you guys ravel instead on the Technological feat? Just a thought..

Eric said...

Sigh.. Proton is always talking cock than making the people better

Anonymous said...

creative advert, wrongly positioned.
but what can u expect of proton.

Richard Cranium said...
The left out the fact that the power window will stop working after a week. LOL! LOL! that's a damn good one.

Anonymous said...

This is just an advertisment mah. Tongue in cheek kind of statement. Remember the car 'kid' in Knight Rider, who will put to shame all drivers except maybe Michael Knight. It is just a movie mah! Anyway I will suport Malaysia F1 Team. Patrick, Have you run out of issues to criticize? How about those Fast Food Chain whose advertisment is a con job to me. Everytime, I ordered their burgers or fried chicken they look so much different from the pictures in the advertisments. To me this is cheating.I think the ministry of trade should step in and look into this type of cheating by those fast food restaurants.

Anonymous said...

1. auto block - automatically locks after 30 continuous attempts at locking and unlocking vehicle... or block or auto lock stupid.

2. alarm - door ajar signal will blink to alert driver of any attempts through the door or hood or trunk...this is nothing new.

3. room lamp remains for 30 secs after key removed. useful guide in poorly lit parking areas..please wake up and smell the roses as you are generations behind in terms of this feature. besides, useful guide for what? u take the key out, shut the door the lights stay on. the lights aren't going to guide u anywhere...duh

4. signal lamp - with a single tap signal lamp will flash 3 times...? tap of what?

5. vehicle search - push lock button twice and hazard light will flash accompanied by this not like common already with cars fitted with alarm and central locking?

6. crash lock - in the event of a crash all doors will unlock...not unless the famous proton door handle is broken.

7. hazard light - activates automatically when there is sudden braking above 96km/h...correct me if i am wrong but i doubt anyone has created a device to measure, identify or pinpoint "sudden braking". overselling is more like it. cakap sajalah when u brake. besides hazard lights are a strict no no when a vehicle is on the move.

besides none of these features "adapts to your driving style" as claimed in the advert. it's built into the car and the driver doesn't have a choice. it's there, period.

ayo yo...bikin malu saja. ini pun mahu bangga ka. and is this advert suppose to symbolise technology built into the car? my goodness.

as good as boasting this car got airbag that deploys automatically in the event of a crash, brake lights will come on when u brake, indicators will blink when you switch them on, etc etc.

this is overselling at its best. just like how the convincingly tell people a full size average height adult will sit "comfortably" at the back 3rd row seat.

artchan said...

Proton should have fitted it with a 850cc engine, so that the road tax is cheaper, take away all the rear seat, so that all passengers sits on the floor....and that would really bring the exora price down. While we are at it...maybe offer a savvy free for every exora ordered, then possibly sales will pick up. The exora will go the same way as the juara. It will stop production soon. I have seen the ocassional one or two on the road. Sales must be bad huh?

Anonymous said...

Must have borrowed the Tag line from the Middle East where in the old days the Camels did the thinking part and no fatal accidents were recorded in the desert crossings. SO the Exora should have been renamed the Malaysian Camel!

Anonymous said...

Our YBs must be driving Proton to often such that they now could not think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

A thinking mode of transport eh?
Naaaahh, nothing original as we had that long time ago lah.
They were then known as kereta lembu and donkey carts!!


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that many Msians don't even think when they are walking let alone driving..... think how many pedestrians stop dead in front of you when walking, or cut across your path, or don't bother to hold a door open - simply cos they don't think there might be anybody else there!

Peter Loh Yoon Leong said...

No need to get so worked up by the hyperboles of the ad. It's creative; it caught your eyes/attention and has done its job. You don't have to believe what it says. If by just improving the wiring systems of locks and lightings and call it a thinking car. Think again. (Unless it's Kitt from Knight Rider..)

Tiger said...

Pat, for once have to disagree with you lah.
It's quite a good car for that price.

patrickteoh said...

Tiger, I think you totally misunderstood what I meant. I never said that it was a BAD car. LOL...

Tiger said...

Pat, I got your message. Correct me if I'm wrong:
Proton's ad, telling us that we no need to think (same like government wants to do our thinking for us, although they have no effing idea what we really want).

All I'm saying is that it's a good car, but I suppose that unfortunately this ad (could be misinterpreted) doesn't really jive with some people, such as yourself.

Anonymous said...

I dunno why you are surprised. The whole bloody country has been run by artifical intelligence - nothing asli about it- for the last 50 years. That's why we are still a third world country with a third class government!

zoomerdaily said...

A car that does the thinking for us???

LOL. I just can't imagine that. I agree with artificial intelligence but human thinking is far and more different than that. Think of it seriously.

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