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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Why ah?

Ya, guys. I know what you're feeling. There ain't much to celebrate is there?

So many reasons or excuses have been given for the scaled down celebration events for this year's Merdeka Day. The H1N1 Flu pandemic, the holy month of Ramadan, poor economy etc. Okay.

But as I read about the little march-past on the grounds of Parliament House yesterday, the thought that comes to my mind is "Why have any 'public' celebration at all???"

Parliament House is out -of-bounds to all except the so-called VIP's and the YB's so most Malaysians aren't allowed in to witness or take part in the 'celebrations' and must watch it on television anyway. Looking at the photographs of the YB's and VIP's at the Merdeka Day 'patriotic' show yesterday I get the impression that Malaysia does not belong to the Rakyat but to the small group of VIP's gathered in the grounds of Parliament House yesterday. Don't you? While the rest of us remain outside Parliament House contemplating what is happening to our country recently, what with cow head protests, caning drinking models, deteriorating education system, flip-flopping elected people's representatives, rising fuel costs etc., the small group of Malaysians who are not affected at all by any of the above gathered to 'celebrate'. How ironic!!!

A small consolation is being able to see the VIP's all wearing black or dark blue which is reflective of this year's mood during this period of our history although I cannot believe that the VIP's even realised or cared that their wardrobe colour choice was quite significant.



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Anonymous said...

I heard that Michael Jackson's song that has the lyrics 'they don't really care about us' was banned in Malaysia initially. If this is true than MJ is correct in his observation. Most Gomen and those in power and authority don't really care about the people. Once they have power, lot of money (often tru corrupt means),their only care is about themselves and their family, big mansion, houses, expensive cars, expensive clothes, oversea education for their children, frequent overseas holidays, etc.etc.The public should have a peek into some of the royty garage.Ferraris, Porches, Lamboginis, Rolls Royces, BMs etc. Talk about how many cars a man can drive. The gomen should understand that the general populace is just living and hoping from day to day, many a time their needs and some of their basis wants are not met. Anger and demotration?!. What else to do. Patrick, it is good that you brought it up. This might prevent them from holding next year celebration more privately. Maybe in the istana, where even TV are excluded. The gomen could be afriad of rotten eggs from the crowd, after the 'sacrifice' of the cow.

Anonymous said...

perhaps if the royalties themselves open their hearts a bit, they could see more.

but.... sigh.

happy merdeka anyway to all rakyat. not to vip. not to scumbags. to my fellow ordinary malaysians.


art harun said...

Oh, I know the answer Patrick. It's SSS - short for Syiok Sendiri Syndrome.
But then again, looking at the picture, why so gloomy one ah? Aah, I fireworks. That's why.

michael said...

Hyper and supermarkets were having special sales everywhere over the Merdeka Weekend.

So instead of catching the H1N1 virus outdoors, patrons were, in collaboration with the merchants, determined to catch them indoors.

Niahmah !

Anonymous said...

first of all.. HURRAAYYYYY, patrick, you are back =D yeah again, this year merdeka celebration to me one of the worst.. but anyway, happy 52nd merdeka semenanjung malaysia ....cheers! from us in the east =D

Anonymous said...

Who is the STAR attraction over there ?
They are too looking at us wondering what we are doing.

Where is the Proccesion ,fanfare,water canon and what are we here for ?

You ask me , I ask whom ?


Samuel Hui.

fini mahadami said...

very, very true indeed! it seems that the whole celebration thing was exclusive for the chosen one only.. so why bother to have any celebration at all?! how about US then?? this year was the worst Merdeka celebration!! a selfish one!

ANN BK3 said...

Have been an avid and silent reader all this while but for this particular post 'cannot tahan' but to make this my 1st 2 cents worth opinion. Looking at the scenario
displayed at Parliament House yesterday, it reminds me of the game show 'CHILD'S PLAY'. What say you P.T.?

Anonymous said...

Yooorrrr, the somber mood and dressing plus the obvious lack of interest/enthusiasm on those faces...made it looked like somewhat a 'mourning' procession!

colleen-error said...

I sense 'untouchable'

but nothing much is touchable too..

alvin said...

i've predicted the celebrations would be smaller scale but dint know that it was this bad. There is no merdeka mood unless we are really "merdeka" in our democracy system.

Our fore fathers fought for independence from the british and japanese rule. Now we have to fight for it "internally". Sad

Diamon said...


i am neither a professional cartoonist nor good writer but you may find my blog interesting.
Title: Is this the way in MACC?

natives are restless said...

Don't know what you commoners are complaining about are lucky to have a Merdeka Day in the first place , let alone a celebration.

By the way , don't they looked like a happy lot in that pic ??? A sign of better things to come ???

Anonymous said...

"Cakap tidak serupa bikin" is what I can say about our politicians. Semua pun main wayang.

Anonymous said...

"Cakap tak serupa bikin" is my opinion about most of our politicians. Semua main wayang.

R4Os said...

Those "Closed-Door" merdeka celebration for VVIPs eyes only:



Anonymous said...

Why giving excuses of H1N1 & all that...????
Even on small scale you can still catch it. We don't know the person next to us could be carrying it...!

All these years Merdeka has been a celebration "together" with the rakyat........!
Without fail..!!!!

Why now "confine" & every Tom, Dick & Harry cannot go to Parliment...!!!!

And still asking the people to be patriotic.....???????
This "Independence Day" was "NOT" shared with the rakyat....!!!

Didn't notice meh..??
Can tear down the wall that divides meh...??????????????????


Anonymous said...

rakyat2 dirty ma, nanti spreading A-flu to the vvvips who have MORE precious lives wat !!

pat, chaos in your hometown now !

Anonymous said...

That kind of leadership deserve this kind of respond lah. So easy answer.

*Don't blame H1N1 or puasa.

Anonymous said...

Haiya ! Yau Hui Kong, Mo Lei Kong !

Direct translation, only they can talk, you cannot say anything !!!

Niamah !!!

clearwater said...

No march past by contingents of smartly dressed people, no fly past by Sukhoi jets, no hovering helicopters, no life at Merdeka Square.......balanced by no Barisan Nasional next General election as well. A fair exchange.

Anonymous said...

One rule for Umno, and one for the rest — The Malaysian Insider

SEPT 2 — The main take-away from Friday’s cow head protest in Shah Alam is this: that the authorities apply one set of standards for Umno politicians and another for the rest of the country.

Just look at the lame response of the police to the action of the 50 men who marched in protest against the building of a Hindu temple and then compounded matters further with incendiary language.

Six days later and no one has been charged with sedition or any other offence for that matter. Sure, there has been stock answers of the “leave no stone unturned variety’’ and “take a serious view’’ but precious little action has been taken against individuals who promised to shed blood if the Selangor state government went ahead and built a place of worship for Hindus in a predominantly Malay area.

Just listen to Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein’s courtship of the residents in Section 23, some of whom were participants in the illegal march. He is meeting the residents today because “we want to be fair to everyone and give them a chance to defend themselves.’’ How magnanimous?

Would he be equally charitable the next time Malaysians are arrested for demonstrating against the Internal Security Act? Would he sit down and have coffee with Malaysians accused of other crimes to give them a chance to defend themselves?

The right forum for the instigators and participants of the cow head’s march to defend themselves is in court, not the minister’s conference room. But he is caught in a bind as are other Umno leaders who have been slow to condemn the actions of the protestors.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has been silent. Datuk Shafie Apdal has been silent. Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has been silent. Datuk Khaled Nordin has been silent. Datuk Ali Rustam has been silent. Could it be that they agree with the actions of the protestors or they see a strategic opportunity to drive a wedge between the Malay electorate in Selangor and the Pakatan Rakyat government?
Or does it come down to this single fact: they can’t bring themselves to dress down their party men who inspired Friday’s march?

The brother of the Shah Alam Umno division chief was one of the chief actors in the parade last Friday. He was ably assisted by several Umno Youth officials who are not residents of Section 23.
In all likelihood, the party leadership will give these instigators a gentle rap on the wrist and move on. By doing so, they will send an unmistakable message to their party men that insulting the religion of other Malaysians is only a minor infraction.

Anonymous said...

Malaysiakini reported:

DPM Muhyiddin's recent spate of 'un-1Malaysia-like conduct' is said to be just a smokescreen carried out under orders from his boss.

Daniel Tan said...

Niamah ... Pat ... Merdeka is 1963 ma! That why!! Now you know?

pinsysu said...

lol! 1TrueBlueBlack Msia Day it was! the VIPs were responding to the appeal to wear BLACK on 31Aug! well-done, najis! surely they know that there's no way they gonna survive the tsunami GE13!

Anonymous said...

Ya lor why like that ah? Last time every pre Merdeka it is so exciting and everybody looking forward to it. Cars, taxis, lorries lembu kereta you name it - is planted with Malaysian mini flags. Countdowns..... party... woh really Merdeka celebrationlah. This time just look at their face.... gloooooomy looking. No yam seng,,,,, no countdown..... no gathering at padang for beautiful fireworks...Switch off your lights early. Next year we have higher birth rate. Happy Mereka

Anonymous said...

1 Black Malaysia mah.

Anonymous said...

Don't even let me start, from ms.mongolia to teoh boon hock. 1 malaysia cannot la!

Anonymous said...

Najib & his gang...

Syiok sendiri


Anonymous said...

Don't they remind you of Myanmar's military junta.

Anonymous said...

MCA = Mahu Cari Ang-pow

DAP = Dapat Ang Pow

Anonymous said...

mca = make chinese angry !

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, this year's MURDER-KA budget is only RM10 million so the celebrations have to be exclusively only for the VVIPs (very very idiotic persons). Someone has to make at least RM9 million out of the RM10 million budget so you can see the gloom on the VVIPs faces waving the small tiny flags which by the way cost RM500K. MACC will not investigate this RM500K for flags as the value exceeds the RM2,400 limit according to MACC's scope for nvestigation.

Allyson said...

simple lo. only those VVIPs have a cause to celebrate; probably their next millions... Us, rakyat find no cause to celebrate and thus stay home to do laundry, household chores, cuci kereta or sleep in late...