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Friday, September 25, 2009

Yunos Abd Ghani.
Chief Executive, National Higher Education Fund Corporation.

(Don't shoot the messenger? This one I wouldn't mind pulling the trigger.)

The Star's front page today headlined a story about so-called VIP's who renege on their repayments to the National Higher Education Fund Corporation. These loans obviously were taken out for their VIP children for pursuing tertiary education. And these Yang Berhormat's (elected people's representatives) and Yang Berbahagia's (honorary title holders) owe the fund to the tune of RM400million!

According to the Corporation's chief executive Yunos Abd. Ghani, the corporation has had to resort to barring these defaulters from leaving the country. Yunos also said that one of the most popular excuses used by these VIP defaulters was that they did not receive the corporation's notices or that they had a change of address.

As a tax-paying Malaysian these people really piss me off. And I think they should be punished to the full extent of the law. But this is not the reason I am writing about this today.

VIP's, including professionals and celebrities make up the 26,000-odd loan defaulters who have taken money from the National Higher Education Fund Corporation. RM400million!!! And not paid back!!! And this was announced by the chief executive of the Corporation!

What I want to know is when this incompetent fool is going to get FIRED!!!
Hello! Yunus, the corporation you're in charge of runs up bad debts of RM400million and all you can do is make an announcement to that effect? And be so proud of the fact that you have barred some people from going on their holidays abroad? How the fuck did YOU allow bad debts to rise to RM400million?



crazyant said...

He has probably got some cronies in that chunk of 400 fucking mio la... how else to explain a fucked up con job like this? malaysia boleh!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

Now now.He is being accountable and responsible for doing his job. So please don't blame him.if you take the trouble to check his employment contract and his job spec, what he has done is exactly what is stated in his employment contract and job spec.Surely you don't expected anything more than that do you? You should know better.Tell me if any other's are any different. Niamah!

Anonymous said...

They are targeting those loan defaulters to repay so that the debt is reduced! What about those UMNO cronies who have siphoned or sucked away billions?!

Anonymous said...

maybe his children are on the list too?

Anonymous said...

You know how things are when they appoint all these umno cronies to head anything. They don't work. All buta gaji. And when they do work, then you got to see what they are up to, usually no good lah. That's why it's only 400 Million. If they are active, then it will run into billions.

Anonymous said...

pat, pls rehabilitate him b4 'a life is still a life' happens !

Anonymous said...

Mr Teoh, dont get mad la... What do u expect from a fcuk-ed up fella like this yunus fella? Major FCUK-ED UP la.... I am sure he was enjoying every bit of his statement until u came along....

Cheers Mr Teoh.

Anonymous said...

Is there any reason for not bring them to court.

Anonymous said...

If he runs a private company like this, bankruptla. He will be out of job in no time.

But then as a civil servant, it's the taxpayers money ma. What to worry?

Just issue some threats and he will be seen as doing his job diligently, especially if he is 'brave' enough to say VIPs are also involved.

Anonymous said...

If he runs a private company like this, bankruptla. He will be out of job in no time.

But then as a civil servant, it's the taxpayers money ma. What to worry?

Just issue some threats and he will be seen as doing his job diligently, especially if he is 'brave' enough to say VIPs are also involved.

Awang Syiok said...

Krishamudin could use the opportunity to rehabilitate Ah Long by outsourcing the debt collection to the Along to go after these people who hutang.

This way would legalise the Ah Long biz as well as to recover the RM400 million.

Anonymous said...

Koh Tsu Koon should set KPI in debt collection.

Blame the BN government for such incompetence.

If I have the chance to borrow money and no one seem to bother to collect back from me, why should I bother?

Anyway, from time to time you read on NST the notice with name of those fellows who took student loan but never return the money even after they have got job upon graduation.

Anonymous said...

Under NEP, loan to bumiputera means free money from government.

You may ask where the government get the money from.

Of course fro the tax payer.

Who are the tax payers in Malaysia?
Answer: The 'Pendatang' as coined by Ahmad Ismail.

Therefore, the reality is some people are more equal than others in Bolehland. 1 Malaysia concept is just a myth that will never cover up this sad reality.

If you are the tax payer who 'sponsor' the loan, all you can say is NIAMAH!

Anonymous said...

There is no enforcement on this matter because the people who are in-charge are likely to be the 'beneficiaries' of 'free loan'.

It has been a tradition from Day one since the priviledge is given in the name of NEP. It is their right.

If I could remember, last time singer Misha Omar also 'forgot' to pay up even tough she made a lot as an artist,

NIAMAH kaw-kaw.

Anonymous said...

This fella think he is doing the borrowers a favour. Fucklah, I pay taxes like a slave every month and this is how they misuse it!

I am stopping paying taxes immediately.

Fuck lah.

Anonymous said...


I am now in Singapore for F1 Rocks, where you get to see Beyonce strutting her stuff in 'Single Ladies' without PAS interference.

You may be familiar with the Singapore best-selling 'Coxford Singlish Dictionary' published by Talking Cock fellows.

I notice the word NIAMAH is not featured in the Singlish dictionary (2nd edition already).

Here is my suggestion to you.
Follow our Madam Ng Yen Yen style to proclaim to the world that NIAMAH is Uniquely Malaysian.

You got every right to patent it and collect royalty each time any Singaporean utter NIAMAH.

Got the point?
Catch no ball? (that's Sing;ish lah).

Trevor said...

perhaps we need to bar yunos from going out the country until this bad debt is solved.

Jestmelah said...

Wow! "Anonymous" is very free, making the bulk of the comments!

Anonymous said...

Maybe MACC can be called in to investigate???

Anonymous said...

*I 100 with this comment....
"Under NEP, loan to bumiputera means free money from government."

*At the same time millions hunger for the $/place....
*All r going to wrong place wrong reasons. This is BOLEH-LAND....

****And all this snowballs to
"Tak-Apa" attitude...


McHutang said...

How can our country tolerate such an incompetent civil servant?

Anonymous said...

In Bolehland incompetent civil servants are not fired but merely transfer to other department in th ename of REHABILITATION.

That's why we have a disease in Malaysia that ignore meritocracy.

Abled and talented modal insan has moved south to Singapore to become PRs.

We are left with useless YBs to con the rakyat.

Therefore the on;y solution is to vote out BN government.

Profesor Klone said...

This is one key features in Najibnomics that Harvard Business Scholl will find it hard to replicate elsewhere.

Malaysia Boleh

Anonymous said...

dat's how our bloodied taxes hilang !

Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick, please don't miss out on the story of the bridge linking malacca and Kalimantan. If we don't get out of this fucked-up country, our great grandchildren will be paying for this mega white elephant.

Niamah to the max!

Anonymous said...

Such a waste !

These people took loans to further their education. Somehow they graduated, get a job, fit into society - life goes on.

But are they really educated ? The very basics of honesty and responsibility - in repaying a favour granted unconditionally - is beyond them.

Grown adults all, senior executives many, high govt post some - have they all really picked up anything of what they set out to learn in the first place.


Anonymous said...

What does Najib got to say about this?

Maybe he has got a lot of cash raised from Amanah Saham 1Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Koh Tsu Koon

is setting the KPI for who can have the best debt.

Korruption Performance Index.

k4kenny said...

Well said well said. Nothing is mmore important than getting the rakyat's money into some scumbags' pockets ala one-way-ticket = once gone, gone forever! Will never be recovered.

Barring them from going overseas, but continue to give away unchecked loans, no ending to this problem, eh! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

monsterball said...

Announce that Malaysians may not get angry..with UMNO.
But they will not tell you why they dare not take drastic actions to recover the money.
These are first and foremost..all Malays.
Secondly....majority are UMNO members.
MARA had hundreds of millions unpaid study loans too..all to Malays.
But of late...they are giving loans to few Chinese and Indians...hopefully all do not years to come...UMNO will prove not a racialist party..supporting Malaysians..and not one race..and hope all no need to pay.
Leave it to cover up their racialists mentalities...with smart side shows.

Anonymous said...

Huh! i tought all this while the National Higher Education Fund Corporation is to help the poor and needy get a good education and scholarships. Even the YBs and the VIPs get access to the funds while the poor rakyat and middle income earners have to toild hard day and night just to pay for their kids education. As a timely tax payer year in year out & never get nothing in return this certainly pisses me off. Niamah!

Anonymous said...

pat, besides these ....more juta & juta of our bloodied $$$$$$$$$ taken by film-makers BUT never produce anything ....guess you know about this ...RIGHT !?

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

Look at him, how old do you think he is?

a) 2 years to pensionlah....OR b) oredi a pensioner BUT get to hold a position because HE IS MALAY lah....must have been a senior gomen officer once?.....

most probably he is a). So that explains who he is. Malay gomen officers treat UMNO ministers as sons of god!....coz for many malays, umno is like a religion oredi.....and who is umno's gOd?.....that demi-gOd from kerala....till today he is playing the TOK DALANG role behind the screen!....

this guy says 400 MM?. Ask him WHICH list he is referring to. There must be an ORIGINAL list where EVERYONE's name is there....sure the figure hits a BILLION!.....this list he talks about has deleted the names of his gOd's childrens and their KNOWN SUPPORTERS.

Pat, I can say this cause I am a Malay too.....and I know this game they played!....I have never worked in the gomen but very well versed with this GAME of umno.....

The MIND!!!

Cal said...

This is just a tip of the iceberg. MARA used to (probably still is) giving loans to thousands of students studying in Malaysia & overseas. Many of them have defaulted.

At least PTPTN only pays for local studies. MARA's defaulted overseas loans would be huge!

Anonymous said...

Please don't do that to him. Else he would be like Bakthiar, complaining to the higher authority. Perhaps, some PAS folks such as Hassan. Iskandar or Mohamad Khairudin might fight for this civil servant

Don't start this copyright rule about Niamah. Especially when Patrick complained about LGE control on the word "Penang". Plus, Singaporeans might even claim copyright on another lagi more famous word. KAN NEH NIA.
Niamah is a cantonese word. Unfortunately, Malaysia got large hokkien folks. If Patrick copyright Niamah & Talking Cock fella decides to copyright KAN NEH NIA, then what would happen to our Hokkien folks back in Malaysia.....

Anonymous said...

check it out. its WHO WHO list in UMNO. how to touch the untouchables?

dont niamah them, patrick. else, they will claim you are trying to undermine their institution and challenge their rights. sounds familiar, NIAMAH.

Anonymous said...

I support Awang's idea. Awang Syiok said...
Krishamudin could use the opportunity to rehabilitate Ah Long by outsourcing the debt collection to the Along to go after these people who hutang.

This way would legalise the Ah Long biz as well as to recover the RM400 million.

Most of these defaulters could be learned but definitely not educated. Because a well bred person will not default on his loan for so long.

The Ah Longs are very effective and efficient in debt collection. They are very good red painter of your house and the neighbors will admire.

11:47 PM

Anonymous said...

What are you tokking about??? You mean must pay back one ah!! Come on, I was of the impressionb that it was a reward for me, no need to pay back. If need to pay back surely someone would have chased me for it.

Seriously, the goct should wake up and go after the guarantor for the loans as well. but but but, it mean mean that the whole cabinet also kena sue in court....malaysia boleh.

Disclose who the defaulters are and who their parents are in the press. Guarantee the loans will be repaid within one month. If you write to give notice to the guarantors, I think half the loans would be repaid before press time.

But we need to get real, these are loans for vvips so no need to repay la.

Anonymous said...

Govt loan => student stays overseas.

Good to see Malaysia sacrificing to contribute brainpower to the global community! Malaysia Boleh!

New Malaysian said...

I would rather like to question why RM400 million is going as a loan to YBs? Shouldn't the lesser fortunate ones get the loans; the ones actually performing? Unless we are expected to believe that the top performers are actually YBs kids!!!

I have a problem with that.......

Joe said...

I dunno, Pat. Malaysians accepted a murder suspect as Prime Minister (or a minister, period). What else is there to say?

Anonymous said...

i gotta give up my profession coz of tis fuckers ok

Anonymous said...

Wake up! The United Money Nabbing Organization (UMNO) is at it again. So what's new? They tell you this so that they can thumb their noses at you. What are you going to do about it?
Neh neh neh neh neh!
There goes our hard earned money...

Anonymous said...

It is the herd mentality, you don't pay, I don't pay so nobody pay. You don't work, I don't work so nobody work ........!

The CE of NHEFC should be sacked instantly!

Anonymous said...

YB = Yes Boss !

Got the point ?

What this fella is trying to tell you is that he didn't mess up the thing, only the YBs are !

That's very Malaysian culture right ?

Yes. I think we suggest that Ng Yen Yen also fight with the world with this culture ! 1Culture ! F1 ! A(H1N1)!

1Niamah !!!

monsterball said...

The art of crooks protecting firstly sue the man.
Straits Times sued Lim Kit Siang sometime call...telling lies.
Now S.Times feels Malaysians have ..withdrew law suit.
If court case on..Kapal will reap S.T. apart.
Ong Tee Kiat sued Tiong...denying RM10 million given to him.
You see...when you are telling the people it is not true.
Same as a rapist asked to confess in court...and even under oath...he will deny it.
But these are smarter crooks...they sue first.
Wait for 5 months before 13th GE...OTK will withdraw and Tiong will withdraw counter law suit against OTK....both will be candidates for BN.
OTK future depends on his MCA matter with Dr.Chua Soi Lek.
If he looses...he will get hell from Tiong....but Najib will command Tiong to withdraw.while counter law suits by government on Demisi...will take 10 years to complete.
Yunos Abd Ghani is applying same tactics to fool Malaysians...but Malaysians know UMNO is...keep applying double standards and do as they like.
Do not believe him.
He is just a small pawn in UMNO...trying his ways.. to fish votes.
Votes are all that matters with whatever they do or say...and to protect these crooked corrupted cowards.

Anonymous said...


I look forward to watching you on FIRST CLASS Season 2 on MediaCorp Channel 5 tonite (Tue).

Will the Malaysian TV station be airing Red Thread?

Anonymous said...

All this is just gross inefficiency...why was the unpaid accumulated to such a level before any action was taken or someone just did not do their job?So much bull said about this before and more to action la just usual!!Why worry still so many taxpayers to leech off maa..there is a bottomless pool of stupid taxpayers to bleed la... no need to pay one these loans..


vanhidayat said...

damn...400 million? very good pat..
excellent job for uploading this for those who miss this big issue..
gosh!!! 400 million?

Anonymous said...

Belum pun pilihanraya kecil Bagan Pinang bermula, Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) petang tadi baru menerima satu lagi Surat Perletakan Jawatan dari Adun Johol, Barisan Nasional. Punca pengutusan surat tersebut kerana ADUNnya sedang bersabung nyawa; akibat penyakit kanser tulang tahapan ketiga/genting.

Anonymous said...

goberman says economy is recovering...sure or not???
when a person is in debt or not doing well, what does he do?
go after his debtors lahhh.
so why now suddenly asking those flers to pay up?????
boh looi! karser eeh lek! mow loay! uang takda!
haiyoh. another sandiwara.
what's next? delinquent income tax payers?

Anonymous said...

These type of guys will talk and talk until the cows come home and crap and piss all over the place and there will still be no action la!

Anonymous said...

Hie Pat,

Ever wondered how did these VIP's get the loans? I get to understand that parents have to declare their earnings something like below RM1000 a month to be able to obtain these loans. Could these be VIP's be falsely declaring their salary?They have to sign and swear to confirm tat these info are the truth and nothing but the truth.These mean they are criminals!Cheating the government! Better tangkap these flers first ler our great PDRM!=)

Aminah said...

Our government is very efficient in clamping down/arresting the opposition party members.

If only they could be half as efficient in getting these loan defaulters.

Anyway, it is just wishful thinking. You know why after 52 years of Merdeka and yet so tak boleh.

KPI confused said...

After all the talking, what is the KPI for recovering the RM400 million?

Kroni KPI said...

Malaysia has very good KPI in its administration.

However, no timeframe is attached to the KPI.

As a result, you have to wait long-long while the government agencies perpetualy suck the fund to sustain its self interest.

Simple as that.

Anonymous said...


Rakyat Mudah Lupa said...

So what is the outcome if this issue?

It is so typical of malaysia.
People forget fast.

That's why our politicians can get away easily.

Make some noise, and later forget altogether.

This is Niamah to the first degree.

Anonymous said...

diu ...go back to your land..we give u place to live here u wan blame us then...go back to your mainland!!

Anonymous said...

die...all dun know how to appreciate..we give u place to live then u wan talk cock....go back to your mainland!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

dont forget who give your grandfather live and now you can live till today...if you forget it..go back to your mainland ...kanina!!!!!!