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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Deepavalli

Here's wishing all Malaysians of the Hindu faith



stephen ks said...

Hi Patrick, what do you think of this shitty idea?

The Star, Thursday, 15th Oct.

‘1Toilet’ plan to let teachers and students mingle freely

KUALA TERENGGANU: The state government will introduce a “1Toilet” policy in a move to liberalise education, where teachers – and even principals – will soon have to share toilets with their students.

State Education, Higher Learning, Human Resource, Science and Technology Committee chairman Ahmad Razif Abd Rahman said the policy was mooted in line with the 1Malaysia concept, and teachers and students could have a feeling of “oneness”.

“We want students to have a sense of belonging that we believe would inspire them to excel further in their education.

“When students share the toilets with the teacher, they (students) will believe that they are on par with academicians and this automatically invokes a sense of being important to an organisation, which, in this case, is the school,” he said here yesterday.

“We are not compelling the school authorities to apply the policy. It is their prerogative,” said Ahmad Razif.

“So far, we have one school in Hulu Terengganu that has implemented the policy a few days ago. It has received positive feedback from the school management although it is still premature for us to evaluate its efficiency,” he said.

Ahmad Razif said that under the policy, teachers and students would also be encouraged to sit within a common space at school canteens during recess.

“This means that teachers and students will mingle freely during recess,” he said.

Ahmad Razif said the policy had initially been proposed by Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said earlier this year but that it took some time for it to be properly drafted.

On another matter, Ahmad Razif said the state government would continue to send students to pursue medicine and dentistry in recognised universities in Indonesia.

“We are looking into the option of sending our students to universities in areas classified as non-earthquake prone areas in Indonesia,” he said.

Ahmad Razif said the state government was also in the midst of discussions with officials from University Padjadjaran of Bandung on the possibility of sending Terengganu students for medical courses there.

He said other countries that the state government was planning to send their medical undergraduates next year were Poland and Russia.

gedek! said...

I like this... less anger... happy holiday!

speckurosaklagi said...

hi uncle..
i masih ingat time i budak2 my father always turn on the radio to hear ur word..

1MGR said...

Happy Deepavali to all.
May Samy Vellu come to his senses that his fire is long extinguished.

By the way, the Umno-linked Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian gave scant coverage to KJ's call to the Malays to leave behind their siege mentality and shift from a mindset of Malay dominance to Malay leadership. They focused on other portions of his speech that proposed financial assistance for young families, and Umno Youth's plans to attract more members.

KJ has no influence on Utusan?

1Roket said...

“Deepavali as the Festival of Lights is the symbol of the triumph of good over evil. It is a struggle between forces of evil and enlightenment, and we must never allow ourselves to fall into the trap of ignorance and racism,” LGE said.

Ridhuan Ti said...

Selangor delegate Abdul Shukur Idrus said federal aid to the governments of opposition-ruled states should be reduced and be channelled directly to the people there.

What a Niamah statement.

Federal fund came from the taxes paid by the people, it is not owned by BN.

KL Drift said...

Puteri Umno called for the Government to ban the production of “horror, mystical and superstitious” movies. It was claimed that films of this genre could weaken the faith of Muslims in the country.

I never know the faith of Muslim in Malaysia is so weak?

I thought UMNO was the one who have created the most horror stories themselves?

Anonymous said...

KJ wants UMNOputeras to discard their sieged mentality.

I doubt the UMNOputera will ever understand what is sieged mentality for they are not Oxford-trained.

LKS said...

Happy Deepavali to Hindu Malaysians and all Malaysians.

Deepavali is celebrated this year in the midst of the great fanfare of Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1Malaysia slogan – which is in fact an admission of the failure of the 52-year nation building policy to create unity, equality, justice and harmony out of the diverse Malaysian citizenry, regardless of race, religion and culture.

This is the time for serious reflection how to go beyond sloganeering to end the disunity, discrimination and marginalization in Malaysia for the past half-century so that every Malaysian, regardless of race, religion or culture can find common pride as citizens of this country.

Makkal Sakti for the triumph of good over evil to ensure unity, equality, justice and harmony among Malaysians regardless of race, religion or culture.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Why dont we wish Bala and his family Happy Divali
Are they celebrating Divali this year, do they have sufficient muruku , are they having a Divali open house?
But , are they still alive?
to hindraf , mic , ppp and that new sakti . You all forgotten Bala?

NiaMah divali

Bijan said...

1Deepavali for all!

Anonymous said...

The Arena, a pick-up truck manufactured by Proton, is so unsafe that it should be taken off the road, warned a consumer group in New Zealand.

Zubaidah said...

When Malay leaders issued repeated warnings to the non-Malays to stop questioning the special Malay position, it reflected their feelings of helplessness, victimisation and defensiveness.

It is pointless for the Malays to think they are dominant when in reality, they need to progress socially and economically.

Kuda Kepang said...

Blogger mawar said...

Selamat Deepavali kepada semua kaum India. Saya ramai kawan dan berkawan dengan orang India..ramai yang berhati mulia dan di hormati..tapi bila ada orang seperti P.Uthayakumar..dan Hindraf saya benci sebencinya kepada keling ni...dan ingat majotiti Melayu berperasaan seperti ini. Patut le orang kata kalau jumpa keling dan ular..pukul keling dulu. Apa sangat dia nak kelahi dengan orang Melayu ni..yang dah begitu lama menerima mereka dalam masyarakatnya. Kaum India di Malaysia kalaulah mereka berhemah dan punya harga diri cari Uthayakumar dan sejenis dengannya dan ajar mereka secukupnya . Kaum India di Malaysia akan rugi apabila orang Melayu membenci dan mendendam..orang Melayu tak rugi apa-apa ..ini bumi Melayu.
12:15 AM

This was posted on Rocky's blog and he approved this. Is this 1Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

heard of 'janji melayu' !!??

2MY said...

Najib Razak contradicted himself in his speech last Thursday at the Umno General Assembly. He spoke of the all-embracing 1Malaysia concept on one hand and of the need to retain the New Economic Policy (NEP) on the other. The Native Americans in old cowboy movies might have said that he spoke with a forked tongue.

How can you have the NEP and at the same time say that we are all 1Malaysia? The NEP is exclusive to a particular group of people, and such exclusivity sets them apart. There is no 1Malaysia; there are 2Malaysias.

KJ Rembau said...

Pembaharuan ke arah kepimpinan nasional Melayu yang lebih jitu akan boleh dilaksanakan sekiranya orang Melayu sendiri membuat anjakan kepada perjuangan yang berbekalkan keyakinan ketamadunan kita, atau civilisational confidence. Keyakinan ketamadunan ini bermakna kita yakin dengan keupayaan bangsa untuk melangkah ke hadapan, mengukir kejayaan tanpa perlu takut bayang-bayang sendiri. Inilah cabaran generasi kita.

Saya menyebut soal cabaran generasi, kerana untuk terlalu lama orang Melayu dan UMNO sendiri, berada dalam perspektif minda atau mindset yang negatif dan defensif. Kita merasakan diri kita seolah-olah diserang atau under siege, dan segala gerak kerja seakan-akan disalurkan ke arah mempertahankan keistimewaan Melayu yang kita anggap sentiasa dicabar. Saya menyeru orang Melayu bermula dengan Pemuda untuk keluar dari perspektif minda ini. Tidak dinafikan, bahawa Perkara 153 Perlembagaan, yang menjamin kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu dan Bumiputera, adalah keramat buat kita. Namun, jika dikaji dengan teliti, Perkara 153 hampir mustahil untuk dilucutkan daripada Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Sebarang perubahan memerlukan bukan sahaja kelulusan 2/3 Parlimen, tetapi mesti juga mendapat perkenan dari Majlis Raja-Raja. Ini sudah cukup mengingatkan kita bahawa secara realistiknya, kedudukan istimewa kita tidak mungkin boleh diubah.

Anonymous said...

A Malaysian-manufactured ute has turned in the worst crash test performance of any vehicle being sold here, Consumer New Zealand warns.

The Proton Jumbuck ($24,000) joined two other utes available in New Zealand in being given dismal safety ratings by independent crash test organisation Ancap (Australasian New Car Assessment Programme).

The two-door Jumbuck was awarded the lowest possible one-star rating after its performance in frontal offset and side impact crash tests.

Ancap scores vehicles from zero to five stars, depending on the safety features and protection of the driver and passengers.

The ute’s cabin was severely deformed in the 64km/h offset crash test. It offered poor head protection for the driver and passenger, and poor leg protection for the driver.

It also lacked airbags, ABS, and electronic stability control – a feature that senses skidding and individually brakes the wheels, helping the driver to regain control.

The two-door Chinese-manufactured Great Wall Motors SA220 ($22,000) was given a lowly two-star rating, with findings that its protection for the driver was poor and its passenger compartment buckled in a frontal offset crash test.

While Great Wall Motors’ larger four-door V240 ($27,000) model has dual front airbags and ABS brakes, it was also awarded only a two-star rating.

Consumer NZ testing manager Hamish Wilson said potential buyers should steer clear of these utes.

“We don’t believe these vehicles should be allowed on the road.”

He said the minimum standard for a new ute should be four stars. The Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton and several Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore utes achieved this.

The difference in safety between a two-star and a four-star ute was significant, he said.

“It can mean the difference between walking away from a crash and being taken away in an ambulance.”


kelly said...

hi uncle pat,
I also listen to you & Jasmine Yusof on Radio4 when I was 11 - now 29...

You always scold callers who insist turning their radio on to listen to themselves once you answer their call. ha ha ha!

that put a smile on my face

Jom 1Malaysia said...

Tonite we have the 1malaysia road show in Ipoh. Better than Jom Heboh?

Will u be back to your hometown for this occasion?

Anonymous said...

Macamana projek koridor di johor, iskandar malaysia nak bergerak, ceo lama, ikmal hijjaz, sibuk “menutuh” pekerja perempuannya di ofis. perangai lama kaki perempuan dia makin menjadi jadi. tak tau pulak kenapa ada betina2 irda yang sanggup mengadaikan maruah kat mamat tua ikmal nie. sorang tuh janda anak satu rambut blonde, dulu kerja kat cimb bank kl, lagi satu anak dara tua (tak dara pun) dulu kerja kat KPMG KL. Ikmal selalu la bawak betina2 tuh balik apartment dia kat belakang hyatt tuh. tanya la pakcik guard, banyak la cerita. org2 besar kat upenj pun tahu pasal nie. malu la, kadang2 ikmal bawak betina2 tuh pegi spore, mabuk2, driver dia yg bercerita. apa punya ceo la.

jawa johor

Anonymous said...

Macamana projek koridor di johor, iskandar malaysia nak bergerak, ceo lama, ikmal hijjaz, sibuk “menutuh” pekerja perempuannya di ofis. perangai lama kaki perempuan dia makin menjadi jadi. tak tau pulak kenapa ada betina2 irda yang sanggup mengadaikan maruah kat mamat tua ikmal nie. sorang tuh janda anak satu rambut blonde, dulu kerja kat cimb bank kl, lagi satu anak dara tua (tak dara pun) dulu kerja kat KPMG KL. Ikmal selalu la bawak betina2 tuh balik apartment dia kat belakang hyatt tuh. tanya la pakcik guard, banyak la cerita. org2 besar kat upenj pun tahu pasal nie. malu la, kadang2 ikmal bawak betina2 tuh pegi spore, mabuk2, driver dia yg bercerita. apa punya ceo la.

jawa johor

Johorean said...


When are u going to write about the sad story of Iskandar Malaysia?

This stupid project was "initiated" by Pak Lah (as he claimed), but actually its those wankers of 4th floor boys esp KJ and Ganen. So much taxpayers' money have been spent on the project, but who's benefiting? the johorean for sure will get nothing out of it except hot air, not even a fart. And those bloody sporeans are buying land and house in JB like nobody's business, freehold some more. Just imagine if this thing continue, in 20 years time, JBs have to move to Kluang ma. Kluang does not sound nice lor.

Do u know this new agency to run Iskandar Msia called IRDA, what they do is hiring consultants to do 30 over blueprints. Who needs blueprints? They think those blueprints will make Johorean rich hah? bloody stupid or what?

And some more Patrick, they are highly paid. I heard more than 15 staff in IRDA are paid over RM30k per month! wallawey! and this IRDA dont even generate revenue. They just got "free" money from MoF about RM100 million ++ per annum. Free money my ass.

So Patrick i hope u can write something about IRDA and Iskandar Msia. Since Pak Lah is no longer around, just close the stupid project la. waste of taxpayers' money.

thanks brader

Happy Deepavalli

Anonymous said...

Tak ada 'janji melayu', tetapi ada 'Janji Manis mu', a Malay song.

Najib has given us many Janji Manis. Can he deliver?

Anonymous said...

Jawa Johor,

So many people in JB knew about Datuk Ikmal's fXXXing activities. That's why he was fired from IRDA. But now he is the chairman of Faber and director of UEM Land. so, those in Faber n UEM Land beware. This moron has already got 3 wives and still not enough! I hope he will die and rot in hell. Besides that, he also made few deals for himself. Need to make money ma, so many commitment at home. I really don't know what will happen to this country. Too many corruptions and people just close one eye.

Anonymous said...

Iskandar Johor is Pak Lah's project. I don't think it is part of najib's 1Malaysia blueprint.
It is an ultra-ambitious project given its scale, but I doubt nothing concrete is coming up beyond its blueprint. The Johor governement can only have its Nusajaya (modeled after Puterajaya) with government buildings.

Iskandar has pride in Legoland (open in 2012?). Who would go there when there is a more entertaining alternative in Universal Studio in Sentosa Singapore where one can also gamble and drink?

Anonymous said...

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor sang “Ruang Rindu”, a rendition from renowned Indon­esian band Letto. during a donation presentation cer­emony at Impiana Casuarina Ipoh yesterday.

Would you invite her to your Jazz Cafe to sing for you?

1Retorik said...

Najib slammed the Malays who say they no longer need “crutches” and called them arrogant. He asked, “What about the Malays who still require help? Is it fair if the group who still need crutches are denied help?”

Why hasn’t he thought of providing help to people of all races who need “crutches”? Wouldn’t that be more in line with 1Malaysia? All he needs to do is look at the Malaysian Economic Agenda proposed by Pakatan Rakyat. Go back to basics – have an affirmative action programme based on need. Isn’t that the original intent of the NEP?

It looks like Najib was invoking the NEP at the assembly expressly to play to the Malay gallery, to ensure that his regular customers will remain faithful. Meanwhile, the non-Malay customers can wait. He will find some other occasion in the future to throw them small gifts and lure them to buy his merchandise.

Kerbau Kepang said...

The Deepavali moment this year is when Samy Velu fed Najib with his hand at the Deepavali open house.

You may want to publish the photo.

Typical Singaporean said...


I am Ong Ah Tee living in Kampong Chai Chee
Life used to be simple and HAPPY
I worked hard in my STUDIES
I learned A-B-C, and everything from 1, 2, and 3.
Primary school was quite easy I passed PSLE

Then I went to SECONDARY
The subjects include HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY
Physics, Biology and CHEMISTRY
After O levels I went to JC

They said you live in Singapore very LUCKY
This is a small humid tropical COUNTRY
Surrounded by unknown potential ENEMIES
Boys turned 18 must go to ARMY for the tour of duty
After that we may continue our Studies
The girls can just sit back, relax, and watch TV
They come to this world only to "lim kopi, kway jit chee"

No one lives on free meals or depends on CHARITY
I want to take up IT, but I had no money to go to University or Poly
So I went to work at FACTORY
Working hard to earn a little lousy SALARY
After CPF and INCOME TAX, I have just enough money to buy ROTI and ride in MRT.

My bosses show me no SYMPATHY
Mumbling over my shoulder daily: "HURRY, HURRY and HURRY !"
Accusing me of always trying to get MC
But my sickness was due to over stretch OT
Going home after midnight by TAXI
And they pay me only bus fee

My colleague likes me because of my honesty and can easily bully
They said I don't know how to carry.

I Park-Tor and became STEADY
Finally had to MARRY
Because gahment gave baby bonus MONEY
I lost money holding Wedding Dinner PARTY
Cheeky friends donating only cheap PANTY
After marriage, nothing was EASY
In one year, I became DADDY
I can't support my family and our BABY
Being tied down for life to repay 2 rooms HDB and rising monthly
utilities to PUB
My bank account has NO MONEY
POSB balance is almost EMPTY
DBS wants to charge me EXTRA FEE
Insisting that "Nothing is FREE!"
So I moonlight as KARANG GUNI
Many times I want to jump MRT
But that is not EASY
My wife cries: "Who is going to support me and our BABY?"
So I can't MATI.

I went to seek assistance from the MP
His reply was simple and easy:
"Vote for me, vote for me, vote for me".
He never tells me any convincing Policy..

How to help the poor with more GST?

Why I cannot have pay increase but they can have increase?
Before, my MP said "Vote for me, we give you sweeties".
Now, they want to increase their salary, because "You voted me".
They claim they made good economy for our country.
They benchmark themselves using GDP.
They said, "To get the best man, you have to pay high fee"

Next will be the GST..
My boss say "no" to increase in salary,
It's really make me worry..
Our Health Ministry said let GP set their consultation fee.
If the GP charges high fee, don't let them see.
No money, how can be healthy
If fall sick, can only mati
In hospital, can afford Class C.
I don't mind all nurses are aunty,
But only one doctor to see
No money for operation, I will Tan Si.

1Holiday said...

Deepavali gift from Najib: Public Holiday on Sep 16 Malaysia Day!

Anak JB said...

I have no confidence in Iskandar project simply becuase JB could not even have a decent public transport.

RM30 said...


Read this report.

1malaysia is worth RM30 only?

Anonymous said...

Tun Dr Mahathir warned the Malays that they stood to be “conquered” anew by the Western powers if they blindly embraced globalisation and pushed for free trade agreements.

Melayu Boleh!

Anonymous said...

Scandal at Pempena?

Anonymous said...


Why the Pakatan Rakyat government was brought down in Perak

Anonymous said...

總稽查司報告指出,浮羅山背瑪拉高級技職學院以8萬4640令吉購入2臺宏諅(Acer)手提電腦。讓人吃驚的是,該訓練學院以每臺4萬2320令吉的價格購入每臺市價僅是4500令吉的宏諅手提電腦(Acer Aspire 5052ANWXMI),購買價格與市價差距高達1000%。

A pair of ACER Notebook costing RM84,640?

Puteri Hantu said...

Puteri Umno wanted to ban the screening and production of horror movies.

Puteri got nothing better to do?
Wha about curbing money politics?

Anonymous said...

A good source to niamah:
The Auditor-General's Report on wastage (euphemism for corrupted practices) by government.

Notice that the BN's mainstream press tried to downplay the issue.

CSI: KL said...

Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand told the Coroner’s Court this morning that there was an 80 per cent probability that Teoh Beng Hock’s death was a homicide and not suicide, and suggested that some of his injuries were sustained before his fatal fall.

Anonymous said...


I bought and read the October issue of Off The Edge magazine.

Your Teohlogy column is my favourite.

You may want to reproduce your article online for those who could not access to Off The Edge.

1TBH said...

MACC better watch out!

CSI: Bangkok is going to nab you!

natives are restless said...

Lingam must be celebrating alright . "Legal action will not be taken against prominent lawyer Datuk V.K. Lingam for lack of evidence and testimony in the findings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Lingam tapes." nstp.

1Korek said...

Correct Correct
Case Close
Lingam got a Deepavali relief.

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is disappointed with the corruption, misconduct and abuse of power in the management of public funds as stated in the 2008 Auditor-General’s report.

He is disappointed but not furious or Niamah?

The trend will continue since the culprits are not brought to justice.

Truly Niamah!

Anonymous said...

The Pahang government car got 2 tangki minyak?
Else how to fill 2 full tank within 5 minutes?
Proton special feature?

Memang Niamah punya wakil rakyat!

Anonymous said...

David Letterman is reportedly worried that a sex tape he made with a female staffer is going to wind up on the web. The chat show host and a much-younger female co-worker have apparently been captured on a studio surveillance tape in a compromising position.

Perhaps he can invite our very own Dr Chua SL to his talk show to learn from his experience.

Anonymous said...

How come up till now i haven't heard any of the macc interogating officer making a police report on the findlings by the thai forensic expert? someone must be worrying by now, eh? he..he..he...

Anonymous said...

Watch the trailer of patrick Teoh's latest movie:

Be warned, Patrick was lying in the coffin!

Anonymous said...

Malaysian Budget 2010: Personal income tax to be reduced by 1%. Govt proposes individual taxpayers be given tax relief on broadband subscription fee up to RM500 a year from 2010 to 2012.

Anonymous said...


CEO of IRDA, Harun Johari, has tendered his resignation on wednesday (21 Oct) after taking over that position from Dato Ikmal Hijjaz since 1 March 2009. Harun’s strong lieutenants that joined IRDA in March/April 09, Jameson (head of strategic com) and Ahmad Suhaili (Head of Integrated Planning) have also submitted their resignations. There’s no press release made by IRDA with regards to the “sudden” resignations of its senior management. Can someone please check out what is brewing down south?

lonely suzy

Anonymous said...

Iskandar Malaysia will be the follow-up financial fiasco to PKFZ.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lonely Suzy

Harun Johari may feel that 15% income tax for him at Iskandar is not good enough.

Happy Pirate ! said...

There's another sign... Put your finger round and clap it with ur other hand. It means 'fuck-u"

Lovely Rita said...

Lonely Suzy

Are you in the Polygamy Club?

Having to share our hubby's attnetion and get only 25% love could be the root cause of your loneliness.

Lovely Rita

Anonymous said...

show your third finger. only 1. but I BULLSHIT

Anonymous said...

Satu tahi lembu!