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Monday, October 12, 2009

The picture of a thousand words

When I came home from a long day of work on Saturday night I turned on the television and the news was on. It was about Najib Razak officiating the launch of Malaysia's newest and of course, race-based political party, Makkal Sakti.

The Prime Minister was in fine form reading off the tele-prompter (I think) and dressed in batik and draped with and electric yellow sash. There was a lot of hand waving, pointing and other speech-making type gestures. But what Najib was saying was basically what a wonderful bunch of people the Indian community is. How much the Indian community has contributed to the development of Malaysia. How the Indian community must and always will be part and parcel of any development plans for the country.

Then the president of the new party, R.S.Thanenthirran was shown making his speech. And he starts to say how another party is needed to represent the country's Indian population. How the new party would work closely with the Barisan Nasional. How he sees the Barisan Nasional being the only workable coalition to bring prosperity to the Indian community.

Okay la, so I paraphrase very badly but I am sure that was the gist of the 2 speeches la. This type of speeches are quite normal in this country of ours. And we are so used to hearing our politicians mouthing off these things with such regularity.

Then the next day I opened the New Sunday Times and saw this photo of a thousand words...................

Look at the expression on the PM's face: "Heh...heh...heh...Ya right! These fools will believe anything. I am so clever I scare myself!"

His right arm is held up as if to stop someone from coming through: " remember your position ya, Thamby? 3 steps behind please. Thank you. Jeez! Some people! Really!"

And the Makkal Sakti fler? Look at his expression. And his hunched shoulders and downcast eyes. As if in total submission. "Yes sir. We know where we stand. Thank you, sir."



Well, I did say that I got the idea for this post late at night after a long, tiring day. I might have been hallucinating.


jejaka anggun said...

you might watching too much Keliwon on tv. hahahahahahahahahahaha....

Anonymous said...

same shit old old.......

Anonymous said...

same shit old old.......

eugene said...

I really want to know what would Samy Vellu think of this?

Observer said...

"Wira Makkal Sakti Malaysia"?

OMG, what a sad state of politics this country is in. *shakes head*

I'll add to that sash:
"Wira Sakti C4 Perancis"

Anonymous said...

...semi feler ALMOST kills himself !
mic = gone fart now !

MGR Cilok said...

Thambi kena cilok!

Makkal Sakti kena hijacked!

I hope the welfare of our Indian friends can improved with the magic of 1malaysia + Makkal Sakti.

Sivaji the Boss would be proud of all of you.

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1Divided said...

... another case of "divide and rule" at it's ugliest, something our colonial masters left behind. Best we got rid of it, and NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

First they took on the street, insisting that BN never took Indian seriously and had been alienate Malaysian Indian for decades..

Then suddenly now, R.R.Thanenthirran sees the BN are the only workable coalition to bring prosperity to the Indian community?

My piece of thought..

Dear fellow Malaysian Indian,
Why only now after so many decade BN are going to help u guys? It's because they are losing your support as well as the Chinese support not t mention Malays too..

What will happen when their position is strengthen? or the opposition influence is faded? How many more years our Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Anwar Ibrahim, Tok Nik Aziz have to make an impact?

If not for the Tsunami GE12, do you think our PM would take this effort to even mention this party Makkal Sakti? I bet he would better off at home scratching Dotty's back..

Why Malaysian are so forgetful..

Yam-I-See said...

Seriously Pat, this post is a classic!
Noticed that thamby had a curl on his crown. Am sure it will drop off soon too, and he'll hv to get a fakey, just like big bro stinky veloo.

KIMHO8 said...

Before, Makkal Sakti.
Now, Makan Sendiri.

Jeff said...

1Malaysia, 2 Standard, 3 parties, 4 bini...

What A Lulu said...

what does samy think about all this?
i think, like the long suffering wife who no longer appeals to her philandering husband, samy has resigned himself to najib's flirtations with these political rivals ans will bear with it as long as najib does not bring any one of them "home"

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! You are a riot, Pat.
I think for today, even Samy Velu thinks you are great.
He is probably laughing like me and saying "Padan muka Makkal Sakti"


Anonymous said...

~daniel a.k.a lll~


Yesterday Najib praise Makkal Sakti and Indian community..

Today Najib 'order' MCA Central Committee members to make decision based on the result of MCA EGM..

Well although I never liked MCA but I felt atleast OTK has the balls to call for an EGM although he knew it was a 50/50 fight..

Well Najib, why dun U call for a snap election now? Let see whether the majority Malaysian endosed you to lead the country.. No Balls??

'Nia Kong'

p/s: uncle pat, u dun mind i use niakong lar..

Anonymous said...

Ini semua tak ada malu punya olang,cakap tak selupa bikin...kesian itu maca...tengok dia muka macam terkejut...tak percaya PM turun kasi resmi itu sakti...

Anonymous said...

judas in display.

want more suits, judas?


Senyum kambing....try to bodek indian community after knowing not easy to gain support from others.

laimun said...

Mahathir: Vision 2020
Anwar: Islam Maidani
The Dol: Islam Hadhari
Najib: 1Malaysia
LKS: Malaysian Malaysia
Makal Sakti: (Somebody pls help me)

Anonymous said...

A commenter on another blog said of the photo that the garland, the sash, the whole works, make our man look like a Mak Nyah! Omigosh!! some people can be soooo ruuude when they are on the Net, hehehe.

Anonymous said...

These bunch of so-called saviors of the Indians willingly wanted to be screwed by UMNO because its worth the returns in $$$.

Like Samy, the leader of MakalSakthi is out to make a fast buck at the expense of the poor Indians when the curry is still hot.

monsterball said...

You are at your best...when you are sharp and witty.
I enjoy this post...which is not easy to compose.
Great one...Pat!!
What can I add more to describe him?
His "1 World" got all laughing..demanding "1 WAR"
Balls carrying MCA...promoting.."1 MCA" clobbered and killed....making it more than 3 and a rojak party.

Anonymous said...

For a PM to launch any party means "its endorsed"...!!!
I never see PPP being given that honour...!!

MIC...!!! You still "not" getting it arr....???????

Pat, I use your......
NIAMAH x 5..!

vanhidayat said...

i can't believe that it seems like all the "new" ideas of him, sounds like sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo familiar....where was the last place i heard makkhal sakthi from? who initiated it ah? haiyohhhhhhhhhhh...come on lah tink tank.....find another catchy slogan boleh ka? at least show some wisdom by changing it a bit....

Anonymous said...


We ought to give some due respect to the new leader of What the Makkterfu^#@%*& Sakker$#@*& Party and start calling him Datuk R.S.KHANNIhirran as he will definitely get his LATUKship before this year's over.

Anonymous said...

You hit the bull's eye Patrick. The picture tells the same thing to me, an ethnic Inidian

Geronimo said...

You know, Pat. Jibby said he donated RM100m to help the Indian community. The question is why "donate" and only now, you know what I mean, just before the Bagan Pinang by-election? I thought this kind of money should already be in some form of an annual development fund for the Indians as part of the national budget. Next, why only RM100m? If we prorate since 1972, that is when the NEP started, the Indians are only getting RM2.3m per annum and if we were to base it on the net present value (NPV), the amount is even less today. Even if it was RM100m per annum, the Indians are still short-changed compared with the billions UMNO is stashing away. And the Indians in Bagan Pinang bought it all, hook, line and sinker!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
Off the track a bit, i received the following email, hope you could make something out of it after viewing the youtube:
> > Minister of Culture that lacks culture!!!
> This should be shown during the next General Election
> to remind voters of what they could be getting into from
> Check this out:

TQ Patrick.
Man who can't stand it.

Anonymous said...

I think the so-called Makkal Sakti has betrayed the gullible Indians.

I am not surprised there is no step forward for the community.

Najib's 1Malaysia call has charmed the Indians, for he is the snake charmer.

tlyung said...

Classic "Wayang"

Rating : 5 star + 1

Review : Main actor and supporting actor trying to blend them self very well in this "BLOCK busted" movie

Showtime : 7 days a week, 365 days

Production : TOUCH GOLD pictures
Executive Producer : "Classified"

Hamba said...

Najib said to Thanenthirran ( just like the monopoly game) " Don't go to jail ( Kamunting), straight to the start box and collect your millions"!

ANN BK3 said...

Get real and down to earth R.S. Thanenthirran!! just remember your position ya, Thamby? you will be kept in the freezer compartment and as and when you are needed for display purposes, you will be taken out to be 'thawed'. I can safely say that this will be your JOB FUNCTION.. zero stress but rich pickings. On one hand indians are appeased that they have a new wira party MAKKAL SAKTI to champion
their cause and on the other hand, devious najis can be seen to be concerned with the indian cause and thus have a greater chance to rope them back to help uplift his sagging image in their eyes.. yahoo
how convenient!!.

Chan said...

WIRA MAKKAL SAKTI MALAYSIA? My pussy is going to die laughing ... even without seeing "The New MACC"!

Anonymous said...

NO slippers-garland ONE ?

Anonymous said...

The once Anti Goverment Hindraf turned into Ass Licking Pro Govt. The way they seemed to celebrate when Najid officiated the ceremony makes me wanna puke. Wonder how much their support costed. I think Makkal Sakti means "Double Headed Snake" in Tamil.

Sami Welu said...

Will Thanenthirran be made a Minister?

Anonymous said...

"WHY" the sudden change of heart?? Some goodies were offered..????? Or is this the only way to get rid of MIC forever...???

Since PM endorsed MS, how is it that we don't hear any "supportive" comments by Mr. MIC...????
Where are the "YES" men...??????

And now...... MIC pride "themselves" for bringing Indian votes to BN at Bagan Pinang.
I guess people don't know the meaning of "SHAME"...!!!!!!

What a bloody bunch of clowns lah....!!!!

Ular Sakti said...

A snake trusting a snake.

What do you expect?

Anonymous said...

That's what politicians are good at ! Wayang Kulit !

1Niamah !!!

Anonymous said...

why the pic reminds me of Mr Bean patented Smile-Looking-Face and a zombie?

1Thanenthirran said...

R.S.Thanenthirran should be made a Minister in the 1Malaysia cabinet for his excellent role in helping BN to win Bagan Piang by-election.

Anything less is a shortchange to him.

Makkal Sakti!

Anonymous said...

Thanen will be the puppet of Najib, just like Samy Vellu to Mahathir.