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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sign language 101

Thumbs up.
Very good.
Number One.

Fuck you!

Here's a finger up your ass!

Perhaps someone should do them a favour and explain the signs to Najib, Rosmah and the rest of those politicians who these days constantly want to stick their fingers up our collective asses.



1Jari said...

Which 1 sign is for 1Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Datuk Seri Najib Razak during the tabling of the 2010 Budget in Parliament here said the government, in a bid to develop Iskandar Malaysia, will impose an income tax rate of 15% for workers residing there.

The lower tax rate, however, will not be enjoyed by workers in other parts of Malaysia though Najib did announce a 1 per cent reduction in income tax rate from the initial 27 per cent. Is this disparity in accordance to the spirit of 1Malaysia?

Should those Malaysians currently working in singapore come back to serve in Iskandar?
(Hint: 1 S$ = RM2.4 exchange rate).

The move, said the prime minister, aims to attract local and foreign talent as well as accelerate the development of the southern economic corridor

chong said...

can we organise a huge match to the government pathalogist department / board of medical? that we feel so ashamed of their professionalism? and demand them to upheld the integrity of the professional.
(on kugan & teoh case)

Anonymous said...


The official 1Malaysia hand sign is the First Finger "Up Your Ass" sign. I was told this First Finger "Up Your Ass" sign is the brainchild of our beloved First Lady......."First" Finger = "First" Lady.

1RPK said...

RPK wrote:

At the time of Merdeka, for every RM4 spent, RM1 went towards running cost and RM3 towards development. Today, for every RM4 spent, RM3 is for running cost and only RM1 goes towards development.

So, out of about RM200 billion spent, only about RM50 billion goes towards development as what the report above shows. In the past it would have been the other way around.

Tunku Abdul Rahman is said to be not that smart a leader compared to the leaders of today. Maybe. Maybe not. I am not too sure because I never interacted with him or worked for him. But at least he spent RM1 on the ‘machinery’ and RM3 on the people. Today, the ‘smarter’ leaders spend RM3 on the ‘machinery’ and only RM1 on the people.

So who is smarter?

Okay, you may argue that Malaysia did not see too much development in the early days of Merdeka so we are not quite comparing apples to apples. Again, that may be true. But imagine if this was a company and we spent RM150 billion on the running cost of the company and only RM50 on goods in trade? Would that not be lopsided?

We have a bloated civil service. More than a million civil servants (including the diplomatic service, security agencies, etc.) against a working population of 10 million people is just too much. That comes to about 13% or so.

I have in fact written about this many times before and even offered comparisons to other countries, which has a far lower ratio compared to Malaysia -- whether it is Indonesia or the United States.

Then there is the ‘evaporation rate’, which is again very high. From the Auditor-General’s report every year we know that there is a very high ‘evaporation rate’. So, from the RM200 billion we spend we only get about RM150 billion worth in return. RM50 billion just ‘evaporates’ into thin air.

This is the crux of the whole issue. RM200 billion means nothing if only RM30 billion goes to the people because of the high running cost and evaporation rate.

Anonymous said...

Finger licking stooges in parade.

Whatever finger it is , there is still a long queue of asshole bandicts out there waiting to lick
their hands clean out of shit...

To these Cari-Makan assholes it's finger licking good.

Pain in the ass.

Hamdan said...

An opposition MP was sentenced to six months jail and a fine of RM3,000 for allegedly biting a policeman. This might result in another by-election in his constituency if the high court affirmed his sentence.

A prominent lawyer who was implicated in the "fixing" of senior judges in the judiciary was not charged in court because the Attorney General office says that there was no strong evidence to implicate him in the judicial scandals that have besmirched the judiciary.

These two contrasting actions by the authorities smacks of double standards when it comes to the enforcement of the law against the rich and powerful and those who sit on the opposite side of parliament.

comeez said...

Already did that on twitter. I told @najibrazak that pointing hte index finger up is vulgar in chinese and indian culture. sadly no response!

Anonymous said...

Najib at his Bajet (no spelling error) speech mentioned a “second wave of privatisation”.

Is this his Blue Ocean Strategy?
If so, why Malaysia still have so many civil servants (high ratio of civil servant to population)despite privatisation, thus sucking rakyat's money meant for development?

Is kaki tangan kerajaan (yang menurut perintah) meant to secure votes for BN in the next election?

Wake up your idea! Niamah!

Anonymous said...

hahahahhaaa... like usual. you never failed to make me laugh with your post.. that's a good one, pat.. well, thanks for the new post.. i've been waiting for a while just to read more of your post.. hahahahaha.. keep it up, sir!!

Hamba said...

The "one" finger that Najib or any other ministers always like to show is actually the number of their Intelligent Quotient" (IQ). Only people with one digit IQ like to show meaningless gestures and sign "tak kira tempat dan masa" as if it will bring rain or money from the sky or something. 1Malaysia or is it Malaysian idiots who have only 1 digit IQ? "Tarak sekolah punya orang"!

Kublai Khan said...

A finger stained with C4!

Anonymous said...

A finger that has be stuck into @#$%hole will never be cleased.

- Descendent of lao Tze

JanuskieZ said...

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Kamal Tan Abdullah said...

When my Mum showed me her index finger and waved it at me when I was a kid, it only meant that I had done something that had earned her displeasure. I was not to repeat what I had done and "shame on me" for having done what I just did. Come on Patrick. We don't have to pretend that all is well within our Malaysian society. We are fragmenting when we should be united. We are, sadly, a very polarised lot. We are all racists, no thanks to past and present government policies. Here comes Najib, who is trying his level best to glue us back together. Is he succeeding? Not with the likes of you and your friends trying to make a mockery of his efforts. Give the guy a break! I'll give him an "A" for effort while I shake my gnarled index finger at you, much as my Mum had done to me ages ago. I'm telling you to cease and desist your efforts to undermine this man's aim of having a united Malaysia. Please, Patrick?

Anonymous said...

i hope all of u who talk tough here will also act tough when the time u r needed comes...


SemuaBoleh said...

Could it be bcos of this 'one finger up your ass' that TBH's ass was tortured? Hmm.......1Malaysia Boleh!

artchan said...

Kamal Tan 1045pm

Much as I would like to give Najib a chance. Najib must also give us a chance. Come clean on Mongolian girl, explain why Bala went missing after he gave his SD after implicating PM, solve the Perak debacle engineeered by him. Teoh Beng Hock's death, MACC selective prosecution, you name many scandals during his short term in office. The list is endless.

And give him a that he he shove the finger a little further up your?

Good people we support, questionable characters, we have a right to question?

Are you asking Malaysians to shut up so that he can continue to screw us in the name of giving him a chance?

Get a life or a you in dreamland?

Good day to you...and May God bless Malaysia

1Rakyat said...

Dear 4Rakyat

What do you mean by "act tough when the time u r needed comes"?

We do not need to act tough by voting for Pakatan in the next election, right?

Make sure you influence your family and friends to register to be a voter, and exercise our rights. This is not a tought act to perform.

Anonymous said...

1Malaysia Polygamy Club to spread its wings to Indonesia?

Riduan Tee said...

I better cancel my credit cards now that Najib wanted to charge service fee of RM50 per card per year beginning 1 Jan 2010!

I cannot should Niamah as I am a Muslim.

I must turut perintah!

Anonymous said...

Kamal tan Abdullah,

Perghhh! Gi main jauh, jauh! This is not your place.

Najib is trying to do his best? Do what you tell me?

Lingam said...

Correct, Correct, Correct!

Use the finger to:
Korek your nose
Korek your ears
Korek your @#$%hole

Benitez said...

You Will Never Roll Alone

When you bounce on the pitch
Hold your valve up high
And don't be afraid of the ball
At the end of the match
Speaks a Spanish Guy
Of the pure injustice of it all

Roll on, through the wind
Roll on, through the rain
Though your form be tossed and blown

Roll on, roll on
With air in your sphere
And you'll never roll alone
You'll never roll alone

Anonymous said...

Hey pat,why your fingers so wrinkled one...soak them in Palmolive dish washing liquid la...remember??

I need to breathe man

Anonymous said...

1rakyat 11.47am, registering max voters is elementary. we all do it, this is the minimum.

by act tough, i mean, amongst others...
1) sell back all those amanah saham this and amanah saham that.
2) minimize legally our income tax payment
3) stop giving biz to all glc's eg maybank, petronas etc...
4) and for the braver ones, join activist groups (not pekida, pewaris and the likes).
5) and for the even braver ones, take to the streets whenever there is such a call from your a cause u bliv in. think of the reds in thailand and those brave people in the phillipines in the 80s and indonesians in the 90s.
6) wear black any chance u can get

the list goes on according to each whims, fancies and tastes.

definitely not just sitting behind your pc, in the comfort of your own home and tippity tappity typing away.

with all due respect,

donplaypuks® said...

What we should fear most is the announcement that the 2nd wave of privatisation is about to begin.

I interpret this to mean the rape of Petronas, Sime Darby, Khazanah, PNB, Prasarna, PMB, Mavcap, Valuecap, IJN, Plus, NST etc., etc., etc., by croneys is being officially planned so that by GE 2013 not even the bare bones will be left if Pakatan should form the next Govt.

More than that there will be phenomenal increase in defence procurement for the expected WW3 (huh?) and all sorts of totally unnecessary capital intensive infra projects!

We have been serve due notice. Be warned and be wary.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Mini-me said...

I agree with artchan.

Do not trust those hypocrites who had secret agenda and fooled you with a false front.

We need to read more from RPK and be reminded niahmah-way to jolt us into the true reality.

sywong said...

Where my personal opinion is concerned, the middle finger is most suited for all the politicians in the ruling govnt. and also the heads of industries who loves to lick balls....

Anonymous said...

Saudara Kamal Tan

You should watch BAIK PUNYA CILOK, the local movie (you can buy the celup DVD). Patrick Teoh was in the moviw as well.

What is the moral of the story?

Do not have blind faith and kena cilok.

Anonymous said...

The proper 1Malaysia hand sign:-

Your thumb between your 2nd and 3rd finger while clenching your fist.

Anonymous said...

Polygamy has no place in 1Malaysia.

Otherwise Najib would have called it 4Malaysia. Masybe he is too lazy to show 4 fingers?

Anak Halal said...

On the Srtar online today:

"The Government could be losing billions of ringgit every year through excessive payments for contracts and procurements for a wide range of things ranging from water tunnels to IT contracts and purchase of computers. Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah acknowledged that the amount is a lot but could not give an exact figure."

It is therefore confirmed that the present governemnt is incompetent and corrupt.

The solution is to vote them out in the next election.

Anonymous said...

Najib had announced some very careful and measured liberalisation measures to unfreeze some service sectors from the rigid race quota but the market did not respond enthusiastically. Evidently, the foreign direct investment continued to plunge and the net investment flow was negative.

What Prime Minister Najib ought to do is to tell us precisely what is next after the NEP? Is there a life after the NEP? Does the BN government have a post-NEP strategy?

Anonymous said...

correct, correct, correct

Mat Pakistan said...

Has the NAR (Natonal Audit Report)investigated the sale of MV Agusta at one Euro (about RM4) when it was bought for more than RM300 million? The buyer who paid one Euro subsequently sold MV Agusta for a total of RM400 million to Harley Davidson and BMW.

Anonymous said...

The poor little old jib can't even spare RM50/card for the rakyat, what else he can do for the ave income earner? Billions ringgit wasted, thousand ringgit for each printed manual, million ringgit submarine commission, and now Mr PM is interested in RM50/card from the rakyat? We are doing just fine with bank giving waiver on subscription fee before jib comes in. Now jib is trying to korek korek korek from the rakyat despite all the sales tax and service tax being paid by rakyat. Poor jib .... begging RM50 from the rakyat....

Ali Setan said...

Pempena lost millions of ringgit.

It set up money-losing restaurants in Europe as a false front for its officials to visit those European cities with tax payers money.

Why MACC never investigate?

MACC cannot handle high profile corruption and mismanagement?

I don't see Singapore government setting up restaurant overseas and yet many visitors come to Singapore for its famed cuisines. Just get people like Anthony Bourdain to help to sell your country.

Wonder why Malaysia did not engage its own award winning celebrity chef Chef Wan to do the trick.

Anonymous said...

perak is but a distant memory for most of us.

this is the reality of it.

we forget easily. now sivakumar. nizar & gang are all alone, fighting a lonely battle.

we only talk tough bcos we do it as a recreational thing.

vote barisan out in ge13? what makes u think there'd even be a ge13 anytime soon?

something will happen that 'necessitates' the suspension of parliament.


Jerai Kid said...

Check up this DAP Kedah website:

for details of ceramah DVD purchase

Sunny said...

THE Government has to rethink the way they run its various departments today, especially the way certain jobs are carried out.
In the early days the Public Works Department, for instance, had workers on their payroll. As such, roadworks were carried out by their own workers who received their pay at the end of the month from PWD.

Similarly, the jobs of cleaning drains, cutting grass along the roads and collecting rubbish were carried out by workers of the local town council.

All the departments carried out their work this way.

There was proper supervision and the workers were paid by their own departments and this system also held the department directly responsible for anything that was not right or properly done.

Today, all types of work are carried out by contracts awarded by the various departments to individuals as the main contractor with special licence.

There are licences of various grades and these contractors carry out the work with workers employed by them.

This system has resulted in the contractors employing foreign workers, depriving the locals of job opportunities.
It is always said that the locals do not want to do such work, which is not true.

I am sure if we revert back to the old system, many would seek employment because at the end of the day, the workers get their pensions and they also have quarters to stay in.

Sometimes contracts are given to individuals and then the job is handed over to someone else to do. The main contractor becomes the middleman.

There are also cases where individuals working in these departments register businesses under their family members’ names and look for contracts.

There are many unscrupulous ways in getting the tenders and they are open to lots of corruption.
The work is not well-supervised. It is carried out in a shoddy manner and the blame game goes on.
The general public becomes the victim but only a few will voice out their unhappiness.

So it’s time the Government looks into the system and revert back to the old one as in the earlier days.
This will reduce corruption, improve accountability and give the locals a chance to work and enjoy the privileges accorded to them.

Anonymous said...

1Malaysia Camp Tragedy:
One pupil drowned and two others are feared missing after a newly-built suspension bridge collapsed into the Kampar River.

Wonder which contractor built the bridge, according to KPI standard?

Not a good sign for 1Malaysia.

Minachi said...

1Malaysia Camp has claimed an innocent live in Kampar.

It is an example of overzealousness in implementing anything that is 1malaysia without proper safety consideration, resulting in the live of a yong school girl.

Ho ho ho said...

What Sunny has highlighted is part of the NEP which has resulted into middlemen who do nothing but make money and which has resulted into the government being screwed. The ali-baba partnership is one of them. What is highlighted year after year by the auditor-general is an excellent example. Worse of all, quality is being compromised.

Anonymous said...

Time will tell who is lying and who is not ?

If our PM is really a matured leader, I am sure he will win at the end but I am afraid if he is not, not only he and his family will suffer.

We as a nation will suffer together !

Observe and think properly ! If he has got nothing to do with the Mongolian beauty, then come clean with it ! No need to send opposition people to ISA and shut people up ! This makes matters worse and try telling a 1 year kid not to play with fire ! He or she will not listen to you ! Got it, Encik Kamal Tan Abdullah ???

1Niamah !

Anonymous said...

the middle fingers should go to you Pat, not to be forgotten Anwar Al-Juburi Wal-Liwati..People like you won't do any good here.. Condemning is your expertise, nothing else.

Anonymous said...

ONE ...ONE-tragedy in kampar, perak :
the 'ONE-malaysia camp' has caused ' a young life & 2 still-missing' ...SIGH !

Mat Jais said...

I agree with Ho Ho Ho.

The root cause is the UMNO's 'political patronage' whereby contracts are awarded (without tender) to its cronies (who hold all classes of contractors), however incompetent or inefficient, who in turn 'ali-baba' the job downstream (e.g. bas pajak), resulting in shoddy work, higher cost, low service standard and poor quality.

This has got nothing to do with NEP. The inherent problem is the UMNO's obligation to its cronies (ketua bahagian) as a 'reward' for getting their votes/support.

Busu said...

Information, Communications, Culture and Arts Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said: Bahasa Malaysia should be used more widely in the private sector to further “dignify the national language.”

So Patrick should try to use BM in his blog to support the call of Rais.

Tok Mat said...

“In the old days, the corruption was smaller. If an Umno branch leader did not get a taxi permit, he would dissolve his branch. Now many Umno leaders are busy looking for big projects. That’s the success of the NEP (New Economic Policy),”
- Mohd Rhamat

Ho ho ho said...

Whenever a tragedy happens, everyone will "hangat-hangat tahi ayam". Then everyone forgets until another tragedy. I suggest that for cost savings purposes, we should close down the auditor general dept. Every year same story. Don;t waste anymore of rakyat's money

Anonymous said...

MACC deputy commissioner Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamed explained that it would be difficult for MACC to perform its duties without support from Malaysians.

What a Niamah statement!

How do they expect support when they are so biased and chose not to prosecute Toyol?

Niamah kaw kaw!

1Finas said...

See Patrick Teoh in his latest movie:

Anonymous said...

1 Malaysia
2 Perak
3 Katak
in Ipoh today.

1 Malaysia = Malaysian Malaysia ?
Siapa copy ?

BlueMansionRocks said...

1 Emma 2 Boobs in Blue Mansion starring 1 & only Patrick now showing in Spore cinema (rated NC16) with scenes shot at Penang's Cheung Fatt Tze.
I rate it 4 stars !!!! out of 5.
Patrick shines
btw Emma Yong is a famous talented Spore stage actress.

ONEbyU2 said...

Bono preaches ONE Love.
Let's love our taxpayer $ wholeheartedly and tau apa kena buat next election, bro & sis abang adik, ok ?

Anonymous said...

Tina Turner or Al Green : Let's Stay Together ONCE & for all show our Rakyat power......humming beatles lennon nike revolution Tak Nak Duit Kopi !
If Tok Mat can do, kita juga bolehlah ! SETIA kepada Rakyat .....we want our RM$ bqack !

1Warning said...


Today, Barisan Nasional is in power so it has the power of life and death over its citizens. Well, who knows, one day Barisan Nasional might be kicked out and Malaysia will see a new government.

Kamal Tan said...

Dear Patrick,
You must be aware of the many advertisements in the mainstream newspapers cautioning us not to believe evrything we read in the internet. Good advice don't you think? Too many of us have been taken in by the sensational stories spun by RPK. We always like to believe his stories as he is so convincing. RPK is a great writer/story teller, no doubt about that. But, is he telling the truth all the time? God only knows. But, we have to be fair to all those people that he maligns in his postings. A person should be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Isn't this a time honoured maxim? We all know that he has an axe to grind with our PM. In fact, Najib has come clean on this subject, including swearing on the Holy Quran: that he has nothing to do with this Mongolian lass. Is Najib telling the truth? Again, God only knows. But, doesn't he deserve the benefit of the doubt.Nothing proven yet so far, right? I wonder that if RPK is really telling he truth, why does he have to scoot the country? Isn't the court a good place to prove that all his allegations are true? Before I go on, I have to declare that I am just a very ordinary Malaysian without any political affiliations. I salute the efforts of YB Lim Kit Siang in championing fairplay but I also see the need for a united Malaysia, the Malaysia I had grown up in, in the late fifties and sixties, especially the time when we were all together and so united during our brief confrontation with Indonesia. You know,not all good people do good things all the time, none of us are saints. Conversely, not all poeple who we perceive as bad, do bad things all the time. We should laud any effort taken by anyone who tries to put the spirit of "Muhibbah" back in our hearts, if the effort is sincere in addressing the problem. Someone said that I should "Pergi-lah" and that this is not the place for me. I beg to differ. This is my Malaysia and I have every right to be here!I just hope and pray the my children and grandchildren will inherit a Malaysia worth staying in, without racists,extremists and bigots. Is this too much to ask?

Lao' Cha said...

Kamal Tan wrote "..isn't the court a good place to prove that all his allegations are true?"

Man you woke up the whole neighbourhood and I can't sleep because they are laughing so loud. Maybe you're trying too hard to be equally convincing which is a good thing but then you have to do that on stage.

Riduan Tee said...

Saudar Kamal Tan

Our leader went to holy land Mecca this year. Any sin he may have has been forgiven and cleased. No need to wait for the next life. That's the power of our religion.

So, lu sudah potong?
(I mean P1 wimax).

1forNades said...

Last month, we had the Malaysian Open ATP tournament and no one knows how much the Tourism Ministry doled out. Except for the VIPs who get the syiok sendiri feeling of rubbing shoulders with the stars, there’s nothing to show.

If you are talking about attracting tourists, then the promotions for the event must have started a year ago. But no, we can “create” instant tourists, with the Showdown of Champions – Asia versus Russia Grand Slam 2009. Ever heard of it? No one had heard of it previously. There were no such tournaments previously and someone coined the name of the tournament and for good measure appointed a failed but good-looking tennis star as “ambassador”.

Four women will travel to Kuala Lumpur with an entourage of coaches, tukang urut and the lot (on first-class of course) and we the taxpayers are supposed to pay for their holiday.

Government departments and agencies are not sports promoters. And for one moment, do not use the phrase “it will help promote tennis among the youth”. We have had an overdose of such clich├ęs.

At a time when the Tourism Ministry can’t even put its house in order with the million-ringgit losses in “investments” by its wholly-owned companies under the Pempena umbrella, why is it getting involved in areas which are alien to it?

The Tourism Malaysia and the Tourism Ministry must come clean on the sports events that they are funding. Taxpayers are entitled to know how much is being spent on and what kind of returns can be expected. The reply can be envisaged: “Malaysia will be mentioned four thousand nine hundred and two times during the telecast and we see this as valuable returns” but are we as gullible as they are?

Anonymous said...

Do they need six years to scrap an unfair AP policy that robs the rakyat and enriches a few cronies?

(AP = perks for MPs?)

Anonymous said...

1 Malaysia
2 DUN Perak
3 MCA Gangs

1, 2, 3 Tangkap

Anonymous said...

Wee Ka Siong is a direct beneficiary of the PKFZ largesse, courtesy of Tiong of course. WKS owns 47 per cent of Hijau Sekitar Sdn Bhd (240539-X), the subcon that was offered by KDSB a multi-million ringgit contract to study and implement traffic flow and control in PKFZ. Other subcons in the PKFZ project treated WKS like God for they know he's the go-between for TKS.

One of WKS's own aide in the Deputy Education Minister's office in Putrajaya is still under the payroll of Wijaya Baru Global Bhd, the parent company of KDSB. The Proton Wira he drives is registered under the company's name. The link doesn't end there. One Mr Lau, also a well-known blogger, whom WKS appointed into the Youth's vocational training bureau, is also under the payroll of Tiong King Sing.

Kamal Tan Abdullah said...

Dear Patrick,
I thank you for allowing me to use your blog to express my opinions, and they are my personal opinions. I appreciate that Saudara Lao Cha and Riduan Tee have opinions which are very diverse from mine but I understand their stance because they still harbour a grave mistrust for the executive branch of our government and the judiciary. Personally, I don't blame them. The past performance of both these branches haven't exactly been very inspiring has it?But I am a sucker for hope. I hope and pray for a better future. Nothing more, nothing less.
I know you like a little risque in your postings but gentlemen, express your opinions by all means but you don't have to get personal or be vulgar. That's very unbecoming, don't you think so Patrick?

Bapa Kamal said...

Saya confirmed anak saya Kamal Tan sudah potong!

Niamah Streamix, Hello P1.

McKodok said...

PCheck up the pic on Star online showing PKR's defector & Port Klang assemblyman Badrul Hisham Abdullah showing his 2 finger sign after announcing that he is quitting the party to support BN.

Niamah the guy!

Anonymous said...

Port Klang leaps to make it 4 for 1Malaysia, bravo ?

3 perishes under 1Malaysia school camp, sad ?

u make own judgement & don't play play

WKSvsOTK said...


Hussein Hamid said...

The people had the wisdom to chose Pakatan Rakyat in the last GE and yet would they be foolish enough now to hand it back to UMNO; Pakatan Rakyat leaders had belief that the people within their midst were committed to the ideals and aspirations of the Rakyat and Party and yet incredibly there are those within Pakatan Rakyat that would put self before the party – even before the Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

MCA as the party is most implicated in the PKFA scandal as so many MCA top leaders involved whether as Transport Minister or Port Klang Authority Chairman, should take a stand to ensure that there should be no further cover-up of the PKFZ scandal and give total support in Cabinet and Parliament for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to bring to book all MCA, Umno and BN leaders implicated in the PKFZ “mother of all scandals” – but unfortunately, the PKFZ scandal is being used only as a pawn in the ongoing MCA power struggle.

Anonymous said...

Topple Singapore?

no to Proton said...

Proton Holdings Bhd expects to sell 155,000 units of cars in its current financial year ending March 31, 2010.

Ha Ha...

Najib is trying to force owners of old (>15 years) to buy Proton with the his 'people-first' budget.

Anonymous said...

Funny facts on Badrul Hisham, courtesy of RPK:

No wonder he is said to be worse than Zakaria.

Anonymous said...

Gerakan president Koh Tsu Koon made a pledge that he will not want to be appointed a minister if he lost the election in Batu Kawan. Has he kept that pledge? Does he know that by not keeping to that pledge, he has insulted the people of Penang?

MCA president Ong Tee Keat made a pledge that he will respect the outcome of the EGM and resign even if he loses by one vote. Did he keep that pledge?

MojoJojo said...

Najib also tried to motivate the Gerakan delegates. 'Do you have that ‘thing’ or not?. Lim Keng Yaik has it. He used to say it. But at his old age, he is a little bit more subdued,' said Najib in jest.

The truth is all BN members have already lost their MOJO because of the constant influence of corruption.

Anonymous said...

Whether Najib frowns on the immature hysteria of Muhyiddin or not, he must surely realise one important thing: Muhyiddin’s racist outburst is a great embarrassment for Najib’s own 1 Malaysia concept. Racial baiting at its worst, Muhyiddin’s over-simplified message is surely against everything that the 1 Malaysia concept is supposed to stand for.

1 Malaysia is being hyped as the promotion of national unity based on the integration of all Malaysians of different races. But how can that be achieved when some people like Muhyiddin Yassin, a deputy prime minister and deputy president of Umno no less, finds it convenient and expedient to harp, almost on a daily and relentless basis, on race, “traitors” to some race and, by extension, racial heroes?

PakcikLAH said...

1Malaysia = Umno + MCA + MIC + PPP merged as one called 1Malaysia, with the former status quo in officebearers while the rest kaki bodek$$$.

Justice4BengHock said...

saudara Kamal Tan
greetings to you, as what u said;
"This is my Malaysia and I have every right to be here!I just hope and pray the my children and grandchildren will inherit a Malaysia worth staying in, without racists,extremists and bigots. Is this too much to ask?"
---As we r BORN Malaysians we also yearn for a united Malaysia. But what about the basic human rights such as the LAW?. What ever happen to the VK Linggam case despite evidences, bala's dissapearance, teoh beng hock's death. The list just goes on and on...this shows that it only protects those who r high up there but not for the normal rakyat. Welcome to malaysian law. Who are the racists here? U calling us racists? If u r not so a racist why do u support BN that rule the country by splitting us rakyat according to their race and creed? The last time i checked, DAP and PKR never mention that only a certain race can become a member. Not sure abt PAS though. And how about a chinese politician who stood up for a malay girl who was raped by a "somebody who u cant lay a finger on". He got jailed 6 yrs for doing the right thing which most of us chose to close our eyes and forget the whole thing. He is YB LGE jus in case u jus landed in m'sia. Im not sure abt u but i do not need to tell by someone or firing off a certain slogan (which was copycated from China's Olympic Slogan by the way) to interact or mingle around with my malay and indian brethren. Heck, i even have bangladeshi's and pakistanis as friends.

If Najib is very serious abt united Malaysia then walk the talk. Treat all races fairly. Why dont start by something simple like removing quota's in the education sector. From what i see its just marketing gimmick and slogan engineering.

Anonymous said...

1 malaysia

Brickfields Police stopped Tian Chua from speaking at PKR Dinner 31/10/2009

Anonymous said...


Are u in the 1Malaysia movie (by KRU) "My Spy"?

Hannah Teoh is in it. Director is that Sumolah guy.

Anonymous said...

There is no shortcut.

After 52 years of decline ,to arrest the decline is hope against hope.

The 1 malaysia just a slogan only

Just look at Philipines under Marcos never recover -People Power slogan only

Just look at Iraq and Afghanistan for Democratic Government - slogan only

Having slogan only is shortcut.If you want to do something be positive and have firm conviction to reach the goals.

1. Get rid of the NEP -real issue

The Russian have get rid of communism - better Russia and no more USSR
THe Chinese have embraced Capitalism - richer than Germany and going to overtake Japan

Why can't Malaysia get rid of NEP ?
If not possible , do not have this 1 Malaysia slogan at least say the truth a "Multi Racial Malaysia with Malay Leadership "