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Friday, October 02, 2009

Wacky Bar

Wacky Bar, a comedy written by Maya Tan Abdullah and directed by Joanna Bessey.

Wacky Bar is the first production of the new PJ Living Arts Theatre (PJLA Theatre) which is located in the Jaya One mall on the corner of Jalan Universiti and Jalan 13/6. Nett proceeds from the ticket sales of the play will go towards the Passionately You campaign a cervical and breast cancer awareness programme initiated by the iconic Assunta Hospital.

Malaysia's supermodel, Amber Chia who is the ambassador for Passionately You plays a guest role in Wacky Bar. Amber 'works' in Wacky Bar only October 1 - 3.

The stella cast of Wacky Bar include Daphne Iking, Joanne Kam Po Po, Rashid Salleh, Gavin Yap, Elaine Pedley, Junji Delfino, Na'a Murad, Ida Mariana and Patrick Teoh.

Wacky Bar opens tonight with a charity premiere and runs to October 11. Nightly shows start at 8.30pm. Matinees at 3pm.

For ticket details go to:-

1. ticketcharge


Anonymous said... is not working...

suanie said...

early reviews came in, it's good! i'm getting my ticket soon. see ya soon!

Anonymous said...

It's good. Really fun. Saw it last night. Well done Wacky :)

Anonymous said...

pat, r u striping in this show?

Hassan Ali said...

Is the bar halal?

MSCronies said...

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Singapore Boy said...

Will I get to see this show at Esplanande Singapore?

Singapore fan

Anonymous said...

The Bagan Pinang by-election on Oct 11 is an opportunity for the voters to tell the Braisan Nasional in no uncertain term that the practice of corruption and cronyism must be wiped out in the country. They must go all out to ensure the defeat of the Umno candidate.

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Buyung Adil said...

are there any scenes of people drinking beer?

if there are, can you please put a footnote somewhere on the stage to say "it's halal. it's not even beer. this is a play, you @#$!%&!"

Riduan Tee said...

I am a Muslim.

I wanted to watch this play.

However, i am worried that our 'authority' may catch me watching this 'unislamic' play because it features 'bar' which is associated with liquor.

Can you please give me an assurance that this is a 'halal' event?

patrickteoh said...

Hello Riduan. I am sorry. I can't give you any such assurance. I think you better stay at home la. LOL...

Jim Naughty said...


I saw snippets of Wacky Bar on Astro Awani Gala TV program yesterday afternoon (6 October).

I am in Seremban and it is a pity that I cannot watch the play live in PJ.

I noticed your role in the play was a bartender.

Some fellows were interviewed. The interviewee kept saying the show is kelakar. I was hoping that they will interview you. I suppose you can articulate better and would be a draw. Alas you were not given the airtime. I hope you are not 'blacklisted' by Astro Awani.

I was hoping a day will come when you can utter 'Niamah' on TV. That will go down as the greatest moment in Malaysian TV history...

As for Riduan Tee, I think he is confused about halal certification.
Since the paly is highlighted by Astro, it should be OK for him to attend. maybe he was hoping for free pass...

Anonymous said...

Hello Riduan

The safer bet is for you to attend Jom Heboh.

Life is Great said...


I suppose you ask Riduan Tee to stay at home to:

1) Watch TV1
2) Watch TV3
3) Watch TV9
4) Watch Asro Ria
5) Watch Astro Awani

He should be safe then, although he may be brain-dead with BN's propaganda.

Yishuai said...

"Eh Wacky! Me love you long time."

Caught the show yesterday evening! Superb performance by the entire cast. Props to you Patrick for coming a long way since the Radio 4 days. I still remember how you'd just hang up on your callers! Hahaha. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


Will you be featured in amber chia's new reality show on the search of Malaysian Model for Ford Agency?

You can be a judge, may be.

Rose said...

I was sitting in the front row 2 nights ago. awesome show. don't forget to se-mess me ok!

Tertipu said...


I have just watched the morning show of Adlin Shauki's Papadom.

I kena conned because I was told you are in the movie, reprising the role of Honda-san.

Wasted my RM10.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, you were in Plaza Damas and you moved.Don't u like this place?

1Sebarang said...

Can I find the DVD of Wacky Bar in Petaling Street?

jimmy62 said...

went see sat nit.realy got a good laugh.

Lion in the Jungle said...

"Wacky~ Me love you long time~ :p"

really good laugh last saturday a good show put up.

Riduan dun go la it's not "halal" 1st of all so how o? cannot watch lo..

anyways Uncle Wacky, read this

no more ghost story lo maybe some inspiration for your next post :p

Riduan Tee said...

I chose to watch Momok despite the noise made by Puteri Umno. My conclusion is all politicians are like Momok!