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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Yay!!! We are soooo civilised la...

(Poster by obefriend)
A friend of mine sent me this poster which I thought I'd share with all of you. Says a lot about us......



Anonymous said...

Talking of bribery, RPK did a piece on this 29 Sept.

camcamni said...

Malaysia Bolih mah....
Now Chinese newspapers ordered not to report on his offence during the by-election period.
This is One Malaysia Bolehland. Hope Bagan Pinang voters will come to their senses and not be fooled by this corrupted guy who had actually taken money from their own pockets.

Anonymous said...

that's show the majority mentality among us...

tlyung said...

Brother Peter,

Since this is a Democracy Country (^^) death sentence reali cannot jalan here lar... cause is non halal LOL (^^)

If this is pass thru in constitution of Malaysia... We will have alot of Urban Sky Diving Squad just like our Hero borther Chua Ming Hock

PS: Big fans of you since standard 4, your Excellent English speaking had inspire me (cause i was born in a realli traditional China Man Family ... thank you for your dedication and your WILD performance in 15 Malaysia (^^)

tlyung said...

Chief ,

Just another question... can i start a NIASING blogspot to shoot at those corporate crime bastard ?

thank you

A Single Vote said...

Went to Pandamaran, Klang, for seafood over the weekend.

A new Mercs drove right up to the front of the restaurant, parked, blocking most of the maindoor, and two men in their branded clothes alighted and sat at the table next to ours.

The place was empty apart from our two tables, so the well-dressed gentlemen had our attention. We couldn't help but noticed that the owner/driver of the car had on a pair of black leather shoes but he was actually stepping on the backs of his shoes in his bare feet!! Oh oh!!

The way and the tone of their voices when they ordered the waitresses around finally confirmed their refinement, or rather the lack of it.

They were later joined by another man and, the two 'gentlemen' started telling their new friend about the meeting they had in Janda Baik and we could hear the occasional bits of "UMNO" and "MCA".

No, we were not eavesdropping, but when at the end of their meal, amid such waste of the leftover food over-ordered by the first two men, the "MCA"(?)man got up to pay the bill, we could not help but think of the poor little rich girl who had written in to Thelma in the STAR that very day.

Isn't this post what this all about?

Guess you'll be meeting these 'gentlemen' in Bagan Pinang one of these days.

Lets get rid of them.

Anonymous said...

Actually it is better for Isa/BN to win in BP.
Let them win this Battle, but soon in 3+years they will LOSE the War[GE13].
Then more Voters will be aroused from their slumber NOT to Vote this corrupt BN with their powerful warlords with their tainted past.

Anonymous said...

1Malaysia: Eroding brand equity?
Branding gurus must speak up if the current branding of 1Malaysia will erode its brand equity steadily.

What have we now?

1Malaysia F1 Team.

1Malaysia Amanah Saham.

1Malaysia Tony Fernandes.

1Malaysia Earthquake Fund for Asia.

1Malaysia Mat Rempits.

1Malaysia Lantern Festival.

But reality check: What we don't have now for all Malaysians?

Sharing of national wealth, equitably.

Why has Najib been so totally silent on a number of socio-economic issues that have torn Malaysian fabrics apart, for example, the politics of poverty and equitable distribution of national wealth?

Currently, the bottom 40% of the Malaysian population only get to own 13% of the country's wealth.

Whereas, the top 10% -- you know who -- have grabbed almost 40% of national wealth -- and you know why.

Let us ask these, perhaps, as per Article 153 of the Federal Constitution...

Where's the 1Malaysia Budget for Race-Neutral National Talent Pool?

Where's the 1Malaysia Trust Fund for Modernisation of National-type Schools?

Where's the 1Malaysia Equal Opportunity Trust Fund for the Minority Bumiputras?

In fact, branding gurus shouldn't sit still but to get Najib to answer one very core question: What's your 1Malaysia all about after one full year of hot air and hogwash?

If the crass list of 1Malaysia ini, 1Malaysia itu goes on, will 1Malaysia Nasi Kandar be next?

Mat Tyson said...

Tolong PAS, Umno mampus.
Tolong Umno, aku yang mampus.

White Dog said...

This decision to field him only shows that all that anti-corruption campaign is talk only. Even the top PM won't change, all down the line are a whole bunch of morally corrupted useless idiots that only know how to blame others for their own lazy and brainless attitude. All the gods (or Allahs) and prayers can't save them from their own sin.

pinsysu said...

oh brother! death by firing squad! like dat DYMM the Agung wud have to dissolve the Parlimen liao!

Sin Chew said...

Local Chinese dailies have been ordered not to report on Isa Samad's suspension from Umno ahead of the Bagan Pinang by-election.

Anonymous said...

Harrase the informer.
OSA the informer.
MACC the informer.
ISA the informer.
"Death sentence" to the informer.

The informer fell off from the nightmare with sweat and urine all around.

Good man die young.

Anonymous said...

MSC Revisited?

Malaysia plans to develop further its creative multimedia industry which now generates an annual revenue of over US$200mil.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the industry also created over 7,000 high-value-added creative jobs.

Hooray for all job seekers!
MSC is alive!

Anonymous said...

his conviction is only technical in
umno !
wat about his sex scandals ? by HH !

Risiko said...

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s defence of Tan Sri Mohd Isa Ismail’s corruption offence as only a “technical matter” is a mega-tonne explosion demolishing one of the six National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) he announced on his Hundred Day as Prime Minister – “fighting corruption”.

Responding to the unabated criticisms of the choice of Isa as Umno/Barisan Nasional candidate for Bagan Pinang by-election, Najib told Malaysian students in Paris that Isa was chosen based on his capability and popularity, and that Isa’s offence was only a technical matter within UMNO and did not involve the judiciary of the country.

Najib said the question is whether Isa deserved a second chance or not, pointing out that in our system, even a criminal gets a second chance and can contest the post after serving his or her punishment.

Najib’s argument and logic are full of holes and do not stand up to scrutiny. They merely expose the hollowness and hypocrisy of the Najib administration in declaring “fighting corruption” as one of the six NKRA priority areas for constant assessment of “key performance indicators”.

Ho ho ho said...

Let the voters decide We shall see

In the meantime, enjoy the
1Malaysia char koay teow
1Malaysia Nasi Kandar
1Malaysia laksa
and dont forget to drink
1Malaysia teh tarik

Victimised said...

UMNO is the big brother.So they can do/say anything they like, no body can dispute them! They can twist and turn as they think fit.that is why our country still far lag behind the countries that we used to be at par or better.NIAMAH!!!!!!!ChowChiBai

ANN BK3 said...

The 2 contrasting pics says it all, and 'I REST MY CASE'.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat,

Why so hard on Tan Sri Isa Samad? You cannot compare Tan Sri with Mr. Zheng Xiaoyu mah.

Mr. Zheng Xiaoyu was executed because his bribery was BAD GUILT but our beloved Tan Sri Isa Samad's bribery is GOOD GUILT.

In our Malaysia Bolehland, we cannot accept BAD GUILT bribery or corruption but GOOD GUILT bribery and corruption is very very OK mah. Furthermore, we should elect only GOOD GUILT politicians to be our leaders to lead us to the glorious path of 1Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I understand that if an official or a high ranking personnel in China is caught for corruption,he or she would be sentenced to hard labour or be shot to death.Here if you are linked to UMNO,you would be in safe haven and treated as warlord like this fler who is standing in this by-election.

afn21896 said...

Hi Uncle Teoh. What is the significance of that tombstone in the Chinese photo? It does not bear the name of the criminal.

ktteokt said...

MALAYSIA BOLEH (mati lor)!

RealGunners said...

they don't have clean people to field la, everyone they field have skeletons one what? makes no difference la...


1Butt said...

sorry..., what Branding? Taglines can be fun, but it certainly don't build brands. Brands are built by what we constantly and repeatedly do over a period of time.

Anonymous said...

does it really matters nowdays who? whom? lose/win? or stay/out? you like it anot,just have to suck it up... tell me what can we do? beside blah.. blah.. blah... this is BOLEH LAND

Anonymous said...

And you call this "freedom of press"...??

Mmmm..... I wonder who's the top criminal...?????

Anonymous said...

Hello Brother...
BP election is GOOD example of 'Know who' and not 'Know How' in Malaysia.

Obefiend Weiland said...

hello patrick;

this poster was done by me as a blog entry. i heard alot of stories that it is now making the round in emails

so patrick sir

can you please link this poster back to my entry please

much thanks

ktteokt said...

I bet if Malaysia carries out punishment for corruption the way the Chinese government do, there will be no more people in BN!

Anonymous said...

That what 1Malaysia stands for.

Cakap Kosong said...

This morning (7 October) I watched Astro Awani where Sherkawi Jirim interviewed Isa for 1 hour (no airtime for PAS?).

Isa can talk.
However, I see no substance.
There is nothing specific but the usual BN rhetorics.
He cannot define specifically what he would do.
Isa can talk, but merely cakap kosong.

If he is nominated by BN because of his popularity, I suppose BN Johor will in the future nominate Mawi to stand for Kulai.
We all know that Mawi can no only talk, but sing and main silap mata.

Anonymous said...

Just crossed my mind that if we were to follow China's way of dealing with corrupt politicians (ministers), govnt. officials, etc, SHIT!!!, we will have an empty cabinet;and the police, customs, road transport dept., immigration will also have nobody to man their offices!!!Right?!!

Anonymous said...

If UMNO can 'rehabilitate' Mohd Isa, then MCA should do likewise for Chin Peng, and get him citizenship from Hishamudin.

KL Menjerit said...

Malaysia has a very an acclaimed 'rehabilitation' program.

China should learn from us to learn how to convert Mat Rempit to Samseng Jalanan.

Anonymous said...

Check this video out -- PRK N31 Bagan Pinang - Video Profil Calon

Anonymous said...

Now, who dare to say money can't buy love, etc. ?

At least I know that money can buy votes !!!

Niamah !!!

Anonymous said...

That Kriss fler too said that the people want him back! I wonder who these people are? I can only say these people must be blind - blinded by money and corruption.

Kak Som said...

Bribery is Ok if it is just technically violated ethics.
That's the UMNO way.

Gitu Gitu Apek said...

For the PM to claim that the offence was merely a technical one and that it was not an offence under the law is preposterous. Money politics is a criminal offence, it is an act of corruption, and if the PM has any other notion, then this matter should be referred to the MACC to seek their professional opinion! It is rather disappointing that the MACC did not move in to investigate Isa for corruption. If an opposition person was embroiled in similar circumstances, there would be no doubt as to how the MACC would have acted.

Umno did Isa a favour by not referring Isa’s money politics to the MACC. If that was done then, today Umno will not have this shameful episode of offering a corrupt politician as its candidate at the Bagan Pinang by-election.

Anonymous said...

Isa-bibi sex scandal by HH !

komando said...







Gua fikir lah said...

All the winners in Bintang Popular poll in Berita Harian will get a chance to represent UMNO in the next by-election/election given the new UMNO's mantra that popularity among the people is its yardstick for selecting its representative.

Anonymous said...

DPM said: "In terms of value, 47 per cent of the nation's wealth is controlled by the Chinese, the Malays 18 per cent and Indians about one per cent,"

That's his justification for NEP to continue as an never-ending policy for more AP, lesen bas pajak, ali-baba-styled business to be the feature for 1Malaysia.

Kuda Kepang said...

A poll by the independent Merdeka Center shows a whopping 87% of voters surveyed disagreed with the choice of a candidate previously charged with vote buying.

The result of the survey suggests that a majority of Malaysian voters agree with the view put forward by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that Tan Sri Isa Samad should not have been nominated as BN’s candidate for the Bagan Pinang vote.

Anonymous said...

UMNO's Bagang Pinang by-election candidate Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad relates PAS's symbolic icon, moon to women's menstrual cycle.

What a sexist remark by a so-called 'rehabilitated' leader.

Fatimah said...

Hi Patrick.

Hope you can let me post this just to balance things up...

1. Anwar Ibrahim was sentenced to 6 years in jail for CORRUPTION cases in 1998.

2. When he got out, he was nominated for P.Pauh by-election. A convicted PERASUAH dicalonkan and there were no objections from DAP or PAS or PKR.

3. When he won and people asked the P.Pauh residents why did you guys voted for a CORRUPT politician, they said...Everyone deserve a 2nd chance.

4. If Anwar deserve a 2nd chance, why cant Isa receive the same chance?

komando said...

When DSAI was "convicted" so called!
Was he really a criminal?
All - just kangaroo courts and trump up charges!

Why was he then exonerated?

Did the stupid Paul Augustine failed in his judgments or he was told to find an innocent man guilty?

Please answer MrS. So Clever FAT-TIMAH but STUPID ACTUALLY

Carpetman said...

RPK had a new story of how one of our leader's extramarital affair with a prominent actress. The leader was caught in a Port Dickson hotel room with the actress. The then MB of Negri Sembilan had photographs of the leader clad only in a towel with the delicious young thing in his bed. The MB handed the photograph over to the then Prime Minister.

And that is why the former PM just does not understand why Isa is chosen to contest the Bagan Pinang by-election the former MB had he photograph.

You got to go to RPK's Malaysia Today website to read the juicy details.

Zarinah said...


You must be reading too much Utusan and watched too much TV1 news.

That's why you kena cilok all this while to be so blur.

Thanks to komando for waking her up.

I suggest you spend time reading RPK's stories on MT.

Kuli said...

Much as the likely win by Tan Sri Isa Samad in Bagan Pinang today would be welcomed by the leadership after the string of losses Umno has suffered, I am afraid what the nation needs is for Umno to lose again.

This is because again we have fielded a candidate proven to be corrupt.

A win by Isa would translate into an endorsement of corruption-as-usual within the party and the government that it leads.

For the good of the party, the dignity of the Malay community it claims to represent and for the sake of the nationwide reform in governance and politics that we must undergo, it would be better if Umno lost today, and used the loss to begin internal reform.

Corruption is the scourge of the country. Umno is a step away from being identified with that scourge.

Anonymous said...

aiyoo, CORRUPTION is halal in BN. In fcat, they almost perfected it.

Anonymous said...

it is sad to see the result of the by-election, absolute disappointment ...

Anonymous said...

Isa’s win shows (Money Politics) in Barisan still relevant, say Umno leaders

Anonymous said...

The next town for by-election will be made Navy Town, and the next will be called MACC town, SPR town etc.

You got the point.

hellioz said...

relax la semua
anwar maen bontot
maen rasuah
still leader pr aite?
Name pon politik...
kalau lu bersih sangat jangan maen politik.
main monopoly laaaaa.....

Anonymous said...

Isa is embraced.

Lingam is accepted.

Ibrahim Ali is welcomed.

I guess UMNO will next forgive and accept Ali Pin, Mas Selamat, Osama ...

This is 1World concept (like Mawi's World.)