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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fantastic Facts And Fancies

"We are polluting our own culture and identity as a nation"
Sorry, YB we accomplished that a long time ago already.

The award for most Shockingly moronic statement of the day goes to our Deputy Minister of Education Mohd Puad Zarkashi who said .......

Speaking English in the workplace is "weird" and harmful to the nation's culture and identity.

Malaysiakini wrote that the NST report also said, "......
employees in the private sector used English 99 percent of the time and should switch to Bahasa Malaysia in order to show pride in the national language."

As though that wasn't enough he further stated that "................This also occurs in government-linked companies where we have this weird culture of people speaking to each other in English instead of the national language. We are polluting our own culture and identity as a nation"....and that "It would be difficult to strengthen the position of Bahasa Malaysia if this culture continued."

After 52 years of independence why we still so scared and insecure about ourselves and what and who we are?



Diveman69 said...

Haiyo uncle, I am so sad that a Deputy Minister can come up with such a STUPID statement!!!! I have been overseas while I was in the navy and even now I still work overseas. I can safely and proudly say that my command of English and Bahasa Malaysia is very good. Even the kwai lohs I work with have so much respect in my ability to converse in 'proper' English. I however have not forgotten my roots and can still speak 'proper' Bahasa Malaysia as well. Not bad for a converted Ah Pek!!!! Being bi-lingual is an advantage and not a hinderance, I have in fact sent both my sons to a chinese school (SMJK (C)) to ensure that they are able to converse, read and write in Mandarin. My wife is Malay and she speaks to both of them in Malay, I on the other hand speak to them only in English while when they are at school both speak fluent Mandarin. One wonders where our dear 1Malaysia Prime Minister digs up such idiots and installs them in such an important position!!!!!! Truly 1Malaysia at it's best!!!! NIAMAH!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Truly 1 Not-Too-Smart Minister.

nstman said...

Patrick, you certainly made my day. After wolfing down the earlier shit and unloading them in double quick time, we have this moron of a deputy minister desecrating our minds with this shocker. Although we are no longer numbed by our mutts, buffons, idiots, psychos who masquerade as ministers and deputy ministers, this takes the cake. It;s so idiotic it blows away our senses. I still cant make sense of it. It's so idiotic and shameful .... I just cant accept it. Tiuniamah ka lokchat. Fakau.

Anonymous said...

I suka him men, he got gut and speak up...this show that he got brian, still in very good condition (seldom use mah!)....what a minute beside Malaysia who else use bahasa malaysia in asia? indonesia is quite similar, but lets not offend again... maybe Singapore! yes can humtum them.

who me duhhhh said...

appraisal coming up la. must say something and anything stupid. otherwise will not get good kpi.
of course, this is also to show that he exists!

David Lee said...

..........TAI LAN GUNG!!!

David Lee said...


David Lee said...

muka macam..........tiu

David Lee said...

.........pat what do you call flower crab in cantonese???

Anonymous said...

What culture and Identity one is talking about ?

Our world ranking now in most area is deteriorating and that's got nothing to do with language.

The main concern now is to curb corruption , injustice and immorality before it's too late.

Pls mind your language.

patrickteoh said...

Hiya David old joke la that one.

Anonymous said...


This Idiot Zarkashit-head is polluting the air we breathe when he opens his mouth.

Why is it that these UMNO idiots say the darndest things? I think there must be a contest amongst the 1UMNO idiots for the title of the greatest 1-IDIOT in the 1BN government.

Prior to this Zakarshit-head, the leading contenders for the 1-IDIOT title were Stupid-stupid Nazri, Kerismuddin and Mooooohidiotin. Looks like this Zakarshit-head is giving the 3 idiots above a run for their money. We have to leave it to 1Najib to decide the winner of the 1-IDIOT title.

By the way, the prize for winning the 1-IDIOT title is breakfast with the 1Wife of 1Najib which poor PI Bala did not get the chance.

Anonymous said...

thats why we are going backwards, too many stupids around!

Anonymous said...



Wak Arjun said...


Looks like SHIT

Talks SHIT.

Eats SHIT.

A typical AMNO-no-shit SHIT!!

Minister Mis-Education somemore...

We sure deserve this SHIT?

Anonymous said...

Our PM and his Merry Morons are sending our beloved country into hell. We are just not competitive anymore. Allah is definitely watching their every move.

telur dua said...

Now he calls it Bahasa Malaysia. Other times it is called Bahasa Melayu. Make up your bloody mind. What is it?

It is weird that a weirdo like him can be appointed Deputy Minister.

Anonymous said...

aiyoooo, pls read his original passage in his block ...oops, blog.... his broken inkris oso berani to publish... wat ! a dr. some more ? ( NST has oredi corrected its inkris laa )

Chan said...

"..... employees in the private sector used English 99 percent of the time ....."

The balance 1% they just say ... Tiu! F**k! Kaninah! or something like that ...

I wonder where this fella got his "99%" figures? Statistics Department? Or Education Department?

Tony said...

this minister hor says must emulate like the French , Japanese or Koreans hor who
worship their mother language ...

BUT dont this minister realize hor??

The nations he mention above are
HOMOGEMOUS countries with a single culture
while Malaysia a MULTI NATIONAL country
with diffrent cultures ?????

i tink minister is a cartoon

Reformasi said...

Malaysia must reform to achieve developed status: World Bank
19 November 2009

KUALA LUMPUR: The World Bank said Wednesday that Malaysia must introduce sweeping reforms if it wants to achieve its ambitious goal of becoming a developed nation by 2020.

"To reach the 2020 developed status, the World Bank is proposing a four-pillar strategy," Vikram Nehru, chief economist for East Asia and the Pacific, told reporters.

"Malaysia must specialise the economy further, improve the skills of its workforce, make growth more inclusive and strengthen public finances," he told reporters at the launch of a report on the Malaysian economy.

The World Bank said Malaysia's economy will shrink 2.3 per cent this year but rebound to a 4.1 per cent expansion in 2010.

Nehru said the Southeast Asian economy was on track to grow between 5.6 and 5.9 per cent in 2011 and 2012.

"Malaysia's medium-term outlook remains promising but this is conditional on making headway on the structural reform agenda," he said.

The report said Malaysia faced the challenge of shifting from an upper-middle economy to a high-income economy.

"This is a difficult challenge, one which only a few countries have met in the post-war period and it requires strong and consistent leadership over a long period of time," Nehru said.

Malaysia's ambition of becoming a developed nation has been put in doubt by the economic downturn but the government has said it still has a chance of attaining the goal.

The government has predicted moderate growth of 2.0-3.0 per cent in 2010 after a 3.0 per cent contraction in 2009.


KPI-Boy said...

1Najib cabinet appraisal then reshuffle coming up, so need to stir the "uninformed" kampong folks as if to champion their causes.
Full of rhetorics.
Dear Najib, if u read this, dosomething else we are digressing towards 4th class world (now 3rd class mentality stage).

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...


Inside the Parliament their debates uses English Language too.
And when KhunYing Pornthip said it is a probable HOMICIDE , all the melayu news printed Homisid homisid and homisid.
This is Malaysia ,Yang Bodoh pon boleh jadi menteri.

thomas said...

Such statement reflects poorly of us all Malaysians. Speaking fluent English or encouraged to do so particularly in the private sector is what makes us an attractive FDI destination for many years.

The govt made the biggest blunder 40 years ago by constantly promoting BM at the expense of English which resulted in the deterioration of our education standards. Today, our universities are not even ranked in the top 20 in ASEAN much less the world.

Having said, this minister should direct this statement of his to his many cabinet colleagues and PM as well as they themselves are sending their kids abroad or international schools learning it all in English and neglecting BM completely!

Anonymous said...

Pat, you left out the best part... He says that whenever he gets any letters written in English, he sends them back and demands for them to be written in Bahasa Melayu.
My analysis:
1) He is just too damn arrogant
2) He not spiak Ingrand
3) Trying to push work away

So if he were to receive a letter from some foreign country, he is supposed to send them back to that country and get it translated to BM?
This guy must have constipation for years for the shit to start flowing through his mouth.

kk said...

what a dumb statement and why did he make his statement in engrand then???

CryingDuo said...

What is there to cry about? PJ Utara kicked out Chew Mei Fun in favour of Tony Pua. Since March 8, 2008, she has been a deputy minister essentially without popular consent, while the people's choice, Tony Pua, has been arrested by the police. I find it hard to feel any pity for the likes of her.

They cried not because they want an EGM, they cried because they are going to lose their ministerial posts. Their ministerial perks are at stake. I suggest that all MCA delegates refrain from attending the EGM on Nov 28. There's no point to it. It's only a waste of time.

Anonymous said...


Pat, isn't he "weird" himself to make comments like that..???

Our PM knows or not about his Ministers making unintellegent remarks to "boost" his image to the world...????

Isn't that Apco's job...????

And what a fine job they are doing...!!!!!!

rowena said...

speaking english is weird?! doesn't he know how many weird english words have been 'adopted' into malay?!...not shy ah?! dumb ass!!

art harun said...

Apakah persetubuhan yang mangkuk ni cakap Saudara Patrick?

That's "wtf was this moron talking about Mr Patrick?" in Malay.

dy said...

-_- i cannot imagine speaking Malay in my office lor.. feels damn weird. and sure will have a lot of miscommunication.. but then most of the English words are already "Malay-ised" so it should be ok lah...

Sabri Chik said...

Such irresponsible statement will definitely scare away investors...
They will go to Vietnam and Cambodia where everybody starts to learn and speak English.

Say 'komited' instead of commited?
BM borrowed many Englsih words.
Maybe he thought the Mat Salleh can understand English in the future when the malays say 'I Tension lah' and 'Best giler'.

Now we knwo the motive of the Education ministry. First take away teaching of science/maths in English, then tell you not to speak English. Very soon RTM will dub all English shows to BM, except you can learn Phua Chu Kang type of Singlish.

Certain race in bolehland is so insecure of their own culture ie. cannot stand up to globalisation.

Anonymous said...

This guy got inferiority complex as he cannot converse in English and he does not want Malaysians to speak English.

Balik kampung sudah-lah!

Anonymous said...

What has speaking certain language to do in the work place? It is for the matter of communication convenience.This stupid moronic brain deputy minister does not fit to be one.In fact,quite a number of those minister/deputy minister appointed are because of their political standing,but without intelligent brain.

Silo said...



Let me tell you we excel in our BM okie?

We rarely speak that does not mean we dont know how to use it.

In matter of fact, we speak much better then you all...


Silo said...


We execel in speaking BM ok?

Just we dont use it does not mean we're not good at it.

In matter of Fact, we speak better then u all.

I bet, we'll win if we're debating...hahaha...


wong said...

If I am not mistaken, this guy played a minor part in " Planet of the Apes ", but without any make-up, for the face,ie!!

Angkasawan said...

This is a minister's response to World Bank's assessment taht Malaysia has lost edge as low-cost producer!

Now you know why government has been saying 'pertanian itu perniagaan'.

Very soon we have no more foreign investment. We all can speak BM while tanam ubi, keladi dan pisang to feed ourselves.

Malaysia is heading to be another Ethopia!

uncle kool said...

Wow Pat!
you manage to make my brain stopped for a minute there.

that statement "Speaking English in the workplace is "weird" and harmful to the nation's culture and identity." really keng ah. Classic idiotic statements made by moronic politicians just to show their existence.

I work in a gwai lou company and everything is English from A-Z. It will be more weird to speak BM in the workplace. For starters, why dont u try to translate "Standard Operating Procedure" in 10 secs. Hard leh???

MokhtarDahari said...

English not important because World Bank according to DrM is not reliable. Facts or Fantasies ? depending on whether u are Urban folks or Kampung people.

Nov 18 news :
According to World Bank data, private investment in Malaysia fell to 12 per cent of gross domestic product in 2008 compared with 30 per cent prior to the Asian crisis.
The government that has ruled this country for 52 years has announced a series of economic reforms aimed at winning back foreign investment that increasingly finds a home in neighbouring Thailand and Indonesia.
However, portfolio and direct investment flows have been negative since the second quarter of 2008 and there have been few signs that investment has picked up in response to the government measures.

Anonymous said...

This not so smart fella has a kind of mentality that is like a donkey !

It is like :

1 ) A Malay lady without a tudung is not so Muslim after all !

2 ) My name is Anthony Chong and I am not so Chinese after all !

3 ) Ramasamy eat a hamburger for breakfast is not so Indian after all !

A Malaysian speak English to another Malaysian is not so Malaysian after all !

Then, what is 1Malaysia is all about !

Does it mean that 1Chinese have to speak to another 1Chinese in BM ?

1Niamah ! to the smart elect !

ayep_sarawak said...

we've been speaking english since dunno when and still able to speak my mother tongue, bahasa malaysia, and other languages . what the fcuk is this asswipe 'scared' about? what a woozy!!!!! semua nak bodek!!!

you bring out that kind statement here in s'wak.. we'll whacked you blubber-face into sago pulp!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This kind of shit also can say...

not shy?

Kan nah Sai!

That's why we cannot vote BN.
Useless & syiok sendiri YBs.

Obefiend Weiland said...


this remind me of my senior in school lah. anyone who speaks english kena chop as eksyen. damn stupid really. since i was in kelantan at that time they told me this

"better learn kelantanese language first rather than english.. now i dowan to hear u speak english again"


that senior of mine was even a member of the school's student council.

Anonymous said...

I really pity the malays.

The governement wants them to converse only in BM, so that they cannot understand other alternative media besides RTM and utusan. They will continue to be fooled by teh BN propaganda...

Vincenzo said...

Actually what this joker and his comrades from amno want is for BM to sound like English, written like English, but 100% it can be called Bahasa. I give you an example of this bastardisation:

"Malaysia urban kini semakin kreatif dan inovatif. Komputer dan teknologi membangunkan media massa melalui internet dan telefon bimbit."

I belif the issu above tourist ke Malaysia pun boleh faham messagenya. Moden-nya Bahasa I. Welkom ke boleh-land! Visi 2020 Boleh!

Anonymous said...

im a school i won first place in an english speech competition...after that kids around my neighborhood started to call me 'mat salleh celup'...hahah..can u imagine that. the mentality back then in shocked we still have this today when surveys have shown that lack of english proficiencies is the main reason our graduates (read: malays) are left behind in the corporate world...for god sake...what is it with this ppl...moron ka????haaaiiihhhhh

gracieq said...

Er...I used to work in a government-linked company and everybody speaks English, even the Bumis themselves. Does speaking English affect who they are culturally? Nope. They still uphold their cultural values without fail and can still speak Malay without a problem at all.

Anonymous said...

Just learned these words today: GORENG TANPA MINYAK. It means fcuking deep fry without oil.

Malaysian government and its leaders are just that. MFs! Why don't this fcukface live in a cave and fcuk spiders like his forefathers did. CCB!

Awani said...


the fcuk guy would not understand what is HOMOGENEOUS.

he will interpret as HOMOSEXUAL.

Wonder if his children is educated locally or sent overseas.

1Kampong said...

What will they think of next? ... best to "balik kampong and tanam jagung?". This would be best and also environment friendly.

The World is progressing and we are merely "watching" at the sidelines. No wonder our Global ranking constantly slips!!!

Wake Up! before it's too late!

1FAKTA said...

ini fakta bukan fantasi bulan madu :

"Graduan" (read sadly most local U malays) yang unemployed sudah kena tipu to percaya English no good oleh u know who.
Jangan tegur lagi.
Jangan pandang belakang sebab banyak zombie penggangur di situ yang tengah cari nafkah hidup juga.
"Graduate" (read fcukputras sons & daughters) sent overseas fluent in Inggeris boleh dapat kerja sebab 30% reserved for them 2b "Ahli Korporat Kroni"
Faham ?

1fantasi said...

ATM Petronas guarantess all you graduans (local u non-english speaking unemployed bumigraduates)easy access to RM.
Apply for your PIN # now b4 oil runs out.

ktteokt said...

More like a "dead flower crab", David!

Anonymous said...

With our ministers having such mentalities, I can bet you countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos will catch up and be better than Malaysia on international front in no time. How I wish Mahathir was 30 years younger..he would save the country from falling into deeper hole caused by current moronic ministers.

1Wan said...

For Dewan Bahasa to consider, adopt new terms for BM:

Satu => Wan

Dua => Tu

Tiga => Tri

Empat => Fo

Lime => Fai

Enam => Six

Tujuh => Sewen

Lapan => Aeg

Sembilan => Nai

Sepuluh => Ten

With that we can also help the learning of Maths in BM more efektif!

Anonymous said...

''.employees in the private sector used English 99 percent of the time and should switch to Bahasa Malaysia in order to show pride in the national language.'' show pride! this is like that pondan rais orpahn guy and that mamak kadir nasi kandaq guy before him on the effects of raising the flags.

Dont they know that patriotism comes from inside and cant be commanded?

Bodoh punya menteri, just because his england cannot make it he says it's weird to speak english at work in the private sector HAHAHAHAHAH.....oi! minister bodh! you want to transport yourself and your kind back into hang tuah (is he chinese btw? cause his facts are no longer in the syallabus) era by all means but we dont!


monica said...

Ask our angkasawan he talk BM in space ah? The backup also talk (not so good) engrand on tv to promote going to space.

I work in Japanese company. How to speak to my bosses in BM? Sure sack liau lor...

Anonymous said...

New directive to all Cabinet ministers and all top civil servants.

Tidak boleh cakap Bahasa Inggris dalam pertemuan dengan orang asing - minta bantuan penerjemah yang memenuhi syarat.

Wajib berpidato Bahasa Melayu di hadapan umum and Penerjemah akan bercakap dalam bahasa yang di perlukan.

The famous SIL will loose his position as we do not need any Oxford graduate as we cakap dalam 1bahasa sahaja.

Mat KS said...

Maybe all McDonald's in Bolehland should now be called MatDonald's?

DX said...

Ben 10 also been dubbed BM.

So sad for our children.

McBaca said...

If you go to the newstands, you will know what the locals read:

1) Tabloid - Harian metro, Kosmo
2) Komik - e.g. gila-gila
3) Entertainemnt - e.g. URTV

That's why Tabiat Membaca is moving towards wrong direction.

There is little BM publications that enhance K-economy.

Thankfully I understand English and Mandarin. Therefore I have other options to membuka minda.

Prof KKK
What do you have to say?

Bapa kartun said...

If you have kids watching Ben 10 or High School Musical, I suggest you let them watch in English.

You can let them watch Upin & Ipin in BM.

As for Doraemon, we should watch it in Japanese. Reason: The dubbed voice in BM is pretty irritating.

Anonymous said...

The Malays who are championing the status of BM are sacrificing the future of their children.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what MALAY language? I remember a few incidents where my Arab hubby ask me what is the Malay word for any English word he was asking, and I will tell him and he will say, "No, I mean what is the word IN MALAY not in Arabic".

Apparently, most so-called "Malay" words are actually Arabic.

Once, someone told him,"You have to follow Malay adat. Do you know what is adat?"

Hubby had to wonder why this fler is asking him that. Of course he knows! Adat is ARABIC for tradition or culture.

Again...... what Malay?