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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fantastic Facts And Fancies

We are always right. We are the police.

The second award for the most moronic statement of the day goes to the Inspector-General of Police, Musa Hassan who said...

"......those who questioned police action in shooting suspects
should consider whether they wanted to support those who upheld the
law or the criminals."

In other words what the police do is always right. So shut the fuck up already!



Anonymous said...

This guy no one believe one lah! Niamah!

pilocarpine said...

of course, we support the criminal... the criminal who start shooting 'the suspect' in public... and putting the public in danger..

this fella is bl**dy stupid..

telur dua said...

Like he still has moral authority left to lecture anyone.


jejaka anggun said...

malaysia always bole.....

Anonymous said...

Yes, They are always correct correct correct. He is just adding to what the Minister said about demonising the police. To these 2 molons we are saying that you must go to catch the criminal. But you are not to act as a judge and executor as well. Like that also don't know ah!. In real cases of self defence, we support you to shoot. As I read in the newspaper there were 5 suspects with only one gun. But all 5 were shot dead.

1Patan 2Pdrm

Reformasi said...

Malaysia must reform to achieve developed status: World Bank
19 November 2009

KUALA LUMPUR: The World Bank said Wednesday that Malaysia must introduce sweeping reforms if it wants to achieve its ambitious goal of becoming a developed nation by 2020.

"To reach the 2020 developed status, the World Bank is proposing a four-pillar strategy," Vikram Nehru, chief economist for East Asia and the Pacific, told reporters.

"Malaysia must specialise the economy further, improve the skills of its workforce, make growth more inclusive and strengthen public finances," he told reporters at the launch of a report on the Malaysian economy.

The World Bank said Malaysia's economy will shrink 2.3 per cent this year but rebound to a 4.1 per cent expansion in 2010.

Nehru said the Southeast Asian economy was on track to grow between 5.6 and 5.9 per cent in 2011 and 2012.

"Malaysia's medium-term outlook remains promising but this is conditional on making headway on the structural reform agenda," he said.

The report said Malaysia faced the challenge of shifting from an upper-middle economy to a high-income economy.

"This is a difficult challenge, one which only a few countries have met in the post-war period and it requires strong and consistent leadership over a long period of time," Nehru said.

Malaysia's ambition of becoming a developed nation has been put in doubt by the economic downturn but the government has said it still has a chance of attaining the goal.

The government has predicted moderate growth of 2.0-3.0 per cent in 2010 after a 3.0 per cent contraction in 2009.


Anonymous said...

when rakyat in power, many will be prosecuted. Hanging scenes like that in Iran can happen if idiotics "leaders" still do not repent now.
Go watch "2012" to learn about h=the impact of Tsunami. Rakyat Tsunami is as spectacularly frigtenings to the immorals.

Anonymous said...

Fit to be in "Gerak Khas" movies.
Datuk Yusuf pergilah audition sebab Musa memang ada potensi jadi "udang sebalik batu" character.

Anonymous said...

"... those who questioned police action in shooting suspects should consider whether they wanted to support those who upheld the law or the criminals."

But what if the police (who are supposed to uphold the law)are the criminals, by their action?

If so, when I question their action, what then?

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Huh? But the polis are criminals too.
2 polis tried to rob a China Doll near the Pudu Market and fired 2 shots when the polis cum robbers were surrounded by the rakyat.
Hey PIG musang, whose side you want the rakyat to support?
At least most ordinary robbers dont have Walther P99 pistol.

NiaMah musang

Anonymous said...

If he is shooting confirmed criminals, something like shooting a robber, mugger or snatch thief who is running away even when being chased down or if they fight back, then it may be justifiable...
But this f-er says that the police has the right to shoot SUSPECTS. Which means that they are not even confirmed to be the right person and yet they can SHOOT THE SUSPECTS.
If that is the case, he can just say, "I SUSPECT that you just robbed a bank" then shoot you in the head.
Just like how I suspect that your brain is in your backside.

C++ said...

It's only a suspect ... the suspect is not guilty until proven guilty by the court of law.

WTF is our IGP.

Anonymous said...

The question is, who's the real criminal here? I think we all know the answer.

Anonymous said...


Doesnt that sounds more like terrorist than police ?

Anonymous said...

Hello Patrick,
Just another way to tell you;Who's the boss lah!

Anonymous said...

The malaysian police are the biggest criminals in the country.

Anonymous said...

Why are some of us so sympathetic to those shot dead by the police? Is it because they are Indians? If Indon crooks got shot why are you so quiet?
Listen, if these crooks are still alive you could be the one shot dead by them.

Mizal said...

Shoot to kill is the new KPI?

Anonymous said...

Yes..., shut the fuck up u people...!!

If we still condem them & one fine day if they "all" boycott...
Then how..?

Can't take constructive criticizm, u know...
Police "ALWAYS" right lah......!!!

Anonymous said...

Only 7.65% of the police force is specifically dedicated fighting crime, while 33.1% of the force is dedicated to "internal security", that is the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU), the Light Strike Force, and a "Pasukan Gerakan Am", which was originally intended to fight the Communists in the jungle! It is almost as if the country is in a state of emergency to the extent that more than 40,000 police officers are tasked to "internal security".

Still scared of Chin Peng after all these years?

Anonymous said...

hey Pat, anything on MCA? i've been waiting for your articles on MCA after the hoo haa and so much of going ons currently. Have you watched the TV NEWS last night? I think MCA got their hormones upside down. Wee Ka Siong is crying like a woman on the tv and look at the box of tissues in his hand! what a faggot! On the other hand Chew Mei Fun looked like a man and sounded like man. Really chia lat lah MCA

kucingsarawak said...

Musa Hassan jaga keamanan cara dia sendiri. Tak ada protes di jalan. Untuk masa singkat ia berhasil tapi satu hari nanti beliau akan dihantui oleh tindakan yang terlalu ampu BN/UMNO sangat.

Anonymous said...

The only difference between a men in blue and a gangster is a men in blue can shoot people but of course is deemed fit under the "law" but a gangster shoot a person, he or she is not legal to do so !

So, in short, whatever they do, there will be no accountability or transparency !

BN=MACC=PDRM=1Niamah !!!

God please intervene !

Anonymous said...

But how do we know they are criminals?. Did you put their photos for wanted? How we do we know they were really criminals? Just because police says so? Police also said Anwar committed sodomy? But we know the truth know. So how do we know they are criminal?. Police always got the habit of video taping everything so is there a video tape of the shooting?

1 gun 4 bodies. How do we know that's their gun? I guess we have to add a new line to rukunnegara -Kepercayaan kepada Polis.

Magnum PI said...

PI Bala ought to be very careful...

PJU Voter said...


I sincerely think everybody is making too much of an issue out of this episode.

My reasons are as followed:

1) When the CRIME RATE went up, everybody make noise that the PDRM is NOT doing enough. However, when the PDRM put words into action by GUNNING DOWN 5 well deserved DEAD criminals, everybody are saying that the PDRM is cruel. It ain't a easy thing to be a Police in Malaysia, don't you think so???

2) Some commented that the Police should have SHOT the hands/legs of the 5 well deserved DEAD criminals instead of killing them. "What the FUCK???". If the Police are that precise in their target shooting, they wouldn't be a Policeman in the 1st place. They perhaps would have by now excelled as a HITMAN or a World Olympic CHAMPION in rifle/pistol shooting. Makes sense???

3) Talking is easy but doing it is difficult. Try giving a gun to those who condemned the shooting & I dare bet my last penny that these FOOLS will end-up shooting themselves. These FOOLS are a NAIVE lot who think target shooting is as easy as A,B,C.

4) The woman who DIED due to weed-killer poisoning should be the one to blame!!! What a DUMB BITCH she is. It's 100% FAIR if she insist to take her own useless life away but for her to get her children involved by drinking weed-killer too is TOTALLY ABSURD!!! What's the point of roping in INNOCENT CHILDREN's LIFE over a stupid case of 5 criminals getting killed. These 5 criminals SHOULDN'T have existed on earth in the 1st place!!!

5) KELINGS are known to be a dramatic lot. For the smallest of problem, they like to make it as if it's DOOMS DAY. I see no TEARS should be shed over the death of those 5 stupid ciminals & I don't agree sheding even a tear over that SUICIDAL Sundal Keling. I think KELINGS drinks too much TODI/SAMSU till they can't even differentiate alchohol & paraquat.

6) Allow this episode to by-pass & let's rejoice over the death of SEETHA a.k.a The Stupid DEAD Bitch. Now, we can be sure we have 5 less criminals in Malaysia + we have 1 less idiotic bitch who likes to rope her children into her uncalled for shallow mentality. These Hell Bound idiots deserve to DIE since a long time ago.

Upon reading & analyzing the above, I believe most will AGREE to what I've stated. It's a SAD thing for someone to DIE but if those deceased is worth DYING, then, we should REJOICE instead of being SAD, FRUSTRATED or even ANGRY.

Yours sincerely,
PJU Voter

Anonymous said...

This is endemic among Civil Servants. I just found out on Tuesday.

If you do not agree with what the Civil Servant tells you (given that the KSU and other high ranking apparatchiks have agreed that this is the best for them), then you are anti-government and anti-Malaysia.

If u agree blindly then u r a good Malaysian. If u happen to be of Indian origin and there are five of you in a car. Becareful. Switch on the interior light when you come to a road block, roll down your windows, be polite. "wish them selamat petang/malam, nak pergi minum tak? Tolong pergi kat kedai mamak dan beli'lah. Ini nombor talipon saya, beritahu is mamak untuk panggil saya. Gua akan settle.

Nak pergi urut pun boleh! Kenapa tak boleh. Kan lepas kerja bole relax sikit.

(But if u know they are goin to Urut, then plz tell me. We will call JAIS n RELA to visit the place). I wonder whether there will be a firefight between RELA and these crooked (I mean upstanding) officers of the law.


Ah Tan said...

To commentator PJU VOTER,

"Well Said!!!"

Even TEOH BENG HOCK's family members DON'T resort to such drastic & dramatic action but then we have one stupid dead TANGKACHI who prefer to do via the dramatic way. I call it...


Anonymous said...

Maybe one day the Police will shoot you instead. Simply for being the 'Cina Kurang Ajar'. Now i'll support THAT! Patrick NIAMAH Cibai!

Anonymous said...

Afraid i have to agree with u PJU Voter. Not easy being a cop. especially if you have ppl like Patrick who hates the police but would one day when he needs the police for whatever criminal reasons against him will well... call the police for help. And the police being the public servant will HAVE to help this SOB. Pray you don't need their help PAT. Don't say you will never do, cause you will never know right?

It's fun making fun of ppl PAT, for a little laugh.

amanda said...

Succesfull mean u can read this message .

Anonymous said...

I oppose the police get involve in political issue and protecting the BN. BUT I SUPPORT them wholeheartedly for shooting the criminals. For those who protecting these criminals, I hope you have a taste of being robbed by these robbers.

Keling Bodoh said...


Let's bring out the FIREWORKS & CHAMPAGNE!!!

That SUNDAL KELING BODOH or better known as KELING CHILDREN MURDERER (Seetha) is DEAD!!! YahHhHhOoOoOoOo.

Serve this SLUT right!!!

Anonymous said...

His twisted logic is incredible!

Anonymous said...

PJU Voter

After reading ur comment, I think I have seen the light.

The Cops should have shoot dead everyone who attempts to hold a demonstration, a candle light vigil, anyone who stands up for the downtrodden, anyone who fights for the poor and the weak, those politicians who are caught for corruption, the cops who are caught for stealing and on drugs, for the corrupt Immigration officers who were issuing Work Visa's, for the IC dept officers who issued those fake MyKad's for those Filipino and Paki's in Sabah.

Lets do an Argentinian (Dont Cry 4 me Argentina), Khmer Rouge and NAZI solution. Kill them besterds.

Just wonder when will the killing stop.

PJU & Ah Tan, I agree with u. Get rid of the Rule of Law, lets bring in the Rule of the Jungle. Lets go back to the time of Parameswara, he was thrown out of Jawa becoz he fooled with the King's consort, he was hunted by the Temasek King becoz he tried to take advantage of a Princess or Queen. The Jawanese had a name for him, they called his kind the Orang Pelari or Pelarian (Pat, Orang Pelarian = refugee).

Ah Tan/PJU, do you know the way to Tanah Pelarian (find out the Javanese word please for Refugee).

Check out the Plug & Play feature of the wall socket - use a fork.

Ah Beng & Ah Mad

Anonymous said...

Ah Beng & Ah Mad,

'The Cops should have shoot dead everyone who attempts to hold a demonstration, a candle light vigil, anyone who stands up for the downtrodden, anyone who fights for the poor and the weak, those politicians who are caught for corruption, the cops who are caught for stealing and on drugs, for the corrupt Immigration officers who were issuing Work Visa's, for the IC dept officers who issued those fake MyKad's for those Filipino and Paki's in Sabah.'

Don't try to spin. Did any Indian died because of those 'crime' you just described? Police only shot dead those dangerous robbers with firearm.
Even Teoh's death not by police, it was alleged by the MACC officers.

ktteokt said...

Thick skin IDIOT! Muka tembok!

Anonymous said...


Between supporting the criminals or the 1PIG Musang and his merry men in the corrupt 1PDRM, I would rather take my chances with the criminals.

My rationale is pretty simple: It is better to take my chances with the devils I know (the criminals) than the f*^$ed up blue uniformed crooks pretending to be angels (1PDRM).


Charlie Oscar said...

Dear Patrick,
When CRIMINALS attack you, YOU BLAME the PDRM!!!

When PDRM attack the CRIMINALS, YOU also BLAME the PDRM!!!

These are the REAL Fantastic Facts and Fancies!!!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said.."BUT I SUPPORT them wholeheartedly for shooting the criminals. For those who protecting these criminals, I hope you have a taste of being robbed by these robbers."...

How do the police know they are criminals? They are just suspects. This could happen to you, me or your and loved ones. What if you or your son happens to be having coffee with your/his relatives/ friends and your/his relatives/ friends are suspects, and the police come shooting? Shooting to disable a suspect in self defence is one thing. Shoot to kill is criminal. Which action do you think the police are doing? Does it look like unintentional killing?

Anonymous said...

Charlie Oscar quote

"When PDRM attack the CRIMINALS, YOU also BLAME the PDRM!!!"

It really depends on the whether the PDRM attack on the criminals is justifiable.

Only if you have that deeper wisdom

Anonymous said...


I wonder why the 1PDRM do not shoot at a bunch of Mat Rempits. They are after all a bunch of "suspected" snatch thieves riding on illegally modified kapcais with no licenses, no road taxes and with no helmets. Oh I forgot, these Mat Rempits are following the fine example of the 1DPM 1Moohidiotdin who rode on a bike without helmet and it's morally alright to break the law.

So there you have it. It's morally right to shoot dead a group of suspected criminals (as long as they are not Mat Rempits). So to the suspected criminals out there, I suggest you stop using stolen cars and instead join a group of Mat Rempits on stolen modified bikes and you can continue your crime spree unharassed and most importantly of all, you will not be shot dead by the 1PDRM.

najib manaukau said...

The IGP 'forgot' to tell everyone that dead man tells no tales or truths !
For this reason alone he instructed his men to shoot to kill.
Also can I ask him a simple question why are the non Malays populations not reflected in the police force ? Is it because he thinks the Ketunan Melayu are better enforcers of the law ?
Or has it got anything to do with the Malay's attempt to achieve the 30% of the country's wealth or is this another one of pariah Mahathir's policy to keep the Ketunan Melayu from asking too many questions of his corruption ?
The pariah today still claims that he resigned on his own accord but never says he knew his time was up. He would have been voted out in shame if he did not resign ! He wanted to hang on as P.M. of Malaysia for as long as he can. I must say the only thing he is good at is his gut feeling that his time as P.M. was up.
Just look at AAB as P.M. immediately after he 'resigned', AAB and his team got more than over 92% of the votes without him around or support, notwithstanding the candidates AAB had. Th pariah must have been very upset about that because he thought the AAB and his team would lose without him.
Instead the people of Malaysia all celebrated big time by voting AAB and his team their biggest win. How come the pariah never had that ?
Sadly the people thought wrongly, that the pariah had resigned and as soon as he started to show he had not retired and opened his big filthy mouth. AAB and his team lost in the next GE and in big time.
The pariah's negative influences were also reflected in the recent nine by elections. The seven candidates he supported and campaigned for lost and the two candidates he did not support won easily. Not because the two candidates were honest but because the pariah wasn't involved from the start.
All these are evidences of the intense dislike the Malaysians have for him need I provide further evidences ?
What further proof do I need to provide for the pariah to shut up his filthy mouth ?

Anonymous said...

This IGP is useless. He doesn't want to fight to upgrade the lives of policemen. He should fight to double their salary in order to fight corruption in the police force.

Policemen are human, they want to able to feed and provide for their families while living a decent life.They want dignity in their chosen career.

Maybe the IGP thinks other policemen are as corrupt as him.
What a waste to have a useless leader like him at the helm of PDRM.

Doesn't he feel embarrased that there's so many residential areas turning into 'gated-community' - everyone knows why?
Because they cannot depend on policeman like this useless IGP to safeguard their security!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,
Stil recal watchin a video showin a polis officer givin instruction for a crowd to disperse in 3 minutes!
Then.... "satu,dua,tiga... Tangkap tangkap, tangkap semua"
Need i hv to say mor?
PDRM Boleh @#%&*

Anonymous said...

Bila Musa nak pencen?

Anonymous said...


If you are invited for tea by PDRM/MACC, you can decline if it is after 'working hours'.

Anonymous said...

The criminals who were shot by the police deserve it. I have heard several times where these criminals who were caught were release went after the witness! The Malaysian police may be corrupt but there are still good men and women in the police who still protect us from crime.

Bachik Singh said...

Musa Hassan said that if the police are forced to stop questioning witnesses after office hours, it is tantamount to asking the police station to close at 5pm.


Anonymous said...

Former inspector-general of police Abdul Rahim Noor said that Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) leader Chin Peng, 85, has a right to return to Malaysia at least on a social visit.

What is Musa's stand on this?