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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fantastic Facts And Fancies

The banner belongs to TM one of if the biggest Malaysia companies

Just yesterday I posted about the deputy minister of education, Puad claiming that it was 'weird' for Malaysians to speak English because it was harmful to the nation's culture and identity. Today, I drove past this building in downtown Kuala Lumpur which displayed on its side a huge banner that proclaimed.................


Culture and identity my ass!

Somebody sure didn't clear that copy with that Yang Berhormat Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan moron!



Cucuk said...

BM is so short of vocabulary that it has to borrow and convert from English.

In other words, BM is becoming a 'celup' language.

Be origianl, speak English!

Otherwise, make a fool of yourself in the office when you tell you female colleague taht you want to 'cucuk dan main' when you actually mean 'plug & play' in IT terms.

Cukup Stim said...

BM tried to be 'glamorous' by adapting English words.

If P Ramlee is alive today he would be so confused as he would not be able to understand those bastardized BM.

I was told long ago by my cikgu that P Ramlee invented the word Pawagam (acronym for PAnggung WAyang GAMbar). Now he would be flipped to know that has been repalced by the word Sinima (Cinema)!

Poor old P Ramlee. Talk about maintaining your culture.

art harun said...

HAh HAh HAh HAh...

is that how Malays supposed to laugh in Bahasa Melayu?

Ipin said...

The malays have in fact lsot their own identity and culture by simply ignoring their own language but adopting foreign languages in BM.

Here are some examples:

1) Komited (Commited)
2) Berintim (Intimate)
3) Komunikasi (Perhubungan)
4) Homoseksual (Sejenis)
5) Kaliber (calibre)

Next time we will hear an UPSR student will write in BM:

Saya bilif pada garvemen saya bikos lider saya memang komited, kepeber dan efektif dalam merealisasikan visi 2020 untuk kantri yang progresif dan pisful serta sitizen yang unaited.

Anonymous said...

Stupid leaders turning this country into a wasteland... Thereafter, who's going to fight for it? Bumiputeras?

Anonymous said...

regarding that Puad fella, just log into this website and read for yrself what he's written there. pretty damn funny for a person who claimed to be Deputy minister of education.


nstman said...

Patrick, thanks for the gems. No sooner had I stopped laughing than another feel good gem from you. Keep it up brudder. Tiuniamah ka sifat. By the way, just unloaded another round of shit at my upstairs loo. My constipation has been cured, thanks to you. I advise those suffering from constipation to visit Niamah's site. Guaranteed cure. No need to see a specialist.

Anonymous said...

Ini betul betul mana ada kultur (<--betul?) ?

Kepala saya pusing pusing.

Very soon all the English words will have a new spelling!

Anonymous said...

Let's not get over excited gentlemen. Every language evolves. Even English. You may not realize it but English also borrows heavily from other languages, even from Malay. Language, whatever language, to be an effective medium of communication, has to use whatever the listener/ target audience understands. Why do you think Patrick is sooooo popular? It's because he knows his target audience ( that's you and me -lah!) and his Niamah, and wah!, so wat lor? and meh's are music to our ears. Take it easy folks, lighten up and let the language evolve, can or not? Ay-sai or Beh-sai? %&*$#@! ( I added the expletive for good measure! I think I know this target audience well) Kampung kid.

Anonymous said...

I guess when you have a Deputy Education Minister writing/speaking the English language the way this Puad did or do; gosh, are we Malaysians living on Pluto or what?

We must be, for how on Earth or any other planet for that matter, can that be!

It does make me want to question my pride as a Malaysian often enough.

Queenie said...

oh ya niamah,
ayo lapangan terbang subang now renamed skypark-hoohooo - terbalik pulak bahasa malaysia to english.
and apparently some minister finds it weird that malaysians speak english to each other and not our local patois or b malaysia.

Thiery_HandBallHero said...

realisasikan potensi "plug N play" utk komunikasi w/o spekulasi : jom hebohkan kecanggihan celup punya bahasa !

Anonymous said...

3 New term for BM for Dewan Bahasa to incorporate in teh next edition of Kamus Dewan:

Assi (Ass)
Pusi (Pussy)
tokkok (Talk Cock)

Anonymous said...

tolakkan, makankan, ambilkan, silakan merealisasiKAN ...kan here ..
kan there , pleasekan , ok-kan ???

Anonymous said...

Nstman's "tiunama ka sifat" is really pathetic. Unless you're a homosexual out for some depravity, but then aren't all homosexuals depraved? When I was a kid roaming Batu Road, my spider catching friends would always say "tiuniama ka chow far hei" Now, that surely has more sting to it. Little did I know that I was associating myself with a bunch of hooligans aflicted with Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome. Tiuniamah! Be careful, it's contagious!

Kampung Kid.

Anonymous said...

It's the end of the school year and my daughter Sally brought back her school certificate in Johor. I was hopping mad! Very angry.

We do know the Malay have "Ahmad bin Jafar", the Indian have "Mutu son of Gopal", but the chinese does not goes this way!
Being a father named Peter Tan, they printed in large bold "Sally Tan Peter Tan" on all her certificates. The teachers are going crazy and very stupid now! That is not her full name as in her birth certificate, IC or even in her school exam report book! No Chinese names a child this way!

Anonymous said...


johanjaafar said...

komunikasi merealisasikan = Perhubungan jadi kenyataan

Dewan Bahasa Pustaka,
U orang bikin apa ?

Anonymous said...

"Assi Pusi tokkok" new terminology may be confused with "Aksi Puisi tokoh"

For example, what if the sentence
"Tokoh Puisi sedang beraksi"
be confused with
Tokkok Pusi tokkok

Anonymous said...

Please somebody, tell this "weird" fler that he is a NUT case!!!

English does not harm or injure our nation's culture or identity! Tell this Puad guy that our national language is itself polluted and contaminated by "pelbagai kata-kata asing"...jadi? Overhaul the whole BM language kah??? WEIRD la, this fler...deputy edn minister some more!!! Blur la, me....

Tell this Puad fler he has a bigger responsibilty to execute...

Jack up our education standard!!!

ktteokt said...

Copy cat! Copy dog! Copy p*g!

Anonymous said...

tried to be smart and outstanding in the par-lia-ment, in returned, this guy turned dump and stupid into himself! indeed, he is a good entertianer rather then a YB

puzzled said...

Talking about English, here what a nurses getting stupid now did.

We do know a Malaysian Chinese name aways starts with a family surname followed by the given name. Example Ooi Say Chuan would be correctly called Ooi or also acceptable by calling Say Chuan. Imagine the surprise when at a Hospital, a nurse shouted like crazy "Ooi Say Ooi Say Ooi Say Ooi" and nobody replied. Even if that is my name, I do not recognised it SayOoi?. After a few minutes & looking around that nobody responded, I approched the nurse to check. Yes, it's for me and she scolded me for not responding and making her shout several times wasting her time. I am really puzzled what has education done to her.... Brain Drain too?

Maybe you can do a Malay name Nor Nadia Nurul into Nadia Nor or Nurul Nadia but not for chinese names. Shame for a Malaysian nurse does not know how to call a person's name.

monsterball said...

Why are the print so small PAT?
Is it my computer or your format.
Check it out.

Anonymous said...

' here kan kan & there kan kan , every where kan kan kan .....! '

Ho ho ho said...

Blame the education system. We seem to have all sorts of subject like sivik, kemahiran hidup, moral, etc but the basic things are not thought. The ignorance applies to all races. Do you know that there are people who say that chinese muslims no longer celebrate chinese new year as they now celebrate hari raya puasa. I have to tell them that chinese new year is a chinese festival whereas hari raya is celebrate by muslims of all races whether they are malays, chinese, indians, iban or whatever. Maybe people only equate muslims as malays.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...


I disagree with your notion that TM did not clear their "komunikasi merealisasikan" with the Zakarshit-head deputy education minister.

TM did in fact comply with the Zakarshit-head. "Komunikasi merealisasikan" is not English but it is the latest version of 1Malaysia's BM language which is widely spoken within the 1UMNO circles of pure thoroughbreds malays known as the FuckAreWe tribe. This pure version of BM is thus known as 1Bahasa FuckAreWe which Zakarshit-head wants every Malaysian to be proud of.


WeeWeeWee said...

today i heard a primary schoolboy saying "sit at the floor", while a banner of a new shop saying "open on December".
our "Inggeris" truly pathetic :(

Anonymous said...

Wonder this deputy ever send his children to overseas study? Cakap tak serupa bikin kut?? See our old jib, the whole family big big small small already residing overseas, why don't they come back to contribute to this BolehLand?
I remembered few years back when UPSR results were announced, sham the keris already said the daughter was already overseas. U see, all these puteras and mr ministers, talk and act tak selaras! How not we get angry???

Anonymous said...

These ultra UMNO-putras think they are pretty smart. They send their children to be educated overseas to learn the "Weird" English but on the home front, they keep harping on protecting the Ketuanan Melayu culture and national identity (er, ultra UMNO identity) by glorifying the use of BM. These ultra UMNO-putras led by the carTun Mamakthir intentionally and systematically destroyed the English/British education system in this country to keep the masses stupid for their easy manipulation.

Then their overseas educated children with their overseas "Weird" English education will take over the reins of power upon their return to this country since the local masses do not know or speakee Inggeris. There is not a single minister or deputy minister in the 1BN government whose children have not been educated overseas.

No point getting angry folks. Get even by voting out these ultra UMNO-putras led government in the next GE. In the meantime, send your children to private tuition to learn proper English and/or Mandarin. If you are foresighted, you should also send your children to learn proper Hindi/Tamil in anticipation of India becoming a major economic player in the next decade.


Anonymous said...

I can read English, Chinese and Malay.

Normally I read all major newspapers of the above languages in a day to see their priority of reporting.

If you can only understand and read malay (BM) I feel very sorry for you because the reporting are full of BN rhetorics and you do not get to read about alternative views.

My conclusion is the government wants the malay citizens to know only BM so that they can be subjected to the ketuanan melayu propaganda.

Ho ho ho said...

When will UMNO stop using wierd english and start calling itself Pertubuhan Melayu etc?

Consider changing PWTC to Pusat Dagangan Sedunia Putra ?

Anonymous said...

If you don't know any England, then komunikasi merealisasikan is BM tulen. But it you know a bit of England, then sad to say the spelling seriously cannot make it.

Mycicak said...

My konklusi is merealisasikan GST adalah satu sugesi yang best sekali bikos rakyat yang tak pernah bayar tax kena bayar tax setiap kali membeli produk dan servis. Ini kerajaan prihatin.

Anne said...

I want to know when 'cashier' became 'kasyer'? I was in Hadyai for 3 days and when I reached the Malaysian checkpoint, I thought I was Rip Van Winkle!

Saleem said...

Should we now call Nasi Goreng = Fraid Rais?

Fiss & chip?
Fren Frai

Anonymous said...

keluarga => famili
sarung kaki => stoking
ilmu hisab => matematik
why don't we just speak english.....

Mat Runsing said...

Why use 'situasi' when you have the word 'keadaan'?

Why use 'polis' when you have 'mata-mata'?

I suppose the person who used bastardised BM are hypocrites.

Otherwise, we should say 'kar' instead of 'kereta'.

By the way, is there a BM word for 'Commited' instead of 'komited'?

Anonymous said...

We seriously need a good pussy for the remedy