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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fantastic Facts And Fancies

First, it was a bunch of clowns from Umno marching around carrying banners that screamed "Puki mak" or some shit like that.

Yesterday while surfing the Net I came across this photo of Port Klang Assemblyman Badrul Hisham Abdullah who had quit PKR, saying that he had lost faith in the party's leadership. This after his "boss" MB Khalid Ibrahim recommended to the PKR supreme council that Badrul Hisham resign from his seat for non-performance. And so this PKR fler leaves but not before he signed off with this pose for the cameras......

Did he leave in 'peace' but got directions reversed or was he saying to his boss,

"Fuck you too!"?



Tom Tom Bak said...


You cannot blame him.

This is the Malaysian way of showing hte 'Peace' sign which is directed the reverse way...

Ular said...

dia bermaksud patut jadi ular berkepala dua untuk political survival. kalau PKR tak mau saya, saya boleh jadi anak tiri UMNO.

sekarang katak tak laku, mesti jadi ular.

Implikasi said...

Wee KS (stop sobbing now), b4 u leave education cabinet, pls use yr strong bahasa to translate below 4 utusan readers :

One major limitation on moving up the economic value chain is Malaysia’s education system, which churns out tens of thousands of graduates who are ill-equipped for the kind of high-value work such as biotechnology that the government has identified as growth areas.Education in Malaysia has become mired in a deep political row as the government recently switched to Malay language instruction for math and science from English, a move critics said was designed to appease its ethnic Malay voter base.While private investment has plummeted, the government’s spending has risen sharply. Malaysia expects to rack up its biggest budget deficit in 20 years at 7.4 per cent of gross domestic product this year.

Anonymous said...

Tony Pua KO Chew Mei Fun in general election (PJ Utara knew her better than most of us).

Now Soi Lek TKO her.

Look like Geneva her last shopping trip.

AR Badul should teach this Badrul how to be a class clown !

niakong said...

I guess he was just gesturing that he has TWO BALLS to not perform, to malign and to leave RKR!!!

Let's take his balls away in the next GE!

Anonymous said...

that's actually a very offensive gesture..not in the f^ck way..
related a a war...some country's people will turn you into burger patty if you do it in front of them..

Anonymous said...

Me think he is saying "I got 2 millions from Jibby".

komplikasi said...

dia bilang dia ada 2 telor tanpa batang oleh itu susah hendak berfungsi dengan efficienci.
umno kasi dia bangun dengan tongkat ali hasan so dia bilang dia boleh jaya di pilihan raya akan datang.

Anonymous said...

' ...dua kali ! '

Anonymous said...

It meant both parties also bodoh ,
whichever way he goes , money-come and easily 2 millions..

It takes two to click.

Chan said...

Asking for Twenty Million to be BN friendly?

UPSR-Ninja said...

today i got 7As in UPSR but i told my parents I wanna be an MP because as 2 termed MP I can get very shiok retirement funds (silly taxpayers pay for it).
7As in UPSR so easy these days, but i need to learn 2 things :
a) behave like a snake
b) able to jump like a frog
wanna join me ??

Pandikar"Idi"Amin said...

Badrul's gesture means its takes 2 to main belakang ?

sukses said...

Don't u dare 2fcuk with Uncle Pat !
What's your achievement at Klang?

This is Uncle Pat's success story :
2006: Cameronian Arts Awards: Best Actor in a Leading Role for We Are Family
2006: Chinese Theater Awards: Best Actor in a Leading Role for We Are Family
2007: Cameronian Arts Awards: Best Actor in a Supporting Role for The Homecoming
2007: 20th Malaysian Film Festival: Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Sumolah
2008: 13th Asian Television Awards: Best Drama Performance by an Actor for En Bloc

The best from Uncle Pat is still yet to be. Keep it up

Anonymous said...

this fler when he was working in transmile in subang, his ex-colleagues also said he 'cuckoo' a bit.

often he goes awol and behaves like a nutcase.

good riddance!!


Anonymous said...


Badrul's 2 finger sign means:

1st finger = 1Malaysia
Middle finger = Up yours 1Najib


Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

The thing is, with the finger peace sign reversed, it is actually rude to show it to someone else. Somewhat, it seems so.

Anonymous said...

Badrul got PKNS little napoleons connection to disband pakatan.
2 fingers means he has 2 strategies as outlined by Raja Pete on Selangor needs to buck up.
Go n read it.

Anonymous said...

UMNO picks up trash like this fella from PKR. He was sacked because he didn't perform in PKR. You think he'll perform in BN?

Anonymous said...

2 headed snake.

1 Patan

monsterball said...

He is signaling to his new boss..Najib.."RM2 million. I have done it. Deliver now."..or telling Khalid..two more will join him soon. finger up to fuck Khalid..not Islamic.
Therefore he improvised with "double fuck you......Khalid!"..may also be possible.
Personally...I think he is signaling to Najib.." Where is my RM2 million?"

monsterball said...


ReforMCA said...

Wee Ka Siong wept like a baby.
Yet the majority Chinese rejoiced.
For as a Deputy Eduction Minister he has done nothing to support Chinese education.
He always try to show his fluency in BM on TV.
Served him right.
He is also hamsup and is reported to be involved with China lady-student.

As for Wanita Chew, she met her Waterloo at Geneva. We rather have Tony than Chew.

The two of them can now advertise for tissue papers.

May OTK purge more of these useless bums.

Anonymous said...

Badrul said "I got my 2 balls sloted into my ass".

Anonymous said...

2 to make love lah !
can't b that serious lah for Badrul to fcuk around otherwise cannot ascend to syurga.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick,
Please see your big picture in the home page of

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Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

A big congratulation to badrul hisham for joining the Kelab Puki umno .


1rasis said...

UMNO racist camp as reported on Malaysia Insider:

No wonder the government sponsored scholar ended up being racist politicians. Is this 1malaysia?

Anonymous said...

You should have photoshopped the index finger away and then it would be beautiful.
If Itusan can do it, so can u.

ahlock said...

Ha ha ha ...

Mike Tan said...

He is saying he can count to 2 only
but has 2 balls,2 wives,2 bungalows
and 2 millions given by UMNO.

putragate said...

he said Anwar Ibrahim is negotiating to join PKR with UMNO in 2 months.

Anonymous said...

Another good one Pat!
Money politics snake cum the real pukimak you know how they look like.

Anonymous said...

He read to much gila-gila komik and watched too much Senario...

1konstipasi said...

Caption of the photo:

I ease my constipation (konstipasi) by shafting these 2 fingers onto my assi...

Anonymous said...


What do you see between my 2 fingers?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...