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Friday, November 06, 2009

Fix it and make it better. Or worse.

The Pudu Market. The latest tool for protecting 'sensitivities'.

I read in the papers today that they are planning to renovate the 60-year old Pudu Market. The Pudu market is an iconic landmark (albeit a smelly one too). And it was good that the Federal Territory Ministry is planning to preserve the location and update the old market into the present day.

The Star's Metro reported that Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing (I think they are fast running out of ideas of how to cut the cake for ravenous coalition gluttons. What kind of fucked-up portfolio is that?) Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin said the makeover would include paving the roadside of the market site and relocating the chicken and pork sellers to a more hygienic and conducive environment.

Okay, paving the roadside. That is good.

Re-locating the chicken and pork sellers to a more hygienic and conducive environment.

Errr...okay ya that is a good thing too. After all hygiene is important so that the products won't be contaminated and make people ill or worse. But then I read the next bit where the minister says......

“We need to respect the sensitivity of the all traders operating there and the relocation of these traders to an enclosed site with better drainage and piping is a move requested and endorsed by the Pudu Market Association,” Nong Chik said.

You may be forgiven for thinking that I am making this into a racist thing. That is not my intention of course. But if the above is exactly what the minister said then I fear for the worse. That something such as the simple updating of a wet market that has served the people of Kuala Lumpur for 60 years is at risk of becoming a racial, divisive exercise. Another wedge in splitting Malaysians even further.

Read the statement again. "We need to respect the sensitivity of the all traders operating there..............." I must wonder which traders and what sensitivities he was referring to. "......the relocation of these traders to an enclosed site with better drainage and piping is a move requested and endorsed by the Pudu Market Association." An 'enclosed' site? For chicken and pork sellers. Very soon we may have 'enclosed' sites for beef butchers too since we constantly have to be 'sensitive' to this, that and the other.

All these announcements and actions by the government just serve to remind us that we are a divided nation and the notion of 1Malaysia is just a pipe dream or a politician's public relations gimmick.



Anonymous said...

SUBUR = Satu Umpan Bagi Urat Rakyat

ANN BK3 said...

On one hand screaming 1Malaysia, 1Toilet and what not, but on the other hand all the gimmicky policies are on the CONTRARY!!..

Anonymous said...

soon every nooks and corners of the country will be "sensitive areas".

patrick, for some of us, we gotta wear masks in order to mingle with "sensitive" people...



the Razzler said...

Dear Patrick..

The market at my hometown was renovated and intended to be a food court a few years ago and a new one was constructed at a new location.

But, alas, there was NO provision made for the pork seller at the new market thus he couldn't move and now, the new food court is just an empty building with the pork seller still running his stall behind the building.

donplaypuks® said...

The 2nd wave of privatisation will lead to 3 markets, 1 each for the objectors to beef, pork and non-veg.

This will be encouraged so that $1 billion can be spent each new market! 1 Nation will become infinitely better with 3 Nations - less parking and traffic jam problems!

United - $1 billion, Divided - $3 billion! Surely you know what to shoot for?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Lao' Cha said...

They have started working on winning GE13 by sub-dividing the already racially divided nation. Of cos this Niatuk Non-Cheap with a turd mentality is sucking up to his master who has an asshole for a lip. When our oil runs dry, it's going to be Niamah and Cheebye !

Anonymous said...

Biasa lah. Everyday some Joker will tok kok. Some Joker will need their head to be tok tok with a hammer to wake up or maybe even better to put them to sleep.
1 pa tan

Anonymous said...

There is 1 Malaysia yet the government constantly reminds us that we are a nation of different races and one particular race commands all respect. The rest of you? Who cares!

Yo. said...

while many in Malaysia are accepting of other cultures (whether due to habit or intelligence), we cannot deny we are a divided nation. people who can't see it are blind.

and yes, the government is always there to remind us if we forget.

wong said...

...looks to me like the SWINE fever has affected that nong chik guy's brain, well, whatever tiny bit of brain he has anyway!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ! Ha ! Spot on !

The other day, our DPM just reminded us not to be racist !

Now, will the Real Racist, Please Stand Up ! Please Stand Up !

Niamah !!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyah Patrick, why so worked up on a Saturday morning?
Renovation means $$ go pocket. More renovation,more $$$ go in lah.
sometime you not so clever!!! Have a nice week-end.

Anonymous said...

Enclosed can mean closed up area - apartheid ?

Anonymous said...

1Malaysia will remain our dream forever..... nothing but a dream..... because meanwhile, we have unique chameleon ever-changing malaysia!

Anonymous said...


What else is new in 1Malaysia? UMNO is always using the same standard excuse of respecting the sensitivities of a certain "others" over and over again. Of course we all know who are the "others" the dumbo minister is referring to. It is so pitiful to see this self proclaimed supremacy "others" being reduced to such a pathetic state, thanks to UMNO. No wonder this certain "others" cannot compete against the rest of the human race inside or outside 1Malaysia.

Very soon, the "bak-kut-teh" and non halal eating stalls and eateries including shops selling beer and alcohol will have to be moved to special enclosed areas to respect the sensitivities of the supreme "others". Trust me, this is coming soon.

Anonymous said...

I used to sell pork next to a Malay selling vegetable in the Pandamaran wet market many years ago....

No problem mah. The leaders come and divide to rule.

Tok Kok lah.

Raymond said...

Heya Pat,

What do you think about this news?

'Rosmah uses Saudi prince’s RM7mil present for charity'
STAR Malaysia

Anything fishy about having money falling from the sky?

Dean Arif said...

It doesn't matter whether announcements made by politicians are good or bad. They have to be made anyway and the "public servant" involved couldn't care less about public opinion. These projects are good for lining up their pockets, which is the real underlying motivation!

Screw 1Malaysia - it's another hidden tool to divide and conquer!

Anonymous said...


People first..! Performance now...!!!

"NOW" do u all understand d meaning of it...???

Anonymous said...

This nook chick and najis & $rosmah is trying to fuck the Rakyat with more $$$ into their pockets and be end cronies pockets (anyway since he is a new minister) and don't want to waste time to "sapu" before his term is up.
The last time you wrote about the Duke link to MRR2 and the jam is getting "WORST" near UK to Ampang Point now with the stupid Police doing the "traffic" worst worst worst!!!. By the way Patrick what can we poor Rakyat do about this?
Hope that you ,Sir, can provide some solutions.


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

What the fuck can we do if umno controls KL?
When in fact KL is more than 80% PR voters.
Even if PR won KL by 100% , the umno still controls KL.
Fuck the constitution.

NiaMah 1MalingSia

Anonymous said...

watch! only in beeN states only! duh!

Anonymous said...

Cerain group in Msia is becoming more inclusive.

no wonder Beyonce also scared to come here.

Anonymous said...


nstman said...

Why must these barisan bastards turn everything into a racial issue. Tiuniamah, I am spitting blood. What the fucks is going on. I thought after being given a new name, the federal territory ministry would do things rationally. But i am wrong. this fucking ministry is the pits. Raja nong chik, i have one message for you = tiuniamah and suck it.

Anonymous said...

1Malaysia = Fuck You Malaysia where '1' is Najib's middle finger. Fullstop,..

Ho ho ho said...

Do you know that even learning about certain animals is a taboo that when these people see the real animal they don't even know what the animal is ? Do you call this sensitive or under the coconut ?

Anonymous said...

Only in Malaysia that the minorities are discriminated and marginalized.

Ever wonder that 1Malaysia might just be for 1Race?

Anonymous said...

How to have single stream school when there are so many sentitivities that the minorities have to respect the special people?

ktteokt said...

Will this project ever end up like PLAZA RAKYAT?

BangsaMalaysia said...

Patrick, since your brought up a market let me talk about another market. In the late seventies I was a university student in KL and my friend had an uncle in Taman Tun. I went to visit him one day and for the first time in my life saw the almost new Taman Tun wet market.

Coming from Ipoh and only having seen the filthy Ipoh wet market, I was SO impressed with the fantastic design and how clean and well designed the whole place was.

That was late 70's or may be very early 80's.

Fast forward to 2005. Some five years ago the MPSJ under our moronic Barisan government decided to tear down an old building and rebuild a brand new wet market in SS 15 Subang Jaya. Now remember this is 25 years of "progress" later and after Selangor attained developed state status under the brilliant actor Khir Toyo.

Just drop by one day and have a look and you will know why this nation has gone to the dogs.

In the most affluent suburb in Malaysia you will now find a DUMB, DIRTY and poorly designed and poorly utilised building that is an eye sore though just built recently.

You can guess why.

This is a country run by thieves who steal our money can call it "rezeki". They must have sub-contracted this project to glory so that the 10 th idiot in the line would have hardly any money to build anything decent.

These days we have to thank God if the building does not collapse.

That market in Taman Tun, built 25 years ago is still better than the shitty thing they built in SS15 just a few short years ago.

Are we progressing??

C'mon Najib, some of us may be idiots for putting BN in power. But surely we are not all blind or stupid.


Anonymous said...

To implement 1Malaysia, MARA institution should be opened to non-bumi, besides calling for single stream.

Singapore moved to single stream many years ago by adopting a 'neutral' language as instruction in English. English is neutral to its citizen (Malay, chinese, Indians). We are different, so please do not quote Singapore's experience if we are opting for BM in single stream.

Geylang Serai said...

Go to Singapore and witness how clean and efficient their wet markets are.

Anonymous said...

KPI for wet markets ?
Can Majlis Bandaran learn from PM ?

Anonymous said...


You are lucky to stay in KL where public amenities are far better than those int he smaller towns in Malaysia.

Be thankful. If you come to my hometown, you will even Niamah in your sleep.

That's life in malaysia. When my children got better education, we will migrate despite PM 's call for foreign talents to come home.

Ayah Upin said...

Bangsa Malaysia

Sekarang kita pergi wet market macam pergi tandas. Busuk sekali.

Demi kesihatan rakyat, baik kerajaan BN bagi peruntukan untuk membaiki and naik taraf pasar-pasar di Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Why Pudu prison was demolished?

Becos those BN flers know that one day tehy will ed up in jail. They will want ot ahve a better penjara for themselves.

We should build one next to Puterajaya to facilitate teh transportation.

Anonymous said...

Talking about market and food court. In my hometown the chinese food court is just behind the market and the market's rubbish dump is right infront of the food court. And what do you know, the bloody stinking smell adds flovour to the food there. And the best joke is, our chinese screwed up shit mp frequents the food court every now and then fishing for popularity seems to be enjoying the bloody stinking smell. The bloody mp couldn't be bothered and what do you guys think? Because its a chinese food court and 1malaysia doesn't applies here. What a shit with this 1malaysia thing...............