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Monday, November 02, 2009

I'm gonna make your day

No First Or Second Class Citizens In Malaysia. Only 1st and Economy Class?

Yesterday I read about Muhyiddin Yassin, Deputy Prime Minister calling some Malays traitors.

He said, in the 52 years Umno had been leading the nation, the party had never forsaken the interest of the Malays but in fact had always and would continue to champion them. Muhyiddin added that what was also more worrying now was that there are some non-Malay quarters who were openly questioning Malay rights and privileges. "And what was even more disappointing," he said, "was that there was a small number of Malays who were acting as a thorn in the flesh". He urged the Malays to be firmly united against these traitors as they were obstacles to the progress of the Malays.

The DPM was criticised for making such blatantly racist remarks by the local media and pro-Opposition publications.

But our wise DPM also said that there are no first or second class citizens in Malaysia. He said Malaysia also did not have people who were marginalised or were purposely marginalised and in fact unity was the underlying theme of the 1Malaysia concept. Yes, I know. At first I thought he was talking about some other country but he did mention Malaysia wor.

Today, I read in the papers that our Prime Minister has come out and condemned 'certain leaders' for their racist remarks.

"Umno is not a racist party," he said. "Racist comments from “one or two Umno leaders” should be ignored because the majority of members in the party are not racists."

Najib reiterated that his mission as Prime Minister was to lead all Malaysians.

If this wasn't Bolehland, I'd be rejoicing in that statement. But since it is I am not sure I can believe it.

Oh well, it's only Monday. So I am sure there will be more 'surprises' as the week goes on.

Wait...wait...wait...I am not all that cruel la. To spoil your Monday like that so I'd like to draw your attention to something that will make you laugh. Might even be hysterical guffaws so please take care not to choke on your nasi lemak.......

Terengganu and the state government is coming up with innovative ways to improve sexual relations

Apparently, body odour, humdrum sex and boring pyjamas have been blamed for the high divorce rate in Terengganu. Authorities there are looking for ways to introduce exotic and sensuous fragrances among other things, that can arouse sexual desire.

Hiyah! Waffor want to be so difficult. Just stage a couple of Beyonce concerts in KT lor. Kao tim for sure one. You dinch know meh? Even those PAS Youth flers think that watching Beyonce perform will stir up the most inactive groins.

Welcome to the start of a 'normal' week in 1Malaysia.



tlyung said...

It is a "Brain Damage" act

it is a "Siok Sendiri" act

but i still prefer Beyonce concert (^^)

Anonymous said...

Najib is begiining to worry that his DPM may backstab him. The politics in MCA has given him some hint of what could happen.

He may have to learn from his mentor Tun M who has proven successful in 'shooting his deputies' (Musa, Baba, Anwar)

Anonymous said...

I love boleh land where pple jist talk kok most times la.Look at te expressions when they tok.I thinks teir brain don coordinated me when i listen too much to them or see them on tb too much...or mouth sya one thin and hand does sometin else...waaa goin to be one ob theseweeks laa...

googgly mind

1Kuli said...

Tengku Razaleigh told the British Graduates Association at a dinner here last night that it was a fact that those Malaysians who “can stay away and settle overseas do so with the encouragement of their parents”.

“Their parents tell them to remain where they are, there is nothing for them here. The illusion of nostalgia does not explain why parents fight to send their children to private and international schools rather than the national schools they themselves went to.

“The very same politicians who recite nationalist slogans about our national schools and turn the curriculum into an ideological hammer send their own children to international schools here or in Australia and Britain.

“They know better than anyone else the shape our schools are in. It is no illusion that people do not have the faith in our judiciary and police that they once had,” said Tengku Razaleigh.

KY said...

no racists, just a lot of liars

Pak Lebai said...

Many local Malay artists are spokesperson of 'Jamu' to enhance sexual appetite. Perhaps BN-government should promote more sex toys and FINAS be given grant for David Teo to produce 'Filem Stim' or 'Filem Berahi' for our Malay folks to enjoy better sex life.

najib manaukau said...

When the Malays always say that we should not question the Malay's right because the Chinese in return were given citizenships.
But all of them forgot to mention that the Chinese are given 2nd class citizenships and also the Chinese are never to question why but to do and die. No one in the world will accept these conditions and on the question that so many of these Malays on so many occasions call for the Chinese to back to China. Do they honestly think what this country would be without the Chinese if all of them were to accept their calls ?

Anonymous said...

A consignment of 10,000 copies of the Indonesian-language Bibles which feature the disputed word “Allah” was confiscated in Kuching, Sarawak in September while another consignment of 5,100 Bibles was seized in March.
The root problem of the seizure of these Bibles is the earlier decision taken by the Cabinet to ban the use of the word “Allah” for religions other than Islam, although this is a most unreasonable, divisive and even unconstitutional decision as:

1.The term “Allah” was in use long before there was the religion of Islam in the world;

2.The term Allah was used to refer to God by Arabic-speaking Christians before Arabic-speaking Muslims existed; and

3.Malaysia is probably the only nation where the use of the term “Allah” by Christians to refer to their God is prohibited, whereas its use to refer to Christian God has never been prohibited in many countries in the Middle-East and the Americas.

The confiscation of the Bibles and the ban on the use of the word “Allah” for religions other than Islam is incongruous with and even inimical to Najib’s 1Malaysia objective to give top priority to foster better inter-racial, inter-religious and inter-civilisational relations among Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Why push for single stream in primary/secondary school when you have dual system for university entrance criteria? STPM vs matriculation?

Double standards?

Prof Khoo dah nyanyuk.

Anonymous said...

Umno is desperately trying to regain Malay support, whatever the means, perhaps encouraged by Umno’s good result at the recent Manek Urai by-election, although it didn’t win?

Or does it tell us something more about Umno in general and Muhyiddin in particular perhaps — that behind the facade of current Umno unity and purposefulness, there are undercurrents of discord fuelled by certain unhappiness and rival ambitions?

Or that perhaps Muhyiddin and his people within Umno are positioning themselves for the post-Najib era? Maybe like what Najib and his people have done successfully to curtail and shorten Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s term of power, there are already plans afoot by some people within Umno to do likewise against the Najib regime?

Anonymous said...

1030 years ago, olang indian mari !
1000 years, olang chinese mari !
700 saja years , olang malays mari !!

Anthony said...

We ought to be entertained by these clowns, but somehow, it's more frightening to know that they are ruining our beloved country.

Anonymous said...

Mud don't stick.

When it is dry , it just drop off.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Terengganu is going to be a "Human Touch" base. I suppose that's also for sex tourism?

Ah Beng Crosby said...

Saya sokong!

Brenda Ang said...

OMG, can you believe it? First insentive or whatever to those that married single mum, now this. Hmmmp.

Anonymous said...

Brickfields Police stopped Tian Chua from speaking at PKR Dinner 31/10/2009

Hamba said...

ROTFL!!!! Boring pyjamas? Humdrum sex? These people are so asinine that they might think the submarine Najib bought is a giant dildo!!! LOL!

kk said...

The Terengganu story just made my day. Who are these people??

Haloween said...

Najib said racist comments from “one or two Umno leaders” should be ignored because the majority of members in the party are not racists.

I got your point.

In the same token, I will only support 0.75Malaysia.

Ong Teh said...

Hehe. Patrick you never failed to crack me up siao.

I also from Terengganu - Makang Ikang sokmo.

Yes. This PAS fler all envy with jealousy thats why Nik Aziz want to overhaul the whole party. It also suited well the "Green" with Envy.

Please beyonce - if you come i also want to feel arouse - EH, where can, Beyonce EXPENSIVE la Patrick! all finnish for Monsoon Cup wor ...

Bring Malaysian Artist lor .. Aznil or Deborah Henry also can mah

1 Mala-Sey for all.

Ong Ong

Yo. said...

"UMNO is not a racist party"

In the dictionary, the above is the definition of CONTRADICTORY

Anonymous said...

Interesting remarks by the DPM. But hey, his boss the PM Najib, just last week conceded that Indians in this country "were marginalised". So who is lying? If you want someone to verify the PM's remarks ask that ball carrier, Kenneth Eswaran. It was at the function organised by him that the PM made the remark about the Indians.

wong said...

my trengganu friends tell me these problems was there since pas was state government..the whole town was painted n bannered with green moons..and down with blue night the dick get cuntfused...half way they saw the umno kris ..

their rocket cannot launched with out hassan ali beer ban...?

some monday thots?

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked what our PM had commented !! Does that mean he allows his ministers to make racist remarks and not taking actions against them ???

komando said...

No lah all is good and ok
this country best in the world
no problem

no racists, no bad governance , no corruption, no bad sex smells, no murders, no killings , no bad peoples...

all must stay and die here

dun go away rugi lor


Richard Loh said...

What do we expect from a third world mentality type of leaders.

Najib's Statements Smacked With Hypocrisy And Stupidity

Anonymous said...

Aiya this type of talk cock is not new. What is new is more minorities are fucking off...actually this one also not new. Rephrase: the fucking off momentum is gathering strength, considering fdi to boleh land also down la....unpatriotic ah??!!! how to be when you were never equal.

michael said...

Tell you what lah, Uncle Teoh.
Problem in Terengganu is the same problem men faced everywhere.

Actually they don't want to have sex with the same women day after day and week after week. So they blame body odour .....

I tell you if I give that amorous guy an 18 year old sweet young thing who smells like a hog, guarantee you that the SOB will not refuse sex.

Upin said...

We had a sitcom live on TV1 and Astro Awani on Sunday morning when najib spoke to the gerakan fellows and got them so syiok sendiri like having orgasm.

Pusi said...

Lagi satu Najib punya cilok!

Gerakan kena Cilok!

Mimpi Basah said...

PM Najib should be a candidate for Nobel Prize for his bold 1Malaysia vision.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! If that bugger can be DPM, I can be Prime Minister. In all ways.. seems like I am anytime smarter than him.

No COCK talking here please.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! Why i buy house don't have 7% discount.
"UMNO is not a racist party" HaHa!!! Only main contractor and sub contractor..

Thomas said...

DPM statement is biggest lie and bullshit of them all. Early this year, he said that 1Malaysia concept is not Malaysian Malaysia as espoused by Lee Kuan Yew PAP during the merger days.

So, what the hell is 1Malaysia concept? Is still the same shit but different smell. You are still be classified as either bumi or non bumiputera. And that classification differ from East and West Malaysia. Non-Malays would always be known as kaum pendatang despite the ancestors of Baba and Nyonyas were here since Parameswara's time and definitely much earlier than Tun Mahathir's grandfather from Kerala, India.


Aj said...

Anyone have a gun? I want to shoot some stupid politicians..

Anonymous said...

Funny lah this DPM! How can he said there's no 1st and 2nd class citizens when he said he's championing the rights and supremacy of one race? If one race is supreme, then the other races is in the same class?

Anonymous said...

My one million only question: How can UMNO (or even MCA or MIC) say they are not racist. These parties are formed for the Malays, Chinese and Indians races. Right?

Anonymous said...

Just another highly paid tokkok fella.
From sunlit to moonlit nothing come out consistant.

It used to be a good leader is a good servant.
Now a good leader is a goon kokker.

Anyway it does not matter you understand or not afterall he also dont know what is he tokking.

Anonymous said...

Ketuanan Melayu is purely racist.
MARA is a racist institution.
Discount for housing is a racist policy.
The list goes on...

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to NAP and Proton, Malaysian are forced to buy overpriced Tin Milo Proton. For those who never drive an import car, please do so, you’ll feel the whole difference; do not let your mindset narrowed down to Proton only. Its out hard earn monthly salary we are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Interesting footnote by Terence Fernandez in his article on The Sun today:

'Terence did not dress up to observe Halloween last week because there are enough "hantus" masquerading as people's representatives and guardians of our interests out there.'

Anonymous said...

just suck it up and adapt,this is bolehland... don't like it? fuck off simple... don't act like fuckin cry baby begging for food...

Anonymous said...

Sudah potong?

Baik potong lu punya credit card.

I consider a better deed to donate the RM50 to church/temple/mosque.

May the force be with you.

Anonymous said...

Continue on consignment of 10,000 copies of the Indonesian-language Bibles which feature the disputed word “Allah” was confiscated in Kuching, Sarawak in September while another consignment of 5,100 Bibles was seized in March.

The Malay Spelling of the Arabic name "Allah" is the equivalent to the Hebrew name of God "Eloah" found 58 times in the English Bible:
Deut. 32:15, 17;
2 Ki. 17:31;
2 Chr. 32:15;
Neh. 9:17;
Job 3:4, 23; 4:9, 17; 5:17; 6:4, 8f; 9:13;
10:2; 11:5ff; 12:4, 6; 15:8; 16:20f; 19:6, 21, 26; 21:9, 19; 22:12, 26;
24:12; 27:3, 8, 10; 29:2, 4; 31:2, 6; 33:12, 26; 35:10; 36:2; 37:15, 22;
39:17; 40:2;
Ps. 18:32; 50:22; 114:7; 139:19;
Prov. 30:5;
Isa. 44:8;
Dan. 11:37ff;
Hab. 1:11; 3:3.
There are also the Arabic bible available.

Kisah Benar said...

Kisah Benar:

Murder in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Najis said "Umno is not a racist party. Racist comments from “one or two Umno leaders” should be ignored because the majority of members in the party are not racists."

Najis is referring to Mooo-hideous-din as one of the two racist UMNO leaders. The other racist UMNO leader is himself. So we should follow Najis advice and ignore him and Moo-hideous-din.

Anonymous said...

Malaysiakini- "Corruption: We want the big ones, MACC"
MACC, if you can't get the big fish, don't even try to settle for the tiny prawns. We rakyat don't buy it. Your efforts on tiny little prawns just equates to Wasting Public Fund! Don't take us for a ride la.... and don't insult the general public's intelligence, pls!

Anonymous said...

Sent that wear transparent nightgown Ng Yen Yen there. She knows what to do.

Anonymous said...

The state of Terrengganu need a makeover in the sex dept ..more innovative ways to spice the bedroom ..loin clothes make from sarongs ..ban ikan masin or keropok from more Brazilian waxing salons..more gyms ..having a pot belly like laughing Buddha is so yesterday..learn to talk dirty in bedroom but no dirty smell or unclean body in wear fresh n clean underwear or lingerie ..oh by the way make sure
practice good toilet hygeine ..wash up
after let go in toilet ..u dont want your spouse to comment u smell like ikan bilis ..sotong ..udang or ikan kering right?

Anonymous said...

The MACC has to do more. It has to get the big fish. It has to get the convictions that will keep the corrupt locked away for a long time as an example to those who think there are easy ways of making money.

Only then Malaysians will have the conviction to trust the MACC.

Anonymous said...

Tun Mahathir can make all the noise about protecting Proton from foreign interests.

I would not care less. Proton is not a national pride for ordinary rakyat like me. It is a game for those who wanted to show to the British and Japanese of their Bolehness and misguided self-pride.

Proton is not cheap and yet has inferior quality, design and performance. It has deprived us quality foreign cars at competitive price.

After all these years of protection, Proton is still not competitive. It can only boast of its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant which unfortunately is very well under-utilised. For how long should we continue to support htis lost cause?

Anonymous said...

The Public Accounts Committee Report on the Port Klang Free Zone scandal does not reveal enough although it had revealed inadveertnetly what it had not intended to reveal – the ongoing high-level conspiracy to suppress pertinent information about Ministerial and top government abuses of power and malpractices landing the country with a RM12.5 “mother of all scandals”.

This is why the statement by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak that the special task force set up by the Cabinet in September on the PKFZ scandal would look into the PAC findings and would take action is greeted with widespread skepticism and disbelief.

Ular Sakti said...

Speaking in his capacity as Umno president, Najib was quoted as saying that racist comments from “one or two Umno leaders” should be ignored because the majority of members in the party are not racists.

This statement underlined either 2 things:

1) he is an incompetent leader who dare not take action against trouble-maker in his party;


2) he is shrewd manipulator, playing to both sides with a two-forked tongue.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

For true national unity to emerge, we must go back to basics, revisiting the freedoms and rights guaranteed for all Malaysians. The NEP must be applied to all who need support. The draconian Internal Security Act as applied to date has no place in our society. Enact a new Anti-Terrorism Act for that specific application, and not to use it to terrorise and inflict pain and suffering on our own people.

Anonymous said...

the one or two men is your DPM.

so what you gonna do, MR 1Malaysia?

or is it or talk, the usual BN style?

Tak malu kah?

Anonymous said...

Najib’s premiership so far seem to have been one gigantic public relation exercise void of substance to create the impression of change when in fact nothing has been changed.

Anonymous said...

A total of 973 tear gas canisters costing RM89,000 were used to disperse the anti-Internal Security Act (ISA) illegal demonstrations on July 31.

This is peanut compared to the amount paid to people to attend the 1malaysia rally in Perak.

Crackdefellaskull said...

I'd like to draw everyone's attention to today's Star newspaper frontpage (13 Nov 2009).

Big bold headlines carrying Najib's warning to Indonesians "Don't flout the law".. and next to the warning you see a big photograph in full color showing our DPM Muhyiddin Yassin riding pillon without a helmet.

A few years ago, the ex Prime minister of Australia was shown on TV doing an interview in a moving car on TV, not wearing his seatbelt.

Being a developed nation's impartial police force, the Australian traffic police dutifully booked the Prime minister with a traffic fine, which he paid up along with a public apology for flouting the country's traffic laws.

While launching JPJ's panducermat, "Hall of Shame" section in the portal back in 2005, the then Transport Minister said "Traffic is now under public surveillance. Apart from posting photos to the website, members of the public should also provide the time, date and location where the traffic offences took place, We will re-direct the photos and details to the Road Transport Department or traffic police to act against the traffic offenders.”

Will the authorities now book the driver of motorbike (number plate in the Star picture TAT8929 ) and his pillion rider?

Should the Road Safety Dept DG Datuk Suret Singh pay a courtesy visit to the DPM's office to educate him and his entourage on the importance of wearing a safety helmet (and ikat, jangan tak ikat the strap)?

Show the country (and Indonesians) that our laws apply to everyone. Not even the DPM can flout them.


(patrick, feel free to post this little rant in your blog! i cant find the pic online, but it's in today's Star)

Anonymous said...

Why no helmet?

Becos forgot my cowboy hat-lah!