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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Something good II

Well, if we thought that the Indonesians were on the right track, we are perhaps starting to walk the talk too.

Islamic groups ejected from Allah suit

That was the headline in The MalaysianInsider today. Read the full report here.


Errrr......and then again maybe not. Read this today.


Anonymous said...

You call this something good?

"Govt cancels Catholic paper’s 2010 permit" - Malaysia Today

Anonymous said...

UMNOputras has defined the holy religion in its own way to benefit them$elves.

NutzeyWagen said...

Patrick, haven't u seen D photo of 1msia chief najib welcoming n shaking the communist chief honcho's hand. Thought u would write on that. He can welcome the chief honcho of a communist country to msia but won't allow a local ex-communist home! Sheesh! 1msia? Down my toilet hole!!! 1msia welcoming n embracing communism now? 1msia communist? or 1najib communist? To quote you: NIAMAH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is ironic that UMNO encourages the non malays to use Bahasa Malaysia.They even use Khoo Kay Kim suggestion to bulldoze single school stream.They totally oppose the use of BM for other religion.WHY....

What A Lulu said...

still niamah lah
Govt cancels Catholic paper’s 2010 permit
By Debra Chong

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 11 – The future has just grown murkier for the country’s only Catholic newspaper, which is locked in a lawsuit against the Home Minister over the right to publish the word “Allah” to mean God for Christians.

The Malaysian Insider was told that The Herald’s publishing permit for next year was retracted recently.

Anonymous said...

The KKK guy is not a Chinese.
He's sudah potong.
He tokkok a lot, as though he knows a lot about history.

Gerak Khas said...

Joke of the day:

Hishammuddin blamed the country's high crime rate on the demonisation of institutions such as the police.

Ha ha ha.

JJ said...

"Anonymous said...

It is ironic that UMNO encourages the non malays to use Bahasa Malaysia.They even use Khoo Kay Kim suggestion to bulldoze single school stream.They totally oppose the use of BM for other religion.WHY...."

All these contradictions are symptoms of a country that does not have a clear and definable vision that can be embraced by ALL its people. Somehow or other, this country has lost its way...

Anonymous said...

it's the deputy mentri's order , bukan the kerisman one !
btw, rm800 sudah paid for the permit
now must 'apply' to get it back !

Anonymous said...

On one hand the Islamic groups ejected from Allah suit but the other hand 2010 publication licence not given.

On one hand the Government ban Malaysian from visiting Israel (check your passport on the ban) but on the other hand Israel Flag was flown on UMNO's building. Please click here to see

This is cakap tidak sama bikin... so in election all must remember again cakap tidak sama bikin....

Altantuya said...

Has anyone visited Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine & even Iran? The Christians there refer to God as "Allah" without any opposition from anyone. In fact they have been doing that for the past 2,000 years - before, during & after Islam started.

Anonymous said...

The KKK guy is not a Chinese.
He's sudah potong.
He tokkok a lot, as though he knows a lot about history.

Eh, potong ada dua jenis tau...

But clearly which one you mean is beyond doubt...

Anonymous said...

Something better for our neighbor if brain drain continues ... Patrick joins MediaCorp forever and we'll miss him on Msian stage forever !!!!!!!!
Brain Drain Impedes Investment In Malaysia

INVESTORS choose their centres of operations carefully, often by prioritising the proximity to human capital as a rule of thumb.
This investment requirement triggered a dilemma in Penang, which had recently lost out on a multi-billion ringgit foreign investment because it could not guarantee the adequate supply of experienced electrical and electronic (E&E) engineers.
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who is also a Paeliamentarian, recently told the House of Representatives that the state lost US$3 billion (RM10.2 billion) worth of foreign investment because it could not commit to supplying 1,000 engineers to the investors.

MCAputra said...

Of racist remarks and Umno leaders

now siapa tipu punya ?

P1Stream said...

another "potong" is ice-cream cut in the shape of long rectangle, very popular in Spore. Patrick must have tried it before.

Anonymous said...

And it is ethical for utusan to do this!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the joke of the day....Hishammuddin blamed the country's high crime rate on the demonisation of institutions such as the police. Err by the same logic we better done criticize the gomen, otherwise we will be blame for the high corruption rate.

1Patan 2Armno

DrFirdaus said...

Something Good III

Now i can be sure of getting roses at fair price for my beloved ones as there is now fresh supply in KL after our mayor cancelled RM32mil flower contract.

Syukor kepada Tuhan.

ANN BK3 said...

From climax to anti-climax in the same breathe!! Malaysia Boleh ma...

Anonymous said...


Why should this latest news surprise you and us? This is 1Malaysia where everything and anything is possible. Our 1Malaysia "logic" prevails over common sense.

Of course our 1Homo Minister Noshamemoodin is at the center of the 1Homo Ministry logic. With his logic that the high crime rate in 1Malaysia is attributed to the public's demonisation of the 1PDRM, it is therefore not a surprise that the Herald wins the suit against the government but they can no longer print their newspaper. So the Herald may very well win the battle but they lost the war.

Case closed, no futher action.

donplaypuks® said...

In the same breath, the Govt has cancelled Herald Tribune's press licence for 2010! As of today HT is no longer a going concern and will have to put the shutters up for good!!

So, they will postpone the case to next year and then say HT has no more locus standi and since it's only of academic interest, case adjourned sine die!!

Game Over!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human race

Anonymous said...

Good News:

Hu Jintao gave Malaysia 2 banks: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and Bank of China (BoC).

We have more banking options besides Maybank and CIMB.

Incidentally, Singapore got 2 pandas.

Anonymous said...

The plight of the Herald Catholic weekly newspaper in Malaysia must be a public relations nightmare for the Najib administration – as if it doesn’t have enough problems as it is.

If the government has really cancelled the permit (which it now reportedly denies) what does that say for the 1Malaysia concept and the government’s credibility internationally?

Anonymous said...

On one hand there is 1Malaysia and on the other hand, there is another practice of 2nd Class Citizenship ! This, I call 1Niamah !!!

Books have been published long time ago esp. in Indonesia about the usage of the word, Allah.

Now, seems to be exclusive already !

Huh ! On one hand, we Malaysians should be proud of using Bahasa Malaysia or encouraged to use it if possible at all times and then come this particular word, Aha ! Cannot use ???

Transformation ( English ) = Transformasi ( BM ).

Expedition ( English ) = Expedisi ( BM ).

Did England say anything about the usage of BM since a lot of adaptation has been made ???

If not 1Niamah !!! Then, 1Niapa !!!

Anonymous said...

conscience = konsains !!??

Anonymous said...

The Malay Spelling of the Arabic name "Allah" is the equivalent to the Hebrew name of God "Eloah" found 58 times in the Bible:
Deut. 32:15, 17;
2 Ki. 17:31;
2 Chr. 32:15;
Neh. 9:17;
Job 3:4, 23; 4:9, 17; 5:17; 6:4, 8f; 9:13;
10:2; 11:5ff; 12:4, 6; 15:8; 16:20f; 19:6, 21, 26; 21:9, 19; 22:12, 26;
24:12; 27:3, 8, 10; 29:2, 4; 31:2, 6; 33:12, 26; 35:10; 36:2; 37:15, 22;
39:17; 40:2;
Ps. 18:32; 50:22; 114:7; 139:19;
Prov. 30:5;
Isa. 44:8;
Dan. 11:37ff;
Hab. 1:11; 3:3.

Anonymous said...


Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the government would make Malaysia a better place to live and work in to bring back its citizens who are residing overseas as well as attract global talents to the country.

Short of income tax revenue?

Benang Merah said...


I have just bought FIGHTING SPIDERS 4-DVD set (original one) for S$19.90 (good value) in Singapore. Somehow RED THREAD or FIRST CLASS are not released on DVD (yet). I will let you know once it is release. mediacorp ought to give you a copy.

I hope Media Prima or Astro (are your listening) would acquire RED THREAD so that our local audience can get to see and the local production house can learn/benchmark.

BTW, IS magazine Singapore has a positive review on THE BLUE MANSION, called it a valiant effort and compared it to Robert Altman's Gosford Park. Good job as Wee Bak Chuan.

Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell = Bladi Hella!

Now I see that BM is quite easy to learn.

RTM said...

Benang Merah
Kalaulah Red Thread pass censorship, bolehlah di tayang di kaa TV Malaysia.
Kalaulah betul betul hebat, gua percaya Pat Teoh akan bagi saigan hebat sama Rosyam Noh untul award seperti Anugerah Skrin !

Anak Seni said...


Gua caya lu boleh jadi jemputan khas program Fenonima Seni. Cakap sama host Rosyam Nor.

Boleh bagi komen lu punya pengalaman waktu buat filem di Singapura.

Anak Seni

Fenomena said...

i setuju sama Anak Seni.
boleh cari Loisa Chong untuk contact Melodi punya producer.
Gua caya sama u.

Anonymous said...

salam syabas, Pat.
Keep up good work.
Contact Michelle @TV3 for interviews on Sunday 12.30pm's Melodi.

Buang karan said...

FINAS kasi duit producer bikin gambar tapi banyak yang bankrupt pasal filem melayu tak ada pasaran diluar negara.

Anonymous said...


How is it like to have Louisa Chong as your wife in teh Blue Mansion?

BC said...

Will the Asian Television Awards presentatin show be shown live on local TV?

Maybe not as I see RTM did not can any nomination.