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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Something good

Mosque and LOUDspeakers

Some days good things come along in rather unexpected ways. I was bored and going through other people's Tweet messages and came across this link which brought a smile to my face and some hope in my heart. The link is The Jakarta Post. Read it for yourself and have a nice day...

The South Kalimantan’s chapter of Indonesian Ulema Council has proposed an edict that bans the use of loudspeakers if it is considered to be disturbing other people, even though they are used to broadcast the call to prayer five times a day or a sermon.

Council member Muhammad Noor, who is a lecturer at Antasari State Islamic Institute in the provincial capital of Banjarmasin, told Antara state news agency Monday that a group of ulema attending a discussion in Tabalong regency recently concluded that deafening loudspeakers, albeit for good purposes, could spark disagreement among Muslims and non-Muslims due to the noise and discomfort caused.

Noor said the ulema suggested that Muslims exercise their freedom of religion without sacrificing the rights of other people.

Participants of the discussion agreed that the use of loudspeakers was aimed at propagating Islam, but its excessive application might be counterproductive.

Can we even begin to imagine something like that happening in our country? And they send us their people to work as our maids? I feel ashamed.



Anonymous said...

I am Chinese, bought my family home just beside a open public playground and football field. 2 years later, part of the field becomes a very small surau, it's ok. Prayers were done but at a smaller volume. As time goes on, the surau gets bigger and now occupy almost 1/2 of the field while the Speaker volume gets deafening. What do I do now? If I complain, I goes into ISA! Umno will attack me. After 17 years, the chanting prayers becomes like mosqitos humming in my ear. 4am Prayer becomes my sleeping lalaby abd other prayers becomes my clock telling me the time. It that fair to us non muslim?

MK - don't know much, want to learn more said...

1 Malaysia, 1 Mangsa
Saya malu sia (sia)

Hoping and praying for a better tomorrow

ayep_sarawak said...

here's another example of perfectly tolerate community.. in Indonesia where it has the largest islamic population, they can practice this. tolerate towards others in their surroundings... how i wish our country to be like this and not to be jerks, ignorant and arrogant towards other races and religions...

Anonymous said...

to begin with, these loud speakers are not part of the religion. It is not something 'sensitive' to question.

Put it that way, before the invention of PA System, electricity, speakers, and mic by the Christians, how do the surau or mosque broadcast their azan? Cone? Shout?

The PA System is a modern 'add on' invented by the white man, it can be easily done away with if they choose to.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Why not ask MCA to assist you?

Anonymous said...

Their mentality is like you telling the a VERY popular food stall owner that you have been waiting for more than an houir.

The answer is take it or leave it and dont even to give you a second look.

Consider you are lucky if you do not get the four letter @#*^ words.

Teh Lam Pah.

Anonymous said...

When was loudspeaker invented?

It should be long after the founding of all major religions.

Anonymous said...

whatever it is, malaysia will never ever be as open minded like indonesian counterparts. for example the 'ALLAH' word issue, the christian there use it all along without any issue ... here ... confiscate here and there. malays will be malays ...

Anonymous said...

Religion had been merged with politics in such a way that we worshipped God through our political activities. Where our minds could not grasp a certain idea, we were coaxed through scripture. Where scripture did not bolster a certain notion, we were convinced through rational argumentation.

The result was a potent mix of political and philosophical stances seemingly justified by religious scripture with the aim of liberating the Muslim nation, or ummah, whose minds had been colonised. The result was producing young men and women who were prepared to give up everything for the sake of a political ideology and go to a religious paradise.

Anonymous said...

In one of our conversations, my indon maid told me there's a lot of freedom in indonesia; u can marry anybody of any religion u like, not like here in bolehland, a lot of problems after that. And u are talking about the world's largest muslim population country which does not impose restrictions to non muslims. I suppose this is power craze in bolehland...

Anonymous said...

dear house is located in a chinese majority area...and im a malay...every night at 10pm and above till midnite(without fail)...i will hear drums playing from the near by chinese i file a complaint???no...coz its ur religion rights to practice the drums for watever and FYI...there is no such thing as 4am prayer as our suboh prayer is at about 5.45-6am in the morning.... :)

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:10pm,

I pity you on your problem, just to mind you that there is no such 4am prayer in ISLAM. Please don't make up story, go complaint nicely to the imam.
No one will attack you if you say it nicely and with proper manner rite? Don't forget the people that have to live nearby the temple, don't talk about fairness if you can't be one..

chapchai said...

In Malaysia, I suppose if one complained of the deafening noise from mosque loudspeakers one would be accused of sedition?

Ho ho ho said...

Slowly and surely our brains have been washed until we dare not speak up for fear of being insentitive on the so-call sensitive issues. Is the coconut shell getting smaller or is it because that there are more people under the coconut shell. Guess what ? Ask around as to why is Sept 16 is going to be a national holiday. You will get answers like Satu Malaysia day, or some will say it is Malaysia day but do not know why is it call Malaysia day. Malu-betul. Shocking is that such responses come from both pendatang and the ori ones. This is betul-betul SatuMalaysia.

SameSame said...

This is also the country where Beyonce had her concert!

Its not all rosey there too but at least they do care about the 'other' yea. Unlike here where they make sure 'others' dont say a word against them (even if it is meant as good criticism)

Bet you now here (msian muslims) will make noise abt the report, if they have read it!

Aiyoooo.....what to say..(hugh sigh)

Anonymous said...

I'm a non-muslim. What Anon 1.10pm had gone through was exactly what I'm facing now. I'm staying in a muslim majority condominium with a vacant land by the side (when completed) where you now find a big mosque which has 'revolutionised' from a small surau over a span of 9 years.
The main problem I have to put up with is ... the loudspeakers on a tall tower structure are facing directly to my house on the 8th floor. Just imagine, how it would affect your life. Grrr.. It is really a nuisance, disturbing my peace and is instilling more stress to my daily life, driving me insane inded. Every each time the speakers shout the top notes I would close all my windows and doors and would full-blast my hi-fi set to drown this external massacre-ing sound. But for how do long I have to do this, uh?
Anyway, I'm moving out soon. I can't take it anymore and it's beyond tolerance as this kind of atomic sound will never give peace a chance.

Anonymous said...

In the morning fajar prayers sometimes iman wake up at 4.00 something and recites the Koran... until Ah E Le Mong.

Anonymous said...

Because of men's imagination, many things are invented. This include ideology.

A simple things can come in different forms based on your interpretations.

The person is power will eventually be able to make others follow his interpretion in the name of .... and will continue to abuse such 'privilege' to hold on to power.

Anak Mami said...

Is such practice a part of Islam Hadhari?

Anonymous said...

Why not using the technology to install a loudspeaker in every Muslim household for the purpose of calling for prayer?

Anonymous said...

malaysia hopeless la
iyah!!!, 'sai hei' la

1Ulama said...

UMNO pura-pura kaitkan Islam demi own pocket-lah.
Melayu, Cina, India dll semuanya manusia. Ultimately there is one same DIVINE so we just behave & let Hukum Tuhan (some called it Karma) to work the magic on UMNO hypocrites !
I have nothing against any religions btw, just UMNOputra hyprocrites !

Anonymous said...

Malaysia truly Asia ?
My foot

Anonymous said...

For all that I know - toleration or whatever term you wanna use only works one way. Try triple parking your cars at the church or temple every week. I bet you the police will have a field day summoning everyone. But it's ok every Friday to inconvenience everyone else. I'm not talking about those who park properly without distracting traffic - I'm talking about those who just dump their car in the middle of anywhere...what a joke.

ktteokt said...

I have always wondered whether Nabi Mohamed ever had a LOUDSPEAKER on top of his mosque those days! If not, whose idea was it to have one and contribute to the noise pollution. I think Islam is the only religion in Malaysia which wants everyone to know they are PRAYING and very pious!

If all of you remember, RTM those days used to "chop" off on going TV programmed just to air the Azan! Couldn't they arrange so that the Azan is immediately after or before the programme? This amounts to forcing the people to listen to the Azan!

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia...freedom of religion?? Non muslims were forced into the religion if they were to be married to a muslim..Unheard of in other muslim countries....

Anonymous said...

1malasyai should start learning!

Chan said...

I lived opposite a mosque years ago. I don't know about now but they did not have loudspeakers then. The call to worship (azan) was by the controlled beating of the "bang" (drum) depending on the time of the day and taking care that it does not disturb the neighbourhood.

Khairi said...

I'm a muslim. There are few things that I wish to highlight here:
1. Please do not comment about Islamic teachings if you do not understand the rationale behind the rules. I'm sure that you will be upset if I were to comment about your religion (and I've no intention to do so).

2.If you're unhappy about the mosque/azan, go discuss your problem with the Imams or the committee members rather than keeping the issues to yourself. FYI, in my area, we took great care to ensure that the azan would not disturb the community as Islam teaches us to respect our neighbours. There no point crying foul when you don't even take the initiative to discuss the issues. See them and explain your problem and you'll find that the imams are very accomodating.

3.Yes, malays are muslim but they're not necessarily good muslim. Do not blame Islam if you encounter egoistic/unaccomodating malay as I would not categorize all male chinese as pimps or all male indian as gangsters.Unfair isn't it, but that's what we feel when you're unable to distinguish good muslim and malay.

Chan said...

Reckless and inconsiderate parking of cars and lorries "the closer to the mosque the better" for Friday prayers is indeed irritating and speaks volumes about what the religion teaches its believers. In Seberang Jaya (Penang) they are even doing that right on the PLUS Highway. And the police just keep one eye shut!

Anonymous said...

Aiya!!! don't bother lah...enjoy your stay before they put you under ISA.
All rubbish ma.... give it to the chinese they will make noise also such as the wayang kulit.....dong dong
Just don't be UMNO, MCA and MIC or otherwise your thinking will be like all the commentators in your blog ma.....

betul betul ho liao ! said...

haiyaa ah seng, raju..why kepoh2 leh..for me hein, these days, people more and more dont have common sense lor..when u live in a place where there are majority of it are not from your race or your religion, one thing u should learn is using your common sense..

examples,in chinese area, u'll listen to gong music,have to wear a mask when it comes 'hantu day' at least once a year (when these people burn something) ,in majority indian area, there have all kelapa on the road (make a traffic jam) and also musics and the tong tong church's bell, etc etc..

i'll not complain all these 'pollutions' they make because i know its their religion..1Malaysia maa.. so must understand each other rite ?

this is the thing that differentiate between people that never travel outside Malaysia with people that travel outside Malaysia(no matter what races you are) learn lah how to use your common sense hein ah seng ? raju ?

i can gerenti you, if our future PM is not a muslim and he want ban the azan,there'll never be a problem to muslim..this happens to all european muslim out,go travel to learn using your common sense or work hard to be a future PM lorr

ok.peace. ^_^V

Datuk Papa said...

Unheard of in other muslim countries? You are dreaming...

Near my house was a wonderful new "taman" with a nice playground. In no time, a mosque sprout at the edge of the playground and now the playground is no longer in sight. Why can't the mosque be located at a more proper place... Come on...

I was told that the loud speaker announcement was to call for prayer (or sermon, too)? That was the old days when there were no clock or the like. Great. If we have internet and wireless and everything invisible now, why not making the call private in one's home? Question: do you think that will ever happen?

Mic invented by Christians? Cars, etc. too perhaps. Many things invented by Christians, too, then. What a nice statement there.

On Friday afternoon it is safest to park your car as you with the most minute likelihood of being summoned. Two reasons here; no prize for giving the right answers, my apologies.

No offend, my muslim friends. We respect your right to remain in your century old faith and cherish it (properly). My point is, so much of hypocracy in the community. True, Indonesia has its fair share of aggression towards the minorities, but the laws are not tilted towards a certain group albeit the majority and is put into practice, too.

By the way, do you guys enjoy the gratuitous sermon every Friday?

Anonymous said...

Islam Hadhari was a failure. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

I have got an idea. With the advancement in technology and wi-fi and such the gomen should install loud speaker in every muslim registered household. So when time for azan these speakers will only call upon those who profess and practice the faith. With that people of other faith will not get upset lah. BN can also make money by giving contract to the well-connected to do the installation. Malaysia Boleh in everything what.

1-2-3 Tembak said...

BERNAMA: Police have categorically denied that they engage in “shoot-to-kill” practices, with Criminal Investigation Department Director Datuk Mohd Bakri Mohd Zinin saying in all cases where criminals have been gunned down, the police were fired upon first.


Ha ha.

The criminals did not realise the police's '3 Minit' warning.
1-2-3 and you are dead!

Anonymous said...

Fact: Indonesia supply live 1000 pigs to Singapore daily for fresh pork. These pigs are then slaughtered in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I got 2 surau on either side of my house.

Call it Stereo effect?

Anonymous said...

1st Anony 1:10pm comment about noise starting at about 4:00am is true when several intermittent motorcycle roar in the extreme silent morning were heard for the imam and some guys gradual arrival one after another to prepare themselve before they switch on the loudspeakers at about 5:45am to start. My ears are now immune to these and could ignore them as part of my daily live, just like those who chose to stay beside the railway tracks or those living in the noisy towns.

Anonymous said...

That is the difference between a secular Muslim country and a fundamentalist one!

Anonymous said...

I have consulted some of my muslim friends. They are also upset regarding all these action taken. It is an action taken by the race, not the religion. The religion is at no fault. The religion has changed for the good, but not the malays. Most people who do stupid things are not the Muslims, but Malays. Change la u farking idiots. When any religion in the world is taken into extreme stage, then it is bad. And it is now taken to extreme stages by - you know who these people are.

Anonymous said...

Its ok what. Some chinese playing around with bang bang bang around midnight we never complained. Its a way for reciprocate each other laa

Anonymous said...


Azan cannot be delayed and cannot be brought forward. I hope you understand this.

Anonymous said...

I live in Taman Bukit Utama, Bukit Antarabangsa and am suffering the same fate as the first anonymous commenter. The quiet serenity we used to enjoy is now gone ever since the new mosque opened earlier this year. Especially the prayer at 5:30AM...which makes me think that whoever turns on the loudspeakers at that high-volume must be thinking all the residents are hard of hearing. One of my neighbors told me her baby wakes up crying every morning because of the noise.
Like the other religions, Islam is good. Unfortunately, in Malaysia there are some Malays who have this mentality of using Islam to show their dominance over the non-Malays. The slightest excuse can trigger extreme reaction by groups of so called "defendants of Islam". How else can you comprehend the demonstration by that cow's-head group at Shah Alam ?. The issue was just over the relocation of a Hindu temple. They justified their action by stating that the temple would be noisy and disturb the peace of the area. But blaring at top volume by loudspeakers of mosques (some are over-sized and underused) at 5:30AM is allowed all over the country.
When MP/ADUN Ms. Terasa Kok could be treated like a criminal through false accusations, what can ordinary people like me do, except to wait and hope some people will change their mentality?.

Anonymous said...

Here's one Muslim-Islamic response to loudspeakers in mosques:

Anonymous said...

Indonesia has a more moderate Islam than Malaysia.

bonkers said...

im a non muslim. 20 yrs ago we used to respect our muslim neighbors by turning down the tv volume and be silent when the neighbors are praying. Same like us, they respected us and we look out for each others house whenever one is not at home. Our worst nightmare started 10 yrs ago, i have shifted house 3 times due to suraus blaring thru loudspeakers. the loudest one was a surau equipped with loudspeakers fixed on a 10 metre pole right at the direction to my house. the noise just came down the airwell of my house and surrounded the living room in loud stereo mode, renderring any conversation or tv sounds inaudible. 5 times everyday. I think its really time to give loudspeakers a rest. we already have tv radios hanphones and internet. make use of it.

Robert Teh said...

I live in a racially-mixed area with at least a dozen taoist temples, half a dozen masjids and a few hindu temples - all within a kilometer radius.

Last night (for almost a week now) I have been kept awake till 12.30 am by loud techno music and bad singing (they sang 'Beat It' three times! in one night), blasting from gigantic speakers from a nearby Chinese temple. Mind you, I stay on the 12th Floor and I still get a blastful!

This 'free' loud music - compliments from the dozen nearby Chinese temples - plays till past midnight once every 2 or 3 months, when the temples hold their religious functions. Plus I get to hear Calls-To-Prayer from the nearby masjids a few times a day. I also hear temple bells from Indian temples but they are short and not very loud.

All these I accept with tolerance and reverence - although I am not what some people would call 'religious'. We all need to live life, somewhat philosophically, if we are to make this life journey worthwhile. Remenber mortal life is short and when the day comes for us to meet our maker, we go willingly and without a grudge for anyone. It doesn't make any difference if you do or don't carry this grudge with you on your death bed - you will surely not missed your date with your maker!

We can't possibly find heaven on earth - even the most 'righteous' of men or women have their flaws. But that's not a reason to accept mediocrity in life.

May God bless us all and this beloved country of ours - with all its injustices and imperfections.

Anonymous said...

For those that thinks Indonesia are much better than M'sia ..please ..please..please..get the hell out of here. stay there..then you will know that you can't even use your chinese name there, do you know that Rudy Hartono was a chinese?

Mumzzy said...'s too loud in the morning, hard to sleep leh.

big cat said...

apa lah uncle patrik ni.
ini punya posting not good for racial harmony la. Instead of making snide remarks about yr muslim brothers and sisters in this country, i think it is more productive if u suggest those who "suffer" from the azan to discuss their problem with the surau or masjid committee. Trust me, they are a sensible lot. They would not immediately send u to ISA la. Just talk nicely with them. Really, they will appreciate yr input and tone down. Trust me, they will. As for Indonesian muslims being better than Malaysian muslims, well, history seems to indicate otherwise. Any time that country got some major problems, the ones who will suffer first is the ethnic minorities. They got chopped up lah, raped lah, houses and shops burned down lah. Uncle patrick cant remember those ka? Come on la. Do be fair. Otherwise, I may be inclined to think that u r just another racist old man hiding behind the liberal viel like yr friend uncle bernard khoo aka zorro.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is any muslim in Malaysia will dare to say the same thing.

Ho ho ho said...

Ref Robert Teh's comments. I think everyone is trying to outdo each other be it a temple function, funeral, wedding, etc. Roads are being blocked, loud music, etc. Problem is that the authorities have closed the one eye and shut the other eye till the rot becomes rotten. When you start to pull the plug, it becomes a racial or religious issue.

patrickteoh said...

When I decided to post this item I knew that it would generate a lot of comments. And it has. I also knew that a lot of those comments would be by...
a) non-Muslims complaining about noise from nearby mosques.
b) Muslims complaining about noise from temples and churches.
c) Non-Muslims saying that Indonesian Muslims are more liberal than Malaysians
d) Muslims refuting that by bringing up Indonesian Chinese having to change names, be victimised at times of crisis etc.
e) Muslims and non-Muslims accusing me of being racist.
f) Muslims telling me off for insulting Islam.

All that has happened.

I would ask that before you comment again to read the post again. All I was doing was highlight an occurence in Indonesia which showed one aspect of a great religion. I never implied that Indonesia was better than us in any way. What I did want to do was to point out that the "authorities" in Indonesia allowes such a statement to be made and published. And wonder if such a thing would have been allowed by our Government.

Big Cat 5:21pm says that my post is "not good for racial harmony". Which I find very strange. If he thinks I am a closet racist what does that statement make him/her?

seow said...

I was in Jakarta yesterday and read that article in the Jak Post over breakfast. I was so pleasantly surprised that I brought the newspaper back with me to share it around but you beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

Let us just leave it to the fact that present Indonesian government is showing to the world they are willing to change for the betterment of all Indonesian and that they are moving in the right direction, one step at a time, starting with fighting corruption, stamping out religious extremism, independent judiciary, etc.

The Indonesian government does not need a 1Indonesia or "People First, Performance Now" slogans. I think the Indonesian government prefers to "Action First, Action Now". I know for a fact that the Indonesian President does not need to swear on any Holy Book to prove his innocence or mutter nonsensical unrealistic 9% annual growth for the next umpteenth years.

big cat said...

uncle patrick,
all i m asking from u was to be fair to muslims in this country. yr posting do seems to suggest that they are an intolerant bunch of people (i mean the last paragraph). at least that was how i see it. my suggestion is that maybe u should not incite people to post comments which may inflame racial hatred. be a bit more constructive. i, for one do agree that mosque and surau should not use the loud speakers to cause discomfort to non-muslims. it just that the way u post this one seems to be in such a way that it could turn our muslim and non-muslim brothers and sisters against each other. if u think i m a racist for that, so be it. anyway, thanks for the space. i will vist yr blog again if u let me. if u find me as being too offensive, then i would not. this is after all yr house n i always respect that.

patrickteoh said...

I say, Big Cat of course you're welcome to read my blog. My posting was never meant to suggest that true Muslims in Malaysia (or anywhere for that matter)are intolerant. But you must admit that in recent months, years our government, for reasons of its own, has chosen to adopt a hardline towards anything concerning the national religion in the name of protecting it or whatever. Yes, can we begin to imagine anything like that happening in Malaysia without some government-linked person/organisation/politician with an agenda demanding blood?

big cat said...

ok lah uncle patrick
maybe i misunderstood what u intended by yr posting n for that i offer my sincere apology. for a moment i thought u r one of those who enjoy hantaming my religion. too many of those people running around these days la. Pls excuse me for that because yr posting did not mention about the problems actually being created by the Islamic authorities or NGOs in this country. May be next time, u should be more precise on that one. Again, thanks for the space.

Kucing Kecik said...

Big Cat

Rilek lah brader!

Your message shows that you have a lot of guilt.

We rakyat respect one another until the 'berkuasa' tried to break us up with all those sensitivities talk.

I am a Muslim and aI share the same table with my non-Muslim friends who are eating non-halal food. My faith is strong and will not be affected by such trivial stuff.

I hope we learn to be less sensitive and appreciate other religion besides our own.

Again, hang loose brader!

ktteokt said...

Anonymous 1245, I know Azan times cannot be changed but can't they arrange the programmes to be aired?

Anonymous said...

just because we dont like najib and his clan that doesnt mean we have to oppose his idea for racial harmony and unity!!!!stay united and let us change the government. people power!


Anonymous said...

to Anon
3:41 PM

After the Suharto regime fell, the Indonesian Chinese are able to use their Chinese name if they choose to. Many revert back, most don't bother at all tho

Do you know that Indonesia' former State Minister for National Development Planning name is "Kwik Kian Gee"

big cat said...

dear kuching kecik,
thanks for the advise though i dont actually need it. i got no guilt in me with regards to this matter. u said u eat with yr non-muslim friends on the same table. well,thats good. since u brought that up, let me tell u that i am actually married to a chinese lady. she retains her chinese name to this day, still very proud of her chinese heritage and the chinese school and the taiwan uni she attended. And i got no problem with that. I only got problem if people are being careless about the sensitivities of others, and dont seems to appreciate the peace and harmony that we enjoy in the country all these while. cheers.

Siamese Cat said...

I don't understand what the fuss Big Cat is kicking about 'sensitivities'.

The government has already got their own laws to protect the sensitivities of one particular race. Yet still insecure?

Anak Kucing said...

Niamah blog is about hentaming the wrong and tokkok fellows.

If you want feel good (but may not be real), goto NST or Utusan for the propaganda to syiok sendiri.

kari ayam said...

patrick: u r such a bigmouth with an empty mind...

Anonymous said...

There is a surau located diagonally opposite my house. I called the local Islam affair officer regarding the volume of the loudspeaker of the morning prayers @ 5.45am, saying that it disturb us from our rest, especially during weekends. He has the cheek to tell me to makan ubat tidur.

Anonymous said...

NIAMAH!! To YOU Patrick. Oh! and HATE your acting too. You're not funny, you're acting stinks and everytime you appear in a Movie ppl will hold their breath waiting for the next scene without you appearing again.

Well might as well try blogging. Oh! did that too. Make it more sensational. BE Racist and intolerant to Islam. Then deny you did so, cause you meant something else! Now you're being a comedian.


big cat said...

siamese cat and anak kuching,
i dont think i should waste my time explaining things to u all. ppl like u all will only understand what i m talking about after this country have already gone up in flame.

Upin said...


Your blog has somehow hit the erogenous zone of those people whose sensitivities the government has been trying to protect with law.

Funny lah.

Anonymous said...

see lah for yourself the comments above. how to become better than indonesia like that? no class at all. say a bit marah. say a bit ask ppl to go to hell lah, ask ppl to go back china lah, parade cow head lah.. this and that lah...
Learn from the indonesians lah...farker

Anonymous said...

I can't help laughing out loud even in this wee hour of the day. This post is really funny and caught a lot of attentions and even all kinds of cat started appearing to share their views. I'm still laughing on while typing this comment. It really makes my day. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ......
Forever Niamah!!!

Ipin said...

big cat must haved watched 2012 and believed in the ancient mayan prophecy to say that 'this country have already gone up in flame'.

1Malaysia is all about racial harmony. Let's be nice to one another.

Kitty Cat said...

My Muslim friend told that that long before the invention of loudspeaker, the Azan is recited vocally by projecting his voice from atop a hill so that the entire village can hear the Azan.

Maybe our Historian KKK can help to confirm this.

Anonymous said...

Chapchai is correct. Do anybody remember the ISA jailing of ADUN Teresa Kok, the senior executive councillor for Selangor was accused of asking a Bandar Kinrara mosque, situated in the state seat of Sri Serdang — which neighbours her Kinrara constituency — to reduce the volume of its azan call last year, leading to her arrest and week-long detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

Big Cat advice "discuss their problem with the surau or masjid committee. Trust me, they are a sensible lot", is not true! Never do as Bug Cat says....

Snoopy said...

Pure facts & fantasy :
Indonesia has more FDI than Malaysia.
Obama to visit Indonesia and brings along trade business because Msia-USA free trade agreement can never materilaise with our present 'apartheid' policues.
Our 60K unemployed IPPT graduates can find jobs in Indonesia in 5 years time.
Wake up !!! Don't kena tipu lagi by mainstram propaganda.

big cat said...

totally agree with nice to one another...even if we r to disagree with each other. what so wrong with that? some of us may be level headed enough to take all the provocations in our stride but there are others (from both sides of the political divide) who will take every opportunity to create trouble. btw, tried to watch 2012 last night, but tiket dah habis. will try again tomorrow.
kitty cat,
i too think the azan should mostly be recited vocally like it used to be. U got it historically correct, that was how it used to be during Prophet Mohammad's time. No need to check with that KKK.

Anonymous said...

Niamah lo Patrick!
Indonesia so good meh???
Get the hell out of Malaysia then..wana start something so dangerous meh?
Wana see blood split??


Triple H said...

Here is a bit of history for our Ipod generation:

KKK used to be a football commentator (Luckily there was no ESPN then, else he would make a lot of noise on Football Focus, provided he is invited by John Dykes) for a local football magazine ('World Star Football', if I am not wrong) in the 70's.

I don't think he can play football, but he can tokkok alot. Nowadyas he is lamenting about the state of Malaysian football (post-Mokhtar Dahari era).

As you know the state of local football is so stink beyond the smell of rotten egg after no sponsorhip money from Dunhill. So KKK can no longer provide constructive comment in the football arena. Like I say, even local Astro Supersport never invite him as a football panel. And RTM still stick by Hasbulah and Rahim Razali.

The sad think is that he is now focusing on local politics. As a professor in a local U (not ranked in Top 100 of Times survey), he has been rewriting local history book for our SRP/SPM students, glorifying the accomplishmnet of you-know-who in his motherland of Malaysia.

Now he wants government to abolish vernacular school to achieve single stream education. maybe he has been used, I don't know.

I rather have him work for FAM to salvage any glory left of Malaysian football. Learn how J-League or Korean League can be so successful. Tell the history (rise and fall) of Merdeka tournamnt (the oldest football tournament in Asia).

In short, he is not welcome in the local political and educational scene.

Anonymous said...


I suggest you follow the format whereby readers must sign in to agree to be mature and not easily provoked whatever their sensitivity.

This will also save you from any liability.

By the way, I have jsut bought the Nov issue of 'Off The Edge'. RM6 well spent because of your Teohlogy article written from the Little Red Dot. The issue has very good write-up and interview with young DAP MPs - they are role models for all wakil rakyat. Incidentally tell Andrew Leci that I also enjoy his humor in his football article.

If you have RM6, don't spend on those frivolous entertainment magazine of comics, buy and read the November issue OFF THE EDGE. I got mine from MPH.

big cat said...

anon 11.50
teresa kok was arrested by that stupid syed hamid albar. the mosque committee members actually came out in her defence. dont pick and choose yr facts. instead, check ALL the facts. thats what i meant by not being careless when u want to talk about sensitive matters. u want to fight BN, thats fine with me, but pls do so without insinuating that all muslims are a bunch of intolerant ppl. If u want to accuse other ppl of being bigots and racists, make sure first that u yrself r not a bigot and a racist.

Meow meow said...


Better declare 'Correct, Correct, Correct' and 'Case Close' as one of your respondent is getting real restless.

We should now focus on the revelation of PI Bala.

CatFish said...

Big Fish or Small Fish, God gives us the brains to think, discuss and not to be too emotional.
There r relevant points raised by all in the forum, just b cool & relax brother.
Cuba pikir then we all grown to be more mature, whether we hv BN brains or Pakatan brain - semua otak anugerah Tuhan !

Puzzled said...

Teresa Kok already tasted week long in jail, will the mosque committee members actually came out in her defence remove the several days experience from Teresa mind? I do not want to be jailed for even 1 hour, so I better not seek any trouble with anybody or even BN and no discuss problem with the surau. Just keep quiet and endure silently to the prayers. Sorry Big Cat. No discussion here. You win!

Giant Cat said...

Big Cat

You should not accuse people of not having facts right.

We are living in a country where lies are abundance, it is only after Mar 8 (last GE) that those lies are exposed for the rakyat.

You have demonstrated the quality of persistance. I suggest you put to good use your passion in this aspect to educate the public of the wrongdoings of our YBs.

I hope you take this as a constructive feedvback.

big cat said...

meow meow - i think u r refering to me. no, i m not restless, just trying to put things in a proper perspective.

catfish - totally agree with u. i still believe that if we all malaysians can talk nicely with each other, even when we disagree with each other, something good will come out of it. better than cursing and running down each other.

puzzled - its not about who win or who lose. its about being rational and achieving a better perspective of things without prejudice. if u still persist on thinking that those mosque and surau committee members are useless to talk to, then there is nothing much i can say about it. That one u have to ask teresa kok herself for advice.

giant cat - thanks for the advice. i was not saying the anon got his/her facts wrong, its just that some of the facts were conveniently not there, making the posting sounds as if all muslims are an intolerant bunch. as of exposing lies of the YBs - yeah, sure, i ll do that, both those of BN AND the Pakatan ones. Both sides to me are not sinless.

mini cat said...

big cat

you are hereby appointed the leader of all cats of all creed to help Patrick to highlight the abuse of any YBs in the countries, regardless of their parties.

mini cat

Marco said...

Besides the loud speaker, the main road besides the 'masjid' has become a parking space during Friday prayer and causing massive jam around the city.

Father_of_all_Cats said...

All Cats,
Bottomline we want Malaysia prosper, good living standards with low crimes (including high level privileded corruptions!)
So stop arguing in the web, and vote for FAIRness (u know who in your hearts) to get rid of unscrupulous cronies & robbers of our national resources!
Faham ? mau saya terjemah kah ?

Banyak Rugi said...

I bought my home 15 years ago before any plan of the Surau existed on any map and home is just beside a football field. Nice place. Bought it for about RM200K, while bumiputra gets it for RM170K (Bumiputra price) Now the large since 7 years Surau had appeared on the field and I do want to sell this home to move out. Can not tahan the prayers. Sadly, no non-muslim wants my house too. Only muslim want it but but at Bumiputra's price. How can I sell and lost money? I need the money to buy another location (no surau around), so renting is not possible.

big cat said...

mini cat - thanks for the endorsement. even though uncle patrick n me r from the opposing political divide, i think we r all against corrupt ppl running this country.

marco and banyak rugi - as i told someone above, both of u should get in touch with teresa kok and get her advice on how to solve yr problem. i think u all will trust her advise better than if it come from ppl like me. i do believe she know how to deal with it.

father-of-all-cats - totally agree with u. lets make malaysia a better place instead of cursing one another and end up burning down this country with hate and prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Banyak Rugi

You can adjust to your environment to capitalize on the Azan.

Plan your life around the Azan:

1) Wake up time (free alarm!)
2) Time for afternoon break
3) Time for Dinner


Mama Cat said...

big cat

What's your political inclination?

Are you one of those jobless local graduate paid by the Kementerian to snoop around the bloggers?

You sounded like one.

Hukum said...

I remember Awie used to sing the song called "Hukum Karma" with Wings (not Paul McCartney's but famous local rock band). So GOD will punish those bad cronies and reward good ppl for sure.
I just hope Awie with his charismatic influence can sing "Hukum Karma" again, like unplugged version, in his next movie, for the benefits of younger generations.
Uncle Pat, possible or not let it be the theme song for "Baik Punya Cilok 2" or "Sumolah 2" ?

big cat said...

mama cat
since u asked, let me be frank. I m pro-BN but no, i m not an umno cybertrooper. i m not even an umno member. but i believe in what the party and the BN caolition stands for. i mean, i support their real principles. not those corrupt practices and abuse of power. i m against all that too. i became really pro-BN after the last general election. after i realise that the alternative is even worst than BN. thats how i see it. if u see things differently, then thats yr right n i respect that. i just hope we can agree to disagree without making things worse for this country. my wife who is a chinese supports dap and i got no problem with that. we argued about politics sometimes but never about our different racial background. to me politics should not be mixed with racial or religious matters. btw, i got a good job. i graduated with a law degree using my own money (no govt scholarship - i do odd jobs during my student days - my wife who was my gf then also helped me financially). i hope u r satisfied with my answer.

Anonymous said...

i think "Hukum Karma" featuring guitar work of Mat Kidal would be a blast !
Abang Adlin Shauki don't wait lah

Anonymous said...

Fathol Zaman Bukhari writes for Aliran:

Adapting Islamic values

Then the Iranian Revolution of 1979. From then onwards things began to assume a different dimension. Suddenly, menerap nilai-nilai Islam (adopting Islamic values) became the vogue. Nowhere was this most eagerly pursued than in the armed forces. Beer, liquor and intoxicating drinks once prevalent in messes were removed. Warriors’ Day became a tame affair. No more parades at cenotaphs (except at the National Monument). No more one-minute silence for the dearly departed. No more eulogies to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifices. And, worse, no more partying and merry-making. Soon all these became indelible memories to tickle our conscience.

Haram becomes the buzz word and is bandied about with halal and tak halal. Shaking hands with women not your muhrim (relation) is taboo. Showing of affection at public places is disallowed. Entertaining your non-Muslim friends is considered improper. Sales of beer in Muslim-dominated areas becomes an issue. A cow head is used as an instrument of contempt. Open houses have turned into spurious state-sponsored functions without definitive reasons other than to splurge. Moral policing takes centre stage. And a single mother awaits caning for consuming beer. The charade has reached such levels of idiocy that it makes a mockery of our very own existence. This happens when religion and politics interface and become one. Civility takes a beating.

Irreversible damage

Today, Najib is trying hard to relive the past by imploring the rakyat to co-exist as one. But will 1Malaysia ever thrive when irreversible damage has been done? Your guess is as good as mine.

CucuCat said...

Dear Big Cat
I worry for my "cucu" generations becoz we have lost out big times to many countries (don't compare with Africa nations pls).
When I graduated as Engineer with a pay of RM3K in the 70s, I could save up decently for a terrace 2-storey house and a Japanese car.
I late 80s, my son earned RM3K, a bit difficult but still somehow with odd supplementary jobs could buy a terrace single storey and a Proton Saga.
In 10 years time, i don't think my cucu with starting pay of RM3K can afford house or even a Proton car bcoz of high inflation and devaluation of Ringgit by then.
So, BN still a better alternative ?
Jangan maik Masak-Masak but pikir Masak masak.
btw, i am an independent bumiputra with a bumi wife who pro perpaduan era Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Anonymous said...

reply to Anon 10:58am

Starting work at 9:00am & to wake-up by the Fajr 5:47am is too early fir work but ok for making babies.
Ok for the Sunrise 6:58 wake-up call just to beat the traffic jam.

Some called afternoon break while we having small kids @ need afternoon naps getting mid-way woke-up by Asr 4:21pm.

Back home and using Maghrib 6:58pm for dinner is too late. Chinese usually have home dinner at between 6 to 7:00 pm, unless if eating out it's about 7 to 9:00pm

Watching home TV or listening to music will be mixed with background Isha 8:06 pm.

After all these years, we somehow get used to the sound that our adult ears gets immune and could ignore it comfortably. That is life in Malaysia no complains about these.........Somehow, I accepted sound knowing that it's a daily ritual.

big cat said...

dear CucuCat,
i do understand about yr worries. believe me, i do worry about those things too. i m fine if u want to believe that voting the pakatan is the answer for yr woes. as i said, its yr right. i,however, believe differently. despite our differences, i just hope that we all can do what is best for the good of our children. the political angle that we take should not really matter. if we want to see whats wrong on each other sides all the time, there will be no end to it. both sides BN n pakatan are actually the same. they r all just humans and politicians who are not free from worldly temptations. its just that u think the BN side is worst than the pakatan side, while for me its the other way around. in all this, i just hope that we can avoid from making things worst, like stirring racial and religious sentiments. no matter how u want to twist and turn it, running down other people's belief and ethnicity shouldnt be the way to provide a better future for our children.
btw, this is my last posting here. got some important matters i need to take care off. my many thanks to uncle patrick for the space. hope something good will come out of these exchanges between me and the other commentators.

Scooby Doo said...

big cat

BN has got noble principles.
But the corruption is so teruk.
Yet you still support?

time for change.
think for your children.

Putih said...

big cat

Anda dikurniakan satu isteri yang boleh memberi rahmat padamu dengan pandangan yang lebih berlainan daripada segala fahaman anda tentang BN. Ini adalah takdir Tuhan untuk anda.

Jangan sia-siakan peluang untuk memahami mendalam bangsa lain.

Keliru said...

Kenapa waktu azan saya nampak banyak orang Muslim tak sembahyang?

JAIS tak tangkap?

michael said...

Picked this up from a forum posting. :)

"Hey guys, I'm trying to build a portable EMP generator, which will be powerful enough to knock out (temporarily) my neighbors stereo (if he plays it on loud at midnight again). My setup is as follows: 8 330v 160uF Capacitors wired up in series. 8 330v charging circuits for the capacitors with their outputs in series wired to the capacitors through a switch. The 8 capacitors are wired up to a coil through a switch. The coil is made from 6 gauge wire (or a 1/16" copper strip) that is coiled 5 times. I would really appreciate any feedback because this is a fairly large undertaking for me, and i'm kind of nervous at working with over 2000v of electricity. Does anyone know if you can discharge a capacitor by throwing it into a swimming pool???"

But seriously, wouldn't a noise canceler work?

Dee Snider said...


This reminds me of the 80's rock song by The Twisted Sisters:

Come On Feel The Noise

which aptly describes what the situation.

anak cacing said...

big cat

demi menyahut seruan Deputy Eduction Minister, lain kali anda kena tulis dalam BM bgi ampu BN kaw kaw...

1ralat said...


Come On Feel the Noise is actually by Quiet Riot.

Twisted Sister sang WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT.

Either way, both songs reflect the issue discussed.

Anonymous said...

Chill guys, I’m an Indian and I use to live in Bandar Sunway PJS 7/13. And for those of you who know there are an Indian temple and a Chinese temple side by side. Every day at 7pm I’ll hear the bells ringing and drums playing at the Indian temple... and towards the night, I’ll hear drum rolling and dishes smashing for the lion dance practice at the Chinese temple... I myself felt that its rather irritating hearing the same melody everyday as I lived there for 7 years... but the fact is, we live in Malaysia with 3 races combined, we should give and take for the other. All the races prayer places do make their noises and melodies everyday according to their timing, but it’s just too bad we live right next door to them. It’s all about being open minded and respecting one another... cheers!