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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This just sounds so wrong. And funny osso!

No, no. We won't be volunteering for the tests. It's for the Rakyat.

Did you all see the headline story on page 2 of The Star yesterday? I only read it this morning before the maid tore it up to wrap the morning's marketing. The headline read ......

"Eyeing M'sia for trials"

And what were they talking about? Apparently, pharmaceutical giants are viewing Malaysia as an ideal location to carry out diagnostic and clinical trials for the global market! Don't you find that chilling news? I shuddered when I read that. Before I broke into hysterical laughter. I mean whoever edited that story must have a terrific sense of humour or was taking the piss out of the whole thing. Just read the story yourself. Everything is so wrong...

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said priority could be given to such value-added trials as Malaysia’s multi-ethnic composition represented a big portion of the global population.

“This also augurs well for Malaysia that aspires to be a successful global biotechnology hub,” he said, adding that the country had the competitive edge as it had the necessary resources.
The Prime Minister also said a powerhouse research centre would be established in Malaysia to promote research and development.

Najib said Malaysia has attracted 135 Bio Nexus companies with a total investment of RM1.51bil.

“These companies had recorded revenues in the excess of RM700mil,’’ he said, adding that they had also created more than 2,260 knowledged workers. (It's always about money, isn't it? - PT)

Bio nexus programme is a key element of the National Biotechnology Policy. (Did you know we had such a policy? - PT)

University of Aberdeen Institute of Medical Science lecturer Professor Anne Glover said Malaysia could serve as a one-stop centre for clinical trials due to its multi-ethnic population. (Yes our guinea-pigs are much more versatile than yours. - PT)
Alexandre F. Jetzer-Chung of Novartis International AG said Malaysia had a bigger potential as it had impressive information technology and medical facilities.

Oh thank you, Mr. Jetzer-Chung. I was beginning to think that you were only interested in us cos we have so many specimens for you to test with. Phew!

Oh by the way, aren't guinea pigs HARAM? Pigs ma.



Anonymous said...

"Malaysia as an ideal location to carry out diagnostic and clinical trials for the global market!"

Jesus! I almost choked on my pork chop reading this...

Felt like a this is taken out of a game called 'Resident Evil'.


patrickteoh said...

A pork chop at 11 in the morning? Early lunch is it? :-) Sorry if I made you choke. I was surprised that the post got a comment within a minute of posting. Thanks for dropping by, Nat.

Anonymous said...

Hello PT,
There are many types of pigs; stupid, dirty,snobbish,intelligent,corrupt..etc etc.
Malaysia have all of them mah!

Anonymous said...

Of course the PM will not undertake the test cos he wants to lead us by the nose. While on the basis of carrying out the trial he will be feeding us with some sort of pills which will enable him and BN to control the raayat mah. You dno't know meh.

Frotten Fishhead

Zombi Kpg Pisang said...

Malaysia multi-racial mix population has been sold by Najib as a guinea pigs for drug testing.

You can try the drugs on people of any skin color!

Rakyat didahulukan!

Awang Risiko said...

Najib is deperately trying to improve the economic indicators of bolehland so that he can face the next election.

He is trying desperately to woo investment/fdi from all corners of the earth. Now he is subjecting the rakyat to be the guinea pigs for new drugs development!

The world has come to know that he is a murderer that cannot be trusted. Also the corruption index of bolehland is at all time worst!

Even the Iskandar guy has resigned.
I think the MB Ghani is the culprit that need to be replaced for his poor performance all these years. Ghani is trying to wag teh dog by claiming that Malaysia's Malaysia is against the Federal Constitution.

While najib is trying to woo back lost talents, more and more capable malaysians are migrating.

About time for him to abolish the NEP and let the more competent people run the show regardless of race or religion.

Anonymous said...

NIAMAH!!! PATRICK YOU SUCK BIG TIME! Even your face looks like a pigs ass. You and your blog is pathetic. Hail GOD of Communism LIM KIT SIANG MALAM!

Spongebob said...

With the Legoland and Hellokittyland at Iskandar, more children will come to Bolehland.

The children cannot gamble.
They will grow up to be Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train.

Speaking of train, the children can also take a joy ride on KTM's newly acquired 2nd hand 20-year old overpriced Spanish Choo-choo train from Iskandar to PKFZ to learn how corruption is practised in Bolehland.

nstman said...

After reading the shit from the star (boy, believe me, it was a mouthful), i went straight to the loo to unload. Boy, it was a cathartic experience. All the shit was unloaded in double quick time. Now I feel very sifoksai. Tiuniamah ka sifat.

Cukup Boleh said...

Those people who curse Patrick are theose who cannot accept the reality and prefer to be in the slumberland of BN to syiok sendiri.

Be brave. Run as an independent candidate in Ipoh. We will support you.

Niamah kaw kaw to Anon 11:57 am

Babi lover said...


The mention of Pork Chop made me salivate big time!

Have you tried the KL's Char Siew recommended by Axian in his Astro AEC show?

Anonymous said...

najib joined facebook.

Let's lik him to all Mongolians...

Anonymous said...

Hello nstman

I will learn yoru method.
next time read star before I go to jamban. Can save money on Eno.

Ravin P said...

Huh Nat you're strange fellow not only pork chops at 11:00 but you signed off your Anonymous reply as Nat.Mmmmmmm..... duh.
Anyway those numbers are really strange 135 companies investing 1.5billion averages to about 11 million/company. Revenues is about RM700 million which is about 5million/company. Meaning (with lotsa leeway) about 5million in revenue for about 10million dollars in investments. What are these dudes selling ah coke, heroin, ... or what ah. All the other quotes are just talk kok only in Malaysiabolehland style too just as warm as my flatulance.
G'day Patrick.


Anonymous said...

Yes Patrick, Run as an independent candidate in Ipoh. Cukup Boleh will support you. They need an independant dirty old man who's also a Radio Dj cast-off and low-grade actor to champion them and plant another 'Democratic tree'.

patrickteoh said...

Sorry la Anonymous 1:28PM being an orang cacat I can't run. And low grade actors can't stand a chance against seasoned award-winning BN thespians. Errr...what's a Radio Dj cast-off? Democratic tree? I thought trees were apolitical.

Anonymous said...

facebook pak najib di sini

recent status update
NajibRazak: With my Facebook page now live at, I'd love to read your thoughts on it and how I can make it better.

make the page better, not the country.

he also got twitter one.

amoker said...

Did u recall the clinical trial on a GM modified mosquito that is suppost to eat the malaria mosquito? It was to be released in one of the islands in Malaysia, thinking that mosquitos can't fly. It is only after someone brought that rationale up and it got media attention that the government quietly say that they are reconsidering. Not sure if that did happen...

joenathan said...

I dont think this is a bad idea,infact it is an opportunity for the local researchers(if there are any)to to take advantage of.

Maybe our space tourist maybe interested,I heard he had lost his space research specimens.Betul kah?

Sokong said...

Dear Anonymous 1:28PM

If you call Patrick a cast-off DJ, then I feel very sorry for you.

Today we have many FM stations but the DJs are syiok-sendiri type. No fight for Patrick (those days in AM, not FM) especially in the EMI program and Kee Huat Fantastic Facts on Sunday. Maybe you are still a half-formed sperm at that time.

If you have a low opinion of Patrick's artistic ability, then blame it on those low-class local Malay movies.

When Patrick works in singapore, he get the due recognition. Can you name me any of the local TV 'ikon' who get nominated in Asian TV awards? Enough said.

Anonymous said...

The Selangor government has declassified an investigation report on the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide which was released by the Public Works Department to the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ).

Hannah said...

For those who are uninitiated, Niamah is not a vulgar word.

Let me explain:

'Nia' = Your

'mah' is an acronym for "Malaysia As Home"

Put together, Niamah means "Your Malaysia As Home".

Patrick would agree with me. I ahve seen his blog entry. It is all about (our) rakyat's feeling about our home Malaysia. Some may not like it but patrick has the guts and balls to speak the truth that many dare not speak about.

kate said...

Dear Anonymous 1:28PM,
u must be one of those frog under the coconut shell types - don't know, don't comment lah! Fool!
Patrick-Yasmin Yusuf combi is unrivalled in the current radio dj scene - tau tak!
Patrick, on his own, was one of THE most entertaining djs around, then n now. That kind of quality is sorely missing today - so go elsewhere with your ignorance n stupidity, dumbass!

Anonymous said...

Sure can, resources can come from macc, isa detention camp mah! Easy la...As long as the puteras get the money, why not ? wakaka..

Anonymous said...

Dear Sokong,


Just want to know what 'Asian Award' was Patrick nominated for?


Anonymous said...

Kate thanks for enlightening us on Patrick's radio DJ past. All this time we thought he's just a pile of shit.

Thank you Kate.

Anonymous said...

What we need in Malaysia is independent thinking, for those who keep cursing on other people without strong reason and common sense, what are you trying to avoid/hide? your days are numbered, keep sleeping in the bag and you will be wiped out.
To PT, I love to read your blog, you opened up my mind in every posting, keep that up!

chapchai said...

Africa tends to be the home of drug trials for Western companies. Anyone who has read The Constant Gardener by John Le Carre will appreciate the chilling consequences of these drug trials, oftentimes carried out on peasant folks in rural areas. How low can Malaysia go!

Mr Krabb said...

I agree fully that the KTM's 2nd hand (max speed 80 km/hr) train will be a good advertisement for the Iskandar's kiddy's theme park.

Sgt Hassan said...

Musa Hassan said those who questioned police action in shooting suspects should consider whether they wanted to support those who upheld the law or the criminals.

“If the criminals become aggressive, we are forced to act. They should surrender if they do not want to die. We do not want our personnel to be shot first,” he said.

Moral of the story:
Better surrender whether or not you think you are right.
Polis 1-2-Tembak! to meet KPI

jue said...


love your answer to Anon 1:28pm. i think Anon 1:28pm tersesat jalan kot.

Anonymous said...

Basket, I do not believe a word this PM says until he sues the French Liberation newspaper. Please do not treat us as guinea pigs, how much $$$$ was offered to you??

donplaypuks® said...

If we are not careful we will become like Africa, the guinea pigs and dumping ground for USA and Europe's phatmaceutical experiments gone wrong!

Instead of embarking on national programmes to encourage a better diet and exercise regimes from the very young onwards, we seem to be happy to ape the West's pill popping and drug reliant culture.

It's just nt worth it!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

patrickteoh said...

Anonymous 5:43 PM, damn good comeback. LOL...

Chan said...

They should carry out the diagnostic and clinical trials on the umno leaders ... kutty call this "kepimpinan melaui teladan". This is becuase the umno flers always wants to lead-mah ... that is only right.

Anonymous said...

Aiii-yoh! Why you all so short memory one. All these AMNO got no brian, what they do is make a trip to the little red dot and then come back with big "idea". Where they get the big "idea' from...think! Bio-tech aready moving to fourth gear now in Singapore, after the Apec meeting he pick up something and bring back to show that he got brian. Look around how many of the thing are copy from the little red dot called Singh Ah Por! They got CPF, we suddenly got EPF....they come out with a one dollar coin...we also got one dollar coin, same colour same more....They got the best airport... we also built one but in the middle of palm oil plantation....etc.

easy mah, no need to use brian, all the fomula already tried and work in the brain smart south... pay them a visit and take whatever to introduce to us. Sure boleh one.

Anonymous said...

With all the pros and cons of vaccination for H1N1 more cons than pros and the arguments especially side effects Malaysia has got the vaccines and starting the exercise soon. My children would not be "jabbed" for heaven's sake.

Anonymous said...


I bet that 1Najib must have promised the pharmaceutical companies that they will plenty of human guinea pigs to trial the pharmaceuticals drugs. I believe he was referring to his own 1UMNO bunch of idiots as the guinea pigs.


Anonymous said...

The only thing they need to cure are those currupted b*stards!

Anonymous said...

Once a goon, always a goon !

Haiya ! Leaders these days are so damn louya !

1Niamah !

Anonymous said...

if the purpose to produce world class drugs by world class pharma companies im all up for it cos this will save a lot of cost and lift the burden on the rakyat. Sori pat, let me enlighten u. Its normal for a pharma company to test their drugs on human cos it has been going on in countries like US and Europe. Normally they would run the test on animals like rats then will only move on to humans after they have gather sufficient data. For those who are willing to volunteer themselve for the clinical studies will have to be checked whether they are suitable to be tested and need to sign a form stating they are doing it at their own will.
But what i dont understand is there are also much bigger pharma giants that choose to set up in Singapore. Rumours has it that the m'sian government imposed big taxes that pissed them off. So it defeat the purpose of making good drugs at cheaper prices. As if the price of drugs nowadays are not expensive already. really niamah this one

Ho ho ho said...

Patrick is not only known for the EMI and Kee Huat Fantastic Facts and Fancies programs. He had many others like Coca-cola Its the real thing, Cathay Pacific. To go back further, some of you may still recall Redifussion, the on-line radio (I mean the wire cable -lah) which Patrick started his career. The current DJs cannot compare with Patrick. I used to listen to Radio Malaysia (english channel) every morning while driving to work when Patrick and Yamsin were hosting the breakfast show. Now that they call it Traxx Radio but I lost track.

Anonymous said...

PM, you're one hell of 'SMART GUY'. Well done, it's like saying you are inviting strangers to your home to molest your kids and wife. How wonderful? Dumbfcuk!

YES to inviting foreign companies to carry medical test on MALAYSIAN subjects. We've lots of useless fcuks as guinea pigs. Use those lousy graduates, rempits, low lifes, despatch as subjects. You're such a compassionate dude by saving their future pains of becoming total dumbfcuks, maids, drivers, servants etc.

1billion said...

semua jadi guineababi kerana u mesti ada RM1 billion untuk masuk kapal angkasa ala movie "2012".
Untuk dapat RM1 billion, sila memohon untuk jadi kroni UMNO di setiap bahagian.
Sekarang jangan bina plalace lagi tapi simpan duit untuk pergi ke kaal angkasa yang senang dibina di perairan Perth & Afika Selatan.

moo_t said...

Anonymous 12:10pm
It sound reasonable, but lack of a firm standing ground.

Clinical trials are NEVER safe. Your claim on the clinical trial happen in US/EU but hide the details. In those country, early human clinical trials are done on paid "volunteer". Some of this trials end up volunteer with failure organ. And we haven't take into account on high failure vs success trials for each medicine synthesis from the lab.

If that happens to tight regulated country, I cannot imagine how country like Malaysia can stop the mass guinea pig test.

Anonymous said...

NAZA is diversifying into construction?

Got AP in construction?

Anonymous said...

ha ha

Pastinya GST tax rakyat kaw kaw!

Anonymous said...

I'm 100% sure that the H1n1 vaccination is a test as well