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Thursday, December 31, 2009







Barney & Friends said...

Happy New Year to you and your family, Patrick.

Yes, all of us should make 2010 a better year for ourselves despite all the shit that BN has thrown at us in 2009.

One important thing to do in 2010 is to register yourself as a voter if you are eligible but has yet to do so. Please do so early in order to be eligible for the next GE. We will jointly kick the BN @#$ out of Puterajaya.

Justice League said...

At least 2009 ended with a good news ...

In a landmark judgment, the Kuala Lumpur High Court presented the Catholic Church a belated Christmas present by ruling that the Home Ministry’s blanket ban on the use of the word ‘Allah’ is illegal.

Allah is on our side.

Messi said...

Happy New Year to all.

Here is something for all to ponder.

My friend & I both graduated from the same local university this year. Both of us got a job this year as an engineer in MNC. He is working in KL earning RM2500 while I am in Singapore with S$2450.

We were talking during Christmas, about the first car we want to buy with our starting pay.

Here is what I told him about the price of Toyota in Singapore:
1) Vious 1.5 J Auto - S$50,4888
2) Altis LX I S$62,488
3) Camry 2.0 - S$92,488

Question I have for you is, which one of us has a better chance of owning a Toyota with our pay in the respective country?

Bottom line is I will not be able to afford a Toyota while working in Malayia. Is it a conspiracy of NAP for us to buy Proton?

michael said...

Happy New Year, Uncle Teoh !

MUSAng Hassan said...


What's your top 10 niamah events of the year of 2009?

hj jamaludin said...

Bismilah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim
Good Year 2 u 2 ,Patrick Teoh.
Do the Government have ASS?

ktteokt said...

Happy New Year Pat! Hope to hear more news from you in 2010! Cheerio!

ktteokt said...

Happy New Year Pat! The date on your article looked more like BINARY to me! Anyway, hope 2010 bring joy and happiness to everyone in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...


You need to be more specific, lest you offend the Buddist, Hindus and of course the Muhammadians.

YouR wish should be written as follows:

Happy New Year


Anonymous said...

My hope for 2010 is Niamahless Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


ingat saudara/i. tolong sebarkan peringatan ni.

sama-sama kita kuburkan umno pru13 kelak.


sheon said...

Happy New Year to you & family too Patrick.

Brilliant blog. Lets help straighten Malaysia up!

Lee said...

Happy new year sir!! :D:D:D

rick said...

good one, hj jamaludin ... no wonder they're full of shit !

Anonymous said...

I sincerely wish you all the best in the new year. May you have the strength to teruskan perjuangan Niamah anda.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Pat to you & your family.It was a great 2009 blogging with you! Cheers!

Puzzled parent said...

Happy new year with a rude shock when I went to my daughter's primary school in JB. For confidentiality sake, assume my daughter's name as Lynne Ho Sau Ling. We do know the Chinese regards the family's name "Ho" highly, it's real rude when the class teacher registered her as Lynne A/P Sauling. After paying the bills, she still does not know my daughter's correct name. If Sieto is 5 characters long, and A/P is 3 characters, how many characters is in HO?

Previously I wrote about a nurse in a Government Hospital calling out Ho Sau repeatedly while we were standing just about 5 feet away. Took us a few seconds to scan our heads around if that is some one else's name. Besides we used to call her Lynne. After several calling our Ho Sau, we finally responded and was met with a scolding for not responding fast. Hei, in the first place no chinese called their child's family name and middle name like Ho Sau.

Lastly is the award certificate from the school that printed Lynne Ho A/P Patrick Ho.....@#$%^&* what is this? This certificate does not tally with her birth certificate or school official registration name.

Anonymous said...

Dear Justice league,

Don't jump to conclusion just yet. There is still the Appeals Court which can easily overturn the decision.

It has happened before. It can happen again.

Anonymous said...

Very soon we will only be allowed one type of greetings:


This is Najib's legacy to end 'RAHMAN' legacy.

LongLiveNiamah said...

Register as a voter and please check your status! dont get yourself registered as a phantom voter.

Thats what happened to me on polling status was not registered...

further checks showed im registered somewhere in KL whereas im living in IPOh...dam...really niamah

Anonymous said...

happy new year.

please visit to know what's brewing in Tabung Haji.

Disgruntled said...

BN in the new year.

I am not talking about Barisan Nasional.

I am talking about Barang Naik!

Roti now 5 sen more for every 100gm.

Gula increases 20 sen per kilo.

Furthermore, my RM has dropped in value.

The interest rate is so low.

A retired man like me must start the new year looking for a job, else how to survive?

Rakyat didahulukan?

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Patrick and family. From Dennis.

kingtut said...

Happy new year to you and your loved ones too!

Sigh said...

Happy New Year to all.

I am a retired teacher and my savings is not enough to support me since the savings interest rate is so ridiculously low while basic goods have one by one increased in price. I have to opt for a cheaper brand than Gardenia bread. My 2010 resolution is to stop buying sugar. The thought of GST made me restless. Now I don't buy local papers to save cost and to spare me from those propaganda, Soon there will be no demand for me to give Science/maths tuition in English.

Perhaps I could try my luck as a BTN lecturer, although I may be disavantaged for the obvious reason.


Anonymous said...

If the bureaucrats insist on calling Lynne Ho Sau Ling, Lynne A/P Sauling,( what happened to the "Ho"-dah ?) shouldn't we then be calling you Patrick A/L Teoh?
1-Malaysia -mah! We intergrate all the races and we begin with the names.

Anonymous said...

Tell me if this is true...

I am not a muslim but I greet some muslims asalualaikum.

They in turn greet me with a kum only. They say because I am not a muslim I don't get the full greeting!

Is this true?

Muslims are misers even with their greetings?


Ho ho ho said...

Since the gomen is so adamant to collect RM 5o for every credit card that I have, I am pissed and I will definitely vote them out. Just because of RM 50 only. This is how I will kiss their ass for not listening

Big NIAMAH for gomen ass

not nstman said...

How to have RM36 a month?

Just don't subscribe to NST and you will have RM36 to offset the price increase!

bukumuka said...

Joke of the day:

PDRM joining Facebook.

So don't fool around in Farmville.
Our polis got their avatar there!

gomen-O said...

From now on you cannot blame gomen if you are obese.

Please consume less sugar.
Make it kopi-O, Teh-O, Kuih-O, Kek-O all the time.

Have a healthy new year!

Anonymous said...

Like I say Pat it is not going to be batter , 2010 , 2011 and so on as long as we have robbers in charge we get shit.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrik,

I,m is an OKU guy, fo me either it is a new year or any year its just a year. No new thing same likes others day. Sitting in my chair and waiting for god to take my life... But since i always read your article in the niamah blog i would like say to you. HAPPY NEW YEAR. So harga gula naik 10 sen seua barang naik ma...

From orang melaka...

pit bull said...


Kalau polis nak campur tangan dalam politik,
Lebih baik letak jawatan dan tanding dalam pilihanraya
Inilah cara yang paling sesuai.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year 2010! Patrick, best wishes to you & family.
You have done us all great favours in 2009 for kicking all the government bureaucratic assholes!
Please also salute our dear fellow Malaysian, RPK, despite the entire machinery/finance of BN gomen(AG,IGP,MP & all) against him, he still kicks their assess kow-kow. To all the fearless Malaysians, continue with the revolution in 2010! Cheers.

The Muppets Boy said...

Aslkm,helo...nice blogging erk,erm please visit my blog and jangan lupe linkkan sekali blog ni,ok thanks n bye

Anonymous said...

Barely 2 days into new year, umno is coming up with its 'silver bullet' i.e. the appeal court to overturn Allah ruling.

Mak Setia said...

Najib engaged APCO (consultant) to devise the NKRA masterplan to win votes. Only another 2% gain of votes will regain BN the two-third majority.

Please vote wisely, don't be fooled by the grandiosed propaganda. if you think carefully all the 1malaysia and NKRA talk would not make your life better, instead you pay more now and still facing more crime. Statistics in NKRA can be fixed easily to make BN look good. Don't believe anything you hear or read from mainstream press. Visit Niamah blog regularly to neutralize the effect of propaganda.

Please register early to be eligible for voting. Najib may call snap election anytime.

God bless us.

Anonymous said...


I watched on Biz Talk on Astro last nite where Ernie (the talk-big self-made motivational guru of Malaysia) has set up a studio and he mentioned you are involved.

Any comment?

Anonymous said...

Read this:

renoma said...

The Catholic Church is not against Muslims or Islam. They are merely asking that their long held practice of calling God in Bahasa by the name they have been using for centuries not be stopped.

It is the politicians who went on the offensive against the Christians when they started banning the use of 'Allah' by Christians (and confiscating Bahasa Bibles and materials) thus seriously affecting BM-speaking Christians who have grown up calling God 'Allah'.

Anonymous said...