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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

9 working days


A True Story

Year: 1990
Location: Waverly, Iowa, United States of America
Objective: To get a phone and phone service for my daughter's dormitory room in college.

Me: Hi, good morning.
AT&T: Good morning, thank you for calling AT&T. How may I help you?
Me: Errr...I would like to get a phone line for my daughter's dorm room in Wartburg College..
AT&T: Yes of course sir. May I please have the dorm and room number and the subscriber's name and credit card number?
Me: Errr...okay it's XXXXX and her name is XXX and the credit card details are XXXX AT&T: Thank you and may I just put you on hold for a second?
Me: Thank you.
(15 seconds later)
AT&T: Sorry to keep you waiting, sir. It's all done you may commence using the service in an hour. Thank you for choosing AT&T.

Then I went with my daughter to the local supermarket. Picked up some groceries and a made-in-Malaysia handset. Went back to the dorm room, plugged it in the socket. Voila! There was her phone line. Working. All done in less than an hour.

Seque to the present. Yesterday actually.

Year: 2009
Location: Kedai TM Point, Ampang Point, Ampang, Selangor.

Objective: To effect a change of address for my telephone line and Streamyx service.

Me: Selamat pagi.
TM: Ya?
Me: I am moving from Ulu Kelang to PJ and I would like to move my phone line and Streamyx.
TM: Where in PJ?
Me: Errr...yes it is at XXX
TM: Sana ada coverage ke?
Me: Errr...I think so because it is a condo and many people I know there have Streamyx service.
TM: Wait ah I check dulu. (clicks away at the computer) Errr...takde la.
Me: How can? I am sure I know people there who use Streamyx.
TM: You got any of your friends phone numbers?
Me: Huh? Errr...sure I can give you this one. XXXXXXXXXX
TM: (clicks buttons again) nak pindah ke sana ke?
Me: Yes.
TM: Kena isikan borang ini.
Me: (fills out form)
TM: Okay, you will have to pay RM50 for the re-location. But don't worry we will bill you in the next statement. Also you need to pay RM30 for the contractor to come and check your line.
Me: But it is a condo there are installed lines already.
TM: Ya but still the contractor need to come and check see if got service.
Me: Errr...okay. I am planning to move the day after tomorrow. So when will the service be available at my new house?
TM: 9 days time. Working days ya?
Me: What?! Why?
TM: You apply today so today memang tak boleh la. Then we will inform our contractor within 3 working days. Then the contractor will take minimum 3 working days to go to your place and check. And then they will inform us within 3 working days. So total 9 working days la. Tu je.
Me: Errr...
TM: Anything else I can help you with?
Me: Errr...terima kasih ya?

So friends, there will be no sound from me la for the next 9 days cos I'll be at the new house waiting for the contractor to come and check. Sorry ya.



Anonymous said...

Wow! I mean WOW! Whatever you want to say about the US foreign policy, its "money first" healthcare system and "superpower" mentality, you've got to hand it to them with that.

Oh well Pat... go for the wireless broadband la...

As the ad says, "cut, cut, cut".



patrickteoh said...

When I posted this I knew that before long somebody would tell me to go wireless and refer to that Potong ad. Thanks Anonymous 1:52pm but I tried that already. They may say potong this and that but when I called them all I got was...

"Oh there ah? There no coverage la."

And not I am not out in the boondocks. I am a stone's throw from The Curve, IKEA, Ikano etc.

No coverage. So potong also cannot. 9 working days ya?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you do the 'Namewee TNB' thingy. I can hold the camcorder for you... :)
- sengkeat

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you do the 'Namewee TNB' thingy. I can hold the camcorder for you... :)
- sengkeat

patrickteoh said...

I admire Namewee tremendously, Anonymous 2:07pm. BUt to do what he does you need talent. I don't have that kind of talent.

Tiger said...

Oh, you're in DP. So many condos there, you miss the Singapore scenery, issit?
Btw, yes, the infrastructure is bad there.
Take lah one of the celcos' packages, the unlimited package is much better than Streamyx, plus it's mobile broadband.

Anonymous said...


peng said...

I just want to share my ORDEALS with TM...

Incident no. 1 - change of subscriber name:
Despite filling up a form to transfer the subscriber name from X to Y, the following month's bill still reflected the old name. Upon checking with the TM office, they inform me that no change was effected!

Incident no. 2 - application of new streamyx account (using a new service number), while maintaining the old account:
TM pandai-pandai transferred the old account to the new service number - the screw-up was only corrected after several calls to 100 and 2 visits to TM.

Incident no.3 - application for a call transfer service :
TM pandai-pandai permanently set a call divert for my number. The funny thing is, I did not provide a number for them to divert the call to..! Again this screw-up was only corrected after several calls to 100 and 2 visits to TM.

Incident no. 4 - application to change telephone number :
Although the new number was already in service, the old number was not terminated (even though we called TM 100 to highlight that). Subsequently we were charged RM45 twice. Again, it took several calls to TM 100 and 2 visits to TM to correct the screw-up.

And for public information, all these screw-ups came from one TMpoint - Sunway Damansara!

Anonymous said...

Telekom just another Jaguh Kampung- at home court always boast they are #1 in this n that.

But when you benchmark them against other telcos, it would be shameful to mention it on paper.

I hope someone will benchmark the services of our jaguh kampung with those of Singtel; Telekom bites the dust when compared to AT&T!

Princess said...

How 'efficient'...

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Boleh ......Always.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience as you 2 years ago. Only thing was I was moving from a road in BU6 to another road also in BU6. They also told me no line, but when I told them that my present line and number can be kept they changed the story to no connection cable to the junction on that part of BU6 that I am moving to. After making several calls to different TM departments, they found that the connection was there after all. Just that no one updated the information on the computer.

Anyway, just wait 9 days ya. Meanwhile you have your mobile and wifi spots all around. Cheers.

art harun said...

Congrats Pat,

Nine days! Quite an achievement. Let's celebrate at La Bodega.

Anonymous said...

why do you go live in America....he he he....just joking lah....we won't be able to cope with our government without you here....cheers

Janvier said...

Apples to apples, will your TM phone line be ready within a day? :)

Not only you have to wait 9 days thereabouts for your Streamyx to be fixed up but you'll also have to wait for the contractor to come over to your place, check whether there's lines for you to fix up your Streamyx line, and the contractor might also talk to you about 'faster methods' heh.

Anonymous said...

I know, I had similar service! I registered for the streamyx combo last month and they told me 3 days. Despite me calling over and over again and the fact that I visited the TMPoint that registered me everyday, it took a week. This was after I finally threatened that I'd lodge a complaint with the MCMC and demanded that I get transferred rather than wait for a senior manager of '100' to call me back because their frontline is a bunch of buffoons!

Finally I got my line, but it's been a month and my case is still pending with regards to frequent disconnection.

To Top it all off, the bill came in advance of the service and it's more than the RM110 that was advertised. Should I complain about misleading the customers with hidden costs and wrongful advertising or whatever it's called?

I complained abt the billing issue and the girl had the cheek to tell me that it's gonna take 1-3 months to sort that out after my complaint is resolved. So I told her if that's the case, I'll pay in 1 - 3 months and I'll make a big hue n cry if they disconnect me coz it ain't my friggin fault they're soooo inefficient!

Now I know why NameWee can get so pissed off! Although I think he went overboard with the TNB thingy, I'd support him with TM anytime!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia boleh, GLCs run by idiots, SIGH!

Anonymous said...

Talent ?

Tiu niamah boh

Patrick style.

1TungguLamaLama said...

... another 1Malaysia Boleh program?

Today, when many things are available at a click of the keyboard, we are moving backwards with red tape. Now, is this due to the new KPIs that to be implemented???

Anonymous said...

Patrick, the 9 working days is because of that they will have at laest 9 Niamah free days..

Roti Janai said...

biasalah... streamyx got problem tht time i call 1-300 number, i rather hear the service tergendala announcement than talk to the operator.

Fed Up said...

That is how the rakyat are being 'milked' and somemore with that kind of turtle-paced service!What can the rakyat do? I suggest we vote out the present government and tell the new govt we want value for money.

Gratitude said...

Pat, you had it good already la since at least, the TM person was courteous. We unfortunate ones had to wait 6 months, reason....takda line! WTF!

Anonymous said...

Just remember my wife went to Kedai Telkom to change a Local Call plan to another cheaper plan and was given a free cordless phone.

Not bad but the Telkom staff has to check and change the details.To change the data in the system took a long time and he said " Memang ini streamyx sangat lambat"

My wife said In Indonesian " Kalau streamyx bapak punya lambat di Kedai Telkom Bagaimana boleh cepat streamyx di apartment saya"

You see the telkom staff cannot tahan his own slow streamyx in his own kedai telkom office- how about your house's streamyx ??
Can be more cepat than Kedai Telkom

Anonymous said...


I applied for a telephone line with Singtel when I was staying in the tiny red dot country 6 years ago. All I did was to call up Singtel, gave them my condo address and next day, the Singtel technician turned up at the exact appointed time and presto, the line was working within 5 minutes. All I had to do is to buy my own handset. All the Singtel installation charges are contained in the first billing ...... no deposit required.

I then just have to sign on the "service rendered" form and wish the Singtel technician goodbye. He wished me a pleasant day.

Hardly 10 minutes after the Singtel technician left, I received a call from a Singtel rep who politely asked me if the technician came on time, if the technician is polite and pleasant and if I am happy with the service rendered.

What did I say to the Singtel rep? Yes, Yes and Yes very very happily.

And that was 6 years ago!!!

Anonymous said...

wahlau, Uncle Pat, 9 working days, these people sometimes not "working" in the office, sick leaves everyday, coffee break, 9 working days will means see u mid-January next year. CCPuan likes to read your blog, he'll give the cut-cut to you

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

Count it a blessing that it takes 9 days.

Just spend 1 hour in any Telekom branch and you will hear very sad stories from businessman and household.

Applying for a line is like begging for money lah.

How to be 1st world?

Anonymous said...

u can lah. gua caya sama lu. u actor what..

Anonymous said...

Do u know what the contractor gonna do? Just push d phone point to the phone. Volla it works. Well that's RM30.

What u said was exactly what happened when u needed to transfer line. STANDARD PROCEDURE.

Ahem : RM50

Anonymous said...

Contractor close relative mah, cannot pressure them, 3 working days to digest what to do, 2 days plan to go to your place then weekend leow...wait until monday then go...take one minute to look.., go back take another 2 days to write report day then inform TM..OK suda problem! $30 divide by 9, contractor only earn $3.30 per day, very cheap what...where else can you find such a rate? why complaint....

Anonymous said...

Patrick, I think back in 1990 AT&T was still called Cingular, I think u got that mixed up, with its present name..

Anonymous said...

Well Patrick, you know what they say: MALAYSIA TRULY ASIA...... Full of Asian "Values" and "Manner".

Anonymous said...

Don't potong, Pat. My friend has just went through an ordeal with P1. Same shit - over promise and lousy customer service.
The latest TM's TV commercial on their broadband service is a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

patrick, i advise you to call them and tell them that they are suppose to complete everything for you in 5 days. in the mcmc website states so. do remember to complain if they are slow, don't wait, that's how they work. don't threaten if they don't do work, remember to ask for the persons name attending to your transfer and complain to mcmc (if i knew earlier, i wouldn't had to wait). this would work wonders, and weed out bad personals.

I had transfered my line (a few blocks away) and they told me to wait 7 days, for the phone line and the streamyx to be transfered but it took 1 month to complete everything. Not forgetting to mention that TM not only did not apologise, the tecnicians at one point said it's my fault that the internet is slow! only later to find out they did not do a proper job at their routing station.

mui said...

You are lucky Patrick, it took them 21 days, 3 report nos and I lost count of how many ph calls to get my streamyx line fixed.

Sakari said...

Hey I am living in the area too, and Streamyx is your best bet. That or Maxis, the USB modem thingy. P1 boast a lot about their services but attracted bad rep with the sexist ad campaign and inability to provide coverage as promised to the Msian govt (I read that they were fined or something?)...

Then there is Digi but still weak coverage. Celcom worst.

End of day there is only Streamyx. We are consumers without a choice. Or rather, we are given a choice between bad and worse.

So TM, before you all venture into a smart-ass "Everyone Connects" campaign with your shiny ads and trying-to-sound-smart campaign, please improve your infrastructure and service AND attitude too.

Sorry for ranting but I cannot help it. If you need help please mail me

Anonymous said...

Guys all the issues and inconvenience raised is common.

I was wondering why no Consumer activist group take this up especially on misleading advertisement.

To me, Namewee is right and that is the only way to get what is due to you.

I usually do that and only after being rough with them, you get the service that is expected.

Guess what I also manage to get a rebate on my Celcom Broadband just because they were caught with their pants down for not being able to provide the speed I am subscribed to, till they upgrade the system at Cheras which is expected in March 2010.

To solve any issue, with streamyx, you need to threaten them, you just can not be polite with them.

Streamyx have also refunded me for fraudulent billings.

Anonymous said...

Telekom??.. hmm, just imagine this, I rented my hse out once and the last tenant with the fixed line moved out. But ever since then, they kept sending me the phone bills although i hv always returned them the bills saying the tenant had moved.. this has been going on for a few years now.. How lah???..

Mat Lembing said...

How to attract investor?

TM = Tak Mampu

tak Mampu memberi khidmat yang efektif dan efisien untuk pelanggan.

TM = Tak Malu?

Dah Potong?

Given your high standing in the Malaysian society (for whatever reason) you should escalate this matter to the higher authority in MSC.

By the way, have yu benchmark how long would Singtel in Singapore take to effect a line at a new home?

Anonymous said...

Sin Chew today: The only swimming pool that fulfill the Olympic size standard in Muar has been degraded to be a monitor lizards farm!

(Sorry I couldn't find any English link to that news.)

big cat said...

All government-linked agencies in Bolehland are led by useless bums (who can talk cock like KPI), nothing but with a worst-than-3rd-world mentality and attitude.

This is a big failure of BTN program that breeds useless civil servants who are protected with iron ricebowl (so long as they vote for BN) but would surely fail in the globalization onslaught coming our way.

Anonymous said...


You should join-venture with namewee to creatively expose the poor attitude and performance of TM.

You can provide the voice!

michael said...

Many condos today offer internet services from other providers. I've friends who live in Condos paying RM60 a month for what is essentially a full 2M line.

Are you sure you still need streamyx?

Pokka Dot Cat said...

You complaint more, they will ask you to pasang your own line. Just like MACC.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

Consider yourself lucky. It took me and my friend 1 month to get our lines transfered from SEA Park to SS2 in PJ. And the best was they claim the address does not exist in their system. And we are only one floor above, in the same block with other TM users. Pray hard my friend it may come before new year.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least the TM people were courteous.
When I asked if there'd be disruption, I was told that it'd probably happen during office hours (when I'll be away from home) and will resume in the evening. But my Streamyx connection was disrupted for 3 days when I requested to change to one of their promotional packages! It was a 3 torturous night for me and praise the Lord, I did not have any freelance jobs to do that week or I'd have to camp out at an internet cafe or any kopitiam with WIFI services!
However, the staff at the Ampang Point TM centre were very friendly and courteous.
I believe, we have much to learn from our neighbour down south about efficiency & quality!
Overall, our Malaysian service industry is very much still at its infancy.
wei, buck up la!!!


Live2Talk said...

TM actually stands for 'Tunggu Masa'! Have you seen the idiotic TM's ad on 'everyone connects' where this paper-made guy trying to woo the paper-made girl next building and these bunch of idiots trying to connect them together by a telephone line or whatever? And the paper-guy hang half-way? Those office idiots (100% TM staff) used papers, mini fans to push paper-man forward! The impression the ad gave me was that it needs to be pushed to connect or else you'll hang! This is one of the most idiotic ads I ever seen!

Anonymous said...

I was at PIKOM Fair, with those typical telco companies hiring part-timers to coax visitors to sign up respective broadband packages.
PLS remember that broadband is still controlled by TM sublease the services to other liscencee. So until a big shake up in this "protected" business, the consumers like us are truly the suckers to them.

How can we deregulate the monolistic broadband market ?

same thing to the auto industry. Either Proton or Perodua as they are protected from competitive alternatives.

Potong Hypo said...

'9 Days' is a signal for you to give undertable $$$!

Why so blur?

This is the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in Blehland.

Otherwise, how can they maintain the fat Blue Hyppo at Streamyx?

Use your public standing to escalate this issue to the ministerial level!

puzzled said...

Telekom was once part of Government's body before privatise now. After so many years, the staff still has the Government working attitude. They constantly employ ex-government official on board so the whole gang still thinks they are on Government payroll. Just to fix one home Streamy line problem, 5 persons came. One to drive the van, 1 to carry the tool box, one to carry the ladder and hold the ladder, 1 to do the wiring and the most senior fat 1 to supervise. All are highly specialist and only paid to function in their appointed job only.

Anonymous said...


Please do not use TM's 9 Days to be an excuse to take a break from your Niamah rant.

You can always go to wifi hotspot at Mamak store or Starbucks. Just order a cup of coffee (RM1.50 to RM10 depending on your class) and you could surf at will.

During the inactivity period, try to do a namewee stunt to wake up TM from its slumberland.

Maybe yu can go to Singapor and try out Singtel or the free wifi.

While you are resting, OC Phang is arrested! We get the news first from the hantu of zorro-unmasked!

Anonymous said...

UMNO's civil war is about to erupt:

2N (Najib/Nazri) vs TDM/DPM


1Malaysia vs Bloody Racism

In the meantime, we will witness falling FDI, escalating food price, lowering of subsidy, higher price of electricity, intoduction of 4% of GST, failing juriciary, corrupted government institution, PKFZ fiasco, KTM 2nd hand train scandal, PNB wasting money on 100-storey building, Proton \'s slow death, another wastage on angkasawan program, MCA in-fighting, Gerakan erectile dysfuntion, Samy's MIC ironfist, reemergence of Ahmad Ismail's, continuos Utusan nonsense, BTN brain-washing, ineffective PDRM, biased MACC .... Mongolian expose ... Bala's SD,...

It is the beginning of an end for BN.

We will rejoice.

Anonymous said...

Don't P O T O N G.... It's the same and even worse than TM. What the shit contractor does is to check with his handphone whether there is line. Niamah. (Learn this from u oor.)

monsterball said...

That's typical of UMNO government..producing a crop of lazy..relaxed government servants.
This is the trademark of our alot..charge us like hell...and lousy service after sales....and the monopolized the we can take it or leave it..which they know...we need to take continue our miserable lifestyle under UMNO.
Only UMNO out....and you will see vast improvemtnts in everything.

DB said...

I've been having problems with Streamyx for years and they can never sort it out. My connection ALWAYS slows down in the rain for some reason and frequently, i can't surf during the rain. I've made hundreds of calls to the help-line, only to find out that they can only make a report and get back to u within 3 working days. Thats what they do when u call the helpline, make case report and get back to u.

The only thing those fellars know wat to do is tell u to turn off your modem, make direct connection and all that shit that doesn't work at all.

These TM fellars are a disgrace. This is what u get when u got monopoly of 1 company...lazy, incompetent and stupid people running the business. ALl they do is receive ur payment and don't do anything to help u. Their job is to screw u well and good.

This is the kind of mentality that will bring the country down. And all that talk about TM having the best broadband and all that shit is all bullshit.

Lets face it, TM will never wake up because the gov is backing them up. They will never change their ways and our broadband will still be stuck at whatever speed they offer and at "best effort"....which means, "if its not fast, not my fault, so fuck u".

LC Teh said...

Patrick, just go borrow Namewee, go to TM office and let him loose.... hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

I am not surprise because I requested a Malaysian birth certificate for my new born and Malaysian Embassy in USA and that will take six months plus another six months for the passport. By the time she get them she is probably 2 years old.

I am trying hard not to believe this is because I am ethnic chinese and that is why I get six months treatment.

Malaysia Boleh


A.Ung said...

Telekom is useless only wanna make $$$ this, they still try to bill me even after 10 years!!

Marco said...

I still can remember that the TM contractor didn't turn and up and signed the service rendered acknowledgment form on my behalf to claim for his fees.

When I called TM after waited for 4 weeks, they said the line has been activated. WTF!

After another few days of internal checking, they send the same bugger (contractor) to my house for line inspection.

What I expecting was get the contractor fired and me another one.

Anyway, this is Malaysia. No point for getting overly upset. Just manage our expectation will do.

Anonymous said...

Niamah, went all the way to Iowa to get a line connected in your daughters dorm.

Was she too stupid to do that herself??

ktteokt said...

This is truly a good example of MALAYSIA BOLEH (mati) lor!!!

Anonymous said...

HI Pat, i think Namewee should pay them a visit...and maybe inspire him to write another pun intended

Paul said...

Streamyx unfortunately is still the way to go. When I moved to my new house in Puchong, I got everything done via my neighbor's contact.

Took us a week to get phone and 4mbps internet connection set up. BUT...4mbps = 542kbps so we bitched and moaned every day. It took TM 2 weeks and multiple visits by their "technicians" to try and figure out what's wrong.

In the end, they got fed up and upgraded us to 8mbps for free. Yes, they do have speeds above 4mbps but they claim to be "testing" it before launch. I've been using it ever since.

Another thing office located in Cyberjaya can only get 2mbps speeds coz they don't have the infrastructure for anything higher wor...when I asked if there was any plans to upgrade the service they said got but no plans on when yet. Multimedia Super Corridor my ass!

One last thing...I download a lot of stuff from file sharing sites like rapidshare and megaupload using their free service.

For the past 3 weeks the download speeds from these sites went from between 50 to 225kbps dropping to 2 to 3kbps. I thought it was a new policy on rapidshare's side to provide better service to their paying customers. So, I got myself a premium account and STILL same bloody thing.

After much hoo ha and research I have confirmed that TM actively blocking connections to popular file sharing sites.

Bandwidth throttling is a method of ensuring a bandwidth intensive device, such as a server, will limit ("throttle") the quantity of data it transmits and/or accepts within a specified period of time. For website servers and web applications, bandwidth throttling helps limit network congestion and server crashes, whereas for ISP's, bandwidth throttling can be used to limit users' speeds across certain applications (such as BitTorrent), or limit upload speeds.

Anyone knows if this is legal? We are after all paying for internet access not "selected" internet access according to the whims of those turds in TM. I found a way around it but it took quite some work. My Rapidshare Premium Account and Youtube works fine now.NIAMAH!!!

Anonymous said...

TM has been taking its customers for granted.

Truly Niamah!

MyP1 said...



Why still trust TM?

Anonymous said...


you were spotted at Starbucks.

are u surfing there?

puterjaya said...

Puterjaya's grandiose buildings are expensive to maintain: the Prime Minister's official residence cost RM158,051 a month the deputy's house required another RM94,166.

Wan Esuriyanti decided to move out of Putrajaya and buy a property in a nearby suburb because she wanted her children to grow up in a racially balanced neighbourhood.

“Putrajaya is almost 100 per cent Malay,” she said. “I don't want my children to grow up not knowing about other races and cultures.”

Anonymous said...

Percayakah anda...
Saya telah ditimpa kemalangan dan akibat kemalangan saya telah kehilangan kaki kiri dan tidak bolih berjalan. Saya telah terlantar di hospital 6 bulan dan gagal membayar bil tel dan streamyx walaupun saya telah melanggan semasa sihat dari tahun 2002 sehingga 2007 Sebaik terima bil tunggakan saya terima bil hampir 2 ribu lebih. Saya telah ke Telekom bhg billing complaint. Mengikut kata mereka saya still akan di charge mengikut polisi baru mereka

18. Suspension of service

18.1 without prejudice to any other rights and remedies and notwithstanding any waiver by TM of any previous breach by the customer,TM may suspend the service for a period determined by TM in its sole discretion in the event that
i. any fee and/or payment due hereunder for the service provided is not settled in full on due payment date; the event the custormer fails to complay with the terms of this agreement;
iii. any scheduled or unsceduled outages occur which cause interruption to the service including but not limited to maintenance of tm equipment or systems
18.2 in the event of any suspension of the service by tm in accordance with the clause 18.1(i) and clause(ii), tm may if it deems apporiate at it sole discreation and upon such term as it deems proper reconnect the service in which event the service and this agreement shall continue in effect as if the service had not been suspended. TM shall have the right to impose on the customer a reconnection fee at a rate as specified by TM from time to time.

Saya berjanji akan bayar sedikit sedikit barulah talian tersebut dipotong. Ini akta zalim saya gagal ke kedai telekom kerana keadaan fizikal namun telekom tetap mengebil saya...

So berhati-hatilah sebelum membuat permohonan talipon ke streamyx ke atau pun apa jua permohonan pastikan policy ini tidak terpakai olih anda otherwise sehingga anda mati pun bil masih dihantar kepada anda... hahaha 1st malaysia rakyat dikerjakan pencapaian diutamakan

orang melaka

Anonymous said...

9 days only? sure or not? Most of the time, we only get some ounce of services after 2 week.

Namawee's method maybe extreme but I do support him and emphasize with his frustration. Best way to teach those big corp some humility is to shame them.

Anonymous said...

You went personally to TM point counter ah? Didn't the girl at the counter instruct you to "Tekang tetek kiri untuk Bahasa Malaysia; press right nipple for Engris" ????
It's a big scam whenever you call them so that they prolong your holding on to the line so that the meter keeps running and that they can charge you more.

handy said...

wo bhu chi tao..

Anonymous said...

ini tm mmg manyak cilaka..lambat bayar kalu terus talipon mintak duit.tarak bayar kalu dalam 2-3 hari terus potong line mau sambung bayar lagi 10 rial...tapi kalu dia punya servis slow atau ada gangguan atau total distruption, ada mau talipon minta sori ke apa? uncle kita buat petition sama ini tm boleh ka? u jadi kapla...inilah jadi kalu dah monopoli..takde sapa nak challenge

yn said...

I had bout the same experience, my company move to a new location. To a floor above TM Point...

ggk_admin said... juz apply new streamyx combo package, hopefully wont take me thousand year to get the service available T_T

Anonymous said...

This post has been here for more than a year, but i've just found out this blog recently. Just wanted to add one thing.
When my streamyx line was changed to a new name, it took them 3 MONTHS to change the name. I had to run to different TM points to get it done. They seem to like having me visiting the entire town's TM points. 3 whole MONTHS I've been running around like a mad man.
The best part is, they wanted to charge me for the 3 months that I couldn't use the internet. Saying that i must pay it and file a letter to claim it back.
It certainly didn't take me 9 working days. I'm seriously real pissed off at that time and now still.

Best way to describe their service.

Anonymous said...

Why are we subsidizing TM's profit by paying their contractors? For transfer as in Patrick's case, there is already a RM50 charge added to the bill. A further RM30 for the contractor!? Either bill us RM50 or RM80. We will not make direct payments to people who will not issue any receipt stating scope of work done. Are we being held ransom by these people?