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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Fantastic Facts And Fancies

Soon all schools everywhere will be gong-ing to our tune.
(Star photo)

"Malaysia hoped to share its teaching standard with other countries in the region
paving the way for the nation to becoming a centre of education excellence.

........Malaysia’s education system was gaining international attention with the country being recognised as having an effective conventional and religious curriculum by various groups"........Muhyiddin Yassin, education minister and deputy prime minister speaking at a launching ceremony at the Malaysian Teachers Education Inst­itute Tawau campus in Balung.

And who says we are not FUN-ny people?



Anonymous said...

HAHAHA- I am rolling on the floor now.

Uncle, you should check out this news. Now they even show "batok" in parliament. amazing.

wong said...

Hahahaha..this lame excuse for a homosapien has got hide instead of skin!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Patrick,
Must give him respect lah!You must have a lot of guts in your balls, cowdungs in your head,buaya scale skin to make statements like this in public knowing the facts!How many have these attributes?

Anonymous said...

LOL, if others wanna get stupider!

pinsysu said...

4gif him 4 he knows not wat he toking ... not his 1st idiotic utterance to begin with.

u-en said...

I can understand if we have regional educational aspirations; even international ones -- I will be proud to call myself Malaysian when our Ghanan brothers and sisters look up to us as shining examples of global educational excellence.

But wait a tick... isn't Ghana's educational system in much better shape than ours? Can't their national Press at least communicate properly in the national language?

See BH front page today: Raifal. what the flying fuck is a "raifal"? Senapang la, for those ketinggalan zaman such as myself.

Also "flet" = pangsapuri, which I saw a week ago. Kenapa pangsapuri takleh pakai hah? Bajet sudah finis ke?

More to the point; it doesn't matter if, by next year or whenever, we have super-educated teachers of a world-class standard in any goddamn medium of instruction when children go anorexic because their parents can't afford to put sugar in their diet; or they have to walk to school because skyrocketing fuel costs have made buses an upper-class mode of transport; or they don't go to school at all because GST has forced them to work as child-labourers or sex slaves to sleazy Europeans.

One more thing, this Mahyuddin chap said a couple of weeks ago he would solve the MCA crisis within seven days. It was his great KPI.

Two weeks gone. MCA crisis persists. So how? Mahyuddin to join Gerakan issit?

ktteokt said...

Lying with his eyes wide open!

Yo. said...

i'm scared.

Ho ho ho said...

Now they also have the SGM that is Standard Guru Malaysia. Even our BM is going down the drain being polluted by more English

Anonymous said...

Our DPM has not wake up from his slumber yet ?

Singapore will get the title of excellence before us.

These fella is still living in stone age !

1Niamah !

Anonymous said...

We have great respect for the 2nd most powerful man in the country.

At least he spoke out at Balung -formerly a well known cocoa plantation at the fringe of Tawau.

If he had said it in Singapore or Hong Kong the listeners may have dropped dead from serious heart failure.

We are the Champions in Malaysia maybe in Sabah or Sarawak which are still quite remote especially Balung.

Give him a chance to be Jaguh.

d'Frog Prince said...

that's the difference between people who lives in a dream and detached from reality.

if malaysia education as good as what he claimed, can someone ask him for a breakdown of MP'S children that go through the full 11 years of primary and secondary school in Malaysia?? not to mention the tertiary. how many?? not all? why, not good enough ah??? niamah!!! (sorry, have to borrow your tag line!!)

CrazyAnt said...

With THIS MORON as our DPM, you think anyone will pay attention?? Where exactly are we gaining attention?? Well, yes. For the wrong reasons i suppose... remember when they launched the 1Toilet in school campaigns? Well that certainly gained us some international attention!

Anonymous said...

Stupid moron speaking from the ass!

niakong said...

Hey, can someone please compile the clips of all these quotable quotes?

We'll then have 1Malaysia Funniest Home Video. Who knows, it may break the box-office record worldwide if released in cinemas in 1Planet Earth!

Eric Lee said...

gaining international attention? I didn't know turning back one step in using Bahasa Malaysia will be able to get worldwide attention. Or BM is becoming one of the international language used by many i wonder

We have endless jokers in this country and surprisingly none of these comedians gain some Hollywood limelight..LOL

David Lee said... going to the drain...and then going to the dogs......and then we end-up as ONE.....ONE WHAT??....ONE S H I T ! ! !

午夜诗人...拉面 said...

damn it~ centre of education excellence???? Just look at what v have 4 our children here~

Chan said...

We should not compare with Singapore!! Singapore is not interested in getting such recognition: they just do the work well and let others recognize them!

My grandson attends national primary school. Except for a few really dedicated and committed ones (Malaysian Malays, Malaysian Indians & Malaysian Chinese included), most of the teachers are mediocre, not knowledgeable nor interested in their work and the children!

Even the headmaster prefers to spend his time and the school's money decorating the school (to impress who, only God knows) and other non-educational but visual activities and carrying the balls of a senator whom I don't know (and am not interested to know) what position he holds in the school. I only know they revere him almost like a demi-god during the school's prize giving & sports day!

And now the DPM and Education Minister (someone called him "the 2nd. most powerful man in the country") wants Malaysia to "share its teaching standards with other countries in the region paving the way for the nation to become a centre of education excellence".

I don't know how many retired teachers have since died (of stomach-aches and heart attacks) laughing since reading this!! Please have some mercy!

aawilliam said...

Just vomit out my dinner....

Anonymous said...

Tok kok fler this one.
Has the audacity to self praise our f%$#*%@ education system. Dare not even compare to Singapore standard.

The quality of our sekolah kebangsaan are just pathetic. Churning out monkeys and zombies rather than independent thinking students.

Most (but not all )Teachers in Sekolah Kebangsaan are low on morale & motivation , thus they just treat this vocation as passing away their time instead of doing a proper job.

How I wished someone would just do a background check to see the % of gomen politicians who sent their sons overseas.

Heck, I can't even afford to sent my son for tuition let alone to private schools which are springing all over malaysia.
Bloody baarger made my day.

Anonymous said...

how about more land from stamford, mu?

Anonymous said...

the guy must have been sniffing glue or inhaling illegal substances prior to making that statement. high class education my left asscrack.

as a product of this national education system i can tell you that all the things that this country wants to achieve is going down the drain. singapore is a million years ahead. textbooks brainwash us to believe that we're all this loving happy united multi cultural country who all live lovingly, harmoniously together. on the other handthe religious teachers in school play an integral role in brainswashing innocent students very much like what we have been hearing about BTN lately.

and if politicians truly believe that our country has high standards of education they would not send their kids to study international schools or overseas to be educated. i really want someone to do a check on all the politicians who send their kids to international schools and overseas to study. so who suffers? the public of course. who gets richer and more successful? them of course.

i seriously think that these politicians would have made really good comedians because i am laughing and crying at the same time when i read such idiotic pieces of absolute garbage such as this.

- a very concerned young malaysian.

nstman said...

Tiuniamah, our kids cant even string a few decent sentences in English to save their own lives, and you have one moron telling everyone our educational standards are among the world's highest. At least Josef Goebbels could lie with more style and polish.

Anonymous said...

All they want is parents' money,
You are not allowed to look at the book list and choose what books you want to buy.
All they do is dump you with a package and you just pay up.
How many paretns dare to complain?
At the end of the year, you wll find that some of the books are hardly used at all/
Hardly, mind you and yet still need to pay.
If you make more noise, they will ostracise your child.Even my child beg me to keep quiet and so parents suffer in silence for the love of their child.

Anonymous said...

It very surprising for the Education Minister to say Malaysia education system was gaining international attention & hoped to share its teaching standard with other countries in the region paving the way for the nation to becoming a centre of education excellence. Why did all the Education minister send his kids oversea to study?
Hishammudin's son did O levels & further studies in United Kingdom

Najib's daughter, Nooryana Najwa in Georgetown University in Washington DC to read politics and international relations after doing her International Baccalaureate

However, both of them did not sit for SPM. Before doing her IB, Nooryana had her education in Garden International School . Najib's son, Norashman Razak had his education there too.

Najib's father, Razak, the second Prime Minister of Malaysia, was the education minister in 1955. Hishamuddin's father, Hussein Onn, our third Prime Minister, was the education minister in 1969.

Hishamuddin's son and Najib's kids did not follow the Malaysian Education System (so I doubt they sat for UPSR, PMR or SPM) though they come from an ancestry of Education Ministers. Both of their grandfathers were former education ministers, one's father was the education minister and is now the Prime Minister of Malaysia

Najib and Hishamuddin do not have confidence in the Malaysian Education System because it is too crap that they had to sent their kids to a private school which follows the English National Curriculum so that their offsprings would not be screwed up by the already-screwed-up education system in Malaysia ?

Do anybody have news of Muhiddin's kids

Anonymous said...


Our 1DPM and 1Education Minister is going to teach the other countries how to fuck up their education system by adopting 1Malaysia education system.

Not only are the 1UMNO-putras contented with being the only "Tuans" in 1Malaysia lording over the illiterate Malaysians educated through the 1Malaysia education system, the 1DPM/1Education Minister is trying to "illiterate-tize" the rest of the world by being the "Tuans" over everyone else.

Who says that our 1DPM/1Education Minister is not intelligent??? He's as intelligent as a crock pile of shit.

Anonymous said...

That good ah? I should be proud. After all I am a teacher myself.

But who's talking? Muhyiddin? Masuk bakul angkat sendiri aaa?

I say, go to school lah, and see for yourself! There are 46 pupils in my classroom of year one! Australia limits only 10 pupils per classroom and that I came to know in 1985 from my Australian mate! No wonder the teacher can bring the most in each of the students because they can focus on individual. With 46, how can you focus?!

We are no difference with sekolah pondok in 1800...packed like sardines!

nstman said...

This counry's education trajectory is careering out of control. For the past 20 years or so the government has been touting our educational achievements. Which means we have been producing an astonishing number of pupils with straight As. Imagine we have pupils scoring 20As. I dont think Einstein could have done that. Okay, whatever happened to those jokers with 20As. Have they scored first class honours in ivy leagues? Where are they now. We are producing more graduates who cant even write a decent resume for a job. We are churning out graduates who cant speak English. And we are producing graduates who are so poor in world affairs. Just ask a fresh graduate who Hitler is, and he would probably tell you Hitler is German ambassador to Malaysia. What the fuck is going on? Your guess is as good as mine. We are fucked.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat,
Did you read the article in Thurs NST(Dec 3rd) pg 10 " School textbooks are not outdated" ?

Deputy Edu minister Dr.Mohd Puad Zarkashi has the gall to say that the school text books are even better than reference books !

Another tok kok baarger no doubt. Every parent who has a schoolkid knows the quality ,content wise that is with these gomen textbooks.

Most if not all parents need to fork out extra $ to supplement the school textbooks with additional reference books. Just ask any parent if you want to know the reason why.

This is also not helped by the teachers (note:most not all) that are pathetic and spends more time attending courses not with the intent to get knowledge but just to escape from the class room!

Those who can afford private schools or private tuition can escape the cycle of mediocrity that will produce future generation of retards. Pity the majority of population (population statistics will show who these are)who will bear the brunt of this system.

Everyone parent knows about the poor quality & standards of teachers in National schools except the ministers themselves.

Either the Edu minister is acting dumb or is not doing his job by just delegating it to deputy ministers who cleverly paint a rosy picture to cover his eyes.

Maybe this is an UMNO strategy to keep future generations of Malaysians retarded so that the children of ministers who are educated overseas could continue to rule over the masses.

No wonder Malaysia keeps sliding down the rankings of international bodies in every sector! And the Malaysian gomen in an effort to save face always compared malaysia to other third world countries. Very shameful indeed, but these baargers have skins thicker than rhino hides. God save Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

"..malaysia's education system was gaining international attention.."

dey, this fler was just speaking the truth lah!!!

why should it not gained attention when we are taught maths and science in english in the initial years and then suddenly change to bahasa malaysia the following year.

of course lah, in can be for the wrong attention instead of right one leh.

for that, the fler is too "smart" to mention it.

Anonymous said...

i really have no words to describe them in the educational system
if i m richer, i wish to send my son to Spore but 'coz of the $$$ n the S China Sea, it caused problems..
What is Msia if they keep changing systems n yet to declare that!!!

Anonymous said...

ah! Since my days at school (long, long time ago) until now they screwed with our education system and had not made it any many Universities and University Colleges. Quantity ada, Quality tak ada!!!

Anonymous said...

Many foreign 'students' who come to Malaysia to study are actually taking advantage of the student visa. When they are here they commit crime and vice!

This is the Bolehland way of Education centre!

Very soon we have an African enslave in the outskirt of KL.

Malaysia - Truly African!

anak kucing said...

If you got money better send you children to study overseas.

We are just following the steps taken by our ministers for their own children.

Trust the local education system at your own peril!

Anonymous said...

I was told a bumi female student with 17As in SPM had fialed in her first year engineering in UK!

1Guru said...

What is there for Malaysia to teach the world?

Here is one example:
1) How to take bribe and cover up
2) How to control the juriciary
3) How to swindle
4) How to use media as a propaganda
5) How to control the mind of your people with a slogan

Anonymous said...

Where is the standing of our local Universities?

Anonymous said...

watch where you swing that banger. I'm covering my b***s just in case, haha

Mariam M said...

For me, the seeds of poison were planted decades ago.

Just before I went overseas to study, I was sent for ‘orientation’ at a Mara hostel to ostensibly prepare myself for life abroad.

That weekend was a blur, and I recall four things:

1) Blocked toilets and flooded communal bathrooms.

2) Basic food, thus a friend’s sister dropped off much needed rations of chocolates and ‘kacang’.

3) How to wash your ‘smalls’ (underwear) in a cold country and have them dry by the next morning.

4) We assembled in small groups for out-of-door talks, in the school grounds. We were told that the Malays were the most supreme race in the world, we were God’s chosen few, that the others were insignificant. We were warned about certain elements in our society...

Awang Safe said...

Unfortunately, the majority of the civil servants and government officers -- including those in the police, anti-corruption agency, judiciary, and whatnot -- are Muslims. And Muslims have this holier-than-thou and high-and-mighty attitude. But the highest incidences of abuse of power, corruption, racism, arrogance, and whatnot, are from these same agencies where the majority are Muslims.

How can non-Muslims trust Muslims when the majority of those perpetuating crimes are Muslims themselves? And when Muslims talk about the virtue and fairness and justice of Islam, and yet Muslims themselves are the worse scum on earth, then expect non-Muslims to distrust Muslims. Muslims suffer from the bikin tak serupa cakap disease.

Muslims must first clean up their act. They must first live the life of a true Muslim and adhere to the proper teachings of Islam. Only then will non-Muslims become impressed with Islam and start trusting Muslims. And when Muslims propagate Islam and Islamic politics by demonstration rather than rhetoric, non-Muslims would begin to accept it as the best alternative and the best example of good governance.

Anonymous said...

Gad ! Education centre of excellence...spoken by the 2nd Most 'powerful' man in the country? Dead man walking more like it..See picture, Sabah CM Musa Aman laughing his noggings off!!!

Ho ho ho said...

Wonder what has the Puad guy got to say that his boss (DPM/Education Minister) recently launched the Standard Guru Malaysia which is wierd because it could have been called Piawaian Guru Malaysia. Dare Puad to lawan tauke

1Boleh said...

Malaysia's economy at the second bottom rung and stagnated for last 10 years

Malaysia's economy has been stagnating for the past decade and is now trailing badly behind its neighbours, a senior minister said Tuesday, calling for "urgent" and wide-ranging reforms.

Malaysia's export-dependent economy has been hit hard by the global recession, contracting by a forecast 3% this year and jeopardising its ambitions of becoming a developed nation by 2020.

"Malaysia is trapped in a low-value-added, low-wage and low-productivity structure," Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah told an economic outlook conference.

Among its peers China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, Malaysia's economic growth over the past three years was second-lowest, he said.

"Our economy has been stagnating in the last decade. We have lost our competitive edge to remain as the leader of the pack in many sectors of the economy. Our private investment has been steadily in decline."

"While Singapore and Korea's nominal per capita GDP grew within the last three decades by nine and 12 times respectively, ours grew only by a factor of four."

In a withering assessment, Ahmad Husni said the services sector is underdeveloped, private investment is half the levels before the 1997-98 Asian crisis, and the manufacturing sector is suffering from lack of investment.

"The (need for) transformation is particularly urgent when we take the external environment into account," he said.

"The global environment is changing. We can no longer rely on our traditional trading partners and we need to address the competitive pressure from other emerging markets on our existing exports."

He called for sweeping measures including an emphasis on meritocracy and ensuring all Malaysians are given "equal opportunity to participate in the economy".

Malaysia has for decades practiced a system of positive discrimination for Muslim Malays who dominate the population, but critics say the policy is fuelling corruption and is hurting the nation's competitiveness.

"We must also consider the gradual dismantling of our open-ended protection of specific sectors and industries which have introduced a climate of complacency and artificial levels of supply," the minister said.

"The long-term success of the nation's economy must take precedence over the short term interests of a few protected groups."

Prime Minister Najib Razak -- who is also finance minister -- came to power in April with plans to tackle graft which is endemic in the ruling party and society at large.

Utusan Loyar said...

Many Malaysians have given up with the mainstream media. That is because their so called responsible journalism entails nothing more than the act of extreme spinning of facts and events to suit their political masters or their own not-so-hidden agenda.

I have ceased reading the local newspapers for a long long time. I have for example, berated against the NST for their treatment of the Bersih rally some time ago.

Despite all the lies, untruth and skewed reporting that these newspapers have been carrying all these while, the Prime Minister recently saw it fit to hail Utusan Malaysia for, among others, "being the voice of the people".

Well, I now have proof that Utusan Malaysia is nothing more than a loyal servant of their political masters. I now have proof that Utusan Malaysia will not stop at almost anything in order to protect its political masters. For whatever is deemed necessary to protect its political masters, Utusan Malaysia would stoop as low as a squatting midget to do and execute. And that includes misrepresentations and even downright lying. It will even doctor photographs!

The thing is this. They are not even good at doing it!! To lie and misrepresent an event is something. But to do it in a really stupid way is another thing altogether. Do Utusan Malaysia think that all of us, Malaysians, are as stupid as themselves?

Anonymous said...

Civil war in UMNO is about to erupt when PM is readmiting KJ to cabinet to bolster his team?

Ahmad Mutusamy Leong said...

I am a true Malaysia devoted to the Malaysia's one and only rukunegara which tells me to be loyal to my God, loyalty to My King, My Country, Keluhuran Perlembagaan, Kedaulatan Undang2, Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan.

I am confused as I seldom see these been practiced now in Malaysia.

Where is my Malaysia?

Instead I hear people calling each other malay and non malay. These are so strange to me as I only know of one Malaysian which is diverse with many culture, and history.That's the strength & beauty of Malaysia. Malay and non-malay are words alien to me as a Malaysian.I am 1Malaysia.