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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Adam is starting school tomorrow afternoon. He has been admitted to the school of our choice. Finally. And without that elusive "form" demanded by the school as well as the Pejabat Pelajaran Selangor. The final drama played out early last week when we were at the Pejabat again. "Mana form?" We finally managed to see the pegawai in charge of Chinese schools. He too asked for the form. He too was confused. He called the school and spoke to the headmistress. He finally said, "Your son is named Adam, right? I approved his registration two weeks ago already. So I also do not know what is the problem." More talking on the phone to the headmistress. Finally"...okay la you can go to the school on Monday. Semua okay."

Thank you all for your kind support and encouragement. By the way, nobody replied to the request below.

Can somebody help us all by forwarding this blog post and comments to the Minister of Education, Minister in charge of monitoring the KPI...ah what the hell!! The Prime Minister as well la. Or give me the various email addresses which I can't seem to find and I will forward this to them, Thank you.

The order of the day at Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor, Kelana Jaya.

When I arrived at the Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor in Kelana Jaya Centrepoint yesterday morning I sort of knew that it was going to be not such a nice day. I was there to ascertain why my son, Adam's registration for Std 1 in 2010 was taking so long to process. And it was less than 3 weeks to schools re-opening. He still didn't have a confirmed place in the school of our choice. Or any other school for that matter. We had been told earlier in the month when we registered Adam at the school that we should wait for confirmation from the Education Department which will send us a letter of confirmation in the self-addressed envelope we provided for the purpose. So we waited. And nothing happened which was the reason I found myself at the Jabatan yesterday morning.

My wife and I had been there once before and had a taste of the less-than-enthusiastic service provided by the staff in the Jabatan lobby. We could have called the number given on the form for such enquiries. Except that the number given was almost perpetually engaged and when the call was connected nobody picked up the phone. There is a good reason for this which I shall tell you later. Now, back to the morning's visit.

A multi-tasking pegawai Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor. Propping up the ladder. Holding the banner and speaking on the handphone. All at the same time. Wah!

On arrival I noticed that there was a hive of activity around the entrance to the Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor. On closer scrutiny I saw that there were a group of 3-4 pegawai (officers) making rather amateurish and vain attempts at putting up a bright yellow banner across the entrance. The banner informed that there was to be an official visit by the Pengarah Pelajaran Selangor (Director of Education of Selangor - what a grand title eh?) later that afternoon for the jabatan's peresmian (opening, launch...whatever.)

First thought that came to my mind, "Shit! There goes any work and service for the public today!" Then I took a closer look at the 'team'. 4 officers. How do I know they were officers, and quite high level ones too? They all wore long sleeved shirts and gawdy unfashionable ties and had extra large name tags on their breast pockets. And so, 4 officers of the Selangor Education Department were engaged in putting up a banner to welcome their 'boss' la. Oh I forgot to mention that there were also another 4 female pegawai's watching their colleagues struggle with the big yellow banner. So who's doing the work for the day? Or is the VIP visit the work of the day?

Typical scene at the lobby. People clueless about what to do.

Anyway, I walked past the perspiring officers into the lobby. Crowded with people. How many officers attending to the people? None. There was the receptionist/operator who looked and sounded like she was at the end of her tether from being harassed by the constant stream of people asking her questions. Of course she has no time to answer the phone. In fact she had taken the phone off the hook! That was the reason why the phone was always engaged when I called. And the only time she replaced the handset was when she needed to make a call. That was when I got a ringing tone when I called and also the reason why nobody answered the call. She was just too busy. The receptionist/operator was doing everything there at the reception counter. Except answer the phone.

My wife took a queue number and waited in line. We were the 10th in the queue. Since we only needed to ask a simple question which probably required a simple answer which would take all of 7 seconds I decided to walk over to the banner-hanging pegawai's. The one I approached was quite eager to be helpful. I related my request and he waved his colleague over and asked him to assist me. We followed this guy back to the counter. Related our problem. Adam needs to have his registration confirmed for the 2010 school year.

Peg: Oh cam tu ya? Nama? Sijil pelahiran?

(we handed those over. the pegawai proceeds to start clicking buttons on the computer keyboard. Then a chilling look came over his face. You know that type of look that you get from someone you're confident of knowing his work and suddenly shows that he isn't exactly sure what he is doing? He clicks some more buttons......became more puzzled...)

Peg: (to his colleague) Eh! Mengapa cam ni ah?

(another guy comes over and says something to him that I could not hear.)

Peg #2: This case you have to get chop from the school on birth cert. Your child birth cert don't have chop. And we don't have record of your son's registration. Sekolah mesti bagi chop kalau sudah berdaftar. Kita taada record la. Lagi baik you balik tanya sekolah.

(My wife and I muttered some rather strong words under our breath and moved away from the counter. We drove to our next appointment across town. On the drive we called the school to relate to the kerani (clerk) in charge of registration what Peg #2 had said.)

Kerani: No, we only bagi chop selepas registration da approved. Kita sudah hantar borang berdaftaran ke jabatan pelajaran da.

After having lunch we drove back to the Jabatan in Kelana Jaya to try and sort out the mess that was fast building up. It was 2.30 pm. This time there were even more pegawai's standing at the entrance. Some even in jackets. My wife took a queue number. I decided to approach one of the suits with a big name tag.

Me: Excuse me Encik....

Big Peg: (Sternly) Apa? Pegi beratur sana. (What? Go queue up there.)

Me: Excuse me are you an officer here?

Big Peg: (Getting pissed off a bit) Ya.

Me: Why are you so rude?

Big Peg: (Starting to get even more pissed off......)

Me: (changing tactic a bit) So sorry to disturb you, sir. But may I ask which department you represent?

Big Peg: Pengurusan Sekolah( schools management)

Me (thinking: Perfect!)

The Big Peg begrudgingly said something which merely meant that I should go stand in the queue and wait my turn. Okay.

While I was in line I saw the VIP guest arrive with his entourage. The big wig. The state director of education. Coming to check out the new office. They were ushered into a VIP holding room which was in the lobby area and had glass walls so all can watch the proceedings inside. I watched. The usual posturing. Bows, limp handshakes, forced smiles.

I decided to exercise a right. I went up to the tudung-ed lady guarding the door.

Me: Excuse me. Is that the Pengarah Pelajaran?

TL: Yes. Ada apa hal?

Me: I would like to speak to him

TL: Sorry you cannot. He is having a meeting.

(I wave to the pengarah. He waved back to signal that I cannot proceed. I opened the door anyway.....)

Me: Excuse me Dr. XXXX. My name is Patrick. I understand you are the state education director. May I ask you a question as a member of the Rakyat?

DES: Oh yes, come in. You're the...apa ya? Ya? Ada apa hal? Come, come duduk, duduk....

I proceeded to inform him that all I wanted as a parent and a member of the Rakyat is to know what is the education department's procedure for registering children for school when they move from one part of Selangor to another.

Me: The school tells me this and your pegawai tells me that. As a parent I am worried.

While this short conversation was going on, the Big Peg I met earlier who was also in room probably because he was the local big shot was getting was getting really upset that I had managed to invade the big VIP gathering despite being told to queue at the counter. But ....

DES: (after listening to me...) Oh tu takde masaalah. Kan? (looking over at Big Peg) Kasi selesaikan la. Ya?

After the big pronouncement from the VIP there were smiles all round the room as all the pegawai's gathered felt more comfortable that my intrusion wasn't going to be an issue with the boss. I said my thank you's and went back to the counter. This time the pegawai at the counter seemed to be a little more friendly and helpful. He'd seen me in the room with the Pengarah.

Peg#2: Ini masaalah kecil je. Tak payar pegi jumpa pengarah. Ini kita boleh selesaikan. Senang je. Encik bagi nombor talipon, saya akan call balik selepas I dapat keterangan case ni.

Me: Bila encik nak talipon?

Peg#2: Esok.

Mr. Saya-talipon-esok. Suitable togged up for the big boss's visit. First time I met him he was just in shirt sleeves.

As we left the Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor, Kelana Jaya Centrepoint we past another couple trying to explain to the button clicking pegawai their predicament. It was almost exactly the same as ours. The father was trying to explain that he didn't have time to make many visits to the Jabatan and to shuttle from school to jabatan numerous times. He was a blue collar worker and could not afford to take time off or his family would have no food on the table for the day. But this father was a good Malaysian. Non-confrontational. He would accept what the Tuan Pegawai told him. Polite. He would never think of barging into the Pengarah Pelajaran Selangor's VIP reception. His family will go hungry for a few days before his daughter gets to go to school.

The pegawai will just shrug and click some more buttons on the keyboard.


p/s it is now 3:37 pm. The 'esok' call has not come yet. In the meantime, my wife went to the school and was told that my son has already been allocated a place in Std 1, 2010. All they needed now was the approval letter from...where?

Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor!!!

This is the state of things in Malaysia? That even after the Pengarah 'selesai' things, they still don't get done.

Them: Hiyah! Masaalah kecil je? Jangan risau. Tunggu la.

Us: Baik, tuan.

Them: Now fuck off.


Ho ho ho said...

Patrick, at least you got some answers. I once had to make 3 trips to the USM's security office to get my car sticker. First trip, wrong time as they were doing for the off campus students, second trip, everyone was busy preparing for the buka puasa do in teh evening. But dealing with the Immigration in Penang is a wonderful experience. There was one particular lady whom I wrote a email to the Pengarah to commend her but no response from him at all

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat
This episode (as narrated) is worth sending to two people: the minister for non performace KTK and the Chief Secretary Sidek who is reportedly very 'articulate' about service delivery. For good measure Mr Jala of the labs fame should also get one.

The best that will happen is, it will spoil their day for a whole 10 minutes. The worst? nothing will happen

Life-long Niamah Fan

Birds Talking Too said...

Poor thing Patrick!
For the last 2 months, me and my family met so many of these half-f*^ked up brainless leeches.
It was too much at one time that I just could not blog about it anymore! From counter sales person to vehicle service centre clerks/managers!
The worst off are staff of hypermarkets. Now I know why locals like working in these hypermarts and fastfood joints!
FREE uniforms, FREE airconds, FREE transport, FREE meal allowance, FREE time to chat and SMSs on handphones! NO need to sweat on pure hard work. Go on, open up MORE super/hyper marts. Now fast food have 24hrs operation so that more locals can get ultra comfortable jobs like these. Let those foreigners work and sweat like a horse!

Cheers and Regards
Birds Talking Too your screamyx working already?

ktteokt said...

And to imagine, they are paid by the tax we pay! Is this the way to treat your "bosses"?

Anonymous said...

You know Patrick.2 things stands out here.One, your guts to approach the DES.Two,you used the magic word Rakyat to introduce yourself.If you did not say the later, I am sure you would have roughed out! Heng Ah.....

Anonymous said...

this is how all this people work, nothing gets done in malaysia without making a big fuzz even that they screw up sigh....

Anonymous said...

haiyo, like this how lah, not everyone gets the chance to barge into VIP meetings and get the OK straight away... seems like the "people first performance now" slogan is taking its time to soak into respective departments...

Zoed said...

These bigots have no concept of the fact that they are ruining the very same country they live in as well...Are these people like this due to the color of their skin, mentality , parenting or lack of proper education?!

None of this is surprise if u live in Malaysia all your life. Hell, after 3mths, an expatriate would tell u the same. It would be a surprise if they start doing their job properly.

Anonymous said...

Well Pat Malaysia Boleh lah what can you expect from Govt Dept except the exceptional one like the imigration department maybe the Police or JPJ they really are giving service the rest like shit.You got guts to approach the DG show them who the boss is.

Anonymous said...

same old story la or as they said biasa lah,another 50 years also cannot change la,at least we dun have to visit them every week or month.


AnaCondA said...

Well, this might be the contributing factor why birth rate is decreasing year by year!...Couples are more afraid to have children due to our Idiotic Educational System. I remember those who sat from SRP before 1990 ended up leaving school at early age due to failing Bahasa, English and Maths ended up working at the early age coz there were deterred from continuing their studies. Those had the money ended up in private institutions. After 1990 new ruling allows you to move to FORM 4....Imagine what happened to those who failed their SRP pre 1990? I knew so many of my friends ended up leaving school coz they didnt make it in one of the compulsory subjects!


Anonymous said...

Salute you lah! I always wanted to do that plus some bit of sarcasm to these VIPs. Better if there are reporters. "Apa 'lanXXX' you orang buat hari hari ah?!!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

Should send this to the current Edu Minister. Ask him if his guys KPI met or is there any KPI at all???

Anonymous said...

I wonder why all this nonsense happens in malaysia...all the time...right from my childhood days till today, no improvement in the government sector...every government department in malaysia seems to be a non performing one...where and what is the problem? everything tidak apa...if at all they work, they work slow...but they have all the time to go for khursus la, meeting la, taklimat la, but no improvement... only getting worse...what to do with these people? we need to catch all these people and shove some durians up their ass.

nstman said...

Tiuniamah, this is the sad state of affairs in Malaysia. This is a typical scene in Malaysia. This is what we see and experience in this country. So much so, it becomes perfunctory. Things have become so matter-of-factly that we hardly bat an eyelid at these goings=on. If this is the way Malaysia aspires to become a forward-looking and civilised state, then I feel sorry for the reformists.

Anonymous said...

Sad case. Very normal in Malaysia. Ever thought of sending your kids to a private school instead?

Anonymous said...

Having lived in Hong Kong for over ten years and then in Shanghai for a couple of years, I have to say the public service in most of the government departments in those two cities that I have experienced with, when compared to the government departments here in this bolehland, is like comparing heaven and hell! And believe me, that's how bad it is! But then again, why should it surprised us, just see how far those places have progressed compared to here!

Anonymous said...

Aiya Patrick, I said "niamah" to our gaji butas years ago. Please join me and give your son a better chance at life. Malaysia might lead him astray.

Anonymous said...


Dont stop there! .......... please keep making noise for the rest of Malaysians, like the blue collar worker.

Anonymous said...

Govt dept has been under bn so long that it has gone beyond Stage 4 cancer. There is no hope for improvement. Dont waste your energy to expect improvements so soon.

ayep sepa_sarawak said...

uncle pat.. for the sake of your good son, please send him to private school, if that's ok with you and wife. i am certain that there will be no 'esok-saya-call'.. no update.. no shits from these lame pegawai sekolah..

i believe that he (your son) will get a better education and good grades from private school.. btw, he will be off to private college/ univ once he's done with high school... who needs local univ with quota too, right? many parents choose that option, my parents did.. i believe you know very well what's best for your children.. cheers, uncle..

Merry Christmas =)

puzzled said...

My son is the only chinese boy in a SRK School in Ulu Tiram completed his UPSR and was given all his certificates and awards for the 5As he had.........except his transfer letter to Form 1 in a secondary school just next door we had filled-up the transfer Form and submitted! All his classmates documentation was well done except his. I even spoke to his classmates parent what they did extra (answer was everything done by the SRK, nothing extra). Assuming this procedure was completed, we proceed to the secondary school for registration and was shock his name does not appear. A letter from the primary school was missing. We crossed the football field to the primary school and approach a clerk, a teacher and also an administrative staff (Guru Besar was missing)one after another and none could do anything. Luckily, walking about SRK compound, a chinese teacher that had never taught my son happen to be around and could proceed to type a letter to enable my son's SMK school registration. Why such a special discrimatory treatment on my son?

Anonymous said...

Brillaint 1Malaysia Performance Now.

Truly hell of a performance. Thats what you get when you get incompetents engaged in the name of race, religion and nation.

poh yoke said...

They should add 'problem solving within 15mins' to their KPIs. The senior officials seems to serve the public by exercising their authority over their subordinate and passing the problems to them but without checking on improving processes, people competencies etc to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. We wonder if these senior officers are themselves competent for their jobs.

donplaypuks® said...

I had a similar encounter before, but bulldozed my way through to get what I wanted done.

The only way to combat lazy and tardy civil servants is to stand up to them, no matter what.

We pay taxes and we have our rights as full citizens.

Never back down!! And this thing requiring the school to stamp the BC is shit nonsense. No school is a legal authority for statutory document verification. Nothing can supercede the original BC which a parent produces!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

of course Welcoming the BOSS is most important ...u dun know the bolehland meh ? pls dun compare with the tiny red dot below la !!

Anonymous said...

lu tak suka, pegi tong-san la !
ini bolehland, kami suka macam mana buat !

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Government service... if you can call it service.

In 1994/95 (back in the 1900s) I called the police when some unofficial road diversion to manage a temple deity lifting exercise in Sek 3 PJ stared to risk turning rowdy. There were half clothed men diverting traffic from a main throughfare into a housing estate.

Some feathers seem ruffled and some name calling was heard. So when I reached home 500 metres from the scene I called police. This was at about 530 or 6pm.

Me: Salam Tuan. Saya nak mintak bantuan polis trafik kerana di kawasan saya ni ada kerja pembaikan kuil.

Polis: ?

Me: Takdalah saya tengok tadi nak bergaduh dah. Jerit jerit siap... jadi saya mintak tolong hantar polis la...

Polis: Oh... kalau diorang ajak gaduh, encik pukul balik la!

Me: (astounded) Saya bukan main main Tuan. Macam ni ke pois buat kerja?? Say amintak tolong supaya takda bergaduh you suruh saya gaduh??

I promptly put the phone down and do what I always did back then, I wrote to the papers.

The letter carried time, dates and the conversation. It appeared in the NST some days later, while I was on a business trip to Labuan.

Some reporters caught on to the story, and asked teh Selangor Police Chief at an official event.

His response was that I must make "aduan rasmi" before any action could be taken. I gave up.

This is the service back in the "1900s" after a member of the public asked for some security.

Today, in the 2000s I doubt if its changed...


Anonymous said...

I usually have no problems when I am in a government department...I usually get my work done...the reason is...I scream and shout so loudly for everyone to hear and at the same time, I will provoke and instigate the rest of the people there waiting for their turns so that everyone starts to voice out...rather loudly. That actually gets my things done...I know it is not professional...but how else to treat these people who are not professionals in the first place? Very soon some of these departments will place my photo on their entrance and bar me from entering.

Tiger said...

Hey Pat,
Perhaps you were unfortunate. I had the same situation and I went to the same PPD office in KJ.
Apparently this shortage of places in Primary 1 for 2010 isn't just for Puchong (where I live).
Maybe because I went on a day where there were no VIP visits.
The officer was nice and polite, however his response was the same as what you got.
"Er, you terpaksa pergi balik ke sekolah yang didaftarkan untuk pengesahan" etc.
Which was a waste of my one day annual leave.
Luckily, my brother in law knows someone who expedited the process for me.
It's sad when this government is still running on the who-you-know rather than they know what to do.

Tiger said...

Hey Pat,
Perhaps you were unfortunate. I had the same situation and I went to the same PPD office in KJ.
Apparently this shortage of places in Primary 1 for 2010 isn't just for Puchong (where I live).
Maybe because I went on a day where there were no VIP visits.
The officer was nice and polite, however his response was the same as what you got.
"Er, you terpaksa pergi balik ke sekolah yang didaftarkan untuk pengesahan" etc.
Which was a waste of my one day annual leave.
Luckily, my brother in law knows someone who expedited the process for me.
It's sad when this government is still running on the who-you-know rather than they know what to do.

patrickteoh said...

Thanks Tiger. Adam is registered in his school now. But they need to have a letter of approval from the Education Department. The last we know the Edu Dept was still claiming that they don't have his registration papers. How they are going to resolve this problem they didn't say.

Anonymous said...

In M’sia, “Civil Service” means that the rakyat (civilians) are supposed to ‘service’ the gomen pegawai. That’s why you and the other parents have to do the running around, see? YOU have to fit THEIR schedule. Not the other way around.

In other countries, the major responsibility of the Education Department is to ensure that all children attend school. They will come a-knocking at the doors of errant parents. Not so in Bolehland. See, they don’t even care your son is not registered when school is starting soon!

Many of the things you need to do at the gomen offices, doesn’t really make sense. But then, who are we to question? Like the school stamp on the BC. What purpose does that serve, really? These gomen goons, just do what they are told without rhyme or reason. The head honchos don’t exercise too much grey matter either. How can they, when they were once the same goons from the bottom of the pile, except that they have now moved up the ranks. All of them are maneouvering in the dark, keeping fingers crossed that things will go smoothly, and when it doesn’t (like in your case), then they all get thrown into a tizzy. Hiyah?! Howlah?!

These are the same people produced by the education system in M’sia. If you haven’t considered a private education for your child, consider it now.

Anonymous said...

pat, wat i suspect :
adam is being registered in sek cina which is more than penuh oredi , so get @#$%^&* re-register in a malay school,
sure 100% luluskan !

Anonymous said...

NO more inggeris schools : watever st john , st michael , acs, mgs or convent , king edward or anderson ; st savior , penang free , st antony or ...sigh....
( 5-2=3 , five bushes two is tree )
semua pun ...u know i know la, ok !

Anonymous said...

Well Patrick this is normal when you visit any Government Dept or a Monopoly type operation like TM , Tenaga , Astro or AirAsia. All the Same because run by same type of asshole. Have you try the EPF yes the place where they are suppose to look after your money same same every year you go and do withdrawal for children tuition fee same thing submit same form and I can guarantee you that you cannot do it one time even though you done it a few times you have to repeat the same thing again and again and again.what to expect from loose brain operation, need this form , need to sign here, need additional info, etc etc no end.Wonderful thing is that they can send Billion of RM overseas and you and I cannot + can ship military hardware out, wonder what type of form they fill up ? how that happen ? stupid question right. We are good at making slogan like H1N1 put up billboard ho ha that's it consider job done already inform public the rest who knows , bloody fucking useless bastard all of them. Try to claim back money from Air Asia - batter forget about it because its basically a scam , Tipu , for show only. No way Mr Fernandez is going to refund you for what ever reason instantly maybe if you are lucky after 1 year and after countless phone call. That's call Open Market Monopoly Practice see we have new word. We Malaysia is really power man we can invent new word with economic meaning. So Pat bear with it as we move on to new year don't hope for any batter things to happen because as long as you are here this is what you will get if not worst. They admit every civil servant has to attend BTN class so read the writing on the wall. Marry Christmas and a New Year.

Bloghead said...

You should get Wee Kar Siong to help you lah!

Just cry in front of him, then things will kau-tim!

Anonymous said...

No wonder Namewee gets so upset bout Malaysia system. This ppl seriously makan pisang minum kopi!!!

Temasik Kid said...

Why spend so much time writing for so long?

You shoudl register you son to study in Singapore. It will also facilitate your family migration later.

Enough of this country.

Anonymous said...

Did you check how much they paid for tehat stupid banner?

patrickteoh said...

Since I posted this I have been receiving suggestions that I send my children to private schools and avoid all the hassles. I won't do that. 2 reasons.

1. Like many Malaysians I cannot afford to send my children to private schools.

2. I detest this way of doing things. Which is basically to buy an alternative and leave the people who screw up the system to screw up some more. Eg. since the water that we pay for from the water department is not clean enough to drink we buy and install our own filters lor. Or since the police can't do their job and keep us crime free we erect our own baricades and employ our own security lor.

We've been doing things this way for too long and allowing the fuck-ups to fester to this level. It's time to say...


Anonymous said...

More shit to come as long as you stay in this shit place they will continue to give out rubbish and shit service. Come back to Ipoh Pat , unpave road , clog drain , rains get mini flood etc etc this is the result of robbers in charge so how? Mr Lim Kit Siang is MP for Ipoh Barat what we get , congestion , bad roads, high quiet rent , dirty streets so how again? I also do not want this shit but no choice for us.They do not get it after last tsunami continue the rot.Take the advise pat no point fighting loosing battle do it for family batter then later your family have to continue to be 2nd class but pay 1st class ticket. You are still able make it for next generation sake.

Boom Boom Room said...

School fees in Singapore for foreigners has gone up.

Patrick can enol his son for Singapore school if he continues to earn S$ for his MediaCorp engagement.

Anonymous said...


have a long cool dane to cool down. getting too agitated by those incompetents means bad health.

what the fuck. where's the fucking KPI Minister? Better ask him whats this 1 Shit all about.

Adam&TheAnt said...

All the best to Adam, too.
With a father like you, he has no worry to master good English.
Study for good grades then proceed to get ASEAN schorlarship to further bhis studies in Singapore.
Have a great 2010 !

Anonymous said...

Would not mind seeing Pat read the news in Singapore or batter still Anchor in NBC or Australian Broadcasting , give those fuckers red face.One for us Pat not that i am encouraging you to leave but looking at things it is getting from bad to worst to hopeless .Batter be "pendatang" there then here at least you get some form of equality and respect and your rights is guarantee not 100% but at least batter then here.

enhaw82 said...

And you wonder why Malaysia have one of the largest public sector workforce....need 7 ppl to do a 2 person job.

落叶满孤城 said...

Hi Uncle Pat,

Mee too kena similar case.
I'm being kick from JPD Petaling and the bloody chinese school in serdang for few time.

Until i really cannot tahan and scolded the so call guru besar 16 cantonese greeting words.
I told him,dun ever thinking i will pay for $$$ just to exhange a seat for my son.

lousy guru besar ,lousy officer.

sometime,i felt bad to my son.
Why i'm so stupid to come back to Msia and let him suffer?
After all,his holding Spore PR....

Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick, don't waste your time. Send Adam to Oz lah. Not only do such admin matters handled with no fuss at all, the cikgus here will treat your kids like gold. Reason: most of the mat salleh teachers really respect their profession and genuinely care about educating your kids + the govt funding for the schools is based on their enrolment count.


Anonymous said...

What has become of our police lately? Raja Petra Kamarudin said it rightly when he likened them to headless chickens heading to nowhere. In things like fighting serious crime, they failed miserably.
Snatch thefts are an almost a daily affair but seldom are the thieves apprehended. Robbers are becoming bolder and bolder, and robbing goldsmiths a stone's throw away from police stations is common.

The police rate of solving robberies is appalling. Instead of focusing their attention on Lim Guan Eng and Hian Wah, the police should channel their resources to protect the ordinary folk. It is laughable that Hian can intimidate the police. Who on earth can believe that?

Anonymous said...

Read in the Star paper today, with some similar news:

Anonymous said...

You need to be tough with these people to get thing done. Once I called up the JBA ( water department)head office to report a burst water main.
When I told him the location, he has the guts to tell me that area is under the Gombak district office and told me to call a certain phone number. I told him is not my job to make another call. It was his duty to call what ever department or office that is responsible to fix the problem.

Lucas Chow said...

Please keep us posted on the status of your son primary one enrolment. We are very concerned.
May you are successful.

Hannah said...

I think your cute boy Adam has the genes to excel as an artist. So do bring him up woth TLC, and hopefully he is as famous as his dad as an accomplished artist and a conscientious social blogger in future.
All the best.

Tabik said...

Wah...uncle patrick! im so saluting u rite now! U got the BALLS u know? Maybe u should give a lesson to that "BUNG" feller (Mr. leaks-once-a-month) how to have balls. Berani buat tapi tak berani mengaku...apa punya jantan lah u Bung MP of KinaBATANGan yg tak ada batang...memalukan kaum lelaki saje....

ur streamyx senario is so familiar with mine. they also asked me to call from 100 number. And i fucked them kao-kao and asked them how to call when u havent give me the blardy phone line!!?

Anonymous said...

the middle man has asked for 5k to 'tolong' a child transferred to another sekolah in ipoh ...sigh !

michael said...

Recently I made an on line complain to our municipal council about large pot holes appearing along a main road which I used to travel to work. The local council politely referred the case to the state JKR because that road was outside their jurisdiction. State JKR then referred the case to the Federal JKR because that too, was outside their jurisdiction. All this while, a copy of their correspondence was snail mailed to me even though I have provided them an email address.

So when the Federal JKR replied to the state JKR, they copied their letter to me. When the State JKR replied to the municipal council, they again copied that letter to me. Finally, of course, the municipal council wrote to me requesting me to check if the repair had been made. I suppose if I have done so and replied to them, that would again trigger that chain of letters by post.

Don't the government have an email culture at work?

Samad said...

Dear Tabik

You should capitalise on your anger (it is a power) to take the action yourself.

Why do you get Patrick to involve?
Can't you see he has a problem on hand already?

You should start to be a man yourself.

Pak One said...


I hope you have successfully registered Adam for his pri One schooling.

Take care & have a good year of 2010.

Alamak Tee said...

This is a beginning of a series of 'challenges' that Adam has to face in the mlaysian Education System from Standard One to STPM. I do not mention Local University as I would advise Adam to pursue his higher education in Singapore to join the brain drain that the Malaysian authority does not seem to bother.

Alamak Tee said...

This is the beginning of a series of chanlleges that Adam will have to face in the Malaysian education all to way to STPM.

I do not mention local university as I wAdam to join Singapore university to pursue his higher education to gain a PR status in Singapore, and to join the brain drain that the Malaysian authority does not seem to bother.

Tabik said...

Dear Samad,

i think u got me misunderstood. I was making a comparison between patrick and that "BUNG" feller. Patrick = Balls. Bung = No Balls We rakyat are better than some of those so-called "politicians".

Anger is a useful tool but use it wisely and it yield result. And thats what i did. Wrote a nice, lengthy e-mail(nasty one) to the manager and after 3 days my house is up and running with phone and internet line. Whereas my neighbour took 6 months for his phone line thru conventional methods.

Dear Pat, hope Adam is registered by now.

P.s: Can i post this link on my facebook?

Samad said...

Dear Tabik

Point taken. Happy New Year to you.
Be kind to all races.
Don't be an umnoputera.

cikgu tee said...


Whichever school you go to, enjoy your study. Make your daddy proud.
You are to young to practise Teohlogy, so do not offend your teachers or you will not get exam tips.

uncle tee said...

I hope Adam has a fruitful 1st day at school today.

concerned said...


Has Adam started scholling after all the issues?

Iskandar Hussein said...

I would say it is a typical daily routine of government office with overly complaisant staff and officers.

It is the attitude of the person that we are talking about here. I do not think it has to do with any political party. I would say if there is a government change even if some other country taking over us..if the attitude of such officers been planted as a culture .. they will never change.

Do you realized that the culprits of all organization performance rely on their middle managers...these are the people who translate the goal from the higher up into working process.

The solution that I can see if only we have a middle manager in the government office who got the balls to suggest firing officers with attitude rather than transferring them to some remote office.

I'm wondering when such generation will appear in government office.

Ramli said...

Well said Iskandar Hussein.

Our civil servant got no hope alreadylah.

BTN has made them complacent.
Malaysia has got the most civil servant in relation to its population.

They are hired not for prodcutivity reason but to support the ruling government.

No incentive for them to work harder when the job is so secured.

Anonymous said...

Haloo Pat,

iam one of the pegawai at Kelana Jaya.. Hummm. I think u didnt understand how crazy we work here. Anyway, what else we do expext from people like u. Thousands of applications need to be proseses. Dont u think we are RAKYAT too.. Huhhhhh. Dont keep blame people that didnt give u extra attention.We are hurt here. Anyway, iam ur fans too. Dont judge people and Our GOV services like shit.

patrickteoh said...

Dear Anonymous 9:33 AM, I am glad that you have posted your comment. If you take the time to re-read my post you will know that I DO appreciate that you guys in that department work like crazy especially during the period just before schools re-open. My post is not so much critical of the people who work there but the system under which they operate which in turn generates the kind of attitudes that is prevalent among them. Thousands of applications need to be processed? Yes of course. Then where is the system for processing them efficiently? Why is there total miscommunication between the deparment, the school's administration and the parents and students? As I tried to make clear to your State Education Director I am not looking for 'extra' attention. I just want to work with the department according to the rules. But you must first tell me what the rules are.I am sorry that you feel hurt but think about what generates this kind of reaction from the public first before blaming yourself and feeling hurt.

Have a good day. And by the way, the pegawai who promised he'd call me the next day still hasn't called. So what should I feel? It's okay la. He's probably too busy processing those thousands of applications.

Iskandar Hussein said...

We are not talking about processing thousand application here. We are talking about attitude. Typical and decent business attitude.

Simply said, when people come to your office, you greet politely, at least "hi .. how are you can I help you .."

When make promise to call, take note, minimum business follow up is 3 working days...

All rakyat need is a little courtesy. Everbody have thousand things to do in their life.

Prioritize your work my government friend's that is all we need from you ...