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Monday, December 21, 2009

This land is mine. God gave this land to me.

The line in the title is a line from a song from the 1960 film, Exodus which was banned in Malaysia along with the book by Leon Uris. Why was it banned? It was a film and story about the founding of the state of Israel. It has absolutely nothing to do with this post but I just thought of it when I got the idea for this update.

For the past couple of weeks there's been this full-paged advertisement in The Star. The ad, in the Metro section is by the I&P Group advertising a new housing project and selling 'bungalow lots'. What struck me was the headline of the advertisement which read......

We fought for this land. Claimed our independence, because of its value. And now it's for sale.

I don't know about you but when I read it there was something terrifyingly prophetic about that headline.



Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the old saying, If one is poor, don't get sick.

This is a money minded world and I am least surprised when any land that is available for development, the contractors are going to develop them either into a housing area or commercial hub. Whether there is enough land to develop or not, this is primary. The cost of a home in regardless of a condo, apartment, house, etc. is costly. Most of the time does not commensurate with the cost of raw materials to build.

Well, the Housing and Local Government has a lot to answer to the woes of this nation !

1Woes !

shamaine said...

what the hell??? like, WHAT THE HELL? that's such bad copy!

Anonymous said...

buy one lot and get one jet engine for free. call the developer for the jet engine voucher. no need special pass. just walk into the air force compound to collect it. don't forget to bring own lorry. if no more stock... call minister of defense and complaint why he so like that one and insist on a full refund. if cannot then settle for a submarine.

joolee said...

For those, like me, who haven't seen the ad in its full glory, click

I have dubbed this the worst headline of the year.

Thanks for the heads up, Pat.

Anonymous said...

Why not. We can sell sand down south, sell jet engine. What else cannot sell. I m sure bee ant can to sold off too.


nstman said...

God gave this land to me, saith the Lord. In Malaysia, developers use chicanery, with the help of the machinations of the powers-that-be, to grab lands in the interest of national harmony.

doraemon1972 said...

Uncle, I came across the ad too. What does it really mean aaaa? From my shallow understanding, it is what BN especially UMNO been doing for the past 52 years no?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

THIS land is mine, GOD gave this land to me, this great and ancient land to me.
and when the morning sun reveals the hills and plains, then i see a land where children can run free .
SO take my hand and walk this land with me and walk this lovely land with me.
THOUGH i'm just a man, when you are by my side, with the help i know i can be strong.

* TO take this land our home, if i must fight, i'll fight to make this land our home, until i die, until i die, this land is mine.*

SO take my hand and walk this land with me, and walk this lovely land with me.
THOUGH i'm just a man, when you are by my side, with the help of my GOD, I KNOW I CAN BE STRONG !!

Anonymous said...

the Exodus !!

Anonymous said...

NOT one but 2 engines terhilang la @#$%^&* !!

Anonymous said...

Is the book on Tun M banned?

Anonymous said...

Everthing in Bolehland is for sale.

History has taught us that Singapore was sold by Sultan Johor to the British.

Very soon Iskandar region will be sold too.

Anonymous said...

I suspect certain authority in Johor has continued its tradition to sell sand to Singapore to build its casino.

Anonymous said...

TUDM also got YES - Malaysia Year End Sale, selling the MIGs as mentioned by Dr. M.

Maybe Najib cannot raise enough money from Amanah Saham 1Malaysia?

or cannot wait to collect money from GST and credit card service fee?

Might as well lease out Putrajaya for use as Trading Centre?

Otai said...

Putrajaya will make good as a great casino city to rival Singapore's twin casinos.

It is ready-made.
We can add the 2nd-hand KTM train as joyride.

This will boost our BN coffers.
No need for GST and credit card service fee.

michael said...

Only the commies fought for the independence of this land against the Japanese and the British with their blood.

If I&P have a sense of history, they should allocate a piece of free land to Chen Peng and his warriors.

Anonymous said...

The current syllabus of Sejarah for PMR is full of self-glorification of umnoputera.

Michael was right, without the komunis the British would not have defeated the Japanese. Chin Peng should be lauded.

rmaf insider said...

Conspiracy Theory:

The 'stolen' engines was actually sold to Iran.

That's why the US government is very concerned.