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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What the FUCK!!!

A friend of mine pointed out this youtube video to me. When I watched it I just sat there shocked to my core. I thought of writing about it and expressing how I felt but when I watched the video again I decided to let YOU be the writers of this Niamah!!! blogpost.

Watch the video and let us know what you feel. And while you're watching try and identify the good guys and the bad guys. Bet you can't.

Now, you know it's true what Najib's been saying all along.

There's ONLY



Anonymous said...

I love my country, I truly do, but I'll add myself to the statistic of migration to a more civilized country if I can afford to do so one day. I honestly fear for my life and the life of my child's child.

kk said...

The guy got bashed up was a robber which served him right. But the police was too lame and couldn't control the situation.

Anonymous said...

i have made a lot of bad decisions in my life. but the best decision i have made for myself thus far is FUCK OFF from boleh land.

and i don't love my country. i hate it. i am making arrangements to throw boleh land citizenship...n ask that fucking moo fella to keep it

Anonymous said...

eh without ample data point dun simply pass judgement ok!!???

maybe the fella who kena beaten is BN bugger...deserve it mah

as for the polis...after all that has happened...u still expect hi standards from them ah....then u also unrealistic

so what else in boleh land is new????

tiu niamah!!!

Joe said...

I remember one mother in tudung years ago. She was holding a baby in the midst of thousands of protesters during the Anwar thing. The POLICE attacked her, grabbed her by the head and banged it against the wall.

If you think you have no money to leave, go to Cambodia or something. You'll be better off. Human beings live there.

Anonymous said...

If they can do this OPENLY, imagine what they will do behind closed door.

myxzyden said...

no head no tail... what's the story behind it?

robbery gone wrong? or just a car accident?

sam said...

what's the story here? Is KK right - this fler is a robber? Did the fler do something bad to provoke all that anger and violence? Or he is an innocent victim of police brutality?...I oso donno...just asking for more information...

*lynne* said...

I could only watch about halfway before stopping.

It would be good to know the context of what was going on, the circumstances behind the crash(?) and the anger of some passers-by(?)/victims(?) -- so much so that one wants to smash the guy's head in with a large rock; another climbs on the car to get at him with a hammer; one hold him in a headlock while another pummels him... ,,, and all this with the impotent police present.

Even then, tho... even if this guy ran over a kid, or robbed a bank, or whatever ... the general public has no right to hammer, pummel or brain him.

Then again... if one can't expect justice from the police and so-called justice system, does this mean the general public has no compunction about taking the law into their own hands?

This is very disturbing.

I am ashamed.

Anonymous said...

the police are accomplices to violence

Anonymous said...

Come on Patrick,this cant be true lah! Just acting for new TV2 series hor.Malaysia you know.Dont play play ok. DPM just announced we start teachers educated standard,first in the world and every country will learn from us.This clip is purposely made to educate the world the adverse result of not having good teachers mah!

KIMHO8 said...

The essence of hatred,violence and power abuse. Vicious cycle will carry on and on if they never stop!

Robbers vs. Murderers???

Anonymous said...

excessive force and violence was used by police in this case. They condone assault against helpless human being. The situation is out of police control. In fact, they seem to enjoy it and participate in the assault. And there is no media outcry against it in main stream media. The head of force keep silence about it. That is the worst part.

Anonymous said...

Caveman becomes law enforcers.

Uneducated morons becomes leaders.

Murderers becomes prime ministers.

Fuckers become contest for MCA.

Idiots becomes idols.

Niamah becomes a place to vent anger and frustration.

Sounds like ZAMAN Jahiliah The dark ages are sweeping soon.

wandererAUS said...

Malaysia Boleh!!
These Blue uniform baboons doing an American style on the, the not so Ketuanan Race.
These fucking binatangs and their political racist masters work like, a hand to a glove...
Blame no one, but ourselves to allow the situation to deteriorate to a 'Binatang mentality' nation.

Anonymous said...

From the footage one can assume the following about our 'self proclaimed -jaguh kampung world class Polis di raja Malaysia'(PDRM)

(1)PRDM does not know /are not trained to handle crisis situation
other than taking bribes
(2)PDRM are racists
(3)PDRM are samsengs themselves
(4)PDRM are all of the above

Even criminals have a right to be protected from mobs but here you can see that he is being manhandled while an idiot banging the car with a hammer was not even told to stop.
No wonder investors are running away. I hope that this clip gets into the foreign TV networks and get aired so that the world can know about Malaysia's world class Polis di raja !

caravanserai said...

Cars accident turning violence
Police couldn't control the crowd
The mob got angry turning on the driver
Smashing up him full view of men in blue

The police allowed it to happen
Allowing the mob to attack a man
No help to control the situation
The angry mob they should be charged

The police will forget
The incident in their eyes
The smashed up guy should sue
The police and the guys hitting him
In this clip enough evidence

The men in blue
They failed their duty
They didn't handcuffed the attackers
On a defenseless man

Prisoners die in prison
In many mysterious ways
Now in open public view
The police allegedly failed to protect

The police never changed
In the years I knew and saw
Punched and kicked gangsters
When they rounded them up
In trucks and Black Maria

Some how it looked like a failed state
The present government has to be blamed
Many migrate every day....................
We must change the government
When GE13 comes along
Else it will be downhill......
For us and the future generations

Anonymous said...

Truly 1Malaysia. Cops, all bargers and public were ONE and that fella (either crook or victim) also 1 man.

Can we take actions in our own hand? We can see he is defenceless and didn't put up a fight or struggle and yet being beaten badly with the cops just watching.

Sad day for all. 1Malaysia? BTN? Wait long long

Anonymous said...

Current situation- ROTTEN TO THE CORE, sound familiar ?

In my mind , violence scenes only happened in the sin city of USA as we watched alot of their TV series in our younger days.

Just the other days we witnessed daylight snatching on the street ,neighbour was robbed ,violence unchecked while the national media announced that crime rate is reducing.

Interestingly all forces are working very hard trying to gather proves for the long lost sodomy-case. Die die also never give up.

I saw the need to wait till 2012.

michael said...

This revolting video clip should not come from a land of self-professed God fearing people. This is more like taken in the African Safari where the stronger animals, acting in groups, maim the weaker ones.

52 years since independence and after spending billions to uplift the standard of education (including religious and moral education) and living in this country, we should be ashamed of our behaviour and of those who are supposed to uphold the law of this country.

Anonymous said...

typically kampung style. the usual suspects...who else? BUT THE POLICE? shivering in my working shoes already. The standard of Malaysian Policeman. welcome to 1Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I felt very sad!why the police did not stop that fler(with a hammer and climbing on top of car)who is so violent?The smashed windsreens and bleeding of the victim(who is apparently a chinese) are clearly his act.Even a criminal have some basic right of protection. go the fuck the racist police!!!!!!Niamah!

RW19 said...

The guys who got beaten up just had robbed a workshop, then led the police on a car chase before it ended at the spot where the video began. The hammer-wielding guy, IMO, works for the workshop.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I think the time stated wrongly.At 7.48pm cannot be so bright.Must be am time.

daniel said...

The fact that our PDRM personnel could stand there and watch the guy being assaulted with a large rock and a hammer, no less, is shocking. In fact a couple of the policemen actually got into the action as well.

Accident? Robbery? Either way, it just doesn't seem right.

Anak Perelih said...

WTF... that the current KL Plate number..

Cina Kedah said...

What the fuck,

Send this to Kevin Ruddthe Prime Minister of Australia, since he have high regards for Malaysia Goverment in managing Democracy.

RealGunners said...

hey! that's near my home! although i'm working in Penang now...

don't know what happened that caused the provocations, but the fact is that the 1malaysia polices were doing nothing to stop this madness..

and, yeah, it's a racist affair, you don't provoke their race where my home is (i suppose applies to anywhere else in 1malaysia also though) or it'll get nasty for u regardless of whose fault it is..

Anonymous said...

Even criminals have rights. But police are licenced to be gangster. Look at the head and they all follow their leader.

Sad affair. The guy in strips, jumping on top of car with hammer etc, he should be jailed as well.

Very sad. How to have confidence with thje police? How?

u-en said...

It doesn't matter if this chap is Malay, Chinese, Indian or Lain2. Many readers get that, and I think that's great.

But it also doesn't matter if this mofo raped you baby. There are a lot of posts on the original youtube entry in the vein of "what if this fler robbed you, sure you whack him la".

wtf do people think this country is? suspect someone of a crime, (e.g. an indian person, as has been the case for over a decade now), so whack him? don't like someone's face, so bash it in?

it is tempting to say "it ain't our fault if the police haven't done their job, right?" after all, if the police really were to enforce the law without prejudice, then maybe we'd be more aware that it is wrong to go bashing people up no matter what we suspect them of.

that's why there is legitimate state-sanctioned violence; the court process, for whatever piece of crap it is worth today, was once an effective instrument of legal violence.

so, now that we know the system doesn't work, are we better off enforcing the law ourselves? get real results, real quickly.

but whose law?

shit people, if Malaysia has gone to the dogs it's because of fucking Malaysians. we went and said "okay" to those filthy politicians in the first place; and we didn't bat an eyelash when the cops started going on rampages. we still don't, evidently. just say "hooray, clap clap, don't fuck with my petrol subsidy".


IncredibleBulk said...

LOL at 0:38 .
"Alo brother gimme your helmet, i want to join lah"

guy with helmet "FU lah, use your hands lah"

Anonymous said...

2 robbers got caught robbing an old man/lady. this video has been around for a while. to me, those 2 low lives deserved it but the hammer was a little overboard... what if he dies from getting hit? there wouldnt be any more fun in torturing him would it?

Anwar Al-juburi sial said...

Eh Pat!! That robber is your niece is it? serve him right la ma hai, both of them lucky they still alive..One day when you need police help then you'll know..Mother#$%@

Heng Eam said...

I got so pissed and disturbed and ashame all at the same time that I have decided to send an email to the PM's office and Yayasan Malaysia asking them for a response (BM translaton included in case Puad wants to read it). I don't know what response to expect so I just stated any response will do; but the two are government departments so...

P/s: though I won't bet on a reply from them, I sure will update you guys if they respond.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is so fucked up. The whole world is laughing at you.

Anonymous said...

The guy in red stripped shirt is a call man and the Chinese man who got walloped happened to fetch his mother to the market and the call man's car rammed him from behind.

Victim got walloped some more, The poor mother can do nothing!

Police do nothing!

Call man became a policemen strudding along the throughfare.

Amazing. 1Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Boleh!!!

Honestly the 'robber' do not deserve to be treated in this inhumane manner.

oi PM, ada tengok???

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, police shoot to kill robbers people complain.

Police let people wallop (and almost kill) robbers people also complain.

Tough job for the police.

Jokes only, I am not on the side of the police.

Some real stories:

Policemen on a motorbike accost couple in car at midnight in park. Start asking questions. Asking for identification papers. Later one of the police asked the man to come out of the car. What is the motive? The guy refused and drove off but the police threaten to summon them. What would have happened if the guy came out? Niamah comments please.

A policeman at a resort grabbed the wrist of a Chinese female national who was holding what looked like a passport. He was like scolding her. The lady was very scared and wincing at the pain at the wrist.
It was dusk and raining heavily. Then suddenly he walked into the rain pulling her with him apparently to a police pondok. It was some distance to the pondok. He could have walked through the resort to the pondok to avoid the rain and not get the lady wet as well. What happened next? Niamah comments please.

mohd idris bin hassan said...

Wow !wee ! I have never so many brave men tough men in action in my life.This is sheer bravado of a kind which can earn each of them the highest award for gallantry , the Sri Pahawan Gagah Perkasa (S.P) The police too should not be forgoten. They qualify for the second higest award . The Panglima Gagah Berani (PGB) I am so proud of my country so many hero's.

Anonymous said...

this is the beginning of HELL on EARTH...and it starts right here!

Anonymous said...

this is the beginning of HELL on EARTH...and it starts right here!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. really disturbing indeed.
WTF the police is doing?
Hell man.. I know from my personal experience that the Malaysian police is rubbish but this??
It's a totally different level dy.

Hammer and brick wo..

Daphne Iking said...

I agree with *lynne*.

I could not complete watching the video. I am highly disturbed.

From the video, we do not know the context of what truly happened, but blood gore and such angst and violence out in the public WITH the police there to supposedly CONTROL the situation?

I am sorry. I fear for my child's life.

This is very saddening.

niakong said...

The guy that got beaten up must be some Ah Beng driving recklessly in his souped-up Wira, injuring some innocent people along the way. Some commented that he is a robber. Anyhow, be it robber or road-bully, he is Criminal No. 1!!!

The guy in white shirt with red & black stripes, jumping up and down the car, hammering Criminal 1, is an opportunist. Please see carefully that he has actually looted some valuables from the front passenger side of the car, after hammering the Ah Beng. And he thought that no one was actually watching. Possessing a weapon and injuring another with it, and looting in broad daylight, made him Criminal No. 2!!!

A third guy in white with black patches shirt holding a big block of stone, and a fourth guy in dark-blue polo-T with Mike Tyson-like hair, must have watched too much WWF. They were putting to good use what they've learned. While one was grabbing tightly the Ah Beng from behind, the other threw punches at his face continuously. For tampering crucial "evidence" in a crime scene, they're Criminals No. 3 and 4!!!

Those men in blue uniform? Well, they were abetting Criminals No. 2, 3 and 4. This made them Criminals No. 5!!!

Malaysia Boleh!

A-G said...


I mau u siasat dengan segera kes ini! Orang ramai dah buat kecoh ni.

Pergi tengok siapa yang buat rakaman video ni. Lepas dah dapat, kenakan dia ni kow-kow! Buat hal saje dia ni.

Lepas tu, biasalah ... dapatkan kah-kia u seorang, dan salahkan dia kerana tak buat apa-apa bila kat sana.

I mau u bereskan kes ini secepat mungkin. Dah akhir tahun ni. Kalau tak, KPI dan bonus kita dua akan terjejas! Faham???

Anonymous said...

For those who condemned the police, don't live on high moral grounds laa...If you or your loved ones were victims of those two robbers that got caught and beaten up, would you still be preaching your high moral gibberish? Put it the other way, do you think the robbers would have shown any mercy or consideration to their victims?

Look again, those who whacked the robbers were not the police, they were by-standers, ordinary folks that are fed-up with the crime situation in the country and took it out on the robbers. Can you blame them? Would you have done differently? Oh, sure, those that protested would have bravely did the police work and shielded the robbers with their bodies..HAH!

Anonymous said...

Do not just view the video and get so worked up. The guy who got bashed up was a robber (the police handcuffed him and the guy was carrying a baseball bat in his car). Don't jump to conclusion who is the good guy and the bad guy without looking at the details first.

Old Fart said...

What is it that keeps us separate from animals? We are supposed to be human. Separate from animals with animalistic instincts. And yet we see here an expression of many of animalistic instincts shown in a cowardly way.

Anonymous said...

Najib is very smart to go overseas and ket his deputy do all the dirty work for him.

DJK said...

wish I was there to lend a hand, kicking the driver in his groin

Anonymous said...

kesian.. what he did was wrong. but they can't treat him that way. i wouldn't want to leave malaysia. but if i must, i will.

Anonymous said...

run for your life!

Anonymous said...

Well let us look at it from a different view. The suspect was caught doing something wrong. Police are at the scene. Its the job of the officer make the arrest and protect the public (including the suspect). What we see is the opposite. This is not the protocol for police action. Imagine the suspects have a gun or grenade and opens fire. How many people will be dead? How come the police can allow the public to interfere in their duty? Our KPN always says "let the police do their job". In this clip the police seem hesitant/scared to apprehend the suspect. If there is insufficient policemen at scene and the public may help, even then under safe circumstance. The angry public using all they can find to use it against the suspect, with no fear of causing injury to the suspect. What if in the commotion someone pulls the gun from the cop and fires at the suspect? I guess these policmen are not thought how to handle suspects. Or in most case the rather look the other way.


Abdulla Teo said...

Polis is portrayed by Yusuf Haslam in 'Gerak Khas' and 'Roda-roda KL' on TV.

Unfortunately, in real life the polis is not half as efficient or effective that the TV version (I did not say the TV shows are great since it is a propaganda show).

About time to appoint Yusuf Haslam as Chief Polis and let his A Galak, AC Mizal, Abbey Abadi, Dynas, Lim... to run the police station.

Juanito said...

Guys, All,

On Uncle Pat's behalf, let me relate the story behind this..

This incident had taken place for quite some time already.. It was first shown on MT and obviously somebody had posted it on utube..

The story behind - 2 buggers had just robbed a man. The man was actually a tow truck owner. After robbing the man, the robbers (whom u can see them in that black wira - i assume) sped off. The man, the victim radioed for his tow trucker friends and in the midst the robbers caught the attention of the police who gave chase.. What you are seeing in the clip is when the 2 buggers had been cornered not only by the police but also other tow truckers.


Anonymous said...

The robbers are chinese, and the tow-truckers are also chinese.
I am not racist, but we can see it clearly. What, mentioning 'chinese' also cannot kah ? have to go to jail ? Niamah !

Anonymous said...

negaraku penuh dengan sampah