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Friday, December 04, 2009

You just don't get it, do you?

Since I posted the video on "What the FUCK!!!" December 02, I have received in access of 40 comments. Unfortunately, I feel that too many of these comments are in the vein of...

a) Oi! If you were the one being robbed by the guy, you won't be talking so big would you?
b) Huh! Next time you need to ask the police for help then you will know.
c) The baarger being hammered is a robber la. He deserves it la!
d) Ya la, the fler non-Malay that's why kena hantam the police also don't care lor.

I think you get the drift of what I am trying to say here. So I think it is important to set things right for those of you who just don't get it. I have re-printed here a comment which puts things in the proper perspective. Please read it and stop with the illogical comments. Thank you.

It doesn't matter if this chap is Malay, Chinese, Indian or Lain2. Many readers get that, and I think that's great.

But it also doesn't matter if this mofo raped your baby. There are a lot of posts on the original youtube entry in the vein of "what if this fler robbed you, sure you whack him la".

Wtf do people think this country is? suspect someone of a crime, (e.g. an Indian person, as has been the case for over a decade now), so whack him? Don't like someone's face, so bash it in?

It is tempting to say "it ain't our fault if the police haven't done their job, right?" After all, if the police really were to enforce the law without prejudice, then maybe we'd be more aware that it is wrong to go bashing people up no matter what we suspect them of.

That's why there is legitimate state-sanctioned violence; the court process, for whatever piece of crap it is worth today, was once an effective instrument of legal violence.

So, now that we know the system doesn't work, are we better off enforcing the law ourselves? Get real results, real quickly.

But whose law?

Shit people, if Malaysia has gone to the dogs it's because of fucking Malaysians. We went and said "okay" to those filthy politicians in the first place; and we didn't bat an eyelash when the cops started going on rampages. we still don't, evidently. Just say "Hooray, clap clap, don't fuck with my petrol subsidy". Morons.



Anonymous said...

HOOORAY!!! Once again,you have proven that talk is cheap and easy! Pleeeese, pleeease say the very very same words if the baby raped is your son or daughter...then I WILL really believe in your high and mighty speech...until then GET REAL!

Anonymous said...

No matter what - you have to respect the law. If people don't = soon or later, there will be no law. No law means CHAOS, my friend......

samson said...

Yah, easier said when you're on the keyboards...

If someone comes up to you when you are leaving your Merc/Smart and demands for the keyss..give him, isit? Not worth the trouble and some more got insurance.

So people come to you help and you tell them no need to whack the bugger cos you love everyone...

Then no need to make police report, since you good hearted one. Before that, I have some fish futures that can guarantee 40% returns to sell you! Niamah-leh!

wandererAUS said...

Certain among of beatings to soften the criminal, maybe, acceptable....not when both his hands are tied and you have more than 2 dozens police officers surrounding him! In a civilized world, even a criminal has his right. I believe Malaysia is a signatory to the human rights accord.
I still think lowly educated Police personals in Bolehland need to be properly trained and told brute force must be restrained.
ooops! Malaysia ..with a people friendly police force????

Anonymous said...

I hear alot about civilised society, civilised people and all that. What IS a civilised society? Have there EVER been a civilised society since the advent of time? Civilised society is one that doesn't bash their criminals?

There are wars waged by so-called civilised society throughout the annals of history, even today. There are laws and rules even for warfare (Geneva Convention). So, if you shoot someone according to the rules of the convention it's allright and civilised then?

Laws and rules are made by men, and broken by men too. You speak of choas when rules are broken; on the other hand, you also have choas when the authorities impose the law (suppression of peaceful demomstrations, etc). So, choas doesn't happen only when laws are broken...choas also happens when criminals take laws into their own hand. You have to fight fire with fire.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Malaysia is going to the dogs... this post is a great testament of how so many Malaysians think they know what's true democracy when deep inside they're every bit the uncivilized bush hunter.

Seriously, who are we to judge or punish others? True, I may be pissed off if someone raped my daughter and I would really want to kill that person too.

But then again, it's not up to me to pass such judgments. Dumb typical imbeciles. You guys must be the same fucks that stop to watch an accident while causing an entire highway to jam up.

mah cau hai

Anonymous said...

Wow ... this confirms that Malaysia is going to the dogs and some Malaysians are no better than animals. I'm glad I left the country when I had the chance. I don't see much hope for Malaysia nor do I really care given we have people as low as that! It's such a pathetic place ...

Yi Pin said...

there was once a king who got tired of his ministers quarreling at every meeting.

One day he brought all of them to look at an elephant. He also brought 5 blind men who have never seen an elephant, and have one touch the elephant's trunk, ears, body, legs, and tail.

So when he asked the blind men, one said the elephant is a snake, another said an elephant is flat, another says an elephant is like a tree trunk, tree vine, etc.

What does an elephant really look like?

What do your comments reflect about your thinking?

What do your thinking reflect about your upbringing and experiences...?

Trashed said...

A certain amount of force & effort is required to make a citizen's arrest to restrain or detain a suspect.

When the law enforcement officers arrive at the scene, they should take control of the situation.

In the video, the amount of force used was excessive and certainly, the law enforcement officers did not take control of the situation. That is CHAOS.

The suspect/victim was outnumbered and trapped in the vehicle. Yet, you can see one person using a hammer to strike at the victim, another using a rock to batter the victim and another fellow attempting to borrow someone's helmet, ostensibly to batter the victim as well.

On top of that, one of the law enforcement officers is seen kicking the victim.

If the victim had died, who should be charged for the murder ? The guy with the hammer, the fellow with the boulder or the police for negligence ?

Anonymous said...

Scary, it goes to show that the majority of Malaysians are not ready for mamakthir's vision 2020...

Anonymous said...

When there is already police presence and when the suspect is already aprehended/cornered. There is no longer any need to condone further violence.

Idiots who talk with the example what would you do if your baby was getting raped... Aren't you guys overeacting? What dumbasses!

You react to the criminals only when danger's imminent or is happening and when there is no help nearby. But know when to stop. Otherwise you'd better off being vigilantes.

And if everyone thinks like you, might as well we abolish the laws we have in protecting society.

I dare say even the cops in the video are bastards! To allow the robber getting beat up like that, they should get grilled for this.


Anonymous said...

Anon 7:38 PM

What if one day you end up in the same situation like the beaten man but you can be proven to be innocent, do you still want the hammer to be whacked on your head in the first place?


chrisyeoh said...

I get what Patrick is trying to say. Yes, it is not hard to imagine if the victim is our on flesh and blood.

And I understand if I where the victims father or mother I would probably give him a beating. But, did all those people who beat that guy is robbed by him or by any means a victim? If not I don't see any reason to intervene.

The truth is if you act like those so-called heroes in that video, you are just punishing yourself for ones mistake. You put so much anger and hatred into yourself that is unnecessary and self-damaging. Seriously guys, nothing good can come out by beating up that guy. You are just attracting more violence and negativity. All in all is purely self-centered and self-satisfying.

And finally I don't think anyone should post or repost a video this controversial without knowing the truth behind the whole situation first hand. It only leads to a lot of assumptions and comments that are probably bias.

Anonymous said...

WOW..I like the anonymous guy that speak about people that think they know what true democracy is, and say they are actually bush hunter deep down, and then go on to preach about he himself having no right to judge others...waaa sooo rightheous.

But then, things went downhill when he ASSUMED people that made comments he disagrees with in this forum with those that MUST be the ones that caused traffic jams at scences of accident by stopping to look, and dumb embiciles. Mr. High Moral also ended his post with a crude 'mah cau hai'. Well Done!

Anonymous said...

My dad once told me, even if a person is not so smart, no matter how many professors are there to teach, he/she won't be smart.

Hmm... I believe now !

abdullahjones said...

en.patrick, (hmmm..seperti menonton spongebob) saya memaparkan video yang sama di blog saya dan mendapat reaksi yang sedikit 'positif'. tidak seperti pembaca tuan. saya hairan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick, read the Broken Window theory in Malcolm Gladwell's book "The Tipping Point". Briefly it describes a situation where is a broken window is left unrepaired people will think that no one cares and no one is in charge. Then more windows will be broken and it spreads anarchy to the streets etc.Likewise we see in our streets people jumping traffic lights and then more people do so as no one seems to cares and the crime just spirals out of control and people starts to take the law into their own hands. Read the solutions - its interesting and workable. Cheers

u-en said...

What kind of screwed up logic prevents people from understanding a simple thing like "mob violence is wrong"?

No need to lodge police reports because we're all so good-hearted? Really? Is this primitive kindergarten tantrum the best argument against not taking the law into your own hands?

Eh, but why is it wrong? The fella stole from me so I beat his brains out with a rock la, Conan-style. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, brain for car.

So what if I accidentally brain the wrong guy? Nevermind. Scumbag was probably guilty of something anyway. Criminals all take drugs and beat their wives and steal cars. The only good criminal is a dead criminal. So what's wrong with giving the cops a helping hand?

After all, the Inspector-General said that since those spineless liberal wankers have dissed the cops so much they now all merajuk and can't do their jobs and will probably shoot some Indians. I mean criminals. I see they did that already.

40,000+ years of social evolution and we still can't walk around without dragging our knuckles on the ground.

In the meantime, while we evolve some more, we should pay for uniformed private security in our neighbourhoods so we don't have to think about how nasty it all is -- and we don't want to think how incredibly illegal all of it is either, and why the hell we're paying private companies to do what the cops should be doing in the first place.

Suci Dalam Debu said...

The police condone mob violence and some people just love it.

Maybe the police would be happier to handle a dead body.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

Our society is far from civilized.

niakong said...

Facts remain facts!

1) Mob violence is wrong;

2) The men-in-blue didn't adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures in handling the situation;

3) The men-in-blue have put the lives of the members of the public at great risk when the former delegated the duty to force out and capture the so-called robber from the car to the latter. What if the so-called robber had suddenly pulled out a pistol or dagger???

4)When the so-called robber was forced out from the car, the men-in-blue should have immediately pinned him down, hand-cuffed and searched him instead of playing sepak takraw with members of the public!!!

5) Like what some others have mentioned, if the so-called robber got killed in the process, who would bear the responsibility. We've already seen one too many innocent victims of robbery and samaritans got charged for killing the bastard predators!!!

Anonymous said...

Those goons were attacking an offender who should've already been hauled into the car and driven to be locked up. The police were doing NOTHING. Those fucking goons like punishing criminals? Please form a mob at Khir Toyol's palace, Mamaktahi's palace, etc.

flyer168 said...


Well, Bolehland's Institutional Infrastructure is collapsing....

Leadership by example from the top to bottom...

Maybe we should all ask these questions & respond accordingly at the Ballot boxes...

Do we not have a government to protect us?

Are we the ones that have to protect ourselves?

When citizens have to take the law into our own hands, is that not anarchy?

If so, why then do we have you to govern us?

Why then do we have this thing called democracy when the government allows a mob to terrorise the rights and welfare of the people?


Anonymous said...

some ppl keep ranting about the robber was beaten cause he's not malay...

dude... there was a malay got beaten too hard and died after ppl caught him for snatching a kid in kelantan last week...

few months ago... there was another malay snatch thief... got rammed by a car... after chasing him for a few kms...

ppl just could not tolerate with what they did, not their race...

ppl really like to put the law in their own hand... but then... when pas want to implement hudhud law... those same ppl do not approve it... an act of cruelty they say...

isn't that ironic, says alanis morisette...

Anonymous said...

I remember there was a case where a couple of men was charged for intentionally causing hurt for beating up a snatch thief some months ago.
Now there are evidence caught on tape, I wonder any action will be taken on these people including the police who kicked the victim.
Then again, I wont be surprise if nothing comes out of it. Afterall, this is Bolehland, it looked and sounded like them but its not them. Nothing illegal was done. Case close.

Anonymous said...

At first,I was very shocked when I see the video, but then I realized that this is the video on these 2 devil siblings on Utusan.

"AMPANG: Dua beradik ‘setan’ yang didakwa mengamalkan ilmu kebal Siam dengan memakai tatu di seluruh badan sebagai pendinding ketika melakukan rompakan, tidaklah segagah disangka apabila akhirnya bermandi darah selepas dibelasah orang ramai yang mengepung mereka, awal pagi semalam.

Kedua-dua penjenayah yang kerap melakukan samun dan rompakan bersenjata itu ditumpaskan dalam kejadian persis filem aksi Hollywood selepas dikejar lima kereta peronda polis dan enam kereta orang awam.

Kejadian cemas hampir 30 minit itu berakhir apabila dua beradik itu yang dipercayai berada di bawah pengaruh dadah dikepung kenderaan polis yang turut dibantu beberapa mangsa yang pernah dirompak penjenayah terbabit.

Mangsa yang hanya mahu dikenali sebagai Juan, 49, berkata dia pernah dirompak kumpulan penjenayah sama ketika berjoging berhampiran Taman Putra di sini, Sabtu lalu."

Utusan is not 100% right but you get to see the bigger picture.Yes I agree that you brought some interesting point,which is people taking the law into their own hand.The view of Malaysian(similarly with most Asian country especially China) people on crime and criminal is very different from Western view.Is it a bad thing?Maybe.But mostly,I'm not sure.Most of criminal on America and Ukraine don't even get capital punishment(death) for some crime that is easily identified as death warrant in Malaysia.Please Google "Dnepropetrovsk maniacs" for some of the best reason,why it is hard to stop people from taking law into their own hand.I think we should try to be in-between, although it is hard to define this gray area.

NoMalayApologist said...

If my baby was raped,,,sure, I'd pick up a gun and shoot the bastard!!....BUT....those are my emotions at that moment...the advantage of having laws is that there would be people who would try to stop me from such a stupid act driven by rage, which would not benefit my family, myself, and might even hurt someone innocent. The law (ideally) is not there just to punish, but also do protect.

Anonymous said...

yes patrick,there are laws in the country.

in the course of my work, i have made many reports of theft. - no results, no investigation, in my personal life, my mother, my brother, my sis-in-law have been robbed - again, no results.

all contacts w the police have been time wasting exercises.

i am now ready to beat to pulp, the next bully i come upon who i know has victimised a weaker person. i will not kill him. but i want to leave him with broken legs and broken arms. ideally i want to hang him on a tree with his entrails dangling as a warning.. but i will refrain from this.

there is no law in this country for the small people.

the law is busy stopping cubchais becos 80% of them have no licenses and so are easy money!

Anonymous said...

the point here is there are police officers - the very same ones who have sworn to uphold the law - standing by the wayside while citizens behaves like hooligans and pummels the fella senseless!
where is the law and order?
that failure to uphold the law that is the issue, for if these police officers can be non-chalant to such senseless rage, they are not qualified to uphold our country's laws.

Joe said...

This is proof that Malaysians are actually Orang Utans.

Young Joe said...

I agree with Joe.

Many of our Maluyu shold be sent to Sepilok to be rehabilitated with the orang utan.