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Monday, January 25, 2010

Dine for Haiti

Damansara Village Steamboat
is organising a fund raising event for the victims of the devastating earthquake in

Dine for Haiti. Charity dinner event.



Friday, February 5, 2010. From 5.30pm to 11.30 pm


Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant
1067, Jalan Jenjarum, Kg. Sg. Kayu Ara, off Jalan SS23/10, 47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03 7803 1832.

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 3° 7'26.64"N Longitude: 101°36'46.71"E

* Come and dine on our fresh, live sea-food with our secret recipe herbal soup steamboat. All items on menu at normal prices.
* Spot the celebrities.
* Participate in Celebrity Item Auctions.
* Photograph with the celebrities.

ALL proceeds go to the Haiti earthquake victims.

This event will not be publicised in the mainstream media. It is NOT an event to generate publicity for Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant. It is a simple opportunity to give something back to fellow human beings in need. Please help to spread the word about this event through your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, coffee morning groups....

Watch this blog for more news of CELEBRITY PARTICIPATION.

List of celebrities participating in the event (subject to change without notice:-

1: Yasmin Yusuff, radio deejay, host, former Ms. Malaysia/Universe
2. Hans Isaac, actor, producer
3. Amber Chia, super model, actor, brand ambassador
4. Daphne Iking, TV host, actor
5. Andrea Fonseka TV host, former Ms. Malaysia/Universe
6. Ben Ibrahim, TV host
7. Xandria Ooi, TV/events host, columnist.


daniel chan said...

Thank you Patrick for organising this coming soon fund event for Haiti.I dont see our so called 1Msia doing shit about this.I am from Teluk Intan and I will be calling ya place for reservation ..can i? Hope to see you there..God Bless

patrickteoh said...

Hi Daniel. Thank you so much for your support. Yes of course you can make a reservation. Just email me at your preferred time and the number of persons.

amoker said...

Thanks. I was hoping for the 6th Feb so that can bring the teenagers along

Anonymous said...

I would like go for charity.But my pocket is bit tight for family of 5.How is your pricing?

Thomas C B Chua said...

Pat, that 's one honourable gesture you are doing. Salute. Will try to drop by.

patrickteoh said...

Thanks for your support, Thomas.
Anonymous 9:15pm, for 5 people I think you can expect a bill of about Rm150 with drinks. This is with live seafood like crabs, fish, prawns and clams.

Anonymous said...

I may not be able to be present to enjoy the delicious food and very pleasant company but for the good cause is there any bank account through which I can make a small donation?

dempere said...

Pat, anyone around Klang Valley would be DOUBLE happy to be able to say a drooly hello to their dinner at your favorite restaurant because 1) they get to eat nice/good foods and get to exercise, and 2) they will do good to the people of Haiti who are in real need right now.

As Dan said above, 1msia is silent, so silent. Contrast this to end of 2008 when you see "Save Gaza" all over the place and on air. Don't mean to badmouth or digress, but there is a starking contrast here!

patrickteoh said...

Anonymous 11:40 PM thank you so much for your support. I'm afraid that there is no bank account for this purpose. What we intend to do is to write out a check for the whole evening's collection and hand it to an aid organisation which is yet to be determined. For now we are looking at One of the most difficult things to do in situations like this is to try and make sure that the money reaches the people that it is intended for without being mired in red tape or siphoned by corruption.
I hope you and your family and friends will be able to join us Feb 5.

patrickteoh said...

dempere, thanks for your comment. Will we see you there FEb 5?

FoggyDuo said...

Pat, Ken and I, as you know, wont be able to make it. But we hope it will be a success. From what I understand, the best place to give the money, where you can be sure that close to 90% will actually go to where it is needed (as opposed to disappearing into 'admin' costs) is Medicines Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders). They have been in Haiti since before this disaster happened, and though their building was destroyed, they were the quickest to set up, even in makeshift shelters, and get into action in Haiti.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

Can't make it for the dinner. But would still like to make a donation. Even after the dinner is over.

Please find out the proper organization for us to do that & the account number too.

Wouldn't want my money to travel n get lost somewhere else...!

Good on u & God bless...

Anonymous said...

It's a pity though that you do not have a bank account for the purpose of collecting funds for the good cause you're promoting. Perhaps you may like to consider opening a temporary account for this and any future events of a similar nature so that those who wish may contribute without having to be present personally at the event organised. I totally agree with you about the difficulty of choosing an organisation to channel the collection. Some more established international ones maybe less prone to self enrichment? God bless you for the good work!

Anonymous said...

This one no publicity value - Haiti the American and others has already monopolise the rescue effort nothing left for 1malaysia. In Thailand there are charity concert and they have send rice but here in Bolehland, silent as they only choose high publicity event then our menteri will fly over and donate some kacang. I can't join for the steamboat but told my daughter who is working in Kl to go bring his brother alone.Bring friends it's for a good cause and you can take photo with uncle patrick.

Terence Tay said...

hi patrick
a noble effort!
but as you can see here in the comments and you also said it yourself, is whether the funds can go to where is meant to go. i am not doubting your sincerity but it is the channel i am concerned about.
also, there is really no need to pull in the 'celebrity' crowd - a noble and sincere effort does not need to sell itself via 'shiny stars'.
that said, i will definitely make the effort to come by that evening.

mama23beas said...

Hi, is DVS (and the event) child-friendly?. We have 5 aged 8 years to 7 months old.

Cynthia said...

Foggy Duo - you are spot on - we have witnessed them in action in war torn Kosovo all those years ago. We have also been to vrious talks by the teams of volunteers doctors and nurses. MSF's life saving medical services and medicines are all provided by a global network of volunteer doctors and health workers who work fearlessly and unconditionally. Check this out:

Also, please send all Haitians positive energy for renewal and hope and comfort in their hearts.

Anonymous said...

We should not forget the hare-core poor in Malaysia that did not get NEP support.

patrickteoh said...

Thank you anonymous 7:12 PM you are right. We should never forget people who are in real need that we can help.Wherever they are. Whoever they are.
Mama23 Beas, DVS is quite safe for children of that age although I am not sure what you really expect of a child-friendly restaurant. But you might want to bring some insect repellent for the younger ones.
Terence, thanks for your support. Please do go and check out they are the ones most likely to receive the donations.

dempere said...

Unfortunetely, I am out of town.

I have forwarded your advertistment to my friends in Klang Valley though so they may come and support the event (on my behalf)!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your help! Please NOT to send your donation to Haiti's government - corruption! Also, please make sure your donation is 100% benefit the people in Haiti whithout paying administrative processing fee. I donated to American Red Cross which I think the safest way to do it.

Anonymous said...

You may want to consider to donate to HOPE FOR HAITI NOW : A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief ( 100% of all donations from the public will go directly to relief organizations such as UNITED NATIONS WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME, PARTNERS in HEALTH, UNICEF on the ground in Haiti. NO backend costs.

mskong said...

Hi Patrick,

I support you 100%....
Too bad I'm not staying in KL...otherwise I will be there.


White Dog said...

Probably will be overwhelming response, do I need to book in advance, Pat?

Jestmelah said...

wah patrick-ah, manyak panai-la lu! anyway, i don't mind supporting-la. is the place opposite the futsal/basketball court? halal ke?

the Razzler said...

Dear Patrick...

I may not be able to make it for dinner so I paste your post on my Blog! Hopefully my friends from KL will be able to make it!

Kudos to you & family! :)

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

This a really great thing you are doing, Patrick!
Do we really have to make reservations?
I really would like to come but I do not know if I am free that day yet.
All the best though.

patrickteoh said...

Thanks Shakira. I hope you can come. Call to reserve if you like.
Thanks for your support Razzler.
Justmelah, what futsal and baskerball court? I don't see any.

Jestmelah said...

Before the toll, turn left after the river. Pass through Indon-like houses/shops of all shapes & sizes. Then pass through some workshops on either side. Then pass one churchy building on the left, then a basketball/futsal field/court on the left (anyway, some sort of playground-lah), then a spray-paint shop on the left, then one more road to the left & then your restaurant on the right, correct?

SK said...

Yeap, will be there with my wifey and Uncle Bernard. ;)

Anonymous said...

1Malaysia Bak Kut Teh should be promoted in south america by Yen Yen now that pork can be an alternative to Viagra.

Read this:

Anonymous said...

Why don't you guys just hand over the money and donate straight to Haiti?

What's all these happy-all, eat-be merry, kiss-kiss, meet-the-beautiful, campaign? While people are suffering?

Are we enticed into bourgeoisie behaviour?

Anonymous said...

"Bourgeoisie behaviour" is to glamourise these so-called celebrities of Bolehland to syiok sendiri since they seldom get the opportunity on RTM or Astro because of their skin-color.

But who cares if they could raise money for Haiti?

Anonymous said...


You may consider donating some of the proceeds to Chinese schools that is not able to pay for its utility bills now that the BN government is cutting its grant to these schools.