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Monday, January 04, 2010

Fantastic Facts and Fancies

I swear if you're disloyal I'll break your F**King neck!!!

Hello everybody. First working day of the year 2010. Hope all of you had good days. In the papers and the Internet today there are so many fantastic facts and funnies. Just read this one in The Malaysian Insider...

Selangor DAP chief Ean Yong Hian Wah will be questioned tomorrow for allegedly
intimidating the police to stop harassing party leader Lim Guan Eng over the Teoh Beng Hock case.

Don't you just love that? Intimidate the Malaysian Police? I'd like to see that day.

Elsewhere, in The Star today it was reported that a Kelantanese prince has taken an oath to compel his wife to be loyal and pay him back the million+ Ringgit he claims she owes him. The woman is now compelled to be loyal to him within 14 days and return the money in one lump sum within 30 days.

I am not sure if I missed something in translation but when I read that I could not stop laughing for 30 minutes!

Take an oath yourself to compel someone else to be loyal to you? I'd like to see THAT day.

And apparently, if the prince's wife (she's still his wife I presume) does not adhere to the court's order she would be, among other things, branded a disloyal person. Wah! But I think RM1million buys a heck of a lot of consolation.

If not for the funnies today I'd have smashed the Streamyx modem and done some other totally irrational things.

Have a good week, people.



Anonymous said...

Pete!!!! happy new year, another wonder of new year, read here:

Malaysia boleh!

Anonymous said...

no comments on PDRM. you may end up in jail for sedition.

they are the untouchables. love them more, there will be less crime. criticise them more, they dont have the mood to do the job and thats the prime reason for the record breaking double digit growth in crime rate for the last few years. btw, for that, the top cop KPI is >100%. KTK, am i rite?

estee7 said...

Hey ho Patrick I just love your fantastic facts and fancies. Reminds me of those days when you were doing Kee Huat Fantastic facts and fancies. And remember Jerome?

Anonymous said...

How am I going to have a good week when I want to smashed my streamyx modem too. I am still waiting for the potong guys to come to my area.

Worried parents said...

Please refer to the NST 3rd January front page headline,"Ah Long, GROs in third NS batch".

As a parent of a son due for NS (he's not in the 1st intake), I am worried sick what is going to happen to my son considering his camp-mates are "problematic". Ideas of prostitutes, gangsters,and school drop-outs being his friends is not helping the young boy. What happens if he gets bullied by them or enticed & raped by prostitutes?

Anonymous said...

Patrick, you can ONLY get these news in Bolehland la!!!!

Anonymous said...

THe wife issue apart. He mentioned that all is well with his brother - meaning everything is goood and fine, then why are they in court' just discuss over breakfastlah.I tought with "irrevalant" gone more sense will prevail but no, most things in Malaysia doesn't equate anymore.

Leithaisor said...

And again Abraham Lincoln's words come to mind - "You can fool some of the people all the time, All of the people, some other time, BUT NOT ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME." Dulu, with kow-tow media and no alternative news channels, can fool a whole lot of the rakyat. But still trying the same tricks these days only shows up the desparation and moral backruptcy of the perpetrators.

And voters are no longer kiddies you can buy with candies and sewing machines. They have opened their eyes, grown up, matured. They know when someone tries to bully, when someone tries to offer candies, when someone lies. They know what that tells about the person, they know what it means in terms of the future of the nation, they know what to do.

"Anonymous" @1:15am - you may want to checkout the actual experiences of those who "sudah potong" [Google for it...]. Initially the "Potong-1" was fantastic. Absolutely. But nowadays, there are some who want to smash their Potong-modem - very slow and worse, sometimes cannot even connect. Standard excuse - "your area is facing congestion problems, Sir". After same excuse for months, why have the Potong fellas not increased the affected base station's capacities if they insist on signing up more and more users with their high-power marketing promos? Ended up a victim of their own Potong success?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was a good day for laugh. The Toilet Paper news was worth all the shit from my ass.

First, how to demand loyalty from a ex wife who swore never to step foot on Malaysia?

Then this dead judge's newphew said the dead judge is a role model to be rich and successful in life. Damn funny.

One more - no rift but one brother kicked another out from some Council.

Anonymous said...

i almost fell off from my seat when i read the news too patrick..sounds like a relationship gone awry. Or was there even a relationship?haiya....kalau tak divorce sajalah! so many FLOWER in the world.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha... good read good read, and the fact the way you intpreted it simply makes it all the more funnier. =)

Thanks unc pat.


Thomas C B Chua said...

Pat, strange things do happen these days as we are moving towards 2012. NIAMAH ( Learnt the wrod from you.)

Anonymous said...

I pitied the prince as such a young girl is able to disturb a more matured person.

Perhaps, knock my head against a wall better !


Anonymous said...

Dan Brown's next thriller will be based on the true events of the 'unholy trinity' of MACC, PDRM & Appeal Court. Robert Langdon will have to decipher the nonsense uttered by the henchmen of these unholy trinity, and the conspiracy of C4 and the theft of fighter jet engine. He will follow the trail along the PLUS highway from north to south, looking for the hidden meaning of Ridhuan Tee's writing that is embeded in Utusan, an the symbolism of keris wielding and cow head protest.

FINAS is reported to be sponsoring the movie to be filmed in the new Pinewood studio in Iskandar, with the usual guest stars from the Bolehwood. Patrick may try out the role of long-lost WWII Japanese soldier (given you brilliant potrayal of Honda-san in sumolah) who will aid Langdon to uncover the Yamashita gold stashed in the RM25 million palace of the villian dentist in Selangor.

Anonymous said...

these are the issues...

pkfz - why so quiet?
altantuya - why so quiet?
stolen engines - why so quiet?
toyol disneyland - why so quiet?
toyol istana - why so quiet?
cow-head - why so quiet?
perak - why so damn quiet?

concentrate these few and other issues - and keep on hammering umno for answers.

and to non-muslims, please refrain from commenting on this allah issue. don't fuel umno's empty tank.