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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fantastic Facts and Fancies

Vanishing history. Dredge T.T.No. 5 (1938), Tg Tualang, Perak

Malaysia or at the time MALAYA was a country that was built on rubber and TIN. Tin was mined by dulang washers, gravel pumps and DREDGES.

Tin is part of our history. There is only ONE working tin dredge left in the whole country located in Tanjong Tualang, Perak. It is being operated as a tourist attraction and since early this year the dredge has tilted in the water and is in danger of sinking into the lake and be lost forever.

It now belongs to Century Mission Sdn. Bhd. who acquired the historic dredge built in 1938. The Perak government had spent RM500,000 developing it into an attraction in 2008. It costs RM5000 a month to maintain. But the company says it does not have enough money to maintain the dredge and has gone into custard apple planting to supplement its income and hopefully raise enough cash to repair the dredge's damaged pontoons.

Tin - the metal that built the country

Dredge T.T. No.5 - the only surviving tin dredge in the country

History - about to drown

And Ng Yen Yen (minister of Tourism) is busy promoting nasi lemak, bak kut teh and roti canai.

Is there still a minister in charge of culture and heritage? If there is I wonder what the minister is doing? Or is there any wonder?

Nothing la, bodoh Patrick!



Niapah said...

The minister only thinks of makan and siok-siok only, glamour themself in posh shopping complexes and get expensive gift in return for glamouring.Those ulu ulu places where they want to go.NIAMAH!

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to money Patrick, How much money they can make, history, fock the history, to them it does not buy them a porche cayenne or mercs. Only, and when money is to be made will these scums show their faces.

Mokhtar said...

I think Minister of Culture Dato Rais is now busy working to get the best deal for lowest Broadband subscription rate for malaysia consumers, while Tourism Minister Yen is busy promoting local dishes (eg to her 2nd PR home in Australia). So Patrick has done great job highlighting this major issue (PM to put it as Cultural KPI ?)

PerakTycoons said...

Tin Mine once a cash lembu but now forgotten legacy. The tycoons who milked $ from there have long passed on, while their next generations have switched lines (many migrated), only the laborers have sentimentals for tine mines.

Our young generations do not appreciate Tin Mine becoz our Sejarah curriculum do not give credit to this activities that contribute to our nation building.

Truly sad.

rob said...


How about starting a trust just like how khoo kongsi etc have been maintained and ask the gomen to BUTT out?

perhaps the heritage society can help. sorry i do not know anyone there but am willing to help / contribute.


big cat said...

Yen Yen could build a BN museum as the institution will soon be a history, after the next GE.

She could start to collect the BN memorabilia now. Exhibits can include the keris of kerishamudin, bocored underwear of Bung, cow head of umnoputera, torn (courtesy of Ahmad Ismail) portrait Koh Tsu Koon, Awang Selamat's poison pen, final issue of Utusan & NST, wig of big bad mama, false religious cert of Ridhuan Tee, and the infamous pic of you-know-who with teh mongolian girl.

Anonymous said...

I hope one of these days, the Dredge won't be missing like the jet engines as reported in the press !

Whatever can happen in Malaysia !


boleh boleh said...

In Bolehland

Impossible is nothing;
Nothing is impossible.

One day our RMAF fighter can be in the mid-air with his Sukhoi or MIG, only to realize how on earth (or air) he could take off without a jet engine. He fires a missile only to see fireworks coming out from the exhaust... He tries to eject, but the eject button is also missing (sold to a Nigerian collector)...

That's the true spirit of Malaysia Boleh!

upin & ipin said...

PM said that the government cannot stop people from gathering at mosques tomorrow to protest over the "Allah" issue. Wonder if anyone is going to calculate the cost of buiness lost by the samll traders.

Anyway, the government has relented and we can from now on suka-suka protest for any issue that we think is important to us.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that most of our ministers are busy doing god knows what and neglecting their rightful duties as ministers. If we look at the state of our country right now, there are so many areas to be improved. We are so 3rd World mentality. It's amazing that our so-called ministers do not care! Put M'sia and Thailand (or any SEA countries) in comparison on the world map and I can bet you majority of the world population will know and like Thailand better. M'sia is just another small fish country which has nothing to offer to the world. Put all the blame on our current ministers. In my eye, everything abt M'sia went south after Dr. Mahathir stepped down. There is really nothing to be proud of anymore for M'sia.

Anonymous said...

the @#$%^&* pm & hm : " demonstrations ah ? , baik , go ahead !"
@#$%^&*&^%$#@ ! DOOMED !

Anonymous said...

The last time I encountered Ng Yen Yen, she was late for 1.5 hours for an event. I had no polis outriders and on time, she had polis outriders and was late. Two thousand people waited for her.

Am I surprised Ng Yen Yen does not care about national heritage? Nope, I am not.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's much promotion to it despite the claim of so much money spent on the maintenance. Appeal to the ministry of education to have school children to visit the place whenever there's an organised trip after std 6 graduation. At least the history is kept alive! May be becoz of china men labor long2 time ago, such history is thus not to be highlighted ???

Shaik Dawood said...

I just visited the Royal Selangor factory this morning. They have a pewter replica of a dredge there, however it does not reflect the grandeur of the real thing that I remember from my childhood days in what is now Danau Kota in KL.

Let's leave the politicians alone (it may be expensive, but where else can we get the kind of entertainment that we are getting now) and rally all true Malaysians to support in preserving a bit of our history.

Anonymous said...

Our tourism minister is choosy la. Tanjung Tualang mana ada glamor? Typical malaysian minister mentality and doing things that are not productive at all.

Anba said...

reading bout the tin dredge brought back old memories of me cycling with my frens to see the dredge15 yrs ago...
its not only this the tourism ministry has failed but the rajah brooke sanctuary near gopeng too has fallen victim to malaysian greed and ineptitude...
One of many to come...

caravanserai said...

National Heritage
Without money nothing will be saved
Leaving it in the open
The tin dredge will be buried
Deep in the hole where wealth once flew

Our cabinet high up in smoke
Filling their lungs and minds
How to make wealth quickly
You think they want to dirty hands and legs?

They know the end is near
The last song has played
When the crunch to make the right move
On 1Malaysia........the black knight falters

When there is no money to be made
The cabinet will not debate..........
Let nature take her toll
The tin dredge a piece of history
Where wealth once was made

In Kampar Tan Sri Hew See Thong
He is building a tin museum in New Town
He was a tin miner turned housing developer
So he wants to house his tin mining equipments
For the future generations to visit..................
At least he is trying to show the way

The tin dredge in Tualang
Maybe it will sink into its watery hole
Unless Tan Sri Hew wants to salvage its history
But then again he isn't building a big museum

Expect our ministers to do
They aren't reading about history
They want to write own stories
On food and cheap broadbands
It's cool in 3rd world mentality

Anonymous said...

" 25sen satu kilo ...old newspaper,
old engin aeroplanes, old tin dredge
old...old....apa lama pun boleh !"
' olang tua , boleh ?'
" Tak mau !"
' ...@#$%^&*...!'

Anonymous said...

Yeah Pat You are right. Not only promoting nasi lemak etc.but claiming that everything damn food belongs to Malaysia. The important things is not where the food is originated from but which place or outlet or country that can cook or make the particular food taste good that counts.One can say that eg. nasi lemak is from Malaysia but can one say every outlet that sells this food in Malaysia taste heaven?

azmie said...

one day in the future, our great grandchildren will be asking our grandchildren "Dad (or mom), what is timah?" and our grandchildren will answer "Ooo Timah is the makchik whose house is at the corner". The child ask again, "I don't know the answer to my Kajian Tempatan subject. Which state is known as the Rice Bowl of Malaysia?" The parent answered "Ohh that's easy. The Rice Bowl of Malaysia is Sulawesi. Our ex-PM ancestors originated from Sulawesi"

feelago said...

One word: illiterate...

By literate we don't mean going to Oxford or University of Malaya...

Anonymous said...

wah lau Patrick,

Lu banyak pandai dapat perhati heritage kita. mentri kita memang pandai cakap dan habis masa buat kerja yang ta penting. apa boleh buat itu nasib Negara kita.

KL said...

Such a waste. Places like tis if properly develop and being taken care of can be major tourist spot. I.e: sovereign hill in melbourne, australia. If oni our government realise wat is treasure and wat matter most ...

Anonymous said...

aiiiyaahh.if I be politickian i suck dry country money, hope to my money tuhan i don gets cot,enjoy my gormen worker mp perks like free this free that this kopi that teh o..stopid looking free police escorts everywhere i go..feel very shock and glamor and impotent need to really work for living like rest of stoopid ppl who erect i can send my kids to foreign uni private schools,best education colluption can buy,bmw amd mecedie for my family to go shopping..make dirty movies legally for my man one..
f%$#@@%k you common ppl laa..i am malaysian vvviiippp bo..

Phui Chaw Nua

Anonymous said...

Sorry la Patrick. You think Yen Yen is as free,as nationalistic and as 'intelligent' as you meh?
Jiak pah eng!! (hokkein)

Singapore tourist said...

Try go to any tourism office, information counter and ask for any tourist map in Malaysia. Standard reply,"sudah habis!". Even the Malacca Tourism office at the main attraction center near Christ Church A'Formosa area does not have Malacca map!
I went to Johor Bharu's office for Cameron Highland map and they say "Sudah Habis". Even the JB map too "sudah Habis!".
Went to Penang tourism office and "Sudah Habis".

Anonymous said...

Seriously, the gomen should form a working committee headed by Patrick to look into issue of interest by the rakyat. Not ideas plug from the sky for the ministers' personal agenda. May be Pat should be the KPI Coo la and the current KPI minister can retire to oxford to be the lecturer of SEA political science subject, majoring in 1 malaysia politics

Vinod Nair said...

I've seen a dredge still visible along the highway near Cyberjaya, just before the turn off to KLIA.
Last I seen it was last year.
any idea who owns that?

Anonymous said...

The so-called leaders of our country need to be resposible when they talk.

Najib said " We cannot stop the protests"
The low-mentality people of certain kind will interpret as "you can protest!!!"

Mahathir said "Allah issue cannot settle by law of court"
The low-mentality people of certain kind will interpret it as "Do what you want to do-fireboom, protest, kill etc etc"

That's why our country is in trouble.

Anonymous said...


I pray that you and your family are safe from the madness of today Friday 8 January.

Peace, Peace, Peace!

dirtyhands said...

looky here:

WTF was Ng Yen Yen doing walking all over the crime scene and touching stuff with ungloved hands? she planning to turn the burnt church into some tourist attraction or what? NIAMAH!

Anonymous said...

Yes, was there late last year for its famous Fresh Water prawns. Passed the tin-dredger. Explained to kids but didn't stop as it was raining.

artchan said...

According to Ng is not is called meat bone tea..betul betul niamah.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick, itu orang TUA, biarkan Tuhan decide sama dia. Dia hanya merujuk kerana dia hanya dapat habiskan $100 billion dlm 22 tahun tetapi ABd dapat memhabiskan $$270 billion dlm 5 tahun. ABD JAGUH! Dia mesti ta'boleh kalah sama ABD.
Cerita ini Yen2; dia cerita juga tetapi orang ta' peduli. Dia hanya mahu cari banyak wang utk pergi berpensen di-Aussie; saya ingat, semua menteri BN mempunyai ajenda yg sama.

donplaypuks® said...

What can you expect from UMNO/BN Ministers who allowed Bok House to be torn down, saying it "had no architectural value" and who wanted to turn Coleseum Theatre into an extension of Jln Mesjid India's Bangla and Indon infested rat hole shops?

Philistines rule our country nowadays!

If only the humble tin dredge were a symbol of some great religion, then they might swing into action to preserve it for posterity. Only then!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

PegawaiPelancongan said...

this is in response to Singapore Tourist on "Sudag Habis" tourism maps :

Budget given to Tourism Malaysia during Malaysia's 50 anniversary era has ben spent ENORMOUSly by previous Tourism Minister Zaibo Lesbo who intoduced Zoom Malaysia campaign replacing Cuti-Cuti Malaysia campaign.

Present Tourism Minister Yen has not much budget left (dwindling fund allocated as the nation is less endowed with cash these days). She reverted to Cuti Cuti 1Malaysia campaign (focusing on food). So that's the reason not much publications on maps & brochures as Tourism Malaysia has already runnining dry of fund.

Tourism Malaysia should make maps available in the internet for download (eg in pdf files). However, this is not implemented as the printing firms under BN cronies would have less rakyat ringgit to tap from.

So this should answer your question.

Anonymous said...

pm : i can't STOP them .....!
igp : no no protest pls !
hm : a..aa..
mis...misquote me ...pls !

Buaya Dandi said...

Why did Ng Yen Yen talk with Aussie slang?

KL said...

Dear uncle Pat,

Im sure u hav came across tis news where our 'super smart' minister urged hoteliers to 'review their rate'. I dunno about u, bt i cant stop laughin when i read d news. Specially the 2nd and 3rd paragraph. It sounded as if lar if we increase our rate, d tourists wil think, wah d room n service must b super excellent eh, die die must come back to malaysia for their expensive for value rooms ... N all these while i thought competitive price is d way to attract d tourists ...

Anonymous said...

Ya Kah. She speaks like an Aussie, giddy mate and all? wow. I am impressed.

seefei said...

minister ng yen yen will only act if some neighbouring country claims mining started in their country first. if that happen and to prove a point minister NYY will probably call PM najib to budget for the restoration and a global wide campaign to promote the dredge.

we need marketing spin, not history or culture.

lombong said...

Sejarah Malaysia is written by that Prof KKK who does not recognize Chinese contribution.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, it's only a 5-letter word la,
who's the fcuker yang invented alphabets @#$%^& !?
cannot use ? dun use la , why fuss ?

Dulu, i was named 'len cai' , then they say i cannot use it anymore so i change to 'handsome' lagi baik coz mat salleh faham ma !

@#$%^&*, watch 'Avatar' again lagi baik , tausa kacau2 ...tiu !