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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fantastic Facts and Funnies

You have his number. He has HIS number. Maybe.

I just read in The Malaysian Insider that our Inspector-General of Police is damn terror one man. According to the story Musa Hassan denied reports of the church attack in Kampung Subang or cars being smashed in Bangsar is linked to the ‘Allah’ ruling.

“He did not tell me so it did not happen,” he told reporters at Bukit Aman.

Just who was this 'he' that Musa was referring to? An informer? The pastor of the church allegedly attacked? The car owner/s? Huh? NOOOOOOOOO. You can't be serious? Musa can't have a direct line to the Big Policeman in the sky! Or can he? Or was it just bad editing? MI?


P/S I also found this other report in The Malaysian Insider very amusing. This time the foot in the mouth belongs to our Hishamuddin Hussein, the minister of home affairs. This quote is taken verbatim from the new portal......

When asked by a reporter what he thought about accusations hurled at the government for being passive on the church attacks, Hishammuddin slammed the reporter for making such a statement.

“I believe that is totally unfair. You have countries which declared an emergency in the last four days alone. There has been a curfew in a very major country. We on the other hand have had a major incident over the past four days, and the only incident which happened today was the burning of a door."

So we're still on that "We better than Ghana..." routine. Yay!



jamil said...

It goes to show that he wanted his suborninates to tell him good news only.

If so terror, why our crime rate is still high (low if you believe the KPI)?

Anonymous said...

I dial his direct line, but was answered by Ah Long.

See the connection?

CK Mak said...

Hishamuddin also said it's not serious. What the fuck is not serious?
It's damn bloody serious even though just a door got burned.

Anonymous said...

Hisamudding being the education minister must go back to school lah? No wonder all my graduate employees are no speaking English and no writing English and no understand English!!!

Worrying lah.


Anonymous said...

dont make noise lah, only door burned ma. Nothing serious ma, paint back the door everything look like new ma!NIAMAHHHH!!!!


ktteokt said...

Why is HISAP still comparing Malaysia with under-developed countries when it was MAHATHIR'S aspiration for Malaysia to be a DEVELOPED NATION by 2020 - just one decade from now!

Anonymous said...

Wow..... He is getting better and better. This fler good in Tokkok only. "We on the other hand have had a major incident over the past four days, and the only incident which happened today was the burning of a door." Asshole that is a Church door lah wei..... pundek. NIAMAH kaw kaw

Anonymous said...

Eh Pat a, forgot to ask u lah, u checkout the blog or not?? quickly check out lo, very syok one u know! Sometime got porno pic u know, not like your blog, no WOW factor picture,kurang syok lah!


Kenny K said...

The more I read of these power bastards the more I wish for GE13 to happen tomorrow. What these two cousins are having right now is a field day with pictures in the Star newsprint flashing across, happily smiling for the camera, talking cock and bush stories, reasoning out the false impression that everything is OK and not a big deal even though we all know IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE.

Trouble is brewing underneath. One UM-NO Youth fella, son of Sanusi Junid, reportedly come out to defend the moronic actions strongly, also questioning the power bastards payment of 500K to an affected church.

I shiver coming to think of what the ultras might do in next 72 hours as he says these moronic actions (firebombing the churches) will not just stop there!!!

Anonymous said...

maybe he link to ayah pin.look at his face is like ayah pin,isn`t??

Anonymous said...

niamah! niamah! niamah! ptui!
1malaysia...wat is the pm talking about if some of his cronnies can't tolerate others using the same national language to regard their god as Allah????

Anonymous said...

How to be better than Ghana. It is an insult to Michael Essien.

Anyway, kerishamudin is as usual, making frivolous statement as though he is drunk with Anchor beer.

As for musa, he has his 'unique' way of handling crime by tutup mata sebelah. No wonder our polis seldom respond to call for fear of adding to the crime statistics in order to meet kpi.

ProfessorMydin said...

My dear fellow Malays

We live in a multi racial contry. Do not be 'tipu' by the UMNO's "Mental Siege" tactics to frighten Malays so that they would continue to seek patronage under UMNO. Chinese, Indians & others in Malaysia like to live in harmony; and together we can build a solid nation without race-divided speeches/polices from UMNO/MCA/MIC !

Malays can stand to be a stronger people with fellow Chinese/Indians/etc brothers/sisters without UMNO !

Pakatan is the way. Percayalah

Anonymous said...

pat, just trace back to who said what b4 all these happened n u will know who is the culprit who encourage and instigate these cow brains ppl

Anonymous said...

This c-bye Hisham is insinuating that they were planning a curfew or emergency, which didn't really work..

Damn basterds! Chao cbye!

Trevor said...

And he claimed that 'we have situation under controlled'

while none of any person involved was caught so far.

So much for being 'in control'

Anonymous said...

If UMNO continues to label Singapore Malays as being marginalised in Singapore, please make a study trip to Singapore. Minister for Environment of Singapore, Dr Ibrahim Yacog, can open your eyes on how prosperous the Malays in Singapore !

Kalau UMNO tetap label orang Melayu di Singapura dipinggirkan (diketepikan), sila but kunjungan lawatan sambil belajar ke Singapura. Hubungilah Menteri Dr Ibrahim Yacob dan beliau akan membuka minda anda betapa maju and berkebolehan orang Melayu di Singapura di arus kemajuan.

roda roda said...


I know what you're thinkin'
We were goin' down
I can feel the sinkin'
But then I came around

And everyone I've loved before
Flashed before my eyes
And nothin' mattered anymore
I looked into the sky

Well I wanted something better man
I wished for something new
And I wanted something beautiful
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Been lookin' for a reason man
Something to lose



Anonymous said...

This guy have eyes on the back of his head, that is why being way back he thinks we are way ahead. now wonder we are trying hard to lose our competitiveness because he thinks that is a sign of progressing.

Anonymous said...

Look Patrick,
When you are desperate you will cling to anything including your wife or mothers underpants lah!
Mo Lan Yun.....

Anonymous said...

As an old ad went ...It's moments like these we need sweeten our mouths after all the expletives that will spill out ..hahhhaaaaaaaa...poor old bolehland.

Sad sack

Bijan said...

“We’ve got it under control.”

Of course, only the firestarter can say that.

Anonymous said...

Wow Patrick, looks like you are having your old job back in deejaying the "Fantastic Facts & Fancies" what with all the idiotic comments and denials, etc etc. You sure are having a field day. These people, they are supposed to be matured man and women yet they make no-brain comments. Keep up the niamah work.

Anonymous said...

First you allow the protests (by Muslim groups). Then when the attacks happen, you say [you] ‘might’ use the ISA (Internal Security Act). When Hindraf, Bersih and Bar Council rallies occurred, you did not hesitate to use the ISA.

This is truly double standard.

Anonymous said...



Gerak Khas said...

Inspector A Galak : Tuan Musa, Nampak ada orang bakar rumah ?

Musa : Betul Betul nampak kah ? Itu orang kita, jangan report lagi.

Inspector Lim : Roger. Out.

Farish Nor said...

Yet looking at the state of Malaysian politics and society today, we see that all the feeble attempts to cobble together a Malaysian nation - be it in the name of ‘1Malaysia’, ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ or what have you, are being dashed against the hard rocks of sectarian communitarian interests that are short-sighted and being articulated by those who do not even believe that there can or should be a Malaysian nation that is complex and diverse in the first place. And to cap it off, our febrile attempts at injecting some degree of pluralism and complexity into the Malaysian story is one that stops short of narrow essentialist claims of communal solidarity and difference instead, be it on the basis of race/ethnicity, culture, language or religion.

Anonymous said...

From BBC :

Under the slogan “One Malaysia”, the government has made racial harmony a central policy. Its commitment to that policy is now being severely tested.

The “Allah” ban is unusual in the Muslim world. The Arabic word is commonly used by Christians to describe God in such countries as Egypt, Syria and even nearby Indonesia, which is the world’s world’s largest Muslim nation

Anonymous said...

Utusan implicitly argued the church’s claim to the name has stoked tensions and by dropping it, would calm the tense situation.

In other words, don’t blame anyone else if churches continue to be attacked. Drop the claim, all will be fine. Then, we can talk.

Just blame yourself for “reaping what is sown”, as an Umno blogger eloquently wrote when saying the church had robbed the Malays of the word “Allah”.

Anonymous said...

Pinko hai thinchoy , pinko hai pakchee ? R U Genius or retarded ?

Dont play play with me.

Message from Heaven.....Knocking on the old heaven's Door.

donplaypuks® said...

By the cops and people NOT reporting anything to the IGP, we can with 1 fell stroke, reduce crime rate in M'sia to Zero!

Way to go I Polis Raja and I Raja Polis!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Just who was this 'he' that Musa was referring to? An informer?

Patrick, simple as it is:

The "He" was spelt with a capital "H", so it must be referring to "Allah"!

Anonymous said...

The more I look at this IGP the more he reminded me of my useless boss. Ya my boss who never admit can make mistake and of course you take all the blame . The cynical smile , the selfrightous comments and always pointing his finger - you - you, not me as if the company belong to his father one. Bloody idiot of a fellow and "Namwee" to him and all his type. I have since quiet how to work for this type of fuckoff fellow. For those who are still there pray he die fast.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with anonymous 4.55pm!!!!

they said - Rallies not the way.

Now, they allow it.

Double standard la wei!!!

Trying to woo back Malay votes, but losing the faith of other races.

Now M-gal model case coming to haunt the rosy-lips balding guy...

thn, poor man thrown to his death (mr TBH)

Pook_Kai_Fuck_Zai (u get the initials of this case) - big shots (dato & datin) kena arrested bcz yellow skin. damn pokai they all will be kerjakan...

Missing engines - small potatoes shouldering the blame cz brown skin is the mastermind.

If this is not double standards, what is????

Niamah Fried Crab.....
this situation is really memalu-fying-kan!!!

I should hv married an SG guy and got a citizenship or at least, a PR there if i were younger!!!
D*U niaseng them brainless politicians!!!

No Longer Patriotic,
Meow Kitty =..=

Alfred said...

This pitiful attitude of the "bodohs in blue" makes me think of the 60's when The police seem only to take certain people interests at heart..which lead to the formation of the Black Panthers..hmmmmm

We laready are on our way in terms of gated resindency..just a matter of time I guess..

His"arse"meddle-in-it is a pitiful joke of a by day..he breaks his own record for just how moronic a person can get..
I agree the whole facade is to sweep all pending issues under the carpet and get the rakyat riled up on mundane issues..while these mofos laugh all the way to the bank...or wherever they stash their ill begotten gains

Anonymous said...

This Kerishamudin will never learn. He thinks and talks like a moron.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pat

The way things are going, come next general election PR no need to campaign, sure win one. One horse back!!!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha Good job Pat Niamah, see most of your readers make unmatured comments..Keep doing the Niamah thingy, bloody h^&*..

Anonymous said...

setem-s on their eyes...cannot see

Anonymous said...

kpd saudara patrick dan para pengunjung blog di sini...

saya tahu yang blog ni kebiasaanya dlm bahasa inggeris tapi saya harap blog ni boleh dapat lebih kunjungan orang yang tulis dlm bahasa melayu supaya isu-isu semasa dapat dikongsi dgn anak2 muda kami yang bangsa melayu.

jangan lupa pula warga kat kampong yang kurang fasih dalam bahasa orang putih ni. mereka semua pengundi juga.

jangan dipinggirkan mereka ni semua.

itu aje yang saya nak sampaikan di sini. mudah-mudahan saudara patrick dan pengunjung2 blog ni dapat menabur sedikit usaha dalam memperbaiki segala kerosakan yang telah dibawa oleh gerombolan united malays national organisation sejak 50 tahun kebelakangan ni.

semoga berjaya semua.
lawan tetap lawan!



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A responsible government will take all necessary actions to protect its citizens and their properties regardless of race and religion.

An irresponsible government will create negative issues to garner support from a particular community at the expense of the nation.

Evil and selfish politicians have no qualms about destroying a nation as long as they are in power, and able to blunder its wealth.

Anonymous said...

Why "always" like to compare Malaysia & Malaysians to other countries...??

"ALWAYS"..., u noe!!! Damn it...!

And YES.... If u can, please have it in Bahasa too.
Very unfortunate that there are still some Malaysians who are not into the English language...!!!

Mmmm.... Malaysia's education system. No comment...!
For nothing I'll start comparing to other countries.

risiko said...

Nothing new about "compromise" or "giving in". After all, that's what MIC/MCA/Gerakan have been doing all this while. After all, that's why the Umno government didn't give a damn when temples were destroyed in Selangor. And that is what led to Hindraf surfacing. Say, some of you who are clamouring the Christians to give up their right to use 'Allah', what would you do if one day Umno bans you from using 'Iswara' - the Hindu word for deity?

At the rate things are going, don't bet on it. Compromise? Yeah, I suppose you would. 'Tolak-ansur' (compromise) until Umno 'tolak' (push) you out of your own little private spot. Anything that will keep them in power. Then what? Tell your kids to migrate? Yeah, I suppose you would.

阿凡达 said...

I am very sad that 1Malaysia has degenerated into this. Najib must be very ashamed to have his cousin talking nonsense with musa.

michael said...

Actually the "he" IGP was referring to was the CPO of Selangor when told that the CPO had confirmed the incident.

He was probably irate over his subordinate for not reporting to him about this incident or he was thinking that reporters were out to "trap" him.

I feel he is too curt to be an IGP.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, don't be jealous mah. Malaysia must be proud that our 1-Police have 1-DirectLine to the 1-All Powerful. And for the second guy ar - lets all pray for him la - for the 1-All Powerful to take him into his arms.

Anonymous said...

The 1 slogan means 1 for u and 2 or more for me.

You only can have 1 standard but I can have double standard or more.

you only can have 1 bullshit and I can have many more.

Remember 1 is for you,is it clear by now ?


kaka kuku said...

Malaysia is going to spend millions on football development.

another waste of money.

Tony Fernandes should buy West Ham FC, then get the malaysian players to paly Premier League football.

ktteokt said...

Why didn't this brainless nut compare Malaysia with China. Malaysia was ruled under UMNO which was formed in 1946 while China was ruled by the Communist Party in 1949. Comparing the dates, UMNO existed before the Communist Party of China.

Look at China today! It was able to pick itself up from the bits and pieces after WWII and prospered into a DEVELOPED nation today. Turning back to Malaysia, despite being formed in 1946, UMNO has not been able to bring Malaysia to the same level as China. This is TOTAL DISGRACE! No wonder the Chinese has a saying “学无前后,达者为先”which literally means "There is no order for learning, it is reaching the finish point which determines the winner"!

Anonymous said...

They are scared shit! They have no idea what they are doing. Chickens with their heads cut off. Forget the wrong idea, its the wrong skills and abilities that is really worrying..

simonen said...

Hishammuddin is too truculent and controversial an Umno leader to be a good and professional Home Minister to inspire confidence of all Malaysians that he will not use his ministerial powers for party political ends.

Why is Hishammuddin talking about action against Anwar when he has not been able to take any action in the past five days against anyone for the spate of attacks on places of worship, whether church, surau or Sikh temple which have placed at risk billions of ringgit which might otherwise benefit Malaysia in the form of foreign investment, tourism and educational opportunities?

wong said...

Great, I got that "excited/scared" feeling. Like 98% excited, 2% scared. Or maybe it's more - It could be two - it could be 98% scared, 2% excited but that's what makes it so intense, it's so - confused. I can't really figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Najib is now weaker than Pak Lah. Instead of coming in as Mr Clean like Abdullah, Najib's ascendancy to the premiership was marred by allegations of his involvement in the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu and his role in the Perak coup.

The public anger evoked by then Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein's keris-waving antics is nothing compared to public anger now evoked by the church burnings. In fact, many Malaysians are blaming Hishammuddin as the home minister for his double standards on demonstrations. After all, he had excused protesters dragging a severed cow's head and threatening violence in front of a Hindu temple in September 2009 before public anger forced him to prosecute them.

kat said...

Got better than Ghana meh? Ghana managed to get into World Cup 2010 Qualifiers wor..

Anonymous said...

“KDN akan ambil tindakan ke atas Anwar – Jika sengaja guna isu agama perkauman berhubung insiden serangan gereja” is the Utusan Malaysia headline today, whose real casualty is public confidence in Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein as a good and effective Home Minister who could resolve the crisis caused by attacks on places of worship and church arson tarnishing Malaysia’s international reputation as an international example of inter-religious harmony, peace and goodwill.

Hishammuddin is too truculent and controversial an Umno leader to be a good and professional Home Minister to inspire confidence of all Malaysians that he will not use his ministerial powers for party political ends.

Why is Hishammuddin talking about action against Anwar when he has not been able to take any action in the past five days against anyone for the spate of attacks on places of worship, whether church, surau or Sikh temple which have placed at risk billions of ringgit which might otherwise benefit Malaysia in the form of foreign investment, tourism and educational opportunities?

Dean Johns said...

Judging by the events of the past week, Umno's perennial ploy of posing as the champion of Malays and protector of Islam in an attempt to sanctify its corruption and criminality appears to have blown up in its face.

Far from causing rifts between races and religions, the protests and fire-bombings that followed the Umno/BN regime's failure or refusal to accept the court ruling in the 'Allah' controversy appear to have brought the faithful of all creeds closer together.

Anonymous said...

Tengku Razaleigh's speeech in Singapore on 7 Jan 2010 :

The people are often ahead of their government. They are interested in more things than identity politics. Unable to respond to the reality that the BN formula is broken and the people want more than ethno-religious politics, the ruling party appears to be reacting by digging itself deeper into narrow racial causes with no future in them. This desperate response is self-defeating in a cumulative way. As Umno is rejected by the voters, party members pursue racial issues more stridently. They think this will shore up their “base”. They are mistaken about the nature of that base. As they do so, they become more extreme and out of touch with ordinary voters of every race and religion whose major concerns are not racial or religious identity but matters such as corruption, security, the economy and education.

Umno’s position in the present controversy over the use of the term “Allah” by non-Muslims is an example. In a milestone moment, PAS, the Islamic party, is holding onto the more plural and moderate position while Umno is digging itself into an intolerant hard-line position that has no parallel that I know of in the Muslim world. Umno is fanning communal sentiment, and the government it leads is taking up policy lines based on “sensitivities” rather than principle. The issue appears to be more about racial sentiment than religious, let alone constitutional principles.

ernie mlm said...

Kerishamudin can only benchmark malaysia with countries supposedly in 3rd-world. It can therefore be concluded that the standard of bn's kpi is benchmarked against the 3rd world, for its leaders of sub-standard quality.

mohd kublai said...

MACC want to meet Bala overseas.

Make it Mongolia in the presence of Athantuya's family.

kar said...

good stuff from Mr. Herman Shastri council of churches of malaysia

Young said...

Good evening to you.
I just can't stand looking at his face. In my working experience for past 20 years, I have employed many staffs from this region. My experience tells me, by looking at his face, I will sure NOT employ him for my company. This guy smells trouble to any organisation that employs him.

Jason said...

Patrick, "interesting" video in case you missed it

A post on this perhaps? ;-)

unspun said...

The Allah Issue:
The difference in Malaysia and Indonesia

1. Malaysian Malays get all confused between race, ethnicity and religion, Indonesians don’t

2. Malaysian Malays are insecure about themselves, Indonesians are at home in their own skins

3. Malaysian Malays are so subjected by the authoritarian political system of Malaysia that also controls religion that there is little room for moderate religious leaders to thrive


Anonymous said...

All these IDIOTS..if I were them, I wud take a gun, point it to my head and pull the trigger. PERIOD!