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Monday, January 18, 2010

Fantastic Facts and Funnies

It's okay they do it. You see it's their custom and culture. Even when they sembahyang they hold their right palms 2.5 inches higher than their left. That way, nobody is confused you see.
But it's different here. Errr...except for KL la.

He's done it again!!!

Nazri Aziz has announced that non-Muslims are allowed to use the word
“Allah” in three statesPenang, Sabah and Sarawakand the Federal Territories. (I am guessing that this includes Kuala Lumpur? - Niamah!!!)

He said this is because other states have enactments on Islam which prohibit the use of the term by non-Muslims.

I have a feeling that this going to be as effective in resolving the ongoing "Allah" issue as the other fler wanting to police the purchase of subsidized items like petrol by embedding a 'smart' chip into our MYKad's? No, actually it is going to be as effective as saying, "Okay ah. You promise ah. You are a poor fler and entitled to the subsidized petrol/sugar/flour/whatever. Promise ya?"

Wait...Nazri also said that he had once gone “incognito” to a church in Sarawak where the word “Allah” was used during service. You mean there are places in Malaysia where Nazri is NOT recognised still? Well, you know what that means, right? It means we can expect more media gems from the man. Yay!!!

See? I also don't know why I posted this la. This country of mine is getting really mind-boggling la.



Anonymous said...

Very soon every state will expedite its islamization program to enact all the Islamic/Syaraih to forbid this and that -> we are on the way to becoming a Taliban nation.

Akan datang - exodus of human (brain drain via migration) and capital (follow Robert Kuok's footstep).

Bye Bye Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pat, hope alls well with you.
I live in NZ now and when I read about stuff happening back home all i can think of is 'are there really that many blur malaysians who keep voting in these @$$holes time and again'. There is so much of accountability from the government here, but back home habuk pun tak da..bloody joke man.

Anonymous said...

Hello Patrick. Buat susah la like this.How the Appeals Court going to act independently? Moh Lun Yung!!!

Cynthia said...

Is the Federal Territory a walled city? How will I know when to avoid using the A word? What if I'm in mid-sentence as I enter the walled city - do I stop or do I finish using the A word? I really think a sub-committee should be set up to clarify rules and regulations for the use of a word. It would stop confusing everyone - especially me - if a study could be conducted and published. This White Paper would surely analyze on the 1Malaysia concept. I think a budget of RM10 million would be a suitable amount to set aside for this important exercise which should take no more than 10 years. Actually, it should coincide with Malaysia's 2020 ambition!

Cynthia said...

By the way, does the restriction include airspace ah? Will all airlines have to make an announcement that we have entered the forbidden airspace and henceforth, the a word is forbidden?

ktteokt said...

This means a further split after allowing Sabah and Sarawak to use the holy word. What if we have a church in Selangor which lies right at the border of KL/Selangor, with the boundary cutting right through its centre? Then is it necessary to determine which side you are on before you are allowed to utter the holy word?

Anonymous said...

In Kadazan say "Mulou" Bajau say "Beloon" Malay say "Gila" Patrick say Niamah...ths guy ??? I dunno wat 2say O..nang butinag kui butikui !!! Kuuuuuuui ....

ktteokt said...

You know what the Chinese meant by "化了灰也认得”?It means you can recognize him even if he turned into ashes!

Cynthia said...


Anonymous said...

WTF does he mean by incognito? I thought it's 'not right' for a Muslim to enter church. I know, I have downplayed by using the word 'not right'. =)

Lion in the Jungle said...

Uncle Wacky~!
If the logic follows... it mean hor if our office is in KL and we stay in PJ or vice versa. then office hour can say that "word" lo and come back home cannot say lo?

Anonymous said...

Hey people, read The Star today dated 18 January 2010. There is a good article about the different names of God. It seems that "Allah" means "God" in Arab and the first bible translated by Munshi Abdullan to Bahasa has that word.

Does that make you think, why were people so sensitive to the word in the first place, and why are there people who yell "Pulangkan hak kami!" ???


beanLaden said...

He is really having FUN doing this isn't he. A genius who will think out of the world........Lets wait a little more...... More Great stuffs coming from this Nut

Anonymous said...

can use alamak ahh?

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Pat, there are a number of Muslims going to catholic church because their mistress and girl friend goes to church.
We can imagine nazri have a Pinay mistress as a reason .

Anonymous said...

What business has UMNO to interfere in the practice of other religions? The Koran does not proscribe the use of the word "Allxh" only to Muslims nor does it says that Islam is tied to a particular race? If UMNO is successful in their bid to ban "Allxh", then Allxh is their plaything.

What other prohibitions will follow henceforth? Will there be exclusive enclaves for Muslims in this country? Will there be separate infrastructures for Muslims and non-Muslims? Will there be dictates that other religions should not literally pray to any Gods because according to UMNO interpretations there is no God but only their brand of "Allxh"?

This is no joke because it is already in the Constitution that the definition of a race is determined by legislation and not by biology. There were also calls by UMNO ultras in the light of the cowhead incident and the liquor ban in Selangor that certain areas were the exclusive enclaves of section of a particular religion. UMNO is in total control of all the apparatus of the state and like the Fascist and Communist regimes in the days of yore there will be the temptation to ban all other religion except their brand of Islam.

UMNO has already demonstrated that they are out of control and has no respect for the law of this country. Scary isn't it?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Others try to draw a line to keep me out
But I draw a bigger circle to bring them in
For this is what "loving your neighbour" is all about
For under the fatherhood of God we are all kins

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 190110
Tue. 19th Jan. 2010.

pinsysu said...

uncle Pat

any idea who got the negotiated-contract to instal da machines at the causeway & Link2 with the intention of collecting RM20 for sinkapor car entering Msia? at the causeway all these new machines were never used & were torn down together with da old immigration complex. u can still see these machines at Link2 ... gomen's action is so predictable ... GST will definitely make all the rural folks suffer like shit ... removal of petrol subsidies will give them more shit ... bottom-line is get ready for hyper-inflation ...

Anonymous said...

this nazri is an idiot! Those who put him to power are also idiots!!!


irkab said...

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein smugly “reassuring” us that everything was “under control”. That was after the third or fourth arson attack. He could hardly refrain from patting himself on the back for (presumably) a job well done. His “government’s commitment to maintain peace” had averted a major religious catastrophe, he asserted. Obviously to him, the damage wrecked was only the burnt buildings and scorched church doors.

Somebody ought to tell Hishammuddin to wipe the grin off his face, and make him realise that the enormous damage wrecked upon the nation went well beyond the physical defacements of those churches. Those can be readily fixed, with or without government grants. With simple technologies like surveillance cameras, those attacks could also be prevented.

Anonymous said...

Patrick,I have good tip for you in your next Fantastic Facts & Funnies.TDM's article on the 500-700 lorries of sand going to Singapore DAILY!! Assume it is 600.If it takes 10 min process time, it will adds up to 6000 mins or 100hrs.....NIAMAH I am blur already.

Anonymous said...


It gets more and more funnier and ridiculous by the day with this 1Nazri clown. I can imagine the christians all over 1Malaysia having different names for "God" so much so there will be a directory for all Malaysian christians to refer to the approved name of God for each state and FT.

It's almost like 1Nazri declaring the word "Niamah" can only be used in FT, "Neeamak" to be used only in Malacca and another "Niemeh" to be used only in Penang. This is going to be hilarious and all I can say to this clown 1Nazri is "Nazri-Niamak-2U".

Anonymous said...

What we are witnessing today are the external manifestations of a deeply divided and conflicted Malay society. This divide is already irreversible and unbridgeable; meaning, expect continuing turmoil with increasingly ugly and brutal skirmishes.

For Malays, gone too were the days when we would meekly and almost as a reflex follow our leaders or their dictates. When they tell us that the Christians have nefarious motive in using the word “Allah,” we scoffed at our leaders. Our leaders — hereditary, political, religious, and others — face unprecedented cynicism and scrutiny, and rightly so especially after they have failed us all these years.

For Pete's Sake said...

Afghanistan, Turkey and Malaysia, all Muslim countries. But they have different rulings on even such a ‘simple’ thing as the tudung. And all three countries have religious scholars who have issued religious decrees. But why is it not consistent? Why the differences?

Anonymous said...

Che Dek Maverick should disclose the contractor that supply silica sand to Singapore.

600 lorries a day.

The transport company also made a lot of money!

We should be proud that the Marian Sands Casino is built with our silica!

Sgt Adnan said...

It is clearly stated in the Quran that there is no compulsion in religion and that there must be complete freedom of religion. Muslims Jews and Christians are all children of Abraham and people of the book. A believing Muslim must submit to the will of God. It is God’s will that decides our religion at birth.

Alvin said...

This link can gives a very detailed explanation on the use of the word "Allah".

Heng said...

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