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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fantastic Facts and Funnies

Jangan risau. Don't worry. Semuanya okay. Promise.

In today's edition of The Sun there is a story about Najib Razak's visit to the Middle East. In the little 2-column story there are some fantastic facts and funnies.

Fantastic fact #1
(From The Sun)

Najib, who is on an official visit to the UAE, had earlier visited several iconic projects in Dubai such as the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, and the Meydan city development.

"This place is buzzing with construction and development projects. They have the vision, boldness and courage. And they have the commitment to deliver and execute projects in a very fast and timely is a lesson to me and to all of us, that if we want to transform Malaysia, we must start with a vision, and we must have the boldness and courage to look at the big picture" - Najib Razak

Errr...was it just my imagination or did I read not so long ago that Dubai was in the shit house and needed some US$10 billion from the UAE to bail it out of its financial woes from developing a little too fast and with a little too much courage and not enough foresight perhaps? And now Najib is saying we should follow Dubai and head down that same road?

Fantastic fact #2

"......if we want to transform Malaysia, we must start with a vision, and we must have the boldness and courage to look at the big picture......" we go again. Somebody (maybe APCO) is going to come up with another 'Vision'. We had a vision. 2020? So what happened to that? But then Mr. Najib you've not been very lucky or productive with your slogans so what makes you think your 'visions' will do any better? Get your checkbooks out cos I'm thinking that next it will be roll-out time for 1Malaysia 1Vision!

Fantastic fact #3

Najib said even Saudi Arabia was introducing changes in the country, including in the education field.

Well, at least there we were first. Or at least keeping up with the Saudis. We've changed our education system more times than the Saudis have changed their Rolls Royces and Ferraris.

(Actually, I can almost hear those Saudi flers asking Najib, "Oi! What you mean by EVEN Saudi Arabia ha??!!")

Fantastic fact #4

Elsewhere in The Star today, Najib strips down, ducks into a phone booth, wears his underwear on the outside and TA-DA...... Sooooper Najib!!!

"No need to worry. UAE will ride out the downturn soon.

Sooooper Najib tells Malaysian companies not to worry about the economic situation in the United Arab Emirates as it will ride out the downturn soon.

Wah!!! Damn terror right? I wonder if the Dubai flers and the flers they owe money to, share Sooooper Najib's optimism? Or does Sooooper Najib have the power to see into the future that only works when he's outside Malaysia?

Okay, okay to be fair Najib did say something nice while he was in the UAE. He said, "We can't be inward-looking, we can't be petty, and we can't be envious of one another......if we don't change the attitude and the mindset of Malaysians, we'll never be a 21st century nation."

Wah!!! Najib if you really mean what you said then come back quick. We and YOU have a lot of work to do. Oh by the way, was that off-the-cuff and from the heart or did the speech machine write that for you?

Sooooper Najib is now in India. Watch out for more sooooper feats from our Sooooper PM.



Gua said...

oh my god!! UAE need USD10 Billion bail out. Now Malaysia want to follow the guts and boldness also.. maybe even more than UAE...

Malaysia maybe on the worldwide news channel headline soon with more than USD10 billion bail out needed.

also, they promised for boldness and courage... but they didn't promised for realibility... safety....


Nagobonar said...

why he believe he must follow them? why dont he believe in himself...niamah!!!

Anonymous said...

wah, pat, you never give chance huh?

Anonymous said...

His pose is similar to the Nazi salute ah.....

michael said...

As long as we have NEP in its present "ketuanan" form, we can never be a 21st century nation.

Najib should listen to his brother, the CEO of CIMB, more.

Anonymous said...

"...if we don't change the attitude and the mindset of Malaysians, we'll never be a 21st century nation."

WE meaning BN, M'SIANS meaning us ler...

This is one way WE were trying to change US.

I went to the perasmian JUARA RAKYAT at Bkt Beruntung. the big shots wr there, pm, tpm, (c their wives) and the ybs, & all (nampak sgt desperat 4 support). it was really, really GRAND, the fixtures, the lightings, the laser, the pa systems, the media, the khemahs, the gerais, & the stage. all I cd say was WOW!!! oh ya don’t forget the KESELAMATAN ppl, they were there too, a lot of them. but, believe me, during the singing of songs, speeches, tangkap gambar, clappings shouts & laughter, I was droning (or drowning) in slumberland seated on the chair. mana tak dari pg x makan. I was hoping for a feast like b4. & I was BORED. what I can see was PEMBAZIRAN, a GRAND one. pamphlets, brochures, flyers, booklets were everywhere, on the ground, on the chair & ppl took home lagi. bukan murah beb, nk buat 4 color. depa baca ka? aku tak. baca sikit buang, tak timbul minat. bagi kacang lg bagus. org Bkt Beruntung dpt RM15 mil buat atap bocor. kalau dulu buat betul-betul xyah spend byk tu lagi. Aarrrgggghhhhh!!!

Anonymous said...

semuanya ok asalkan gaya ada duit kopi pun sedia ada.

saya yang menurut peritah,

ktteokt said...

Enough of visions in Malaysia! TDM's Vision 2020 is already a stillborn! Anymore visions will bring Malaysia to 3030! Come to think of it, why not? After all who the hell is going to survive that long to see it materialize!

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are part of the Emirates. They're like us, different states just that they're emirates.

pinsysu said...

the way i see it

Double visions (sort of cockeyed)

vote the BN_UMNO gomen out!

razak baginda said...

In 2009, Malaysia registered unprecedented capital flight - about 50 percent of its GDP, which in 2008 was worth some RM739 billion. According to a UBS Securities Asia report: “Question: which Asian country had the biggest FX reserve losses in 2009? The answer is Malaysia, and by a very wide margin; we estimate that official reserves fell by well more than one-quarter on a valuation-adjusted basis.”

So far, Najib who is also Finance Minister has not explained to the Malaysian public the reasons for the latest capital flight - which dwarfs the outflows recorded during the 1998 Asian financial crisis. Even on the latest outbreak of religious bigotry, he has tried to downplay the incidents as a “minor aberration”.

Blower said...

superb la uncle....this fler will make this country LOOK GOOD''''hehehe

caravanserai said...

Painted slogans
Years of each prime ministers
Let people dreaming
Thinking the positive values
We will share............

We gave Bee Anne the votes
Every election for the last 52 years
Then the colours flake
We see painted slogans
What a fool we have been

Our systems painted thick
Prejudices one race journey
Corruptions emerged into the core
Leaving others crumbs of appreciation
With names painted on it........

It's the shame
Painted slogans
We can't let it flow any more
The hundred billions gone
Our oil money

Painted slogans
We musn't be fooled again
We must change the direction
Let us dream
The fruits of our labour
On this soil where wealth is made

Anonymous said...

this guy is a idiot!!! Those who put him to power are also idiots!!!


Anonymous said...

Errr, Sooooper Stupider Najib, what do the christians in UAE call their God? I wonder if the UAE Arab muslims are confused in their faith by sharing the same name of God with their countrymen who are christians?

Now that Sooooper Stupider Najib is in India, what do the Sikhs in India call their God? Are muslims in India also confused in their faith by sharing the same name of God with their country Sikhs?

Let's hear it from the Sooooper Stupider Najib.

James Q said...

Somehow he reminds me of a PR manager who once worked six months for me: Talked a lot and came up with plenty of slogan, and when I said (even when I purposely said the wrong things) anything, he would be gushing praises (maybe that's why he was PR manager).

To cut a long story short, none of the slogans worked, every project fizzled off after a loud bang, and all remained were mere words on lots of paper. He didn't made probation and so I fired him.

Maybe Malaysians should fire him too.

Rakyat said...

Actually those statement by Najib are none other than to suit the ears of host country.What do you mean by 21st century nations? 21st century nations consist of all the nations in the world.There are good nations and bad nations.So which nation(s) is he talking about?

Cynthia said...

PM's seeing things lah - a serious medical condition - quick get the Doctor!

niakong said...

Well, Malaysia is well known for jokers, isn't it???

Almost every now and then, we see people holding press conferences giving jokes.

There was even one cracking a big one after watching Avatar!

Seriously, we need them coz after all, laughter is the best medicine.

Anonymous said...

This najib razak, just like most politicians in malaysia, is blind?

In timely manner? Courage? Boldness? What the FFFFFFF la, these values are all well known by all.... you don't need to get your bum all the way from malaysia to uae via private jet to learn them...

Stupid la...

if there's one thing that the govt flers are very good at, it's keeping their asses out of troubles.... i am sure you will agree.

donplaypuks® said...

We are always behind the pack that was hit by a mega financial & economic crisis and is tottering, and never ahead of it!

We chased after Japan, then Taiwan, Korea and S'pore and now Dubai. Yet we seem to learn very little from history, but pursue to emulate failures!

People like Najib are not leaders and so we will always fall into step with those who crash!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human race

Anonymous said...

Kong Chiaw Huay! Bird talk in Hokein...

1 Malay-sia(L) said...

removing subsidies is the perfect MYR50b vision. since everyone of them understood the big picture, both boldness and courage are not necessary.

btw, James Q, stop paying peanuts...

Anonymous said...

Dr M got 2020 perfect vision...he stepped down before it becomes a reality. Najibeh took over and want to have his vision starting in do the math...we all will get blurr vision. Nahbeh!

wahilii said...

Waa... This photo Najib looks like Hitler..

No, no... Better... Like CM. Mao...

tan said...

this is some crap, do over PM even read economist? maybe we should subsribe one for him....

Anonymous said...

This guy is dependent on the scripts as proivded aby APCO (a Jewish company). He never think and just read the scripts since he has paid millions of Ringgit.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia has failed to undertake systematic reforms to fulfil Prime Minister Najib’s oath of office in April 2009 promising to respect “the fundamental rights of the people,” Human Rights Watch said in its World Report 2010.

In Malaysia, the report said, instead of addressing persistent human rights problems, the government harasses the political opposition; improperly restricts the rights to peaceful expression, association, and assembly; and mistreats migrants.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia has failed to undertake systematic reforms to fulfil Prime Minister Najib’s oath of office in April 2009 promising to respect “the fundamental rights of the people,” Human Rights Watch said in its World Report 2010.

In Malaysia, the report said, instead of addressing persistent human rights problems, the government harasses the political opposition; improperly restricts the rights to peaceful expression, association, and assembly; and mistreats migrants.

Anonymous said...

ayo pat! You ar cannot read between the lines one. It very good plan one. Build, then middle of project billions of ringgit suddenly go missing one. Then say economic downturn cause billion ringgit make money go missing...then take more tax payers money to finish up lor.

Anonymous said...

I think he should seriously hire people who really have got the brains and guts to tell him to do the right things !

God help Malaysia !

Anonymous said...

EVerything he said is from the text prepared by APCO.

Anonymous said...

rakyat diutamaka pencapaian...wth!!! dont remember
what is that supposed to mean??

20As but no quality????
tall building but going to collapse in 5 years?
sweet talking but no result?(mcm org bercinta, bile da bg support we got nothing)
new policy but uneffective?
save the ketuanan but want 1Malaysia??? people dont even understand what is 1Malaysia..
shame on him shame on him..

when a day before najib was elected, i was thinking to change my citizenship..
then i thought the first bill he's going to approve is BOTOX IS LEGAL..

Anonymous said...

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom, who calls for interfaith dialogue but in the same breath tells church leaders to drop their claim to use "Allah" to refer to God.

Jamil Khir is clueless about what a dialogue is and how it works. Meaningful dialogue only happens when all parties are treated as equals. It does not happen when one party is more powerful than the others and has already dictated what results are expected of the dialogue.

Hence, Jamil Khir's proposal for an interfaith dialogue is either a half-baked public relations exercise to demonstrate that the Malaysian government is fair to all, or, Allah help us all, the minister doesn't know what he's talking about. Worse still, it's both.

Anonymous said...

If someone cannot see the big picture in Malaysia, can he see the big picture in the world. Tokkok.

ktteokt said...

For one moment, I thought we were in NAZI GERMANY!

Anonymous said...

He went ot India to hold secret talk with Bala? Or maybe paying the overdue cash?

Anonymous said...

When najib spoke of change, the only change that we need is to change this good for nothing umno goverment. I sick to death with them.

Anonymous said...

Three generations of Malaysians regardless of race or religion have been singing the state anthems of seven states, Johore, Selangor, Perak, Kedah, Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu invoking the name of Allah to bless and protect the Sultan and people. Were they wrong?

Anonymous said...

All government newspapers are tools of state propaganda. Even a first-year Universiti Sains Malaysia student of journalism can tell us that. Even a padi farmer in Arau can preach that pertinent point to his children. Those who buy and read government-owned newspapers are news junkies subjecting themselves to Official Knowledge crafted to suit the need of the owners of the means of producing propaganda.

rasmah said...

By going to Mecca to do umrah he hoped he could cleanse his sin of murdering.

Ha Ha.

selcat said...

The Selangor Select Committee on Competence, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) inquiry revealed that RM6,000 was approved for copies of Utusan Malaysia from the allocation of the Bukit Antarabangsa constituency.

Anonymous said...

Any update on the 1malaysia Toilet that was officially opened by Najib at Petaling Stret years ago?

Possibly full of najis?

mut said...

His brother Nazir of CIMB? Wasn't he the ultimate beneficiary of BBMB's takeover when Danaharta took over BBMB's bad debts at 1:1 and then further guaranteed further bad debts on its books? Other banks got about 60 cents to the ringgit.

Oh yes, you should hear their spiel about making it when it is the taxpayers who have to pay for the politicians' folly.

Anonymous said...

1 Malaysia initiatives is heavy on flowery rhetoric and thin on real mechanism and plans to improve race relations.

Anonymous said...

As Malays are “Pantang Dicabar”, they now try to use the Malay force as the tool and force, after failing to put the blame on the non-Malay’s anger. Someone is trying to cause retaliation and major erruption of anger. After failing to invoke the Christians, they now turn to the Malays as the means to achieve that.

kata katak said...

PKR has 30 seats, DAP 28, PAS 23. If 3 PKR frogs leap, DAP becomes the strongest seat-based party in the opposition.

If 3 PKR reps jump, Anwar has no moral claims to the leadership post. As he's not even PKR's president, it would be hard-pressed to politically and morally justify giving the position to a mere 'de facto' leader of the second biggest party in Pakatan.

If he gets to keep the job, opponents will have a field day cementing claims that Pakatan is all about Anwar.

DAP members and supporters would also demand the party stick to convention and tradition and lay claims to the opposition throne.

If the post goes to DAP, then another Pandora's box will be opened. Umno will use all its, and the govt's, resources to cement claims that DAP pulls the Malay strings in Pakatan.

Anonymous said...

Lim Guan Eng has a mind of his own. He knows what needs to be done (after all, Penang is the best run state, according to the Auditor-General). He understands the old Umno culture, which invariably has been ‘imported’ into PKR. No one is going to pressure him or blackmail him. He will not allow himself to become a puppet Chief Minister like the Gerakan Chief Minister in the days when Umno was running Penang with Gerakan as its front.

So we lose some ex-Umno people in PKR who decide to go back to Umno because they are no longer warlords like they used to be. Well, so be it. Better they go now even if we see a Perak situation in the other states as well. Spring-cleaning in PKR (and DAP and PAS as well) is long overdue anyway.

Anonymous said...

Why must he preach his 1Malaysia Islam at Batu Caves on eve of Thaipusam? Very insensitive.

Also very rude to push aside MB of Selangor.