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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fantastic Threats and Funnies

Possibly Malaysia's next Prime Minister. Sleep well.
I am sooooo bad :-)


Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin today reminded all parties not to undermine the peace and harmony enjoyed by the nation at the moment, in reference to the ongoing furore over the “Allah” issue.


“We will not politicise this issue because this is not a political issue. This is about peace and harmony in the country. We should defend it at all cost. We should not be careless or adopt a lackadaisical attitude.”

Goodnight all.



Anonymous said...

Let us all think clearly ah!. Who is politicising the issue. Right! Politician mah!. We are just citizens of Malaysia hoping for a peaceful country to live in. We have to be constantly alerted to snatch thieves, robbers etc. Now we got to be wary of fire bombs going over our heads.

1 Patan

Anonymous said...

Like all else, everything is nice and peachy in Malaysia .. and politicians have nothing to do with such issues! What bull!! But before the majority of Malaysians take a good look at themselves when faced with such blatant erosion of social, political, judicial and religious freedoms (I'm sure there are more), you are all headed to one big upheaval!! May Almighty save you .. or whatever one may call Him!!

Kon said...

Patrick, I laughed so hard so much so I fell of my chair. As the saying goes: "Bolehland is like a fish. It rots from the head first". Good grief!!!!

beanLaden said...

intelligent in quick solving solutions............ sweep it under the carpet.......Another Genius at work.......

Anonymous said...

this fella is an idiot! Those who put him to power are idiots!!!


ktteokt said...

Hit his lungs!

k4kenny said...

Who ever think this fella is DPM or even PM material must be from noname country. He talks like his @sshole! As if he is not a politician - must be um-NO hantu la!

telur dua said...

He is really deaf and blind. And stupid.

The only people undermining anything here is UNNO and their lackeys. Heck they even undermine the very people who put them in Government and whose tax money they happily and shamelessly help themselves to.

There is a cure for his verbal diarrhea. Just shut the @#$% up.

Anonymous said...

As Charlie Brown would say about this fler "good grief'.

michael said...

Dear Uncle Teoh.

You labeled him "possibly Malaysia's next Prime Minister."

I think the label "possibly not Malaysia's next Prime Minister" would be a better description of him.

R.A.H.M.A.N. ends with "N."

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick

The face of the next malaysian PM ? Ha ha, that face should be on the cover of the first edition of the malaysian Mad Magazine. He is madder than "what me worry" !

I cry for all malaysian non-umnoputras. Tough times are ahead, bumi and non-bumi.

lackadaisical said...

Lackadaisical huh?

Tell that to your chief. I have not heard a single statement from him since the protests/attacks.

Anonymous said...

I pray to Tuhan that he will not be our next PM.
He stirred things up and now he tells us not to.
Chinese proverb said that the officials (read politicians) can set fire to a building without being guilty but we are guilty for just lighting a candle.
He is just not being fair!

Ernie said...

I don't think it is funny.


I am serious.

Wong Ah Fook said...

Many years as Johor MB, looks how has JB progressed under him ?

JB kid said...

JB has not progressed beyond the empty talk of Iskandar, except having more foreign workers at Jalan Wong Ah Fook.