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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Not our fault ya!

In the aftermath of yesterday's church attacks and demonstrations prime minister Najib Razak's only comment seems to be that it is not Umno's fault or doing.

"Do not simply blame Umno when there is any problem, when churches were torched, fingers were pointed at Umno. We have condemned the attack"
- Najib Razak.

He neither apologised that this happened during his watch nor did he announce any feasible actions to rectify the problems that many say is the result of his and his cousin's (Home Minister, Hishamuddin Hussein) perceived 'approval' of demonstrations against the High Court ruling allowing the Catholic publication, The Herald to use the word "Allah" to refer to God in it's Bahasa Malaysia section.

Well, as this photo might show Najib and his cousin and friends were too busy practising their karaoke skills as People's Champions.



Anonymous said...

And were we expecting najib to say something like President Obama to the effect like " the buck stops here" ... not bloody likely ...or his deputy whatshisname or the Hissomthing feller... blaahh..w##$$^@!t#@$%^f...!!

Sad sack

pilocarpine said...


nick said...

Not his or UMNO's fault? Yeah, like I'm gonna believe that! Busy karaokeing instead of visiting those churches and meeting people on the ground. Only those who have something in their conscience would be afraid to visit the churches and meet people. Leadership by remote control...1Malaysia by Najib...truly asian crap.

Anonymous said...


ktteokt said...

This burning down of churches will be the last nail to drive into NAJIS' CASKET! Not only his 1 MALAYSIA failed, but the whole UMNO should be voted out! Send them into oblivion, send them to TIMBUKTU!

ignis fatuus said...

Please don't use the a**** word, they'll come burn your blog la.

Anonymous said...

"..basahi keris ni dengan darah laknat cina..."

who uttered these words in the 1980s prior to operasai lalang?


Rahman said...

The year 2009 ended badly for Malaysia despite having a new Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak with his new “1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now” slogan with setbacks on all the major priority KPIs and NKRAs, viz:

Corruption – the newly-formed Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) ending its first year with lowest level of public confidence ever experienced by its predecessor, the Anti-Corruption Agency, in the previous 41 years from 1967-2008 and Malaysia suffering international humiliation of worst ranking of Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index in 15 years, the lowly position of No. 56 in 2009 as compared to No. 23 in 1995. The year ends with the tragedy of the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock at the MACC headquarters in Shah Alam on July 16 continuing to haunt the MACC, the Najib government and the nation.

Crime – Police boasts of improving crime index not reflected in public confidence in the ability of the police to restore to Malaysians their two fundamental rights – to be free from crime and free from the fear of crime. Ipoh is following Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya with the emergence of more and more “gated communities” where the people pay an extra income tax to pay for their own safety and security as police has failed to deliver this most fundamental of its public responsibilities. The real measure of police success to restore public confidence in its core function to keep the streets, public places and the privacy of their homes safe is when Malaysians begin to dismantle “gated communities” and not when more and more “gated communities” are mushrooming in various parts of the country.

1Malaysia – Najib’s signature theme of “1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now” suffered a severe setback when 2009 ended with the divisive, racist and seditious Biro Tata Negara (BTN) “brain-washing” scandal and 2010 started with the “Allah controversy” culminating in the burning and attack on churches today, aggravating Malaysia’s losing battle to enhance our international competitiveness so crucial to attract foreign direct investment for our national development and prosperity.

johari said...

Allah saves Malaysia.
Allah boycott UMNO.
Allah The Great.

Mat Meverik said...

Salah Siapa ?
Siapa lagi kalau bukan UMNO !

Anonymous said...

Did any one mentioned AMMO? Then y Pee M defend AMNO? This wat they called 做贼心虚 [zuo4 zei2 xin1 xu1], meaning to have a guily conscience,or if they hv any!

Anonymous said...

Did any one mentioned AMMO? Then y Pee M defend AMNO? This wat they called 做贼心虚 [zuo4 zei2 xin1 xu1], meaning to have a guily conscience,or if they hv any!

Anonymous said...

UMNO Juara Rakyat ????

ya...Juara Kelentong Rakyat mah !!


Anonymous said...

I just wonder what will happen if 'someone' starts throwing bombs into a mosque? It could easily inflame the situation.A desperate politician,even a malay can exploit.
Now Najib wants to give 500k to rebulid the church.So,for mosque berapa??

frothquaffer said...

Time to seriously get involved Politically if you can. UM-NO? i don't think so. Nice to see you're not scared and hiding but speaking out Patrick!

i'd like to know if the P.M. actually visited the sites of the firebombing himself like a responsible leader would?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone ask their family, neighbors and friends:


Time to vote againts Barisan Najis on next GE!!!

Anonymous said...

Whole world gets to know about the so-called "Arsonists Burning of Churches in Malaysia".
It is one of the most rerad articles in TIME webpage !
Cukup malu Barisan Nasional !

Anonymous said...


Baling batu sembunyi tangan!

Anonymous said...

The problem is..time and time again..these fellows seem to get away with anything and everything..One gets acccused of murder but doesn't raise a finger to defend himself in the proper manner..thanks to the rotten judiciary system we have and the other waves around his penis in broad daylight and supports racial bigotry..The cops play nursemaid and dung collectors to these select untouchables...that is the crux of the matter..They get away with it..Why the need to apologize ler ? and the sad part is..there is aloyal amount of lapdogs tagging along behind them happy with the bones these fellows throw and thus their arrogance grows...Everyone knows the G.O.V.T got involved in this just to draw attention away from the missing engines..right ?
One thing I know..and I tell you this..God's delays are not denials..Time will come..Marcos got his..Suharto got his..these fellows think what..the devil protects his flock ke ? Watch and see..everything that begins must end

1Malay-sia(L) said...

of course la...

how can umno be blamed for some koktail fire? even the C4 explosion was not theirs!

common man, what you guys tokkok-ing?

Anonymous said...

Let us..all Malaysians who have the fear of God , the basic common sense of decency and humanity..kick these sons of bitches out in the coming elections...Please note..the so called virtous STFU and start preparing to walk their talk...start grooming the proper leaders with a moral backbone from now onwards and get them ready for the coming elections..when a considerable amount of dedicated disciplined people come to power..then and mabye.. then..all fractions of the rakyat will get the truth and justice they deserve ..till then ..all we vent out and piss ourselves day in and day out..Hear my call opposition..prove that we can live side by side..binded by mutual respect and not mutual greed..the ties that now bing the UM-Noooo !.MIrrelevantC and MCancerousA..

Anonymous said...


1Najib is a true muslim because he swore on the holy quran that he has never met the C4'ed mongolian "what's her name" lady. So when he says not to blame his beloved islamic 1DUMBO party for the church bombings, we have to believe him, otherwise he will have to swear again on the holy book.

Honestly I believe in whatever 1Najib says, just like I believe that elephants can fly, a low rank soldier stole 2 x RM50 million jet engines, 1Malaysial, 1MACC, 1PDRM, 1Judiciary.

I also believe in the 1PIG who yesterday said he would put more police to patrol the churches but today changed his tune and ask the churches to increase their own security because he does not have enough policemen. Actually his army of policemen are too busy hiding around street corners to collect bribes.

So Patrick, please please do believe our 1Najib. And by the way, neither he or his cousin 1Noshamemoodin need to apologize for the church bombings because they did not commit the act themselves. They only did not do anything to prevent it from happening so no need to apologize for this.

Anonymous said...

Being defensive is a sign of ???
Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed that the issue does not go out of hand. Hmmm, who brought up the Allah issue FIRST?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr PM for what Malaysia is today. May God bless you for whatever you have (and haven't) done for the country.

Anonymous said...

Stamping on cow's head....
Torching of churches.....
Will these events be a precedent to the dumping of Barbie's head in the mosque as a retaliation????
and then, what will the government do?
Release those who stomp on cow's head.
Turn a blind eye to the church arsonists.
AND... jeng jeng jeng....
Impose ISA on the Barbie throwers because they are a national threat to the unity of the country.
Wa... talk about Double standards!!!

Meow Kitty is ANGRY!!!!

Anonymous said...

What is this fella trying to tell us??? Where are all the cops??? Really ah??? Ya meh???? Hmmm... no one to protect us... Sigh.... Need to learn wushu liao... hey sir, got a question lah... can I act in self-defence without being charged for attempted murder then, cz no cops to protect me?

Why is the guy in white shirt smiling geh? (2nd pix)

Oh.. ya... did u see the HAIRY-Jamaluddin was smiling in a pix in The Star yesterday....whn he was visiting the church.

wandererAUS said...

It amuses me,that God fearing men are so desparately engaged in a word to describe their Creator. What is the fcuk! Why is the name so important?
To me, my Maker is my God and I refer Him in any name I see fit...these "Shits" have to burn churches to champion their faith...

Sakari said...

PM: "We have condemned the attack."

What he really meant:

"There I've said it. And now my job is done."

Anonymous said...

tragedy indeed.... GE 13 just vote them out??? you sure anot that simple

Anonymous said...

NOt blame UMNO my ass!!! Who's the one saying.."We can not stop protest, jut don't over do it..."...NAJIS LAR...

Charlie Oscar said...

Dear Patrick,
The vandalism of the Houses of Worship must be Condemn!!!
All these must the the works of the Extreamist Opposition Supporters who are out to create trouble!!!
What a better time to discredit 1Malaysia!!!
ALL the rumours SMSs’ received today were from Opposition Voters!!!
These are the TRAITORS of MALAYSIA!!!

Anonymous said...

pm's gift of 500k to the burnt church !? GIFT ...from his siblings ah !!??

Anonymous said...

Are you really the actor named Patrick Teoh?

Anyways, I disagree with the doings of the faggots who burned the churches. Let not Malaysia turn into another Indonesia with idiots firebombing places of worship.

Anonymous said...

so now surau pulak sudah kena!!!
apa nak jadi pat? Things gonna get out of control? Takutlah.... mau pindah lah!
Pindah mana ho? Timbaktu lo!!!
Suei ini UMNO BN !!! Bikin orang susah!!!


Anonymous said...

shitty minds begets shitty individuals begets shitty leaders begets shitty responses begets shitty deeds ... makes sense ..shit no.

confusing shit

Anonymous said...

Some would say it is not our fault. Some say it is not coordinated and perpetrated by random people. Some say it was done by cowards as it was done very late at night. This is what I think:

It has been encouraged by certain quarters with strong connection. Political parties or more importantly did not do sufficiently to discourage such actions. It is carefully thought of attacks with the aim to create fear, not death hence it was carried out late at night when no one is in church. It is not targeted at Catholics but was targeting Malaysians of all religions, including those who do not believe in God. The main aim is to distract the public from the real issues in Malaysia. The secondary reason is to remind the public not to question the government.

In summary, it may appear to have worked but the real result will be known in the future. It would most likely backfire as the voters will be unhappy with the way the leaders handled this issue and as for over zealous people who called themselves muslim, they will reap the wrath of their true believers and God. They have embarrassed their faith as the christians will not fight back. It is not in their religion to fight but to turn the other cheek.

Next time think through the possibilities before taking such actions but then again, there may not be a next time after the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Dare I say it, Malaysia is at a crossroads right now, where we have two contrasting examples of how a country should be run by its countrymen:

1) Indonesia - You fill the gap

2) Singapore - By Singaporeans (whatever their race) whom have built the country up to being one of the main financial cities in the world with constant international investment.

I'm fearful that our country becomes the former, but still have a little hope in me that we may become the latter one day...

char siew said...

Najib tried to redeem himself with a RM500K grant to the church.

Please do not use money to win the heart.

You should clamp down racist writings by Utusan's Awang and Ridhuan!

rihana said...

Alk Jazeera reported (news also carried on Herald Tribune) that najib was POWERLESS to stop the protest by the Muslim NGOs.


No more mojo as a PM.

Then he should step down.

maccy said...


Azly Selamat said...

PM Najib open support for UMNO’s retrogressive stand against the use of Allah by Christians, shows that his 1 Malaysia so called reforms for a multicultural society with religious freedom will once again fail to deliver his promises to the people.

The majority of world muslims, including muslim Arabs, muslim Africans, muslim Indonesians, and muslim Malaysians have no problem with the use of Allah by christians living amidst them for centuries.

So why is the Home ministry objecting to the use of Allah by christians in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

The Herald did not even condemn its religion. Just used the word ALLAH. And these people who supposedly love to use the word "SABAR" perform such acts! No wonder some westerners still think we live on tree tops.
Look at all the happenings after Najis has taken the math...

Anonymous said...

Najib is adamant that "1Malaysia" is still intact. Everybody knows, unless he is a buffoon, that "1Malaysia" is about multibillion advertising contracts. Najis is indirectly correct, the gravy train will still go on. And who did he boast this fairy tale to? – to some 7,000 Umno supporters in Hulu Selangor.

But for the others: what the heck, if there is really a "1Malaysia", why were 3 churches being torched over a non-issue?

Nas Terjah said...

Charlie Oscar need to get his brain reexamined.

Do not any how make accusation even if you are a BN supporter.

What good is 1malaysia beyond a slogan & logo that Najib paid millions to the consultant to create?

You can go ahead with the 1Malaysia karaoke session.

Anonymous said...

Mr Prime Minister, I, as a Muslim, felt very humiliated by this uncivilised act. This is not the Islam that I embraced. A lot of damage has been done. Your supporters in Umno and your counterparts in other component parties in BN have totally failed to transform and reinvent themselves and their parties.

Instead they continue peddling and playing on religious chauvinism and racial sentiments to perpetuate their hold on power and to covet corrupt money. Your outmoded but rewarding ways is at the expense of the nation and the people.

What has happened is indeed a cause of grave concern to all Malaysians. The fact that it did happen, and was allowed to happen without proper precautionary and pre-emptive measures being taken, is a matter of great regret.

Anonymous said...

I am a peace-loving Malaysian Christian, and like many other Christians of this nation, I stand in the Name of God to forgive the persons responsible for their foolish acts on that black Friday 8th. of January 2010 for they knew NOT what they were doing. Amen!

Anonymous said...

1malaysia intact my backside.

Anonymous said...


Are the attackers gonna get away with it?
I think so...

Oredy the word "Allah" is such a bloody issue for them. If arrested, does that mean the word is "approved"...??

Does that mean they are going against their own ka-ki-lang...??

What's next lah.....??

Eugene said...

Of course it is not your fault, Najib. Every time when something bad happens, it is not your fault or UMNO's. When something good happens, it is because of you or UMNO.

Next GE when PR becomes the Fed Gov (which is something good), it will be because of you. Thanks Najib!

beanLaden said...

IGP Musa says Attacks not well-planned....... is he trying to tell the arsonists to do a better job next time........ this Nut butter shut up!!

Anonymous said...

IGP gave some sort of green light to the culprits la, he said to the churches....hey, we dont have enough policemen la, you engage your own security la. the culprits now can get away easily la. Imagine if a mosque was torched. Wah liao eh, the full force would be activated, police, arm forces etc.

Anyway, nothing new la. Get used to it if you have not done so yet. This is bolehland and there are laws; laws for those in power and those who are not.

Btw, law does not work according to ex pm, better to have private discussion to resolve it. So court tak boleh pakai la. I say to him, educated those immatured fellas, those you are referring to. We dont know who they are. There must be a lot of them as you suggest. Educate them, not shelter them. Your policies of sheltering all these yrs have failed, you must realise that.

Anonymous said...

I will be surprised if the Government allowed the word allah to be continue to be used by the Christian. It's a losing fight for the church. It has always been. Despite the attacks on the church which make Islam looks bad and the muslims looks stupid and insensitive, the 'verdict' will be on their side. Najib will said, " for the safety of the country, for the safety of the rakyat, for the keharmonian, we will have no other choice but to ban the word "Allah' from Chistian".

You see, it's like a goodwill act that would save and care the rakyat safety as a whole. Sounds good , eh ? He actually care about us. That's what he said what he tax us RM50 per credit card - he worried that we have a lot of credit cards and overspending them which eventually would lead us to bankruptcy. That's really something to be worried about and he wanted to help us to stop this from happening. He wanted to save us all from overspending, especially during this time of recession. So he decided to give us a goodwill tax - a tax that would help you to cut down the number of credit cards the rakyat own and eventually, help to cut down your overspending. And he did it again with the sugar - taking away the subsidy as a goodwill that will eventually helps you to cut down the number of sugar you will take. It makes you healthy by making the price of the sugar goes up. Surprisingly, no one complain. You see, this would eventually contributes to the inflation. And nobody seems to care. As long as the price of the sugar is up, everybody can get healhty. That's not the end of it.

In The Star paper, he mentioned that the government is in the final stages of restructing the toll rates of the country's expressways and the plan would ensure better highway facilities, reduction of traffice congestion, and blah blah blah. What does it sounds to you ? Another toll rates hike !!!

While this is happening, foreign investors are running away. Even Indonesia are doing economically better than Malaysia. For a country to be successful, Najib has forgot all about the Economic 101. He is much more interested in holding power, getting more money from the rakyat, and getting more votes.

My Malaysia is dying.

Chola said...

"1) Indonesia - You fill the gap

2) Singapore - By Singaporeans (whatever their race) whom have built the country up to being one of the main financial cities in the world with constant international investment."

Don't think Malaysia's at a crossroad.

You need to know how to boast about yourself and your country while maintaining or slightly exceeding a certain level of standard to convince the rest of what you boast about. Malaysia's case is that it only knows how to boast, but maintaining no standard (while declining) and anyone coming will feel lied and tricked.

Indonesia's case is that it does not know how to boast (well).

zek zaidi said...

Juara Rakyat does not mean taking tax payers' money to give to the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Get ready 1Malaysia, we are going to be label as the next potential terrorist country following this idiotic acts of fire bombing. 1Malaysia will be in the US's "list".

Anonymous said...


wong said...

The reality is there is now a whole generation of young Malaysians who are more proficient in Bahasa Malaysia. This is the product of the school system which replaced English with Bahasa Malaysia.

We cannot possibly tell them that they cannot read the Bible in Bahasa Malaysia. Their option is Bahasa Indonesia and that version of the Bible is also confiscated.

Anonymous said...

Christians are followers of JESUS Christ. If anyone read Jesus life recorded in the Bible you will find that Jesus never retaliate or revenge for all that man do to him. Jesus claimed that he is the Son of God. If this is true and man being his creation spit on his face when he walked this earth and killed him, this God must be either crazy or a God that forgive and forgive and forgive.
Likewise, all his followers should do the same!

Anonymous said...

Wong Chun Wai's (The Star)brilliant strategy succeeded. Malaysians are no longer split racially. Malaysians are now united. Malaysians are united along racial lines but split along religious lines. But will this kill the opposition coalition, in particular the cooperation between DAP and PAS, as he had hoped?

The objective is to see DAP and PAS go for each other’s throats, which he hopes will result in the break up of Pakatan Rakyat. Maybe that will not happen after all. But at least now the non-Muslim Chinese and Indians will be able to see how ‘dangerous’ Islam is, as what MCA and The Star have been trying to say all these many years.

Anonymous said...

1M still intact. if ever 1M is affected, better still cos najis can dump more money into it to boost its image. pr company smiling only!

kaching! while churches goes kaboom!


1Vision2200Hadhari said...

everyone should step back and look at the bigger picture.

Barisan Nasional is out to destroy this country.

BN politicians are already taking out hundreds of millions of ringgit and putting them overseas. the flight of capital is happening as we speak.

They are now trying to create an environment of fear here- the more it is publicised by the foreign press the better. Investors will be discouraged to invest, malaysians are scared into migrating by the droves because of this.

Why? BN is going to lose the next GE. and when it does, it'll leave behind a burnt out empty shell of a country for the opposition to rule.

Learn from history books. this has happened in Indonesia and the Phillipines and it will happen here. when it happens only the BN pirates will be laughing. ordinary malaysians, Muslims, non-muslims, bumi or non-bumi will be the ones to suffer.

Wake up malaysians! Stop behaving like the government's puppets! start thinking for yourselves and the country!

Anonymous said...

sheer stupidity

Malaysian said...

What can we do with the goons that's governing the country? Why did they stir the racial sentiments? Are they trying to divert our attention on other problems? I can believe they started all these fuck... problems and they're trying to be the savior! Fuck!

Thank god we've good Muslims in this country!

walla said...

a church in Indonesia:

Semarak said...

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hindusim, Sikhism and Taoism has observed the lack of dialogue had left many ignorant of the belief of others.

An inter-faith commission — mooted during the time of the Pak Lah administration — never got off the ground because of the lack of political support for it, and the lame argument that Islam cannot be discussed with other religion in the sam forum, but it should be made a priority because as the events of the past week have demonstrated, there is a need for it.

Many are doubtful if Malaysia can ever achieve its economic aims when it is constantly tackling inter-ethnic and religious issues, many of which are unnecessarily politicised and which in decades past had never cropped up because Malaysia's different races interacted far more and lived more harmoniously.

Anonymous said...

Umno used to have respectable, gentleman leaders like Tunku Abdul Rahman. Its founding members were humble patriots who wanted to improve the lot of their communities and the country.

Today Umno Baru is filled with greedy opportunistic businessmen who enter politics to acquire lucrative contracts, who seek not to foster understanding and goodwill but to appeal to the bigotry and fear of their support base. The sincere leaders of calibre in Umno are long gone.

The new Umno is racist and tramples on the rights of the minorities. They just know how to use race and religion to achieve their goals. Just look at how effective they are in using race and religion to fan chaos throughout Malaysia.

The only reason Najib is starting to talk otherwise is because things have gotten out of hand under his watch - his strategy has backfired and he wants out.

Anonymous said...

Tun Maverick of UMNO was the one who used (difference in) religion to drum Malay support for umno.

Remember he filled state-run television and newspapers with a photo of his political rival wearing a native headgear with a cross-like design just days before a general election?

So who said UMNO do not play on religious matter?

it started with umno and thy will continue to fan it.

Anonymous said...

i think christian does need to learn or speak bahasa malayu from now this is memperkasakan bahasa..isn't it...yeah 1 malaysia died b4 it is born

duitkopi said...

S. Munisvaran, 25 a lorry driver whom regularly drives from Karak to Westport delivering goods for export was beaten and shoot on his lap by a traffic police officer somewhere near STAR CRUISE Terminal junction after he failed to give RM200.00 demand by the officer.

Anonymous said...

2 people smiling smugly in the pix... as if they're so satisfied with the results.

dun dare mention the names for fear of being detained by IS* and charged for contempt or attempt to stir racial sentiments... SIGH...
freedom of speech my f00t....


Nagobonar said...

1Malaysia 1voice 1Karaoke

Anonymous said...

Karaoke ku!
Gereja ku bakar ke tanah,
Rakyat hidup,
Dalam ketakutan,

What does 1Malaysia stand for???? Another advertising charade??? I am shocked to know that those who claim themselves to be secular and moderate are silent about this ... and THEIR SILENCE IS DEAFENING!!!!!! Why keep silent unless you are beneficiaries of the beggar making system that the government of the day has put in place??!!!! Malaysia is now a banana republic in the eyes of the international community!!!!

VISION 2020??????? Better to be VISION FIREBOMB 2020!!!!!!!!!!

MAX said...




Suppose we as Malaysians suddenly decide unanimously to change our country's name from "Malaysia" to "The United States of Malaysia"(for reasons we will not disclose) ,would that be acceptable?
If the real Americans object....we will argue that the name U.S.A. is "not copyrighted", so it is perfectly allright and it is our fundamental right to call ourselves citizens of the U.S.A.
It is true!! USA is not copyrighted, we can now print US Dollar bills and use it on all the ignorant people on the planet. Hell,we'll print US Dollars exactly like the real US Dollars and use it on smart people on the planet! We'll get super rich.We'll suck the real USA dry.

Would't Obama and every redneck in America want to NUKE us?






atheist said...

I am from Malaysia and I am a Chinese. I see myself as an atheist (sometimes Satanist :D). In my humble opinion:

1. It might be the work of extremist Malaysian Muslims. Reason - obviously they are very narrow minded and they are not intelligent enough to differentiate which god is their god. That's why they have to make it clear now that Allah is Islam god or else they might forget.

2. It could also be done by the Malaysian Chinese (business oligarchs) whose intention are to bring down BN currently in power in the next GE.

No no - I am no conspiracy theorist but it is a fact that most Malaysian Chinese business (big businesses) are run by FuZhou and Hokkien people - Sorry to you Hakka, Hainam and GuangDong people. I am neither Fu Chow nor Hokkien too :( - And you know how "gangster" FuZhou and Hokkien people are when doing business :P

3. Might be the work of opposition party. Reason - obviously hoping to topple the government before or during the next GE.

4. UMNO did it. Reason - to create fear into society. It's through fear that society is easy to control. And also, it will separate you Muslims and non-Muslims. Divide and rule.

And possibly to create a distraction to distract public from latest more serious events - missing jet engine scandal, death of TBH, increased of sugar price, PKFZ scandal, etc (Woah! Too many scandal - can't list all). This is normal, everyone does this too. When people get into a conversation they are not very comfortable with, they divert the topic to something else.

We just don't know who did it. But even if you do know who did it, what can you do about it? You cannot do anything even if it really is UMNO's work. So what?

So, get back to work.

Anonymous said...

Another reminder for us to register, then vote in the next GE to rid the country of those scum.

Mat Filem said...

Will JAKIM/JAIS allow me, a Malaysian Muslim to watch AVATAR since some elements so of the movie are not really Islamic?

Anak Pekan Rabu said...

Kedah state anthem:

"Allah selamat Sultan Mahkota
Berpanjangan usia di atas Takhta
Memelihara agama Nabi kita
Negeri Kedah serata-rata"

I wonder if non-Muslim can now sing the anthem?

kontradik said...

IGP Tan Seri Musa Hassan declared that the demonstrations being planned after Friday prayers were illegal as no permits have been issued.

However, a press statement released on the same day by the Home Ministry stated that the demonstrations were legal and went through proper guidelines.

What is this contradiction? These are facts and no amount of spinning can change the perception.

Richard Loh said...

Anything that goes wrong is never their fault but others. From PKFZ, Teoh Beng Hock, Altantuya to the missing jet engines, they are not at fault but the stupid rakyat who gave them the right to govern.

Please read the two speeches by PAS and umno Presidents one day after the Church bombing and the protest at the mosque and take this poll:

Poll : Which Party Do You Trust And Are More Sincere When Talking About Islam To The Non Muslim Malaysians

Anonymous said...

When someone is in denial mode, likely the person is concealing something.

The man has so much 'hidden secrets' that ironically are known to all.

For Pete's (RPK) sake, do not treat the rakyat like fool despite your self-proclaimed Juara Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

An excerpt from Yahoo world news(yes,we are THAT famous):"The Allah ban is unusual in the Muslim world. The Arabic word is commonly used by Christians to describe God in such countries as Egypt, Syria and Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim nation"

Tak cukup PDRM?? said...

I passed by a surau yesterday and saw 2 fully uniformed PDRM guys there at about 1:30pm. Returning the same way at 3:45pm, 2 PDRM guys still there. Out again @ 5:10pm, 2 PDRM guys still there. Returns home @ 6:45 the 2 guys still there. Even this morning still 2 PDRM guys guarding the surau in Ulu Tiram

Anonymous said...

They are now going back to suggesting the Christian drop the use of the word 'Allah' in the name of sensitivities.

I have a beter idea - BN drop our of Sabah and Sarawak and everything will be fixed..

donplaypuks® said...


Rev Moses denies bush cause of church fire! Bush blames Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein and WMD's (Weapons of Mass Democrats)! Lol!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...


where were u when God or Allah gv us brains? Ur argument on US of A and US of M prinitng money is pure stupid!

U shld go back to being an umno beggar n wait for some handouts.


Anonymous said...

The scheme by Umno to boost its fortunes by using the ‘Allah’ controversy has backfired, and destabilised religious harmony in a multi-religious society.

A campaign was launched by Umno to reverse a High Court judgment that ‘Allah’ could be used by The Herald, a Catholic weekly. It was supposed to be a brainwave – an excellent scheme to win back support for a flagging, misdirected Umno. What better than a sensitive issue like Allah? Conceive a plot to picture Umno as a saviour of Islam.

Claim that the judgment by the High Court was wrong as it would confuse Muslims and make them susceptible to conversion to the Christian faith.

Involve the PM and the Home Ministry to support the claim.

Organise a day of protest rallies throughout the country, aided and abetted by the IGP with the police providing protection while the protests were held.

Anonymous said...

Since Umno and PAS started to fight over religion and former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad declared Malaysia as an Islamic state, conservative religious doctrine started to rise and it has become a dominant thinking. They even carried out excessive movements like the cow-head protest, leaving no spirit of mutual respect among different religions.

So this is the root cause.
Our young citizens need to understand this.

Anonymous said...

Since Umno and PAS started to fight over religion and former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad declared Malaysia as an Islamic state, conservative religious doctrine started to rise and it has become a dominant thinking. They even carried out excessive movements like the cow-head protest, leaving no spirit of mutual respect among different religions.

So this is the root cause.
Our young citizens need to understand this.

Anonymous said...

You want Najib to die hah? Najib only got 78 MPs in Peninsular Malaysia against 80 Pakatan MPs. If your proposal gone through, Najib would surely die

King is dead! Love live the King!

tactic said...

Eh, why muslims demonstration against Christians so easy to get permit one...?

ANN BK3 said...

EMBOLDENED by the cow-head incident!!!

Anonymous said...

We all have been screwed. Can't you hear the wind whistling from our arses?!?!?!?!?!

syawal said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but does this mean the Islam practiced in Malaysia is different from other Muslim countries? Isn't it the word 'Allah' is universal? What standard of Islam does this country practice when the home minister doesn't compare Malaysia with other Muslim countries?

Is Home Ministry secretary-general Mahmood Adam now professes to be an authority on Islam by proclaiming that Indonesia and the rest of the Islamic countries and Muslim scholars have a different Islamic religious understanding from the home minister, his ministry administrative officials and the politically-appointed Malaysian national and state religious department heads and administrative workers?

Attention diplomats and representatives of foreign missions: This 'Allah' issue is but a political stunt initiated by the current Umno-led government to create a state of uncertainty and havoc so as to stay in power.

The Pakatan Rakyat opposition coalition have unequivocally stated that the usage of 'Allah' does not contravene the Islamic religion. World renowned Islamic scholars attest to this. Please insist that the Malaysian prime minister and home minister prove otherwise.

zizie said...

A long lighted fuse led to the fire bombings. These were not isolated events done on sudden impulse. This was a part of the political calculus of racist and religiously bigoted leaders to drive home to their opponents that they can at any time incite their followers to whatever actions necessary to demonstrate their might and power.

This was a result of the long time pandering by Umno leaders to the extreme religious right wing. This was a predictable outcome given the mantra fed by some of the country's leaders to the Malays Muslims that they are a privileged and protected community, not subject to the laws and norms of our country when their 'interests come under threat'.

This will continue to be a burning fuse kept alight by extremists feeding the public the delusion that Islam in Malaysia is faced by all kinds of imaginary enemies.

Anonymous said...

I think this quote still can't beat the quote from the IGP's "He did not tell me so it did not happen" referring to the car smashing incident(s) in Bangsar.

Whatever he did not hear, did not happen. Awesome!!

This is the link in case some of you missed it.

Anonymous said...

RM500K here and RM1.5million there.
Suddenly BN become JUARA RAKYAt?


Juara Lagu said...

Those juara rakyat flers are singing ala karaoke the Billy Joel's song 'WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE'....

Jom Heboh said...

Long live NEP.

Even a Jura Lagu finalist sang with a 'tongkat' to prove a point!

Charlie Oscar said...

Dear Patrick,

Nas Terjah said...
Charlie Oscar need to get his brain reexamined.
Do not any how make accusation even if you are a BN supporter.
1:15 PM

Dissenting Views Are ACCUSATION!!!
AGREEING Views Are Fantastic Fact and Funnies!!!

Very well CAP!!!

nstman said...

Dont blame Umno. Act of god. End of story. Tiuniamah.