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Monday, January 04, 2010

What 1Malaysia means to some

In 1Malaysia "Tolerance" must be a 2-way street. No?

I received this comment on my blog Niamah!!! today. I thought it is important enough to be posted up here in case some of you missed it. I only wish that the comment-er had left his name instead of choosing to remain anonymous.

This is what 1Malaysia means to some of us. But at least people like them know what it means unlike some others of us (me included) who are still blur as to what Najib is trying to sell us with the slogan.

Patrick. You and your fellow commentors shouldn't be Malaysians lah. So insensitive towards others and pretend like you don't know our history. As if you've never mixed with Malays (practising Muslims)in your life. Do you have Malay Muslim friends who practice the religion? Have they said 'Niamah!' to your face?

Khir Toyo might be your fav punching bag, but in this issue, he represents the concerns of the Muslims in Malaysia. It might be 'irrational', 'stupid' to you, but it is reality. You might never want to understand it. This is where TOLERANCE kick in in a multi racial society.

Muslims here are very tolerant of non-Muslims. Allowing pigs here is a HUGE tolerance. But hey, you complain about the azan. Now you think the word Allah is free for all.

Good Patrick. Please continue to show your intolerance. Your are truely non-Malaysian at heart. Keep writing so that more Malays know how the REAL feelings of non-Malays/Muslims towards Malaysa in Malaysia. And the REAL reason you want a change in government.

Sudah Muak

Posted by Anonymous to Niamah!!! at 11:57 AM


michael said...

Dear Uncle Teoh.

That is a product of 52 years of blind indoctrination.

Frankly speaking, I am not hopeful that the country can be out of the grasp of the corrupt UMNO until a foreign power occupies it, whether militarily or economically.

No one can play racial and religious issues better than UMNO.
Better start shifting my money out of this country.

Anonymous said...

Allowing pigs here is a HUGE tolerance.

Anonymous said...

Allowing pigs here is a HUGE tolerance.

I thought babi hutan exists naturally in Malaysia before parameswara came ?

Why did he tolerate it then ?

Timon and Pumba

- junlem said...


Seriously, if we wanna learn tolerance, take a leaf out of Indonesia's book. Muslims can sit with non-Muslims on the same table even if there's pork served.

Just because you're used to Malaysia's brainwashing segregation, it doesn't mean the real world out there is like that. If you have to be told off by a 17-year-old such as me, then you have failed so badly in life, Sir Anonymous.

Confused Cat said...

What to do. The more you know about muslims, the less you understand about them.

Anonymous said...

Work harder so your kids can...migrate....

Anonymous said...

I think this guy must be Dr Ridhuan Tee!!!

Anonymous said...

"...Muslims here are very tolerant of non-Muslims. Allowing pigs here is a HUGE tolerance...."

Actually the pigs were here before the Muslims so the pigs are the ones being tolerant of the Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Patrick presents to you... TOYOLENCE 101

Anonymous said...

if only toyol can be literally our punching bag... there wont be just punching..

Anonymous said...

I seriously do not know why is this such a big issue.

In Egypt, whose population are mainly Muslim (90% and it is their official religion), the 3 million Christians refer to their God as Allah.

If the politicians and rakyat in Malaysia have to argue over such puny issue, they in the first place are not keen on racial harmony in the country.

If that's top priority on the agenda, we will not see this kind of nonsense. 1Malaysia or not, we will still be biting our peers 50 yrs down the road.

JustMi said...

I've a strong feeling that this Anonymous scumbag is Khir Toyo himself! hahahaha

oldman said...

Hi Pat,

I know what is One Malaysia is about.When i finally fely it myself how bad ,how worst,how chaos it could be being send my elder son to Standard 1 in Serdang 1 chinese school.

455 new pupils total this year with every class at least 40+ students.

No new Chinese school,absolutely no way .You want to go to chinese school?go and join the over crowded class.

This is truly One Malaysia...

Me too pay tax every month....
My tax $$$ not $$$???

Anonymous said...

He is correct.Patrick Teoh is The Real Niamah.When u say Niamah, it means Patrick Teoh

Anonymous said...

Jeff OOi once posted some pictures of pork right next to the halal-food in a hotel in Bubai. The Arabs-wannabe are so pathetic and ignorant. Corruption, no problemo; non-functioning government, no problemo; millions-dollar mosques and no libraries, no problemo. Just don't fuck the wrong way, or the religious dept will be breaking into your room. That's religious to you. These people deserve to breath in the toxic fumes waiting for their yet delayed KTM trains at KL sentral.

Yo. said...

at first i thought he was joking but he's serious, ho?

Anonymous said...

My sympathy to this guy which is not alone.There are many thousands,like him, who have been indoctrinated since childhood in religious studies with slanted ideals and don't know how to think rationally.Toyo is a desperate opportunist!

Jayenjr said...

Sudah Muak

The reason why we "pendatang" can ask for a pig farm, is because :-

1) Some of us actually pay more income tax than you perhaps do. Don't believe me? Observe the next tax filing at any IRB offices, and see who makes up most of the dutiful payors. I'd be damned if I catch hold of even one Class F contractor in the IRB offices during seasons of tax payment blues.

2) Some of us "pendatang", have actually been living longer in this country than say, 2nd- generation-Indons-who-become-MBs. Believe it or not, our ancestors reached this shores more than 400 years ago.....Errr, who's the pendatang?

3) For all this "tolerance" you talk about, why extend such tolerance to issues such as corruption? Your beloved ex-MB's mansion still stands pround & tall b4 the Sun. Do you expect us to be as dumb as say,(you???), into thinking that Sdr Toyo in actually interested in "standing up" for his religion? Or do you think he's just whipping up frenzy among ex-graduates of BTN who parked their brains outside the camps and never took it back when they left?

If you do believe the former, then I suppose BTN has been sucessful, in so far as UMNO is concerned.

Anonymous said...

But Khir Toyo is the messenger and not the message this time. In time old tradition, we always shoot the messenger.

I am an intolerant scum. Alway been and always will be.

najib manaukau said...

Why is Khir Toyo's blog always in Malay and never ever in English ?
Is he only preaching his policies to the Malays
and does not expect the non Malays readers to listen to his views ? If so why is it that his blogs appear in Malaysiakin.
You may argue that all Malaysians should know how to read and write Malay. I did not go through the the education in Malay during my time in school and am too old now to read or write in Malay. I am sure a lot of my friends are in the same boat as I am but mind you we are still able to vote this Indonesian or any politician out of office ! And we all just did that, kick the ass of this Indonesian to where he rightly be belongs.

hamid said...

I really do not know what to say having read this comment.

It goes to show that certain people would align him/herself with an @#$% person so long as the @#$% person profess to protect his faith & his livelihood. This is truly blind faith.

Now I begin to understand why Hang Tuah (fighting for a @#$%) is called a hero while Hang Jebat (fighting for justice) is called a villian. Such a mentality would mean the people will always be exploited by a certain @#$% person who knows the weakness of the people.

Patrick, let's not be worried by such 'small' person.

Anonymous said...


Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail today confirmed only rank-and-file servicemen were involved in the scandalous theft of the two F-5E jet engines.



Anonymous said...

Dear Sudah Muak,

I am Malaysian also lah and I am very dissapointed that you do not understand what the term tolerance means.

Why la you sudah muak with Patrick?
If you have a right to say that Khir Toyo represents your concerns then Patrick also has the right to have his own opinions la since we live in a very very 'democratic' society.

I have been reading Patrick's blog for a year and in MY opinion, Patrick is not against Malays. He, like many other Malaysians is fed up with our corrupted government. However, it saddens me to know that there are people like you who think that non Malays like Patrick do not have respect for Malays.

My best friend is Malay, and I have respect for my Muslim friends.However,I do not have respect for Khir Toyo as an ex-leader because of his corrupted actions, not because he is a Malay. I am also dissapointed some non-Malay politicians who have betrayed the trust of the rakyat.

I am also sorry to say that the word Allah does not belong exclusively to Malaysian Muslims or Malaysian Catholics. It is used worldwide and no religion can claim exclusive rights. And regarding the khinzir issue- i will qoute your own words- This is where TOLERANCE KICKS in, in a multiracial society.

I only hope that one day, all Malaysians will be truly united and that we will have a democratic government because to tell you honestly, saya pun sudah muak la because Malaysians are being betrayed by their very own 1 Malaysia leaders. I hope you will realise that one day.

-Malaysian who thinks Patrick is a true Malaysian at heart.

tak muak said...

Toyol in 'mourning' and his kuncu are touched. Such feudalistic thinking still exists in people like MUAK. No wonder the race never progress.

Anonymous said...

Did the constitution ever mention anything like tolerating babi?

I am worried that such people (muak & ridhuan tee) beginning to start their own version of history.

tiuniabu said...

1malaysia? Has anyone clarify the meaning of 1malaysia to us? Anyone?

1malaysia means :

1melayu, 1cina, 1india OR

1bangsa, 1agama, 1budaya?

Why? Politicians are too afraid to clarify it?


U got my full support patrick! Don't give a fxxx to this anonymous bastard

Anonymous said...

Silly malay muslims (Looking at the fanatics), there's better things to do in life than to feel insecure and inferior all the time.

And notice how that commenter you posted emphasized on 'malay muslim'. Then non-malay muslim are not counted one oh? I sense racism here.

I know many other malay muslims too agree with me that this guy is a big no-no.

Wake up people! By not subsidizing sugar and giving the excuse of us Malaysians being unhealthy (Which also is the truth), the government is drawing fire away from this issue (That their main priority is to bank in the excess cash into their pockets) and misleading us onto this petty Allah case. Wait till you see inflation happen, then only you know.


C++ said...

Dear Patrick,

I must say that the person who wrote that comment must be born a non-mixed up population. I'm sure he never goes to a public school whereby he have no experience communicating and exchange views with others races... hahaha...

Hahaha... I must say "niamah" to him (the anonymous commenter)...

FYI, I'm a moslem and To'alang (Tg Tualang, Perak) guy whose majority population at my local "Pekan Udang Galah" (Tg Tualang) is Chinese .... either Hakka or Cantonese ...

bak kut teh said...

MUAK has just demonstrated to Najib that 1Malaysia is a failure.

MUAK is an classic example of the damage that BTN can do you.

MUAK's writing style is similar to that of awang selamat & ridhuan tee - disillusioned, hollow, no substance, with attempt to exert his misinformed version of history.

Anonymous said...

Tolerance? should we blind ourselves on PKFZ, jet engines, lingam and etc etc?
Correct or wrong, we should tolerate with them what, because we are allowed to have pigs here what, should we tolerate in crime and corruption?
In "1Malaysia", we should, if we want to become a "1Malaysian"

char siew said...


Mengapa umat Islam mempunyai perasaan berbeza terhadap perkara-perkara dan benda-benda yang dikelaskan sebagai haram di dalam ajaran Islam? Umpamanya – mengapa umat Islam lebih senang merasa jijik dan mempunyai ketahanan diri yang jauh lebih tinggi terhadap binatang haram seperti khinzir daripada perkara-perkara seperti rasuah, berjudi, berminum arak dan berzina sedangkan perkara-perkara ini sama haramnya di sisi agama Islam?

bean laden said...

NAJIB: 1 MALAYSIA ...........saya punya.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry man, let this true pious MALAYSIAN to continue his ways with his mindset while all his leaders(the ones who claims to uphold their race and religion) in UMNO lead their western life...they are true muslims verbally but in reality,.........

Anonymous said...

A true muslim fighter who fights for the malays and muslims rights is well rewarded with fully sponsored trips and large mansion....

Tiger said...

Forget about this small fry. He's one of the minority in this country who have nothing else better to do than to complain about trivial issues.
Look at People's Parliament or Art Harun's blog (both Muslims) where they have proof that the Christians have been using Allah for more than 100 years, before this country was called Malaysia or even before bigots were being bred through BN's system.

There are more important issues like corruption, screwed up judiciary etc.

NIAPAH said...

This K.Toyol,when he was MB of S'gor,was a racist bcos he disscriminated against the Chinese(he make a remark to one reporter)and during his term as MB,I never seen anything he did good for the non-bumi.Coming back to this 1Malaysia thing,I am still blur-blur.To me this 1Malaysia means we all citizens stay united as a nation.But how to stay united when we have those unfair systems being practised,those cowhead demonstrators being protected by a minister,people dying while in MACC office and yet not a word of remorse from the head but only cynical remarks, those parasites only waiting handouts from the govt.NIAMAH !(bcos I am angry)

Anonymous said...

i don't know how to describe this. Ignorance? or frank stupidity? This country will fail if these people runs this country. NIAMAH!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sudah Muak,

I think you are absolutely right! We pendatangs are really an intolerant and ungrateful lot because we think and feel like Patrick.

With immediate effect, I shall mutter a prayer every morning to thank you and your supremely tolerant race for allowing a pendatang like me to live in this 1Malaysia land and to breathe this 1Malaysia air.

By the way, I want to learn your supreme ways of being super tolerant on big time corruption by your hero, Khir Toyol. Perhaps once I've learned your tolerant ways on corruption, I would naturally be a better person, of course, second to you and your supreme race beings.

Anonymous said...

wat , another dogtor !?

Anonymous said...

No religion asks the followers to hate a person (Whether for the person's race, religion or whatever). A religion teaches love & understanding, fairness & equality.

A (mainstream) religion is never bad - only the followers give it a bad name.

tua pek said...

Non Malays are tolerant to Azan.
What more do you want us to prove?

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

adam and eve = adam dan hawa
mary – maryam
jesus = nabi isa
abraham = ibrahim
jacob = yakub
joseph = yusof
moses = musa
solomon = sulaiman
david = daud

Anonymous said...

hahaha...niamah tat fler...fucking kiasu. hahaha niamah u muak.

Intolerance pendatang said...

Another wasted sperm! sighs.

Anonymous said...

No Body is against anybody ,Only Loser thinks so.

Yes , We are against INJUSTICE N HYPOCRACY..

Son of my father.

tom said...

The number of non-muslims at my workplace far exceeds the number of muslims. The few microwave ovens in the pantry are glued with "HALAL FOOD ONLY" stickers. There are none that reads "NO BEEF".

HUGE tolerance indeed ...

Anonymous said...

Sudah Muak is right la. 1 Malaysia means tolerance a, it means give and take la. Patrick, it means you give la and he takes la. Too late to change already.

Niamiahtofakeos said...

Patrick, what do decent human beings object to?
Falsehood. Robbery. Rape. Counterfeits. Murder. Anyone can add more to the list. Especially those who subscribe to practising a religious faith.
You ought to say NIAMAH to anyone who tries to justify :Falsehood. Robbery. Rape. Counterfeits. Murder...with deceitful means. There is a certain form of expressing disapproval and disgust for indecent behaviour. Niahmah is one. A decent human being should not tolerate chalatans disguising as defenders of this or that faith to justify acts of falsehood. Niamiah to that category of fakes and their deceits! All religions condemn falsehoods!

Anonymous said...

1. If the fler toyol is our punching bag, he'd be dead by now!

2. Once again, religion is saved by the 24 million indon.

3. So, let's all forget about how this guy steal our money for he's a champion.

4. Let's all forget about the rising cost of living.

5. Let's all tutup mata to the stolen engines

6. Now, why are you still not happy?

Anonymous said...

If you don't write at least we don't know you are so stupid. Now we know you are a confirmed stupid dopid person.

I think what they say about you is correct... good for MKT only.

MKT... Makan... Konkek .... Tidor...

Cannot think one lah!

Have you heard about babi hutan during the days where even Malays eat it in the jungle before Islam was introduced to them?

My wife a non Muslim also don't eat Babi but she never say others cannot rear this livestock, eat or keep them as pets.


merchant said...

Niamah Sudah Muak ah.


If you let me PORK your back-side hole, you don't shout so-do-mee tomorrow;
cos when I let you PORK my back-side hole, I also won't shout WAN-TON-MEE.

That is called TOLERANCE, win-win situation mah, NIAMAH???

Anonymous said...

Khir toyo, azan, pigs? LMAO
Hai..............obviously it's written by an amateur politician.
Gotta up your writing dear cyber trooper.

JC said...

ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! this is so hilarious! stupidity is so hilarious! and it's even more effective combined with ignorance!!! i wish he/she had left a link or ip address or something... I'd love to wiki him/her under dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Holy s--t.

What monstrous sense of entitlement.

Anonymous said...

just because khir toyol is a muslim doesn't mean he can do no wrong. please differentiate between right and wrong, dont just back someone just bcos he is of the same race and religion.

Anonymous said...

In defence of my fellow Muslims, mr anonymous is a product of an education system that is poorly designed. Our knowledge of our religion is limited to (when I was growing up) to 2 hours a week in school, some Quran READING classes at home and the rest is up to us.

Most of us - of any religion - is caught up is the chase for worldy glory and end up forgetting our religions. The thing about Malaysia is as Islam is the official religion, any issue surrounding it gets magnified a zillion times. Not to mention the political opportunists that pick on the issue to their advantage.

As a moderate, open minded Muslim, I take no offence at the word Allah being used by other religions. I of course query why only in the Malay bible they'd want to use the term Allah but not in other languages. But my faith is not changed because of the decision. My belief is unnerved.

All I will do personally is to strengthen my knowledge an iman my own way so that if any attempt to convert me is made, I can stand tall and be upright and not crumble like a sandcastle.

Allah in the Malaysian Muslim context is Him. When Muslims in Malaysia say your forehead bears the inscription of Allah or the alphabets alif, lam, lam and ha, they see those alphabets as we see them on the Tabung Haji Building. What they shoudl actually see is the spirit of Allah, the zat of Allah, their Creator and the one most benevolent and the most merciful.

When I say "oh my god" I mean Allah. When Christians or Hindus say the same they mean something else. Because its in the heart you guys.

I have many Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh friends whom I do not segregate by their race or religion. They're my friends. For life.

Even if they call their friend Allah.

Oh by the way, aren't pigs Allah's creation as well? We can't eat them but we must be respectful of their place on earth as Allah has ordained.


The Curry & Toyol Show said...

this country cant be saved. too many low class people. They cant think for themselves.

They have to be herded and manipulated by people who think they can trust i.e: same skin color, same religion.

But in fact, they kena main belakang cos these so called leaders(same skin color, same religion) have gained their wealth & power thru haram ways which seems to be tolerable to them...haiz...

Anonymous said...

Patrick why do you allow this type of rubbish to be publish here as we are all sane people not blind , not stupid , not brainless etc etc. This type of shit belong to our other free press where they have lobster for breakfast so next time you get this rubbish send it to the recycle bin for deleate.

Anonymous said...

Why am I rading this type of rubbish here , it should be out there not here. I have given up on reading those shit for more then 20 years so please keep us clean. The above post deserve to be deleted but if you are trying to justify some debate well I think it would be a waste of time as asshole with no brain do not deserve our interlectual mind so let them join up with the rest of the rubbish and dont' please don't contaminate us.

AnakBangsaMalaysia said...

In this bolehland of ours there are Malays and umno malays, Islam and umno islam, umno toyol and, umno toyol.

Anonymous said...

'....the word Allah is free for all...." if it is just a word, why not?

Mj said...

Khir Toyo might be your fav punching bag, but in this issue, he represents the concerns of the Muslims in Malaysia. It might be 'irrational', 'stupid' to you, but it is reality.

Wakakaka of course in reality, 'IT' is irrational and stupid. IT is smearing tempe all over his botoxed face and charging it to Rakyat's ringgits.

Its good to know that IT represents the concerns of Muslim in Malaysia. Lemme now ask, my muslim friends if Toyol speaks for them.

they wd probably go happy hour with me, laugh at it and suggest we go eat bak kut teh to sober up & go home soon because their mini schnauzer belum makan dinner.

because that IS the majority of Malaysian Muslim i've known all my life.

u-en said...

I understand you chaps are angry, but half of you are preaching the same kind of hate as the Muak fellow.

If you keep up these incendiary tactics, how do you think the next Muak to come along will react?

Amero has good sense. I wish more would listen to him/her.

Anonymous said... guys out there, espcialy the chinese with a lot of money, i think you've made the right decision if you all wana migrate...
This country can't be save anymore full of moron, full of racist.
By the way why don't you all go back where you all came from..the mainland..yeah..the mainland..China..heee
Let's see what the chinese goverment will do to you if you dare to open your mouth the way you do here.

Anonymous said...

tak boleh tahan....laugh ..laugh..
really no cure oredi lah this conutry......

Anonymous said...

All I can say to the commenter - NIAMAH!

Don't like, why come to the blog? Niamah - halal meh?

Anonymous said...

Sudah Muak, u need to chill out...


Mike Tan said...

Anon 5:22 says:

You Chinese with alot of money,go back to China lah.

Then u oso must say Mamak with alot of money go back to India lah( People like Mahathir's father from India what.)

Oso Toyo go back to Indonesia lah.

Musa Aman go back to Pakistan lah.

At the end,only orang asli,dayak,dusun,kadazan,iban left in this country.NIAMAH!! :D

slati said...

Mike Tan says:

At the end,only orang asli,dayak,dusun,kadazan,iban left in this country.

So, slati says:
and Malaysia will become a Christian majority country called Dadukaib Asli then...

Iotaの小乐 said...

in malaysia,stupid ppl are holding high positions,like the patail feller,in regards to the jet engine stolen case,he said,the most important thing now is to recover the engines!!!!!!?????

so the top priority thing is not probing the real BIG culprit who holds the highest post in the defence ministry at the time but instead to try to get back the engines from the BIG thief,even if we could do that,we still and the most important thing is to punush the BIG guy,i bet rm1 billion that you dare not!!!
that's why you just want to get back the engines,use Rakyat's money to pay RM100 million again to the foreignors to 'get' back the engines and close the topic!!!

JUST LIKE THE ALTANTUYA CASE,..............tutup cerita!

Anonymous said...

Check out the word 'Allah' on wikipedia. It will surprise you to find this word exists preIslam and other religions also use the word.

the spirit said...

Many many years ago Singapore has one national day song that goes like this:


Now it has been 'hijacked' by Najib for 1Malaysia.

maybe both countries paid money to consultants to come up with similar solutions?

Anyway, najib memang tak ORI!

Joe said...

People, people!

You write very apt comments eloquently. Cheers to you!

But what it all boils down to, regarding this Sudah Muak punye pundek, is BRAIN, people. Brain! Stupidity is a Malaysian asset, ignorance its livelihood. Without them, there would be no Malaysia as we know it.

As for Sudah Muak PP, aku baca komen kau buat pertama kali pun dah muak. Kebodohan takde batas ke?

Anonymous said...

Saudara Sudah Muak.

It is so easy to point fingers at Patrick and start to label him as a Niamah person !

He is not against any religion or person for no reason.

How can we who have brains be able to accept a brainless leader who uttered brainless speech ?

God gave us brains and we use it to think ! We must be able to get a good grasp of knowledge first before we can start to think, argue or have different ideas.

Saudara Muak, Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan and Negara. How do you explain who this Tuhan is.

If you listen to PM Najib, didn't he ask the rakyat to remain calm and think over this issue.

If Malaysia is a 1Malaysia, then why do we have exclusive usage of the word, Allah to only one religion. Mmmm....

Then, I, as a Malaysian is afraid that not long after this issue, we begin to stamp our right of colours like Green belongs to Malays, Red belongs to Chinese, Purple belongs to Indians, etc.

Think about it, Saudara Muak before you make yourself muak in the eyes of mankind and our great Boss up there in heaven !

1Malaysia !

angin said...

1 Malaysia tapi 2 Standards;

1 meaning satu majoriti, yang ada hak lebih istimewa

linaysy said...

long live patrick teoh
Malaysia need patrick teoh

Anonymous said...

Parameswara arrived in the 1400s. Yet the Indian and Chinese traders arrived even earlier as shown by archaeological proof. Food for thought. =)

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha, how stupid is that...sigh. I feel so hopeless about our country.


Tandanie said...

Patrick, Malaysia BOLEH mah!

Anonymous said...

"Allowing pigs here is a HUGE tolerance.

I thought babi hutan exists naturally in Malaysia before parameswara came ?

Why did he tolerate it then ?

Timon and Pumba"


"People, people!

You write very apt comments eloquently. Cheers to you!

But what it all boils down to, regarding this Sudah Muak punye pundek, is BRAIN, people. Brain! Stupidity is a Malaysian asset, ignorance its livelihood. Without them, there would be no Malaysia as we know it.

As for Sudah Muak PP, aku baca komen kau buat pertama kali pun dah muak. Kebodohan takde batas ke?"

Couldnt have said it better!

Malay Muslim married to an Arab lad ! (and the lad is wondering why Malays fight over his mother tongue expression of the word God i.e. Allah in Arabic)

BrigaGallos said...


ryan chong said...

"Allowing pigs here is a HUGE tolerance.

Pigs are creation of Allah too u know..? :)