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Sunday, January 31, 2010

What la!!!

What la! Plagiarised one ah?

(Post update at the end of this page)

I discovered today (ok la, so I am a little slow) that Najib's 1Malaysia slogan isn't even original.

Those Singaporean flers used it first years ago when they announced ......

1People 1Nation 1Singapore!

They even made the slogan into a song.

So now, maybe somebody should tell Najib that he's got possibly 1Embarassment when he next visits the Little Red Dot and tries to spout his 1Malaysia slogan.



I call Najib a plagiarist. But some people say, So what? If he copied from somebody and it is a good idea then we should give it a chance. Nothing wrong with copying something that works. This Niamah!!! visitor said,

"Everyone, This is really below the belt. We criticise the government for all that it does wrong. That's fair. But if the government looks across the Causeway and adopts a good practice, WHY ARE WE CRITICIZING them? ALL nations (& companies) look at other nations, evaluate what's worked and what hasn't and learn from them. Patrick Teoh, you have to be fair minded and give credit where credit is due. Criticize where it is fair to do so. But to disparage someone's attempt to do good - that is mean spirited, unfair and not helpful. In the process, you lose credibility.

Come on play fair. Now it's my turn to say ... (ready for it?)....

NIAMAH!!!! :) "


Anonymous said...

will he dare to visit the little red dot ? i doubt !

jimkana said...

Boleh tiru maa.. Because it's bolehland what...

Anonymous said...

Being last? nothing new!

Anonymous said...

we all very clever to copy 1 la. Slogan copy, national anthem also copy. Easier and cheaper la uncle Patrick. You no no ah.Like this we make super profits la. Idea free of charge, no copyright like certain words la. 100% profit la

Anonymous said...

There was even a 1Isreal before 1Singapore. All from a same PR company.

1Singapore said...

One People, One Nation, One Singapore

see it on Youtube:

Here is the lyrics to sing along:

We've built a nation with our hands
The toil of people from a dozen lands
Strangers when we first began, now we're Singaporean
Let's reach out for Singapore, join our hands forevermore

One people, one nation, one Singapore
That's the way that we will be forevermore
Every creed and every race, has its role and has its place
One people, one nation, one Singapore

And when the time comes for the test
Our vigilance will never rest
We'll be united, hand in hand
We'll show the world just where we stand
And reach out for Singapore, join our hands forevermore

Daus-san said...

not to forget, one united (manchester united)

Glory glory united~

Anonymous said...

aiyah, too late to copyright the idea. singapore always beat m'sia to it. stupid dwelling on petty squabbles while s'pore gleefuly grab all the best ideas and people from us. even patented nasi lemak, bakuteh, etc as s'pore food.

batu putih said...

Najib should copy Singapore's success factors:

1) meritocracy
2) tranparency
3) efficiency

not just the slogan.

Anonymous said...

Be careful Pat.

Those bn flers is trying to get you and other bloggers.

pinsysu said...

ok to copy the best. learn from the Japs - copy from the best & make it better! that's the way to excel! not copy the concept but action sucks - still practice the same old shit! it's still very much 1Msia 2Discriminations!! sheer waste of taxpayers' money ...

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama used the One America theme in his presidential campaign. It is more likely that Najib swiped Obama's campaign line.

"This campaign started on the basis that we are one America," Obama said. "There's no black America, there's no white America, there's no Asian America or Latino America. There's the United States of America."

Anonymous said...

Malaysia ""BOLEH""......!!!

ktteokt said...

Copy cat! Copy dog! Copy p*g!

TULAN said...

What la! they are 1Singapore,we are 1Malaysia ma!I guess this idea must be from the same PR co.What is 1Malaysia if we still hv people like PERKASA and that mamak fler spewing venoms to destroy our racial harmony.NIAMAH!

RunWitMe said...

1Utama? ;)

Anonymous said...

We are 1 Kind nation with 1 Kind politician with 1 Kind people with 1 Kind special rights.

Anonymous said...


This should not be a surprise. After all this 1Najis 1Malaysia slogan is aimed at folks who are still living in the tempurung who are totally unaware of what's happening outside their tempurung.

This is not intended to offend any of our country men but the fact remains is only the ignorant folks are not able to see through this 1Najis rheoterics and bullshits. And by the way I am referring to his 1UMNO, 1MCA, 1MIC, 1Gerakan, 1PPP, 1Makhal Sakti, 1Jumping Frogs and many more 1LapDogs parties that will be mushrooming up over the next few months.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

If you put together the last 3 surviving Malaysia prime ministers (including the current 1Najib) slogans, you will get the following Mother of All Slogans:

1Vision 2020, 1Islam Hadhari, 1Malaysia - Guaranteed Towards a Doomed Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

This is really below the belt. We criticise the government for all that it does wrong. That's fair.

But if the government looks across the Causeway and adopts a good practice, WHY ARE WE CRITICIZING them? ALL nations (& companies) look at other nations, evaluate what's worked and what hasn't and learn from them.

Patrick Teoh, you have to be fair minded and give credit where credit is due. Criticize where it is fair to do so. But to disparage someone's attempt to do good - that is mean spirited, unfair and not helpful. In the process, you lose credibility.

Come on play fair. Now it's my turn to say ... (ready for it?)....

NIAMAH!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

One Race, one Najib, one Malaysia
That's the way that we will be forevermore
Every NEP and every quota, has its role and has its place
One Race, one Najib, one Malaysia


June.W said...

i like "malaysia boleh" better ....

Anonymous said...

kns...!! so malu.... even if he wants to plagiarize, copy from some bigger better nation far far away la....

Anonymous said...

How about changing the national anthem as well? Hahahaha. At least no problem with the bozos. No Allah word in it. It's about rakyat bersatu memajukan negara

Mari Kita Rakyat Malaysia
Sama-sama menuju bahagia
Dengan Cita-cita yang mulia
Majulah Malaysia

Marilah Kita bersatu
Dengan Semangat baru
Semoga Kita Berseru
Majulah Malaysia x2

King Ghaz aka Ghazali Shafie copied the title of Singapore anthem

Remember the tagline

Majulah untuk Sukan. Majulah Malaysia

Anonymous said...

I thinks it's ok to copy... but it becomes a problem when after copying you convinced yourself that your's is the ori when it's not.

hari said...

actually it has also been used in india long time ago to unite the many's ok ma...we quite used to 2nd hand stuff...ask PM la....

Anonymous said...

His Ethos people COPY lah...

Look from the positive side, if we can copy S'pore and become better, WHY NOT? Can we???

Anonymous said...

Not original? Never mind. Not our own? Never mind. We can always steal them from other people and claim that they're ours.
1 Malaysia is ours, "Allah" is ours, "Mamula Moon" is ours, USA also copy our flag design....
Come sue us lah if you don't like.
Malaysia surely boleh.
I am so proud.

Anonymous said...

No no no, actually, it all started with 1Utama, 1995 - See first.

Then, 1Israel founded 1999,

...1Malaysia, 10 years later, 2009. :D

Pat Lu

Anonymous said...


artchan said...

very easy lah..take the singapore song and replace the name singapore to the entire song..then we have a !Malaysia song.

Anonymous said...

Problem with Najib is that he has so many many big big problems taht he delegate his bodoh kakis to handle some of these smaller things lah.Bet my 2 cents he dont know and was not told it was copied.So his 'Ma Chye' played him out...

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Pat,

haha this 1-concept actually used in a lot of places. Not just countries.

I know companies already using this as their motto.


Anonymous said...

Since when are Malaysia original in anything? We are the best when it comes to copying.

Anonymous said...

No matter what, as long as it works. I'm sure Singapore is also not the first world.

May years back, a company in Malaysia is using 1xxx as well.

So, whether it's black cat or white cat, as long as can catch rat is a good cat. :)

Anonymous said...

N years ago we have 1DiGi

Anonymous said...

1 Malaysia 1 Meritocrary

Anonymous said...

Early in his premiership or premiershit he asked Umno to go "gokal", remember? Again this was a plagiarised word lanun-ed from the word "glocal" as espoused by the authors of "Blue Ocean Strategy"
Doesn't this fella have no shame?

Anonymous said...

seee, your good friend rocky bru got datukship today! If u had bodek rather than hantam the gomen u also will get datuk maybe better tan sri lah! biakin lo, we luv u better this way, niamah the gomen!


Anonymous said...

ONE-ton-mee stall at 'lintasan 5'.

Anonymous said...

copy the packaging, but cannot copy the intention - got blardy use ah?

Anonymous said...

Never mind-lah! Copy-lah! For as long as we are still tagging behind other nations, we have to copy other successful nations. And until we reward meritocracy and believe that everyone can prosper for the GOOD of our country, then and only then, can we surge ahead for the benefit of ALL.

Anonymous said...

He can copy for the goodness BUT never use it to rob our tax money! We have seen this so many times that have made us Malaysian cautious when the govt comes out with a new thing. If the govt is sincere then let them be more fair and transparent in their dealings.

Anonymous said...

I used to be proud listening to NegaraKU but not anymore. In fact, I feel ashamed, knowing that it is PLAGIARIZED from Mamola Moon.

PLAGIARISM seems to be politically correct in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Talk and do is 2 different thing, we tend to talk more kok and can't perform. Others country less kok, damn kao good.

Anonymous said...

Our profesor Khoo Kay Kim said that we should not be copycat.

Maybe he could now challenge Najib instead of that MCA youth fatty.

awek selamat said...

I am impressed that the Special Select Committee for Accountability, Competency and Transparency (Selcat) committee is showing neither fear nor favour and is seen to be impartial when asking probing questions. This is an excellent sign that democracy in Selangor is maturing - long may it continue!

Anonymous said...

good ideas we copy ok la. One thing we can never seem to copy is good implementation. So you see, idea we copy but at the end of the day we dont achieve the same result. We remain 1 Big Failure

Anonymous said...

Mr Niamah, The Singaporean copy it from the Indonesian. Dont tell me you dont know that you shithead and Mr. Know all ???

Anonymous said...

Does that mean that Malaysia has to pay royalty to Singapore?

Or the Israeli comapny APCO has kau tim the issue?

Anonymous said...

believe it or not, it costs $20 millions to pay the jews to copy! what a joke! malai-sia mesti boleh!

feng shui said...

I think the 1malaysia logo is not auspicious.

Because the Jalur Gemilang is not shown in full.

najib should have consulted at least Lilian Too or Joey Yap.

stormsea7 said...

i'm pretty sure the visitor is not a local from M'sia.

Fair enough from what he said. Good ideas are more than welcomed, even if it's copied from somewhere.

But then, copy what? Bro, the najib only copy the slogan.

Look that SG. Look at their public transport. Look at their management. Look at their public services.

Until I can ride an efficient public transport that do not require me asking everyone on which bus to take (btw, most are clueless also), then i can only "BULLSHIT!" to 1Malaysia-(Bolehland)

Anonymous said...

"1" as in the first of the numerals .. also sound like "want" in English. Extremely versatile numeral.

Tendency to put "1" as a prefix to words, thereby making them sound sexy, trendy ... and meaningless ... e.g.

1 to eat
1 to sleep
1 to lepak
1 to watch movie
1 to berak
1 to go home

Can be more trendy if the word "don't" is added in front as in,

don't 1 to eat
don't 1 to sit
don't 1 to pick my nose

Very powerful when used the end of a sentence, as in

sure win 1
why like that 1
cheating 1
where got like that 1

Also used often in many aspects of daily life as in

1 roti canai and 1 teh tarik please.
1 packet of Camel please.

... now do you know why it's called "1 Malaysia"? No? Well, so do I.

ANN BK3 said...

I honestly feel that it's NO BIG DEAL for us to emulate success from whoever/whatever whichever is applicable. However, we MUST be able to see it through and through and come out standing tall that we too can attain the desired success. For this achievement it's worth eating 'humble pie' cos after we're still a developing nation.

Anonymous said...

Error msg at, niamah those Indian hackers for real?

The requested URL could not be retrieved


While trying to retrieve the URL:

The following error was encountered:

Unable to forward this request at this time.
This request could not be forwarded to the origin server or to any parent caches. The most likely cause for this error is that:

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All configured parent caches are currently unreachable.

united said...

Najib's special officer revealed the true intent of 1malysia according to umno's racial way:

“Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese especially the women came to sell their bodies”.

So, why should we support 1Malaysia which is all bull#$%^.

Anonymous said...

1Malaysia emphasizes that only 1 Tuan (Ketuanan Melayu), the rest are 'pendatang'.

The Tuan can revoke your citizenship if you make too much demand.

1Malaysia is only superficial skin deep. Don't be fooled, deep in their hearts is still the ketuanan and pendatang attitude. No amount of speeches and sandiwara can convince us of the sincerity of 1Malaysia policy. Haven't we been conned so many times by UMNO over 52 years? Don't we ever learn? Those who are so gullible deserves the bitter fruits that will be borne to this country.

Ho ho ho said...

Do the kids still tease each other........Copy cat, kiss the rat, your mother is vert faf" ?

mambo jambo said...

Mr GTP Najib’s handling of a slew of recent controversies such as the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal, the theft of Royal Malaysian Air Force jet engines, Teoh Beng Hock’s death and the recent ‘Allah’ row were missed opportunities for him to demonstrate his leadership but instead it hurt his credibility.

GTP = Go to Prison!!!!

awek selamat said...

If Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak feigns ignorance about his aide Nasir Safar's interpretation of 1Malaysia, then he is betraying his own vision and principles and his '1Malaysia' is just a farcical sham all along. If Najib indeed really does not know, then he is being upended in his own department.

Who in the world can supersede him in terms of authority? Who indeed can go around Najib's back to authorise the issuance of such a statement? If no-one authorised it and there was indeed no prior vetting and sanction, then Nasir must be prosecuted for sedition.

But if this is all part of the bigger plan to rile Chinese and Indians so much that we go down to the streets, then Umno has no idea what we are made of and they have really totally lost touch with the rakyat on the ground.

Anonymous said...

u dont know how to stop...yeah? condem peoples as u you know what credibility is? i dont think you have it even a bit of dust...pls make up your something noble to help the country...not complaints all the time...

Anonymous said...

pat or pete !?

Anonymous said...

There are other Singapore national day songs that Malaysia can copy.

For example:
Count On Me Malaysia!

char said...

1Dung. Nuff' said.
Who cares about what they say or what they call it or where they pinched it from.
I'd just like to see 1Result.

Anonymous said...

some folks have truly embraced this copy cat syndrome waaaaaay before this 1Malaysia fever. Case in point: Chinatown aka Petaling Street. Can make Malaysia proud mah..with all the fake goods..

hohoho, does "vert faf" mean "bad speller" or "stupid fuck"..?

awek selamat wrote: "But if this is all part of the bigger plan to rile Chinese and Indians so much that we go down to the streets, then Umno has no idea what we are made of and they have really totally lost touch with the rakyat on the ground."

- on the contrary, umno knows EXACTLY what you're made of. It's a concoction of hate, greed, and cowardice. they know you'll never go to the streets unless you've signed a disclaimer and get fucking paid 50 bucks per hour for it. show me an honest chinese street protester and i'll show you a christian who begins his prayers with "Ya Allah.."

for all your seemingly intelligent observation of this Nasir fiasco, i find it quite disturbing that you had chosen to use his weakness to belittle our PM's effort in bringing us all closer to each other. it just goes to show that intelligence sans compassion is as hollow as lge's post election promises to the pakatan rakyat in penang.

patrick's bitch

Anonymous said...

najis abdul rajak is a bitch, this is an intelligent enough statement. nuff said&simple enough, no need boombastic english words or academic sentences to argue. those who support him mis confirm a racist( anti chinese, india, lain lain etc)case in point, some lowlife scum mentioned chinatwon in a post... or kaki bodek or opportunist + partners in looting. prove me if I'm wrong,by wearing on your mother's life. btw did fat rospukimah brought you to LA / Paris for shopping?