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Saturday, January 02, 2010

You think it is going to be a good year?

Damn big you know this engine. 3 low-ranking airmen can carry ah? Can meh?

So it's the new year. Some of you have made resolutions. Some are looking forward to a good and productive year. Some might even be optimistic that things will change for the better in Malaysia. I happen to fall in all 3 categories. Yeah I'm a sentimental old guy. So sue me.

And so I thought I'd start off the new year by posting something that I found really funny. I saw it in the news portal The Malaysian Insider today. Let's call it The Case of The Missing Jet Engines.

The engines said to be worth RM100 million, were found missing after an audit in 2007. A police report was only lodged in early 2008 but the matter only came to light last month. This is after all the average speed things run here in Bolehland. 2 years. Quite good already. But not as good as what is to follow here...

Prime Minister Najib Razak was defence minister when the engines went missing. So whatever the outcome and whoever the thieves are it is ultimately the responsibility of the then minister in charge. Isn't it? Not here in Malaysia.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hasan has already announced that three low-ranking airmen and a company agent were the only ones involved in the theft. Notice that he specifically mentioned that they were low-ranking personnel. Why? I guess maybe it is to save on scapegoat fees or something. With one quick press statement all the top guys are exonerated. Kao Tim! No problem.

Also, it is only in Malaysia that the Inspector-General of Police can make a pronouncement like that even before the case has finished investigations and gone to court. Yup! Only 3 low-ranking airmen and an agent involved. Nobody else need be bothered by this. Didn't somebody else also make the same kind of pronouncement in the case of the exploding model?


Here's one more funny from today's edition of The Malaysian Insider.

Ex Menteri Besar, Khir Toyo says, "I am very saddened as a Muslim over the judgment in allowing the Catholic church to use the word Allah in their weekly publication. Allah is only for Muslims. In other languages God is referred to as Tuhan whereas in Islam it is Tuhan Yang Maha Esa (The one and only God). Therefore you must understand the distinction between the two.........We don't want other religions to use it as it (the word Allah) refers to the one and only God. Now that the High Court has allowed the usage of the term Allah, soon any religion can apply their own reasoning to use the word Allah. Imagine if a deity were to be referred to as Allah. Surely it would create a lot of tension."

And to think that this man was put in charge of Malaysia's richest state for years. Scary!



Anonymous said...

With guys like Patrick around us, sure there's hope for change in 2010, the IGP has done enough damage to umno, perhaps he did it on purpose? of course he's not, by under estimating the intelligence of an average Malaysian.
Happy new year Patrick, god bless you and your family, now I'm off to DS Nizar's ceramah together with my saudara from PAS!

Anonymous said...

he is renowned for being the FIXER and Mahatir promoted this man for doing his bidding.

trace back, its the wily old man that set this nation down the wretched path.

The judge is gone and the trilogy is no more. now, there's two left. You wonder when God will take the other two and spare this nation further shame.

Anonymous said...

Are most Malaysians like Toyol? I've heard from quite a few like him on TV today and the other is Makateer.

He says Allah refers to the Muslim God!

My 5 year old son, Adam says there is only one GOD that create heaven and earth and that different people like to think that there are different gods.

Let says we called our ex PM Makateer, should there be not be other people name Makateer.

The reason given by Makateer is that it will cause confusion!

If my father's name is Makateer, and I see Makateer Kutty, does that mean I call him Daddy?

How Dopid can people be!

ktteokt said...

What a bunch of TOIDI (spell that backwards) running this wonderful country! MALAYSIA BOLEH mati lor!!!

ktteokt said...

What a bunch of TOIDI (spell that backwards) running this wonderful country! MALAYSIA BOLEH mati lor!!!

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

adam and eve = adam dan hawa
mary - maryam
jesus = nabi isa
abraham = ibrahim
jacob = yakub
joseph = yusof
moses = musa
solomon = sulaiman
david = daud

Anonymous said...

humans ! ...sigh ...sigh...SIGH !
after a long hibernation , in avoidance of issue on his 24juta mansion, NOW an opportunity for him to arouse anger & fury plus agitation among muslims ,to get support even from his political muslim rivals !
get ready to lodge polis futile report on him 4 creating chaos, turmoil & ...! @#$%^&* !

amoker said...

Jesus is actually Yeshua. Isa is actually Esau. But of course in Bolehland, it is not knowledge like this but whoever shouts the loudest.

Anonymous said...

Their lack of confidence in their own religion is very apparent.In Bolehland they can talk to non-Muslims about their religion and invite them to their religious recruitment but we will be arrested if we do otherwise.Its as if once they come to us they will be lost (from them that is) forever.
And I believe so.

Anonymous said...

In fact both religions, either Christianity-Roman Catholic or Islam, have the same origin, and their God are the same, but why they always keep fighting with each other.

Anonymous said...

In fact both religions, either Christianity-Roman Catholic or Islam, have the same origin, and their God are the same, but why they always keep fighting with each other.

tok semarak said...

The unholy trinity of BN's institution:

PDRM + MACC + Appeal Court

Case close.

Anonymous said...

Be scared, be very scared.

Toyol is making a comeback in Selangor.

Make sure you don't allow him to be voted in.

Have him house-arrested in his RM20 million palace?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Patrick, for highlighting these issues again. Nobody puts it as well as you do. It makes us sick to our stomach each time we read about these people and their words and actions. THey think the general Malaysian public are fools to believe them. At the moment we just have no choice but to tolerate these nincompoops!

Anonymous said...

Let's re-contextualise MACC's so-called 'investigation' of Teoh Beng Hock's murder to date: If MACC had applied the same attitude to investigate the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, it would have concluded that Altantuya shot herself several times, dragged her own corpse to the dumping ground in the jungle, and then proceeded to methodically blow her own corpse up with C4 explosives. Case closed, MACC-style.

Christian guy said...

Added to Bangsa Cina Malaysia 11:26pm.

The English Bible did use and are still using Allah with a different spelling but same pronouciation.

Eloah = Allah

The Arabic Spelling of the name "Allah" is the equivalent to the Hebrew name of God "Eloah" found 58 times in the Bible:
Deut. 32:15, 17;
2 Ki. 17:31;
2 Chr. 32:15;
Neh. 9:17;
Job 3:4, 23; 4:9, 17; 5:17; 6:4, 8f; 9:13;
10:2; 11:5ff; 12:4, 6; 15:8; 16:20f; 19:6, 21, 26; 21:9, 19; 22:12, 26;
24:12; 27:3, 8, 10; 29:2, 4; 31:2, 6; 33:12, 26; 35:10; 36:2; 37:15, 22;
39:17; 40:2;
Ps. 18:32; 50:22; 114:7; 139:19;
Prov. 30:5;
Isa. 44:8;
Dan. 11:37ff;
Hab. 1:11; 3:3.

The Christian Arabic's written word is exactly same is the Muslim's.

Anonymous said...


I learnt from Astro Channel 502 Biz Talk that Samantha will soon be headhunting you for the new Ernie's studio to produce 1Malaysia-type of programs.

Anonymous said...

The 3 low-ranking airmen & the company agent should join the malaysia special force the infiltrate our enemy to steal classified info ...

Yusuf haslam may want ot have a special Gerak Khas to show how eady to steal national security matters.

Anonymous said...

Why do I have this feeling that Malaysian Muslims are kind of thin skinned and in-secured!!
C'mon, it's just a word. I'm sure Islam is much greater than being disallowed to monopolize the word "Allah" ...

Anonymous said...

Aiya...very easy to kau tim one. Soon this three dont know who will appear in court in their ninja suit so no one can identify them. Just sentence them to jail or even death...they not afraid one...cause they are NINJA mah.

Anonymous said...

1. KEPERCAYAAN KEPADA TUHAN - This is the first statement in the Rukun Negara. So in this case who is this Tuhan.

2. We will wait for GE13 when PR takes over the truth will be revealed. In the meantime keep the pressure on.

Justice Bao said...

Aiya...why our PM gt no balls one?
At least say something useful lar..

only 3 low-ranking airmen and a company agent involved...what a joke
find a better scapegoat lar...memang bodoh

Moga BN kalah teruk in next gen election...

Anonymous said...


Only Khir Toyo as Menteri Besar could have caused Selangor that many dental problems; problems that linger even long after he went ex. You should know who chose him. Now he still has an oral hygiene problem. Every time he opens his mouth, it stinks.

Anonymous said...

First, KABOOM! (cannot mention the M-gal here, else kena tangkap masuk ISA)
Then, missing jet engine.
Similarity in both cases --- all the small potatoes being apprehended for it.

Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocket full of conspiracies.
Four and twenty small potatoes,
Put in the jail.

When the pie was opened,
The big shots menggelabah;
Wasn't that a lowly soldier,
Was made the scapegoat?

The big shots were their counting house,
Counting all their money;
The scapegoats were in the prison,
Eating bread and margerine.

The Opposition were in the garden,
Hanging out dirty laundry;
When down came the BAD GUYS
And bribed them all again.

Your guess is as good as mine.


inSOFT said...

Ernie Chen (the talk-big CEO of the newly formed outLOUD Studio) lamented to Anne Edwards on Astro's Biz Talk program that the movie 'The Blue Mansion' starring his good friend Patrick Teoh is not shown in Malaysia - can only see the trailer on Youtube. He failed to realise that someone has mentioned this in Niamah long ago.

Ernie may be a successful entrepreneur who made millions with his big mouth. He failed to realise that FINAS does not recognize Singapore-produced movies even thouogh Malaysia's artists (Patrick & Louisa) are involved, especially bumiputera are not involved.

Ernie wants to conquer Entertainment world in Malayia. He should open his eyes wide (as much as he open his big mouth) to see that the Malaysian authority only support Filem Melayu, not filem Malaysia. We have witness many Independent movie producers like Ho and Pete Teo did not get the attention of the BN government. Even David Teo himself admited that he made filem melayu (those frivolous ones without any attention to artistic values) to suck the government grant.

I hope Ernie can be successful in his 1Girls group and his vision to make headway in local scene.

As for Patrick, I think he will have more $atisfaction working for mediacorp.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

aiiyaa...them flers just took the engine plonked it into the back of their kancil wnet to their nearest kereta potong shop and ...theeeere she goes...only in bolehland maaaaaaaaa...

Mati laughing..

nas terjah said...

Say NO to umno?

Anonymous said...

engine where got big. i one person can kautim lah. you all ah... never eat is it... engine this small also cannot carry?

Anonymous said...

So from now on... I can only say "May God Bless You". Sorry, I mean "May Allah Bless You", no... should say "May Buddha Bless You"

Arrrghhhh... confusing! Let's just say "May Najib Bless You"

Anonymous said...

Malaysia's version of Tarantino's movie is "KILL TOYOL".

Script by awang bahaya.

FINAS approved.

Location shooting: the RM23 million palace.

Anonymous said...

Maha Teh is trying to sound like the wise old wizened man. Did he realize that people with less grey cells may take his words as green light to amok.

Anonymous said...


- Why does the BN/UMNO government insist on wasteful mega projects that only enrich a handful of Malays and corrupts the entire system?

- Even if the intention is to make billionaires of a few Malays, why the extreme difficulty to conduct tenders transparently? What productivity can the nation get from wasteful, over-priced, and under-utilized or ‘white elephant’ projects?

- Why continuously blame the Chinese for being leeches and greedy? Being entrepreneurs by nature, they are just trying to survive in a rent-seeker environment that is being propagated by BN/UMNO. How do you expect the Chinese to survive as businessmen if BN/UMNO behaves like all government projects are the exclusive purview of Muslim Bumiputras?

- The constitution recognizes Malaysia as a secular nation. Just because Mahathir said something to the contrary, that does not mean it is constitutionally correct. In fact, it is highly seditious but our (dis) respected police and AG choose to ‘tutup satu mata’. But they did open their ‘mata’ when it came to victimizing Elizabeth Wong on some trumped-up accusation by an Indonesian ‘pendatang’.

- By all means reduce the number of illegal and unregistered Hindu shrines and roadside ‘empat nombor’ temples. BN/UMNO can temper that with a lot of understanding and assistance to relocate. But no, they insist on allocating land with insufficient parking space next to monsoon drains, sewerage and next to TNB high voltage lines for temples. What about the Christian community? Why must they only operate from shop-houses and industrial areas? Why is it so difficult for the Big and Little Napoleans in BN/UMNO to respect all religions and treat everyone fairly?

- Why do Chinese and Indian students largely have to study in private universities locally and overseas? Whatever happened to meritocracy and a decent education for all citizens? My first child never qualified for IPTA admission even with excellent results in the SPM. So she chose to study in an IPTS.

- Why does BN/UMNO think that deserving students can only come from parents who work for the BN/UMNO government? Why treat children of parents working in the private sector as undeserving of scholarships? Why is it so difficult for BN/UMNO to be transparent by publishing names of children and parents who qualify for scholarships? Or will publishing the names constitute a breach of ‘national security’?

- Why must the education system, police, armed forces and (un)civil service be dominated by Malays? The BN/UMNO government appears bent on maintaining the >95% Malay racial composition. Why are the Bumiputras divided into Malay Muslims and non-Malay Muslims? Why must my constitutional rights be less than Khir Toyo (Indonesian), Mahathir Mohd (Indian), Noh Mohd (Indian) and Najib (Indonesian)? Is this and Ridhuan Tee what 1Malaysia is all about?

- Why must the police force, MACC, AG’s chambers, and practically all government departments allow themselves to be manipulated by UMNO? Can’t they do and behave as civilized people do? Do civil servants owe allegiance to King and country or to BN/UNMO? Why are these truly (un)civil servants bent on propagating wrong-doing and corrupt acts?

Anonymous said...

why la my country like this deep shit man

like left for dead 2

grabbing a pipe bomb

Anonymous said...

Allah Lanjut an usia tuanku rakyat mohon restu bawah duli tuanku.

So ? All the non - muslim schoolkids cannot sing la ?

Anonymous said...

I once had a neighbour who liked to use the phrase " Chiak Sai Tua " - meaning you grow up eating shit. I often questioned his usage but now I have no doubt, truly there exist people who literally " Chiak Sai Tua", that is why they talk shit!!!

ktteokt said...

Goodyear is already taken as a trademark by a tyre company. So where got good year anymore! Only way to have good year is to purchase GOODYEAR tyres! (This is not an advertisement)!

Anonymous said...

Making a mountain out of a molehill. Some ppl are so ignorant tht dey dun realize tht "IT" came fr d same source. And, dey're so insecure til dey hv 2 form various special task forces 2 keep tab on thm, cz dey might get 'confused'. Wat a joke! As if dey aint got no brains at all, can't think 4 themselves, can't differ...entiate right / wrong, mst b monitored at all times. No wonder V R going backwards. SIGH SIGH SIGH.
Summore, dey keep pointing fingers at others, calling other ppl 'thieves/copy cats', but never take a look at themselves - dey are d ones pulling their weights around, bullying others.
Suppression = Oppression = Rebellion.
無药可救啊 !!! This 'disease' is incurable!
天主,搭救我们啊!!! Lord, save us!


Anonymous said...

Also, the bak kut teh issue...
Chee Q sin... as if they're stupid enough not to be able to differentiate between the "APPROVED EDIBLE" and "NOT TO BE CONSUMED DUE TO RESTRICTION" (cant use the H*LAL word, takut kena tangkap ISA again.. Everyone who are yellow skin also wanna throw inside lock-up....Diu niamah fatty crab... )

Over protection breeds arrogance & ignorance!


Zeroed said...

I'm neither Muslim nor a Christian. Isn't the entire time since the beginning all about the same god but different prophet?!

Anonymous said...

A rose by any other name wld smell just as sweet. AMEN!
Why the hoo-haa?
Why wanna cause disharmony, people???
Ko orang nak cari gaduh ke???

"A threat to N-security"????
"confusing and undermining harmony" ??? (

so easy to be confused meh??? then it means that your stand is not solid enough.
Aih..... Street demo again???? is this our culture?... See More
Damn sien....causing inconvenience to others... Everyone, stay at home la, or else u will be hauled over & body searched, esp if ur yellow skin....thn can we make noise about being molested? SIGH SIGH SIGH....


Anonymous said...

Going by Khir Toyo's logic (if you can call it that), using the word Allah causes confusion (Muslims might convert), then, won't the reverse happen as well - Christians converting to Islam?

Anonymous said...

Everything s possible in Bolehland. If wife not loyal, we can demand loyalty. Just make an oath then she automatically becomes loyal. Just read today's Star. Can, easy one. Every husband should try it.

Kevin said...

niamah... Allah is the word God in Arabic, Tuhan is in Bahasa Malaysia...

can someone pls show me the patent for Allah word to be solely and discretely used for Islam only? Thank you

Anonymous said...

Coming from the common ppl,.. how many jetfigthers does malaysia have?,. I am sure not that many huh?,. until they can even lose track on thier engines!!! If they mentioned that they lost the Government owned proton cars that I can understand.. I feel sorry for the loss of the funds which could hv been used for better causes i.e. schools, hospitals etc etc. Also, are they that patheticly insecured to believe that a "name" makes a religion???,. I can just imagine to see thier faces when my wife SITI enjoying a plate of Char Siew Fun.. This is from Land Below the Wind,.. SirAlf

Anonymous said...

The entire issue on the name of God is a cleverly-crafted scheme by BN (conceptualised by its consultant APCO) to divert the attention of the malays from the problem at hand - rising food price, GST etc - so that they vent their frustration away from umno/bn.

Very soon the Appeals Court will over-rule the judge's ruling, and umno becomes the winner again, in the eyes of malays.

Anonymous said...

Whatever respect & admiration Malaysia have regionally and internationally have gone down the drain because of these 2 incidents!

Anonymous said...

Why they can bully us and we hv to keep quiet for the sake of national unity?
Why must we gulp it down and shut up, yet they buat bising at the slightest thing?
Even the government wanna appeal against the High Court, making a mockery of our judiciary system.
Who will respect the court's decision after this, when they can appeal at EVERYTHING???

Hear us, o Foolish Government!
The Rakyat has spoken!
Do not only protect a certain race, yet treat other races as second class citizens (i think even Indonesians are getting better treatment than us here in BOLEHLAND!!! Niamah smelly crab!)
If you want us to be patriotic, treat us equally!
How can we love our country when the country doesnt love us and keep trodding on us???

Siapakah yang menindas & siapakah yang ditindas???

We've always been the tertindas group - bloody quota system, housing discounts, education, 'special rights', etc

What's so special when everything u have is given for free & not from ur own effort??


ktteokt said...

Before long, Saudi Arabia where this word "ALLAH" was first used is going to sue the Malaysian BN government for its counterfeit proprietory rights over this word in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Patrick. You and your fellow commentors shouldn't be Malaysians lah. So insensitive towards others and pretend like you don't know our history. As if you've never mixed with Malays (practising Muslims)in your life. Do you have Malay Muslim friends who practice the religion? Have they said 'Niamah!' to your face?

Khir Toyo might be your fav punching bag, but in this issue, he represents the concerns of the Muslims in Malaysia. It might be 'irrational', 'stupid' to you, but it is reality. You might never want to understand it. This is where TOLERANCE kick in in a multi racial society.

Muslims here are very tolerant of non-Muslims. Allowing pigs here is a HUGE tolerance. But hey, you complain about the azan. Now you think the word Allah is free for all.

Good Patrick. Please continue to show your intolerance. Your are truely non-Malaysian at heart. Keep writing so that more Malays know how the REAL feelings of non-Malays/Muslims towards Malaysa in Malaysia. And the REAL reason you want a change in government.

Sudah Muak

Anonymous said...

This IGP fella is really a hero to Malaysia. He has all the time to look for RPK and has got no time for the missing jet engines! Took a lot of effort and time and involved so many important people to try to extradite RPK but only a short span of time to figure out that the missing engines involved only 3 low ranking airmen !

In the movies, I can see only top gangsters from one gang are able to do business with another head honchos from another gang ! If a low ranking gangster were to enter into a deal with another gang, the taiko will fuck this fella right left and centre ! What the fuck is this ! Does the IGP fella want us to believe that the low ranking airmen has the authority and power to deal with the top buyer who is dealing will millions of dollars ? Who the fuck are these 3 so-called guardians of our sovereign air space? If the low ranking airmen can sell the jet engines, imagine what the army general or minister of defence can do ? Wonders ! Or far more enriching deals !

The ex-MB is also another fucker ! Make us believe that he is holier than any person and if not whither than a piece of white cloth ! If a certain majority of people who are strong in their faith, does a word is able to shaken someone's faith or even able to destroy a person's belief ?

If China was a communist country and dangerous to any democratic country, and what the fuck has been going on when Malaysia and China were and still has strong ties with each other ? Wouldn't we are so scared of their doctrines and we come out with some bans like we can't go to China ???

Sick and tired with all these brainless top leaders of the country. Aren't they are ashamed of themselves coming out with poor, lame, unthinkable excuses to cover up the whole affair !

It is just like the case in Perak. Today, Nizar is Menteri Besar and tomorrow will be Zambry !

Today, the Herald is in favour of the ruling and believe me, tomorrow will be otherwise ! We are used to this kind of gimmick already and nothing new in Bolehland !

God please intervene !

1Race !

Anonymous said...

Low ranking officers already smart enough to steel the engines, shipped it out without a trace.
Imagine what equipment the high ranking officers could have stollen and still not discover.
Or could it be that MONDEF are run by not so smart high ranking officers???

Anonymous said...

Dear Muak

How much elaun toyol provide you each month to suck his @#$%?

loyar canggih said...

Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand is an independent foreign expert witness. An expert witness can express his/her opinion on the subject of her expertise to enable a court to arrive at a decision.

By lodging the police report, the MACC officers, Hisham Mohd Yusof and Raub Ghani, have threatened to cause injury to her reputation that would alarm her when she later appears in court to continue her evidence in the Teoh Beng Hock Inquest. They should therefore be charged for criminal intimidation under Section 503 of the Penal Code for causing alarm to Dr Pornthip's reputation such that she would act in a manner that would impair her functions as an independent expert witness.

This is what Section 503 of the Penal Code says:

“Whoever threatens another with any injury to his person, reputation, or property, or to the person or reputation of any one in whom that person is interested, with intent to cause alarm to that person, or to cause that person to do any act which he is not legally bound to do, or to omit to do any act which that person is legally entitled to do, as the means of avoiding the execution of such threat, commits criminal intimidation."

So the above is very clear. The two MACC officers have broken the law. But the police will not take any action unless a police report is first lodged. That is their S.O.P. This means someone must quickly make a police report against these two MACC officers before the police can arrest them, remand them in a police lockup for the next few days, beat the shit out of them to make them confess to their crime, and then drag them to court a few days later in handcuffs to be charged for criminal intimidation under Section 503 of the Penal Code.

Anonymous said...

If God needs protection from followers than He is not God. If followers thinks that they can protect God, that they are following the wrong God.

Anonymous said...

what khir toyo may not realize is that the three main religions have a lot in common.


konspirasi TUDM said...

First it was Argentina. Now it is Uruguay. What if the RMAF engines were not really stolen as alleged? What if they were actually sold with the full knowledge of the then Minister of Defense? And what if they are now in Iran as what was originally planned? Would this not make the US very unhappy? And would Malaysia then not have to pretend that they were stolen and not sold with the government’s knowledge and blessing?

Anonymous said...

What is a few jet engine. The Port Klang Free Trade Zone also can disappear, that one is few hundred acres. For once the Attorney General is spot on , it is only few low ranking staff that commited this crime no doubth about it.Good Job Mr Attorney General must be Datuk ,er sorry Tan Seri material done us Malaysian so proud.

Anonymous said...

I am quite surprised. Do I sound like an Englishman when I say this? That's because I dare not say 'Alamak' because it might offend Toyol and his ilk.