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Friday, February 26, 2010

Fantastic Facts and Funnies

Just shut up and learn your lesson. Boy!

When I first read this report on The Malaysian Insider I wanted to blog my own comments and opinion about what was reported. I just couldn't find the words. So I am re-printing the complete article for you to read here. You decide. The highlights, however, are mine.

Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, said today the Attorney General’s decision to
let two Al-Islam magazine journalists off the hook for allegedly desecrating Catholic Communion hosts should not matter so long as the magazine has “learned its lesson from this episode.”

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders including the DAP’s Lim Kit Siang and PAS central committee member Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa, however, believe the decision not to charge the two may send a negative signal that the rule of law can be undermined by politics.

Khairy told The Malaysian Insider that it would be inappropriate to speculate on the reason behind the decision by the AG’s chambers to take no further action.

He, however, argued that the decision may have been reached to “balance out” the racial and religious tension caused by the “Allah” row in a bid to prevent further unease.

The “Allah” row had triggered a nationwide uproar among conservative Muslims. The tension escalated into attacks on houses of worships of both Christians and Muslims.

The attacks also tarnished Malaysia’s moderate credentials among the international community.

“I don’t want to speculate on the reason..but there are things that you can take to court and others best to leave it to other sensible ways for solution,” Khairy said.

“But I feel that whether or not the charges are dropped is not important. What is important is that people learn from this lesson and I am sure that the magazine has learned its lesson from this episode,” he added.

The two Al-Islam journalists had pretended to be Christians and took part in a Catholic Mass to probe allegations that Muslims were being converted.

In their article, the two admitted to receiving Holy Communion — which is in the form of bread which Catholics believe changes to the body of Jesus Christ through the rite. They said they subsequently spat it out in what Catholics consider an act of desecration.

A police report was subsequently lodged against the two journalists.

The duo were then investigated under Section 298A (1) of the Penal Code for causing disharmony, disunity or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill will, or prejudicing the maintenance of harmony or unity, on grounds of religion.

It was reported yesterday that the Dang Wangi district police headquarters, through the officer in charge of the case, had sent a letter to the complainant telling him that the AG’s office would not be pressing charges.

No reason was given for the decision.

Lim said the decision not to charge the two indicate the lack of seriousness by the authorities to safeguard domestic religious harmony.

“The decision shows the AG is not serious in protecting and safeguarding religious and racial harmony in the context of a plural and multi-racial Malaysia,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

Mujahid on the other hand agreed with Khairy that it was not apt to speculate on the reason behind the decision to drop the charges.

But he regretted the possibility that politics could have been behind the decision to drop the case.

“They might have strong reasons to do so. It may be for security reasons but there has been much doubt about this (even if its true) as many of its (AG’s chambers) decision are done due to political reasons,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

The Parit Buntar MP also agreed that the decision may be connected to the “Allah” row and that it was done to prevent further tension.

But he said the authority should tackle the negative perception that it is upholding the law based on religious and political considerations.



mamasan said...

it's rampant: doing things that are morally questionable in order to prove the other wrong. Rais has three women caned months after Kartika is supposed to have been, in order to set the precedent for caning women, to justify her impending but as yet unmeted punishment. then these two idiots go and willingly take communion in order to "prove" the church is converting muslims to christianity?!

it's like they want to be martyrs but... i cannot even search in the lowest portals of my intellect to explain and articulate their moral stupidity. you know the saying acting like a martyr is like swallowing poison and waiting for the other person to die? to teach them a lesson? except in this case, they're trumpeting their stupidity proudly.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps those 2 journalist are trying to convert. If you are there to observe mass you can just watch, why would you go and accept the holy communion?

May god have mercy on their souls.

donplaypuks® said...

All these murders, rapists, incest lovers, sodomists, snatch thieves, armed robbers etc. who are rotting in jail all claim "they have learnt their lesson!!"

Poor Chaps.

So, let's petition Keriskhaimudin to petition Kerismudin to release all these prisoners at once from jail!!

Come on people, after all they said they've learnt their lesson. What more do you want?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

1Malaysia Multiple Laws :

1) UMNOputra laws
2) Perkasa laws
3) JASA laws
4) Perkim laws
5) Syariah Laws
6) Civil laws
7) "Semuanya OK" Laws
8) "Saya Yang menurut Perintah" Laws
9) "Bocor" Laws
and the list goes on and on (new addition daily

BIG DOG said...

There are many progressive Malays in Malaysia who unfortunately have little voice in the country's policy-making. Some of them are like Zaid Ibrahim, Amir Muhammad, Karim Raslan, Khairy Jamaluddin, Amde Sidek, Azly Rahman, M.Bakri Musa, Kassim Ahmad, Suflan Shamsuddin, Othman Ali, Harris Ibrahim, Zainah Anwar, Norani Othman, & surprisingly Marina Mahathir (who thank Allah not inheriting her father’s racist maverick genes, and many many more.

It's about time the learned/educated malays say something, because all this while the 'pariahs' and village idiots are given prime time and street protest space. Ibrahim The Frog Ali is like Mark Anthony in Macbeth - so Melayus beware also of Rauf, Nasir.
Jangan biar PERKASA perkosa Melayu. UMNO and Ibrahim The Frog Ali are so desperate as their popularity, power and "Ringgit Malaysia" is declining and diminishing.

Ketuanan Melayu, if I had to loosely translate it, means "The Master Race". The last person to use that term was Hitler. Ketuanan Melayu like you said, is Un-Islamic, un-dignified, uncultured, and definitely stupid. Unless we treat each other with respect, and consider ourselves, all as Malaysians, then we can take that step forward. Ketuanan Melayu is a dirty word, it is fascism, it is racism, and it is hideous. It definitely tarnishes the word Melayu. Bringing it ever closer to Nazi.

Liberation Movement of Malays to join Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia :
A Liberation Movement from the poison of UMNO who are feeding peanuts to poor Malays while plundering the nation of it's riches.
1) Denunciation of Apartheid/Fascism
2) Denunciation of Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy
3) Espousal of Equality for all Ethnicities and Faiths as per the Hadiths of Islam AND Human Rights Charter.

Anonymous said...

A UMNOPutra reported to give his divorse wife alone RM25 million.
BN to give Kelantan rakyat just RM20 million.
Logik memang tak kena !

Jangan Kena Tipu

Anonymous said...

What he said was malays got a right to 'balance out'.

Balance WTF when they have been getting the excess?

Obviously he is fighting for his political career since dpm is now so smart to take over with the mamak's son.

Different set of behavior and law for such species.

apallam said...

They (UMNO) are slowly turning Malaysia into a Pakistan, there are thousands of Pakistanis working in the Middle East both skilled and unskilled, and many skilled ones are in US and UK. When the oil wells dry up Malaysia can export all her skill workers which to some extent she has already done so, but Malaysia can also exports the female graduates to other countries as servants, maids and nanny, how about that 1Malaysia?

What Ku Li said is not a surprise to me, I have Malay friends who are working overseas and refuse to come back to their mother land, infact one of them (my beer and fishing kaki) chided me for coming back to Malaysia after spending some years overseas.

Anonymous said...

The AG will undoubtedly take the same stance pertaining to the cow head saga. What if it had been the other way round if a Catholic had gone to a mosque and desecrated some holy articles? Would the AG drop charges or would he press more charges? The world is watching such activities repeatedly occuring in Malaysia. Is this in keeping with the so called 1Malaysia? It appears that what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. God is watching coz heaven has eyes!!!

Anonymous said...

So does this mean that if some non-muslim pretend to be one..and then smuggle some bak-kwa into the mosque during Friday prayers... also can???

Roti Telur Man said...

Hello Pat,

Personally, I see no BIG DEAL with the 2 Muslims spitting out that whatsoever BREAD one might call it.

Those 2 journalist dudes are of course Muslims & for them to swallow that whatsoever BREAD is indeed WRONG. These 2 dudes RESPECTED Catholics by putting that 'ROTI' into their mouth but as Muslims themselves; they cannot 'TELAN' it. Thus, the BEST WAY to deal with such situation is to put that ROTI into their mouth (as an act of RESPECT for Catholics) & then spit it out (as an act of RESPECT to their own religion).

What's the problem??? If I'm a MUSLIM...I also will do the same thing. Catholics are just making a PLAIN NUISANCE HOO-HA over NOTHING. Why don't they put their time into better use??? Hmmm....such as PRAYING for PEACE.

My comment makes sense, rite???

Ju Ju Bi said...

i am a malaysian, i am supposed to know that this is a multiracial country but even I cannot stop thinking that this is a Malay country. After all, the name is Malay-sia. So Malays and muslims have every right to bend the rule and/or do whatever they want to belittle and undermine other religions because it is their right.

Anonymous said...

If and when PR wins the next GE, make sure all those civil servants who undermine democracy be investigated. Including the one who lock the gate to the Perak state assembly.
For now I'm voter get voter. I started with my neighbours, then my Taman area and so on.
By the way is it true that the half ambasador to the US, Jamaludin Jarjis is driving a Porsche in the States, beli duit sendiri atau duit rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Once a monkey, always a monkey. Even if he tries hard to convince everyone he is an oxfart graduate, his stinking logic evaporates like his fart the instance he opens his mouth.

I hope that someone kicks this idiot monkey leader in his balls and then the police say it is no case since he did not die. Even if he dies, the police will say no case because the person who kicked him learned his lesson that it is wrong to kick someone in the balls.

Then I would say hip hip hooray to this idiot monkey's logic. In the meantime, it is best that this idiot keeps his mouth shut and shave off the stupid looking goatee which makes him looks like a cross breed between a monkey, an ass and the devils reincarnate.

ng said...

This Kera Jantan is fighting for his political life. So he has to talk cock and hopefully get into his boss good book again. Tiu Niamah!

Not buying OOM No Rubbish said...


Spot on using "boy". He is after just a youth. May be leader amongst the youth, but still a youth nonetheless.

Another load of BOY crab from the "oxhead nonsense" from OOM (moo terbalik) No.

A boy who is jumping up and down clamouring for attention - maybe trying his level best at asking for a stick of ice-cream from the ice-cream seller who is going around town selling nonsense packaged as goodies like 1Malaysia.

Let's wait for GE 13 - then we will let the boy and the crook AG know what we think of their nonsense.

artchan said...

I always knew KJ as a opportunistic pig...when when he married Pak Lah daughter..and till today he is nothing but playing to the gallery to get support.

Surely an Oxfart graduate know the law is the if you kill someone and we can use public pressure not to prosecute?. What kind of fuckshit reasoning is this from a Youth Chief. Good try KJ...but you are a real fuckshit idiot.

Anonymous said...

if UMNO decides so, thats the law.

forget about all the nonsensical codes.

if UMNO decides, then.....

Johan 23.01.84 said...

to “balance out” the racial and religious tension caused by the “Allah” row

so this means two wrongs make a right??


Anonymous said...

Day by day the antics of those in charge clearly demonstrate their attiutude of divide and conquer,racism,cronyism and basically low life mentality...The sad part by day we..see the so called saviours..the opposition are no better...Greed overcoming the basic function to perform for the people...has taken control.
It has been always known that the Law system in Malaysia is a joke..the difference is...since none can question these people...they really don't care anymore what the average Malaysian thinks..they are pretty confident when the time comes..they can just bribe the people with mundane shallow wordplay and antics..or better bribe the opposition to join them..All in all..a bloody joke..

These so calledd journalists MOFOs desecrate another religion and think they have acccomplished something great..heh heh..God's delays are not God's denials..For every begining ther is an end...and is always the darkest before dawn..I ma sure the time for the end of these said people is coming.

The average Malaysian is getting pissed off...
The cops are a corrupted joke
The law system is a farce
The politicians belong in Ripley's believe it or not
The accuracy of news is a bigger joke

The whole world is watching and laughing at our pitiful excuse of a nation...and we dare condemn other countries ! Fuuuuucccccckkkk !

niakong said...

The dacing has lost its balance.

Probably because it has not been sent for regular calibration and fine-tuning as required by law.

This does send a very wrong signal to the people. Those irresponsible traders may take this as a precedence and would start using faulty dacing to cheat their customers.

Anonymous said...

So whats new? Normal, everything as usual......get on with it and dont raise your bp for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Khairy really went to Oxford-ah? As a tourist ah?

James Q said...

KJ is just trying to win favor with Najib & Moo-moohideen lah. Don't forget he's still not a Minister yet. What some people call "angkat bola" lah.

ktteokt said...

I wonder whether a similar decision would be reached if someone impersonated a Muslim and took part in Friday prayers at the mosque!

Anonymous said...

Niamah!! They are all talking cock.

"The “Allah” row had triggered a nationwide uproar among conservative Muslims."?

I think it's only Umno who are the uproar.

We can collate all this into a joke book and also ask Guiness to acknowledge Malaysia as the Funniest Government in the World.

Anonymous said...

Since KJ do not speculate, I take it as a fact when he said "to balance out". If that is the case he must have premonition powers because the Al-Islam magazine journalists' church incident took place well before the high court Allah ruling and the subsequent attacks on the churches.

Anonymous said...

now wait a minute..
did i read it correctky??
WHO had "learned its lesson" ??
The magazine.. or the 2 MORONS ???
tell me i have gone insane..

Anonymous said...

Aiyo! Again ah! One thing to stop this people from making more noise about religion again is, I think, since their women are being cane for a little more than what many of us or even them are doing it quietly & honestly because of human needs or you may called it desire. I would hope all their women start SMS among themselves to close all their pussies nation wide for one month and see what happen? Anybody want to guess? I think all their legs will go wobberly within 2 days and start begging on their knee.

Anonymous said...

I guess they forgot that the concept of "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you". If the situation was reversed would it have been squashed as easily, seriously I doubt that! And they worry about projecting or more aptly, creating a bad reputation as to enticing foreign investments but at what cost....fair play and justice! NUMBNUTS driving, clear the road!

k4kenny said...

What more can we say about the policy-makers in boleh-land??? Except that they are bringing with them once moderate Malaysia into the drain full of shit!

Anonymous said...

WHAT? NO ISA??? oh yah forgot they are KJ's machai kua....

Anonymous said...

Big Dog wrote "There are many progressive Malays in Malaysia who unfortunately have little voice in the country's policy-making. Some of them are like Zaid Ibrahim, Amir Muhammad, Karim Raslan, Khairy Jamaluddin, Amde Sidek, Azly Rahman, M.Bakri Musa, Kassim Ahmad, Suflan Shamsuddin, Othman Ali, Harris Ibrahim, Zainah Anwar, Norani Othman, & surprisingly Marina Mahathir "

KHAIRY ALSO IN THE LIST? Talk about subtle brainwashing!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oxford Grad of edison college PHD ?


Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick

You should refrain from publishing such idiotic fcuking statements again. I feel like sending you a bill from my dhoby for cleaning my clothes. You see, I vomited and farted uncontrollably with my stools staining my pants when I read it. This shows how disgusting this piece of oxfart is. Sorry I don't know how to spell s..t.

Be warned Paddy, I might still send you a bill.

Leithaisor said...

Aiyah... you should read what normally cool-as-cucumber lawyer Art Harun wrote lah. He really kasi goreng sama all the double-standard betrayers of Kedaulatan Undang-undang fellas.

Go read "JUST WHAT KIND OF BULL SHIT IS THIS?" available at:

Anonymous said...

Roti Telur Man,

Your nickname says it all. You want to eat just eat roti lah. If you are there to observe mass then observe lah. Why would you go and line up to take holy communion? Ada otak pakai sikit...oh sorry you have none!

Anonymous said...

There are different sets of laws, code of morality , rules and policies to suit their conveniences and purposes. The end.


Anonymous said...

I am a RC. I say lets practice what Jesus said; if someone slaps you on one cheek give him the other. Lets our faith be strong and really believe Jesus is alive. Just be confident that Jesus will take the appropriate action on these people who show disrespect to his body.

Lets take the high road. What we can do is not give in these people our support and vote.

Anonymous said...

With all these comments.....
Put them together....
Oredy said on my behalf.......!

You sure our "ECONOMY" is fine & dandy??????
Smoke screen lah............

Now with an Ox-brain comment like that..... will the church burners be let off too..??

Coz ""they've learned their lessons from burning churches..!""

I also wanna study in Oxfart lah.....!!!!!!!

Aziz said...

Beruk Khairy patut dikurung di Zoo Negara untuk pelawat luar negara melihat betapa teruknya seorang graduan Oxford boleh berkelakuan begini di Bolehland demi wang rasuah dan kuasa ketuanan rakyat.

Anonymous said...

1Malaysia maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, more of this kinda of news to come!

kafirputera said...

It confirms that Msia has 2 sets of rules, one for the umnoputeras and the other to menindas the 'pendatang'.

kafirputera said...

It confirms that Msia has 2 sets of rules, one for the umnoputeras and the other to menindas the 'pendatang'.

mediha said...

1Malaysia is a concept that attempts to 'formalize' the exisiting nature of Malaysians. A society comprised of multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural people, co-existing in harmony.

In other words, it is just putting a name on something that already exists.

If that was the end of it, I'd have no problems with it. But it's not. It's just the beginning.

I'm sure I can't be the only one to notice that it is only AFTER the 1Malaysia campaign, that we see increasing incidences reflecting racial tension, cultural confusion and general dissatisfaction.

The sudden usage of animal heads being thrown at places of worship.
The sudden mantras of 'Us Againsts Them'.
The sudden awareness of the color of our skin.

This is what you get when you highlight our differences.
I'm sorry, but that is essentially what 1Malaysia does. It highlights our differences.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I think it is a staged act by some Umnoputra guys who wish to escalate racial & religious tensions.If the 2 buggers got hammered or lynched, then cerita tak sama la!
Anyway KJ good try la!!Mati mati, if TDM is alive, he has no chance to be a minister ok?

A Netto said...

Najib says the Malaysian economy is out of the woods and we are poised to do better this year. From what you see around you, do you agree?

The economy did not do as badly as anticipated last year because of the pump priming and fiscal stimulus packages.

Over 113,000 projects worth RM17 billion under two stimulus packages are being pushed through. So far, the govern­ment has paid out RM14 billion of public funds on these projects.

Can such pump priming be sustained?

What about confidence in the political leadership?

Anonymous said...

Najib Abdul Razak's pronouncement that Malaysia is out of the economic woods is but a smokescreen to hoodwink the unenlightened public and the kampong folks. There is no doubt that our FDI has plummeted, foreign investors are wary because of the racism and unstable political climate here.

Najib should go to the ground and see for himself how average (not BN political plunderers) Malaysians are trying to keep their heads above water. His denial syndrome is not going to fool anyone. Soon we'll be exporting Malaysian maids and manual labourers to Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia.

I pity the next generation of Malaysians who will be paying for our past and current culture of 'entitled' corruption. Wake up or we're done for.

Anonymous said...

This is the real 1 Malaysia. This is the Malaysia truly Asia. Land of hospitality where the smile never sets..........take a look, take a closer is the beginning of the end.

Anonymous said...

So Pat, as a Christian, do you feel persecuted and prostituted at the same time?

I am actually disappointed that the church authority did not seek to have them prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

the two are awaiting 72 virgins soon !!

Anonymous said...

Oxford? Ox my foot. I was in UK struggling to earn part time job for a degree and all these useless bumi are wasting govment money because of connection. They sent 99% all the wrong one there that can't even read or write properly. Wonder how they pass. 45/100 is still a pass in UK. These is what you get out of them running the goverment now...before they can proof what they can do, they are more interested in enriching themselves using power. Tell me how many of these can really run a business and maintain for years outside without any help? They'll probably take the sponsored moeny as profit and then sell away the company within one year and claim to have make more profit...then set up new company again, just to get more free money from government. Look how many car they have and big houses. Unfortunately the 1% good one are not in politic. they migrate!

Anonymous said...

The Star Cosy Relationship with Convicted Criminals

I am one of the many victims of Ooi Boon Leong, the former director of MEMS TECHNOLOGY BERHAD who was convicted with his CFO, both who were convicted at the Sessions Court on 25th February.

The funny thing is that there was a Star Online article on the conviction, the same article NEVER made in to the Star proper !

There is a pattern here. In April 2009, the same 2 directors were reported be charged and reported
in the Star Online and amazing enough, it also was not published in the Star proper.

One wonders whether the editors at the Star were persuaded not to do so with an incentive. BTW, I had alerted Datuk Wong Chun Wai via his New Malaysia Blog but he chose not to publish this alert of mine. Wong Chun Wai is a Penang Lang and so is OBL... Is there a connection ? I think OTK must know about this abomination.

Please read the following Star Online article as follows :-

Former directors fined RM300,000 each for overstating revenue (Updated)
KUALA LUMPUR: Two former directors of a public-listed company were fined RM300,000 each by a Sessions Court here on Thursday after they admitted to overstating RM30mil in their investment holding company’s revenue.

Ooi Boon Leong, 49, was a director and an audit committee member of MEMS Technology Bhd while Tan Yeow Teck, 49, was its chief financial officer and an executive director.

In sentencing, Sessions Court judge Asmadi Hussin ordered each accused to pay his fine or serve two years in jail.

The two were said to have knowingly authorised the furnishing of a misleading statement to Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd in Bukit Kewangan on Sept 27, 2007.

The misleading statement is contained in the report “MEMS Technology Berhad Condensed Consolidated Income Statements for the 12-month period ended July 31, 2007.”

Upon hearing their verdict, the two, who had resigned from their posts, were composed.

Pleading for leniency, their lawyer Francis Ng Aik Guan asked the court to consider that his clients had already been publicly reprimanded and fined by Bursa Malaysia for overlapping breaches pertaining to the same unaudited accounts for that financial year.

Ng said Ooi had been fined RM89,000 while Tan had been fined RM197,500 in October 2008.

He said both would be disqualified from holding directors’ positions upon their conviction, which would also affect their livelihood.

He said his clients were remorseful over their actions and had sincerely recorded their plea of guilt.

He asked the court to consider that his clients had contributed for the growth of the nation and to transfer of technology through their roles in the company.

In pressing for a deterrent sentence, prosecuting officer Shanti Geoffrey asked the court to consider public interest and the seriousness of the offence.

“Investors were misled with a statement issued to Bursa Malaysia on Sept 27, 2007, which was approved by both accused.

“In the false statement, out of RM73,416mil recorded for revenue, RM30,169mil worth of sales did not take place. The false sales comprised 41% of the overall revenue,” she said.

Geoffrey said investors were misled and suffered losses due to the false information, while both accused enjoyed revenue from their wrongful actions.

She said that Ooi was a substantial shareholder in MEMS Technology with over 38 million shares while Tan held 270,800 shares.

She said it was a planned crime where both accused had took about a year to generate and insert false sales in the accounts of its subsidiary company.

“Both are qualified accountants, they knew very well what they were doing,”she said, adding that elements of forgery and cheating were involved in committing the offence.

She said both accused had also failed to carry out their duty to shareholders and that their actions had affected the confidence of investors in the company.

See also

Victimised, Penang

Anonymous said...

NIAMAH !!!!!!! ( in bold, darkened and underlined) !!!!!!!!!

Don said...

A great disgrace to Oxford University ....

ktteokt said...

I thought his political career ended with his father in laws "retirement"? How come he is still "farting"?

playstation said...

Dear ktteokt

Khairy's political career is revived by najib to counter the inner threat from his dpm Muyiddin/Mukriz.

Hope you understand now.

Anonymous said...

if he really went to ox ford i would gathers from his comments that he was there as a toilet cleaner..part time of course...

Anonymous said...

Any reason why dpm Muhyiddin blog was shut down? The rise of Khairy a reason?

Anonymous said...

PKR should have fielded better candidates for the 2008 general elections but before one flails PKR, take into account the condition in 2008. Back then, very few people of calibre wanted to stand under the PKR banner as they felt it was a 'sure loser'. PKR was almost wiped out in 2004 and they managed only to retain one seat.

They had so few choices so they had to field some low-quality candidates for those seats they did not expect to win. But these candidate instead won because of the political 'tsunami'. Of course, getting good candidates will not be a problem for the next general elections. The headache then will be selecting from so many good candidates.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of theories bandying around concerning how Khairy will be orchestrating his moves and strategically unfolding them in the years to come. We all know we haven’t seen the last of someone as ruthlessly ambitious as he is. We have a theory circling the Internet that he could be working covertly with Anwar where he sees his best hopes for Prime Ministership lie. No doubt if this were true, that means in a post-Anwar period as Malaysia’s future PM, Khairy could step up to the plate. There is another theory that involves Khairy moving in the undercurrents of UMNO’s political turmoil, looking to seize the advantage, sight unseen, as and when the opportunities arise. With his political career and aspirations in tatters, he can no longer rely on the UMNO Youth faction where he was once quite powerful. With Hishamuddin offering rearguard defence for his inept playboy PM cousin, Khairy doesn’t have a lot of manoeuvrability – at least not yet.
Whichever of the two is more plausible, there is no denying that there is no love lost between Khairy and his immediate enemies as well as those of his father-in-law’s. Either way, Khairy will be poised to dismantle Najib’s administration since everyone in the cabinet has played him out including those who had sworn allegiance to back him in the heady past. However since everything in politics is about money, he’d soon realised that even his political amigos could so easily be bought over.
The bad blood between Khairy and the rest of Najib’s administration has long been downplayed but in the run up to the next General Election, it will be instrumental. As a balancing act of power, Khairy holds a very important pivotal sword that could either raise Anwar Ibrahim to premiership or the other way around. He holds the sword (or keris as it were) that will indefinitely spill blood.
The question is whose blood it would be.