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Friday, February 19, 2010

HIyah! What la!

Errr...humma acheler subachaer le

Our newspapers always never report anything in full do they? Take today's story in The Star for example.

Iraqi doctorate student charged with reckless driving

That was the headline. The report goes on to say that Hamood Sheehab Hamid, 45 from Iraq was charged with reckless driving and causing the death of a fellow student of the Universiti Sains Malaysia. The Iraqi is studying for a doctorate in electronics engineering. Okay.

But the killer fact is that
no plea was recorded because Hamood could neither understand English nor Bahasa Malaysia.


The baarger is taking a doctorate in electronics engineering and speaks no English or Malay!!! What other language does USM teach in? That, The Star reporter or the editor didn't bother to report. Is that acceptable practise in journalism ah? Maybe that will the subject of tomorrow's edition?



Anonymous said...

This is how Star hopes to keep its readers in suspense and wanting to read and buy more of its trashy paper.

donplaypuks® said...

I think they should quickly do a security vetting on this Iraqi!! This guy could be here to learn how to make bombs given that a M'sian Uni lecturer, until his death last year, was the leading bomb expert in Asia!!

Wasn't it a month ago 7 terrorist suspects were arrested by our security forces?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

art harun said...


My source says he is doing his doctorate in binary or for common folks like you, digital language. It goes something like this:


ktteokt said...

That shows how good our universities are when taking in students! Chicken and duck talk also can be accepted for Ph.D course, what else cannot happenlah! Don't tell me this guy filled up his application in Iraqi! Niamah!

Anonymous said...

You are another stupid "bargger". You call yourself a Malaysian and yet don't understand Malaysian Boleh. Where in the world does it says a PhD graduate has to know how to read/write/speak English or Malay? He is here to do a doctorate. You obviously is not a PhD graduate. He can complete his doctorate thesis in Swahili for anyone cares. As long as the university review board says it's PhD material he gets a Doctrate.

You are one bloody Niamah to think a PhD thesis has to be in English or Malay. Oh ... just in case your tiny brain still cannot comprehend this, a PhD student don't need to attend classes, so he doesn't give a shit even if the university teach in Iraqi.

Niamah to a Pea Brain and that means you.

brokenlickz said...

I think he could speak english. Just that his english is too perfect that our half past six malaysian policeman couldnt understand. ehehe..

amoker said...


I heard about it on the radio and the presenter was trying to make sense. Like, why is he charged? Ended up with the statement about the language. Real stupid

Anonymous said...

Why don't they try sign language?

USM is the only university on solar system that teach electronics engineering study in sign language.

Farid said...

The supreme manipulator of race ,religion to enhance personal glory and remain in power until death come is Mahathir. He picks and chooses each day what divisive tool is used to manipulate the Malay society and Malaysians at large. Religion is and has been the dividing force throughout history.

Anonymous said...

For more than half a century UMNO had been accusing PAS of using Islam as a political tool but actually it's the other way round. UMNO isn't an Islamic party but majority of the Muslims in Malaysia are Malays. To pull the crowd towards UMNO, it has to sensationalize issues that can bring in the crowd. Thus, we have the Allah issue and now the Prophet's birthday processions. But both issues do not conform to Islamic teachings. In this way, we see UMNO as the modern Abu Jahals and Abu Lahabs. They tried their very best to champion Islam but instead they are seen shooting themselves in the foot. No wonder some say UMNO is on a self-destruct mode. Yes, it's killing itself foolishly. Shame on you, UMNO!!!

Michael Jackson said...

PERKASA and JASA and all those other movements and organisations that contradict Najib’s 1Malaysia. Some of the people in JASA are also involved in PERKASA. JASA is about Islamic supremacy while PERKASA is about Malay supremacy. How does 1Malaysia reconcile with what PERKASA and JASA stand for? They are opposite to what 1Malaysia propagates. Are we seeing an Umno Lebih Baru in the wings? It looks like Umno Baru took over from Umno and the Umno Lebih Baru in the form of PERKASA will be the incarnate of Umno Baru which, as Dr Mahathir said, has failed the Malays.

Anonymous said...

1. Malays would still be split and divided. UMNO shall play heavily and much on the race, religion and and money issues to attract the votes.
2. The majority of the Chinese would support DAP. MCA and Gerakan would see their support base crumbling.
3. The Indians are unpredictible. Tend to sway with the sentiments right up to votes casing day.
4. There would not be substantial or radical surprises in Sabah & Sarawak. Both States shall remain the Archilles Heel of Pakatan. They may get a few more seats at most but do not expect a big swing. The majority indigenous voters there are slow to catch up with what's really happening in current politics for lack of knowledge and comminication to the Net and media.
If it turns out to be a hung Parliament, expect more of Perak and all the dirty sinister moles hoppng from on Party to another for just that few million ringgit. Putrajaya is not impossible but the road shall be long and winding.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick

I thought as a long time resident of Malaysia you would have known no studying is needed for any student pursueing a PhD in Malaysia.

PhDs are given out like banana notes by fake professors in world class malaysian schools masquerading as unis.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah Patrick,

Don't you know that our local 1Universities have mastered the fine art of teaching in other foreign languages, known or unknown, except English and of course BM (sorry, I don't know if it should be bahasa malaysia or bahasa melayu so BM will have to do).

That's why the standard of education in 1Malaysia is so low because the students do not know if they are coming or going since they are all taught in other foreign languages.

Or maybe this Iranian student is just only copying the Muhammad Muhammad fler's (I no speakee Ingleez) defence act. If it worked for the Muhammad Muhammad fler in Australia, it can certainly work in 1Malaysia. Afterall I am sure that the judge and this Iranian share the some sorts of similar religious brotherhood eh, wink...wink.

Long live 1Malaysia, Truly Asia, Truly Niamah.

Kok Keong said...

This is the kind of journalism that the MSM has been practising. Wonder what the Star will have to say for their glaring deficiency,even if they could not care less to explain anything to the public. Oh, wait. They will say Patrick is a blogger and not part of them, the MSM. So, Patrick must be politically biased. He is politicising the issue, ma. Hasn't that been the usual crap of an excuse from the MSM whether they offer to publicly explain their lack of professionalism or not?

SameSame said...

Aiyoo, Patrick, they speak their 'bruder' language la! Dont you see that many of these guys on the street of think they all can speak BM and English?

michael said...

Check the student register.
He is probably a fake.

Perhaps he is here to teach locals how to make bombs.

Ting said...

Malaysia Boleh!
USM Boleh!

Anonymous said...

You believe he came here to study?



Boleh Boleh said...

Don't you know that USM is an apex university?
Post-graduate students from any country can pursue their studies in any language ma, haha!

Anonymous said...


Actually USM sells doctorates on the internet and this Iraqi fler was one of those who bought the USM e-PhD's for US$1,000 +/- a few bucks. However in order to graduate, he has to come to USM to show himself to the USM dean. So it's not surprising that he does not understand Engish or Malay. As a matter of fact, I don't think the USM dean understands English himself.

This is 1Malaysia you know where everything is boleh and can be kowtim. USM is surely going to be world famous now and will be an anus university (not apex).

Richard Cranium said...

No wonder our local graduates are so screwed up.

Anonymous said...

soooo eazi like dis can meh !? aku i
oso one to starly a dogtorate in my dad's tongue to be a PhD dogtor of ..
...of...apanama ...philostropy lo !!

Anonymous said...

He look familiar leh? I think I saw him before, selling sock and pen in Jln Alor to tourist at night...sometime peddling at puduraya station also. When clear custom cannot declare as tourist mah, so say doing PHD lor, got two year visa.

Didi said...

Maybe he doesn't understand malaysian english. Maybe whoever was talking to him spoke in a bad english? My friend speaks very bad english that I can barely understand him. Maybe this is the case?

brukarer said...

hey,if he don’t speak whatever, how did the star fler know he is what he tried to proove he is? gasing? i mean guessing?
surelah he showed his student card. verifylah.
jangan fikir readers bangang, readers bengang.

Chan said...

I wonder how his lawyer Badrul Hisham Abdullah communicated with him. Could it be possible that his lawyer knows Iraqi? Do we have Iraqi interpreters in Nibong Tebal Magistrates Court?

By the way this news was picked up by the Star from "Bernama" without any changes. So Bernama's quality of journalism is just as good or as bad!

Farid Ravi said...

It is not surprising that USM graduates will not understand English or BM. RTM has helped them to watch the 8pm news in sign language.

What would our Education Minister say on this matter?

The Iraqi guys will continue come here on student pass to impregnate the malay girls with iraqi genes/dna, maybe this is a way to memperkasakan bangsa melayu?

ayep sepa_ sarawak said...

hahahahahaha.. how lah? want to do DOCTORATE but unable to speak or understand english.. "..mi no spik england.." hahahahahahaha.. i wonder how he even enrolled into the univ? anyway, this is malaysia.. sure can!!!

Anonymous said...

University Saifool malaya

Anonymous said...

Maybe Saddam hussein is teaching inside.

And he is working on the engineering for the new scuds with chemical ali

Anonymous said...


So you think you are fast ah? I tell you before you had this idea of tokkok, The Star is already doing it, so now the Star tokkok, nothing new la. It is the original official tokkok media la.

never heard of doctorate terbang? Money can buy anything these days. No need to know English or BM, just kow tim, woosh, tomorrow become Dr la. If I need to remind you, this is Boleh Land.

have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

It beats me! A doctorate student doing electronic engineering do not understand english?You mean USM do accept Iraqi electronic engineering course student.The thesis paper then must be in Iraqi language and USM engaged lecturers proficient in Iraqi language just for this guy?

Anonymous said...

aiiya... him no speekee englund no malaise no thing just$$ court no action laaa..same same maa..poleas no action la .. judge still in lala land.. aiyaaahh wtf laaa..peace to you brothers piss to you all..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I would not be surprise if there is some cover up for something not done right. Just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Government pathologist Dr Shahidan Mohd Noor is now singing the same tune that Teoh Being Hock's death is 'suicide'. Before that Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim and Dr Prashant Naresh Samberkar sang a duet to try to convince the public of suicide. What is it with all these government doctors?

Don't they have any professionalism and self-respect left? Can their ethics and soul be bought for money and the promise of promotion? The general public knows that suicide is just not credible under the circumstances so stop treating the public like fools.

The MACC should also beware that a verdict of suicide will be the hammer that will smash forever their credibility in the eyes of the public.

Shiok Guy said...

I google about PHD courses in New Zealand, Australia, US and UK. I did not see or read anything about doing a PHD in your own language, Iraqi or BM or anything else.

Unless you are doing a PHD in a foreign language courses. For example in Canterbury University, New Zealand, you can do a PHD in Chinese or Moari Language or Literature. Not Engineering, and it has to be in the language of teaching in that particular University.

Something fishy is boiling in USM!!

Shiok Guy

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat...

Doing a PhD don't need anyone to understand English or Bahasa malaysia onelah..

I know of 2 person who got a Phd in Education overnight by Postal services.

They are Kee Keon Chuan and Wong Chee Meng. Everyone addresses both of them as doctors and both happens to be brothers in law doing some kindi business. If you asked them about their doctorate they will talk about something else!

Like than also can mah!

Anonymous said...

Who approved his studies here?

Only monkeys gets bananas...!!!

Anonymous said...

pls read Malaysian-Unplugged about an
untrusted mentri's thesis 'anti-ISA' got him a phd BUT now he's pro-ISA !!

Anonymous said...

USM pls speak up, don't shame shame Penang! as for STAR, don't u read Niamah? Clarify!

Anonymous said...

U see, they come and later they become legitimate malaysian muslims. With the in-bound indon, malaysia will eventually outnumber Indonesia to become the world's largest muslim population. This is the Boleh spirit of 1-M.

Zeroed said...

Uncle Patrick....Keong Hee Huat Chai!!

1st of all, I don't buy Star paper anymore...only real free online for other essential non-political news.

2nd-ly...that Iranian dude probably stalling his offence and trying to figure out how to get of of this shitty situation.

After all, considering that The Bolehland is a 'very very flexible' country, he's trying to figure out how he can bribe his way out of this. Don't The Bolehland is an islamic country, although, the constitution suggest that it's a secular country?!...ok...ok...the point is that that Iranian dude is trying to used the "Islam Brotherhood...." thingy to see if he can get off the hook.

I don't honestly believe that works...u see The Bolehland is all about Ka-Ching!!!!$$$$$$$ If you ever get to be in cahoot with some of those Datuk buggers for some gomen "con-track", entertaining them in some night club...u'd know what I mean.

Alas....sien lah....same shit, different day!!

Ultimately, it's all bout the kaa-ser!!!

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE ALL WRONG! remember not too long ago, there was this plagiarism case involving PhD students and university professor, and our learned deputy chief minister of Penang; Ramasamy, said what you see is just a tip of an iceberg, so in order for this guy to complete his PhD, he doesn't need to learn any foreign language, just copy and paste. No?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You are one bloody Niamah to think a PhD thesis has to be in English or Malay. Oh ... just in case your tiny brain still cannot comprehend this, a PhD student don't need to attend classes, so he doesn't give a shit even if the university teach in Iraqi.

Niamah to a Pea Brain and that means you.

My reply to Mr Anonymous.......

Foreign applicant who has undertaken a course study at any Institution of Higher Learning in Malaysia must submit a letter of confirmation of study from the Institution concerned stating the completion of study, addressed to the Director of Immigration, Penang, Malaysia.
The University may administer a Diagnostic Test and, where applicable, a student may be required to attend remedial English classes. Applicant who is unable to meet this minimum standard may be required to withdraw from the programme concerned.
When evidence of English Language proficiency is required by a degree programme, please enclose the relevant certificate (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, etc) as proof of such proficiency. Foreign candidates applying for degree programmes in Medicine must have a TOEFL score of at least 550 or IELTS score of 6. A student who does not meet the minimum requirement has to attend Intensive English course conducted by the Centre for Language and Translation, Universiti Sains Malaysia.
Kindly send the Application Form with the relevant documents to:
Institute of Postgraduate Studies
Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800 Penang

*Language Requirements
• The Bahasa Malaysia 1 (LKM 100) course is compulsory for all foreign students and must be taken
and passed prior to graduation. The required passing grade is C+. Registration for this course
can be made at the School of Languages, Literacies and Translation at the University.
A TOEFL score of 550/ IELTS 6.0/ grade in other equivalent examinations may be required for
certain programmes.

Registration for all pre-requisite courses (where applicable), other than LKM 100, must be
completed within the first week of the first semester.
The registration form IPS/HEP - 05 for pre-requisite courses is available at IPS.

So FxxK You Niamah kaw kaw for hitting uncle Pat. Do your homework 1st Pucker

k4kenny said...

In Boleh-land, we support anything that is if you are a Muslim or come from a Muslim country..........EVEN IF YOU ARE A TERRORIST. We can fly you back for free too when you are dead fighting as a terrorist in other country. So, what is the fuss when an Iraqi like this moron who committed a crime go unpunished just because he cannot speak/understand some languages in court??? FCUK OFF!

the traveller said...

For some people here: the language of Iraqis is arabic not Iraqi. That's like saying Mexican speak Mexican instead of Spanish. If you want to poke fun of people make sure you know your facts first.

Anyway, in the States, there are a lot of postgraduate students from China, Iraq, Iran or South Korea who couldn't really converse nor understand english well. But they are here and doing their studies. It's intriguing to see that despite the lack of understanding in english, they are able to conduct their research and finish their studies because they understand their materials, i.e concepts, something that most malaysian students don't.

I've met a lot of Iraqi aerospace engineering students here in Texas. Some are not good in English at all but they are good in their studies. Considering they came from a war-torn country,it's really demeaning to be making fun of these students. Anyway, you don't really need english to know how to derive equations.

takut takut said...

Rosmah's statements like 'I like to have friends unlike Datuk Najib', 'if he is angry, there is no forgiveness for you', and 'if he stomped his feet, I will shudder' hardly paint a flattering picture for someone who is trying very hard to portray himself as a caring and sensitive PM of the people.

If anything, it strongly suggests that Najib puts up a public persona which is different to his own real personality.

"If he is angry, there is no forgiveness for you". This sentence sounds fishy. Like a warning to everyone. To whom, eh?

"If he is angry, there is no forgiveness for you." Goes to show you how some leaders lead by example. Others lead by fear.

Employer said...

When there is no clarification from USM, one would suspect that there is a lot of funny things happening in that university.

Maybe USM undergraduates can say something to 'defend' your university. Otherwise your USM degree will be viewed as no value in the eyes of employers like me.

LC Teh said...

Who says you need to know English or BM? All you need to speak is in RM!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear traveller

You better understand what you have written in English. Not good in English is not the same as not knowing English. This is the first mistake you made........

You don't need English or BM for uni. This is true if he is in Iraq, so what the hell is he doing in USM ? A PhD is no more than just writing equations is just too simplistic.....,or is this what your concept of PhD in USM is ? If it is ,it seems to coincide with mine !

I presume you are on a scholarship bcos you know your concepts while most malaysians don't. Hahaha....

k4kenny said...

To ALL who think that knowing and speaking English are not important but what the hell you are doing PhD and what kind of PhD holder you gonna be by not knowing the universal language??? FCUK OFF. It's that simple.

To those who defended the Iraqi - it's the crime I'M TALKING ABOUT HERE. Has it been made known to the world that a crime (incl. being a terrorist) does not pay when you are in boleh-land??? Again, FCUK OFF!!!

Anonymous said...

Bad filename or command error, cannot compute - Phd and no speaky the english???

It must be one of those Permenant Head Damage, Phd course offered laa.


Anonymous said...

He speak Mandarin and second language is Hohein lah. Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

We have to study BM (even though we know it has no commercial value outside Bolehland) to gain entry in local U.

Now we see someone who cannot understand BM doing his PhD at USM.

Don't you think the Ministry of Education has cheated us all this while?

We need some explanation!

Anonymous said...

This is totally ridiculous. Do not understand English & B.Malaysia and yet he is taking his doctorate. Impossible, totally impossible. How could you survive in Malaysia not understanding either of it, play dumb all the time!!!
Someone need to check USM out and see what the heck are they doing, playing ping-pong!!!

Anonymous said...

This guy will marry a malay girl (from USM?) and then become a bumiputera.

No question asked if he is a pendatang.

Anonymous said...

Iraqi sperm fertized with a malay egg will make a Perkasa race.

That's why he is here.

Anonymous said...

nia ma

Chan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

quote Anonimous - "You obviously 'is' not a PhD graduate...."

The correct sentence shold be "You ARE obviously not a PhD holder."

The argument here is not whether he did his PhD in english or not laaa. On the same page, do you think it would be easy to execute and complete a PhD minus the knowledge of english?

Anyway, they found out that this iraqi has english written journal after claiming he no speaky the english. This fler is simply trying to evade his responsibility laaa.


Anonymous said...

The word 'ketuanan', just like the word 'slavery', undoubtedly has negative connotations. There are no two ways about it.

Why can't Malaysians fight for ketuanan rakyat Malaysia? What is 1Malaysia for if we can't accept all Malaysians as equals? Change must prevail. We let BN rule for 50 years why it can't be fair and let the opposition rule for a change? If they fail, then we'll boot them out. The power of the nation lies in the hand of the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

where can i buy a simple cheap PhD for my promotion pls !!??

nstman said...

USM teaches in sign language. So you dont need English, malay, or whatever. After all USM is one of the best universities in the world, from the bottom, that is. Tiuniamah ka sifat.

Anonymous said...

Go to USM if you cannot pass your BM in SPM or STPM.

Nerina said...

How come no clarification from The Star or USM on this matter?

Baarger said...

Anonymous 8:19PM, you're also a baarger. There is no such language as Iraqi. Iraqi citizens speak Arabic, Persian (Farsi), Kurdish etc but never Iraqi. So don't try to act so pandai when everyone has more to learn no matter how much knowledge he has acquired.