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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

This is really funny!

The Star's street edition today features a very funny headline. Did you see it?


Hahahahaha....that is sooooo funny. I am really glad that there are some mainstream media editors who still have a sense of humour.

Sodomy starts? I thought we'd been f**ked up the ass from 25 years ago. No ah? :-)

Now for something really funny but GOOD funny go get details HERE.



Anonymous said...

Star being BN vehicle emphazied "Sodomy" as if Anwar has been guilty before trial.

Anonymous said...

I hope the won't ISAed the reporters who reported the PM aide comments on Indians and Chinese.

Otherwise, we are really Niamahed by 1Whatever-they-want-to-call-it.

najib manaukau said...

To begin with I must make it clear I am not a supporter of Umno or BN but I am of the opinion that AI is guilty of the crime he is charged with.
Why would AI take his 'coffee boy' to so many foreign countries ? Could not AI make his own coffee ?
Either the 'coffee boy' has a skill that no one else has or the 'coffee' boy can offer something that very few people can ! AI for so long, even until very recently, tried very hard to delay the trial that he claims he is not guilty of. Why ? Just wait and see what else he will do in order to delay the trial.
I think this is a good time to look for a real leader (there are many good and capable leader out there other than the mad dog LKS. This mad dog will never ever command the respect of the majority, in fact he looks like a crook and I am positively sure he does not represent the Chinese well at all.
If they wish to kick the Umno bastards out of their places in the next GE. There is still time to do so before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

sodomy ....oops 'sotong-mee'... pat,
ur steamboat shops got sell ah ???

Star No More said...

The Star has certainly lost all credibility. Very pathetic!

I have been saving RM0.20 each day as I now switched to read Oriental Daily (only RM1) which is not biased. In a way I can alos improve my mandarin and to retain my heritage/legacy.

Anonymous said...

najib manaukau

I wonder if you look like a crook yourself.

Maybe after you drink coffee made by saiful you can also 'Plug & Play'...

I don't care how LKS look like, at least he does not use C4 to blow a person up.

kopi kaw kaw said...

najib manaukau

I wonder if you look like a crook yourself.

Maybe after you drink coffee made by saiful you can also 'Plug & Play'...

I don't care how LKS look like, at least he does not use C4 to blow a person up.

char said...

I'm not fond of AI either.
But really, a young man being forced by an old man into sex?
Isn't AI about 60 or so?
Was there thunder and lightning?
Did a glass break or a jug of milk fall to the floor?
Did he rip off his sari?
They couldn't come up with something better to nail him on so they do a sequel?
Come on. Show a little imagination.

ktteokt said...

It should read "SODOMEE IS NOW SERVED"!

Anonymous said...

that chinaman is dying for his tan sri title.

and on sundays he stand behind the pulpit teaching us how to live our lifes for God. Uh. Hypocrisy defined, no?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, Anwar has been exposed to radiation & turn himself into Incredible Hulk, raping Saiful. Hahahaha.....

Those who believes Anwar is guilty are idoits indeed

Shamsul Yunos said...

I do wonder why Anwar thinks the 'fabricated' evidence would embarrass him or his family

since when is a lie told about you embarrassing

read it

Anonymous said...


That's Malaysian politics for you...


Nagobonar said...

at least it opened our mind to start pondering on the title itsself...I like it

Anonymous said...

I see a person who carries "najib .." as pseudonym is a great supporter of the named person. I see a person who does not see LKS as a "gentleman-politician" is a blind and deaf, pity ...
Is najib manaukau in favor of corruptions at the expense of the tax payers'?? Wake up! Mana Kau?

Anonymous said...

I hv not been buying STAR daily as i used to be. I find the nation news is getting biased each day. In Penang, BN components get all the boost and whatever bad comments on the state govt is very much highlighted. We don't get to read on STAR a lot of good things the state govt has done for the people. Well, many Penangites are bilingual, the people are well informed thru' other papers. STAR might be boycotted one day if he went overboard. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Star Newspaper I have are recycled from my wifey's office, for light reading and most importantly , used for my doggie to pee or poo on. Hee hee. Cakap benar punya lah. Or yes and maybe RM4 per bakul for the sau kow poh chee man


Anonymous said...

what to do lah... circulation dropped like crazy.

should use this instead.


Anonymous said...

najib manaukau is an idiot!!! FUCK U BIG TIME!!!!


charleskiwi said...

To all those who called Najib Manaukau names and even offered to fuck him big time!
That is typical of a DAP members !
You guys must be DAP members who misbehaved yourselves after DAP won the election in Selangor in 1963. You forgot DAP never got the chance to rule for a single day, have you forgotten it was because of hooligans like you to have caused that and if you aspire people to vote for LKS, his look does matter very much.The look of a person is a reflection of his personality, isn't that what the Chinese believe unless you are not a Chinese.
After all Najib Manaukau is not the one who is looking for votes and his look does not matter at all. In fact his vote is needed regardless of how he looks. Got it !

lomu said...

charleskiwi should migrate to NZ and fcuk the kiwi birds to enlarge its population.

wyswyg said...

One reason I do not read The Star was that all the news published were no longer fresh when you can read the altest on the internet.

RM1.20 a copy = RM36 a month = RM432 a year.

I could use the money to pamper myself with an XO in Christmas.

charleskiwi said...

To Lomu,

You must be a member of DAP.
A bloody disgrace to the Malaysian Chinese, you only know how to 'fuck' those who disagree with you.
What do you do if I have indeed immigrated to NZ though not at your suggestion. My training tells mw that you are a frustrated failure in life and is taking out your frustration on everyone who disagree with you. May be you should make an appointment with me to look your problems and frustrations but there is sure cure to have your problems solved.
A sure way is to bang your head to pieces and leave this world a better place for all in it.

Anonymous said...

Talking about being FUCK , just kena FUCK 406 times as I went to pay my Quiet Rent at the MBI, they are the expert Fucker and this Guy Anwar is suppose to have fuck once and he is saying very pain lah come to Ipoh you will get FUCKED every year 365 days Really Really Painful lah maybe I go court and sue them.

Si Capik said...

I think charleskiwi has been 'trained' (not educated), [note that animals are trained, human beings are educated] to associate DAP as anti-malay through brain-washing programs like btn.

It is rather pathetic for him to associate DAP with Malaysian Chinese since DAP is open all races. His 'training' has made him stereotyping people.

Maybe he and Lomu is the same person? He possibly secara sengaja created the debate to satisfy his ego.

I hope charleskiwi do not anyhow bash people just because he has been 'trained'.

Anonymous said...

To charleskiwi

opposition parties like DAP exist because of the 'kepincangan' of BN.

we should appreciate them, else how could najib ever think of (engaging APCO to devise) NKRA and KPI?