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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another load of crock!

This is by far the strangest comment I received in response to my blog post "What a load of Crock". Very disturbing indeed how some people reason.

"i think you are the one that need to check your pulse to see which country you are living in, or waht rhetoric and perception you want to believe. This country and govt has been so goood to you all these years (know you don't agree but one peaceful nite just close your eyes, with adam in your thoughts.. go back to the first memory you can remember and step by step think of all the phases in your life. then quietly conclude whether this is a blissful place or hell on earth .).. For some people the grass is always greener on the other side.... until they are actually on the other side... So disappointed in you patrick... I used to muse and enjoy your radio i found it very thought provoking... but now you are just extreme....for the sake of being extreme.....Full of anger..."

Don't get me wrong, guys. I am not upset or angry about the comment. And the person has every right to disagree with what I say. It's just that I found it ...... well strange. Hee hee hee.



Anti-AMPUbodek said...

Methinks there is room for dissent, a sign of maturity. Bodek (errgh..the word is so yucky but so to-the-point and so base and very below the belt and down..there..!)ampu (polish pisang, sini mane ada epal); kowtau and so on are human frailties that have got many people undeserved rewards. So once in a while we get people who have no truck with such vices and so brani to call a spade a big bloody SPADE and to that I say blaaarrdy GUT ja!

Capone said...


nabila said...

well..there's nothing strange in this comment..
it's just another person who has different view with u..that's all..

be friend with ur enemy coz they can make u a better person..

u cannot expect some1 to support u all the sure u are a good blogger..
accept it or ignore it..

agnos said...

u r right. this guy/gal is indeed strange. dont knw wht he/she is currently high on...try to sound like he/she knws but in actual fact this are the people who has never step out of their kampung before...

Anonymous said...

the writer is correct. Becos he is comparing Msia with Zimbabwe or maybe Uganda.

Of cos we can hv the best in food and festive celebrations, something unseen in other parts of the world. We can still watch our favorite movies online, download some crap, read some niamah stories every now n then.

So why worry about the amount of money flushed down the drain and flows into the pockets of cronies? Why worry if our children gets laod of crap in form of 3/4 education and unemployable degree dished out by some stupid Unis?

As long as we can use our highly inflated piece of crap junk called Proton and pay tolls and get to touch the hands of sexy cashiers, shld be good enough for us.

Yea, I think PT is writing crap! We are still better than Zimbabwe! Tak suka, boleh pi duduk kat Zimbabwe.


p/s : passed by DV @ Imbi last Sunday. Will be bringing my group of friends to try it out this Sunday during lunch. Got special Discount for niamah fan?

tupingera said...

"you are just extreme....for the sake of being extreme.....Full of anger..."

Well, if you're an extremist then Tiger Woods must be a celibate.

Cynthia said...

Every citizen of a country has the right to:
- EQUAL citizenship
- EQUAL civil rights
- EQUAL opportunities
- EQUAL responsibilities
- EQUAL voice

All human beings are EQUAL.

We do not have to be grateful to a government for good governance. They are public servants who have chosen to serve the people with altruistic intentions. They have taken an oath to create policies for the betterment of its citizens.

Am I so demanding?

Cal said...

Haha... yes... the grass is always greener on the other side. And yes, we Malaysians are much better off than many other people, esp when you have seen/experienced life in harder places.

But in the end, it's just a comparison game. Do we want to compare ourselves with Nigeria, Haiti or North Korea? Or do we aspire to achieve the best by comparing with other developed nations?

Anyway... I always enjoy reading Niamah!!!

Anonymous said...

I am not speaking up in defense of Patrick and neither does he need anyone to, but any citizen with an ounce of common sense and common decency should and must speak out against inefficient, ineffective, incompetent and corrupt officials governing our everyday lives. The "blissful place" may hold some truth but that is purely geographical but the "hell on earth" is man made unless of course if you happen to be an umnoputra in which case you might argue that this place is indeed heaven on earth.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have the IP number Pat.

Anonymous said...

No worries Patrick. There are always some who still *thinks* that 1Malaysia is still what it used to be. The magic of Malaysia is long gone. It's now 1Malaysia era. These people haven't awaken. I'm writing from down-under and yes, the grass is greener here. :)

Anonymous said...

Yep,the Government especially under that Mamak was gooood to me that I left forever. This fella soundshlike onehof the three blind guys trying to describe an elephant. It looks like he also got hold of the tail. If he is not careful that government elephant will shit on him. Then he can tell us if feels sooo gooood!

amoker said...

Sounds like a threat to me. Check your pulse ... be happy you can sleep .. with adam.

Scarrying bloggers perhaps?

Jestmelah said...

hi pat, no u r not extreme, u r just concerned about our mommies. otherwsie, u would say "nia-pa!".

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh Patrick,

nothing strange. the guy has been paid by UMNO/BN lah.

These are paid bloggers...banyaklah macam parpukari (always fighting with Khairy jamaluddin). They are like kids....tak mantang lah...satu kera dan satu kari.


kl said...

yeah, we should all cover our eyes and ears so we don't see or hear about the injustices and corruption running rampant. Afterall, as long as we got enough to eat we shouldn't complaint? Let our betters take as much as they want - the oil revenue is everlasting...or is it?

Anonymous said...

He is correct in a certain way mah.Malaysia is still better than many places in this world.Like African countries and cetain places in South America!That's a fact and cant be denied.However,if you want to imagine to be top notched nation, then sorry lah!Better balik kampong and see how the poor really suffers.

Anonymous said...

The commentator was raised on the shit that is BTN brain washing propaganda.

He/she shows the similar characteristics of the Nazi torturers at their concentration/extermination camps who got offended when the victim under torture screams.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick,

You are so popular and famous that even UMNO-paid Internet-crawlers are beginning to follow your blog.

What anger, what extreme? I read your blog for FUN and HUMOUR Sorry, I don't take your entries too SERIOUSLY but I enjoyed them - it's always makes me SMILE/LAUGH.


wandererAUS said...

Another typical Ketuanan UMNO Melayu, who thinks the whole world owes them a living!!
Do I need to be grateful because I am a Malasian...NO!

Not Charlie Oscar said...

It takes people like Patrick to be honest enough to highlight the amusing antics of our politicians. The birth of internet (and blog) is a gift from God as the mainstram press have been (lately) misleading us with propaganda especially after losing the 2/3 majority in the parliment. We need voices of reason to check the unhealthy trend of so-called wakil rakyat talking cock for self-preservation and self-interest. I think things were not as bad when Patrick was a DJ on RTM. Blogs like Niamah provides a mirror for those 'jokers' to do self-examination. I hope that respondent to Niamah blog could also do some self-assessment.

David said...

I think that anonymous poster is simply a stout supporter of Najib or somehow also thinks that 1Malaysia has been a very successful concept. More likely he/she is just denying for the sake of denying - since the grass is always greener on the other side... does he/she want to come to our side?

The moment I read what Najib said in comparison of 1Malaysia and Middle Malaysia, I had almost the exact same reaction as you Patrick. I too was baffled as to where our PM got his information on the "success" of his 1Malaysia propaganda.

Anonymous said...

This is very obviously what BTN had done to their mind all this year.

First, Govt being good to the rakyat is something what they should do. But not something we should thankful in return. Remember we pay them to work for us. You would yell at the restaurant manager if the waiter did not serve the way he should be. But what is this felle thinking is we should thank in tears if the waiter help to pick up the spoon we dropped.

Second, his definition on good is so low class. Like go and tell your wife, I treat you so good, that you got rice to eat and cloth to wear everyday. If you feel how nice that our neighbor wife has an extra slice of bread as supper, then you can just leave this house and go next door to be his second wife.

had I put it easier for him to understand?

Anonymous said...


You really cannot blame the commentator because he is probably a "katak di-bawah tempurung". If you have never been out of the 1Malaysia tempurung, I guess the grass is always green in the 1tempurung.

Rosalyn said...

yeah the comment is indeed strange! very funny oso. heeeehehehehe. i really enjoy reading your blog. keep up the good work, angry or not.

Anonymous said...

Patrick why do you have to put up with all the shit in Bolehland, get the hell out of there very soon Bolehland will be a fail state in a few years when it become a net importer of oil and you might have to distribute your wealth to the unemployed graduate capable of doing nothing and blaming you and your forefather

Anonymous said...

Think bout Adam in your sleep?? Funny.
I do agree that Malaysia is indeed not a bad place to be in, given the fact that I am in UK, and dislike it here.
But, we can't deny, Malaysia does constantly put itself in a very foolish position, with all the dramas and scenes. However, I think it is very amusing and entertaining actually, to us, Malaysians, and most probably, to the world.No?
And for you, Patrick, to write it out, I don't see what's wrong with it. No?
This whoever, if he/she thinks it is too thought provoking, then, well, just freaking STOP READING!

Joe said...

Some comments here are even stranger than Strange Person's. Despite having stated in BIG, RED letters that it's ok for others to have a different opinion, someone actually gives unsolicited advice like, 'accept it or ignore it'. And that's only a mildly stupid - oops, strange one.

No, really, Patrick. Why are you still here?

A Bookaholic said...

Seriously, after reading that comment, I don't know to laugh or cry man! Sigggh....Ok, I decided to sigh instead :P

Anonymous said...

the grass is already getting greener here in Penang. Won't you think what will happen if every other state followed suit? We can turn this country's deficit into a surplus!!! Penang already did it, as for the rest of Malaysia... can or not?

Anonymous said...

LOL, stupid has comment.

Anonymous said...

Think of Adam growing up learning BM... noooooo.. change to english.... nooooo change back to BM. :)

Anonymous said...

i prefer to think of Eve in my sleep !

1 Malay-sia(L) said...

hi idris,
many of us can use some extra marnee-lah, expecially the way "they" spend our marnee...

ade lobang ke?

Anonymous said...

I think that writer has a point la.I mean look at what the government has been giving us all these years of independence.Look at the poor undeveloped rural areas,the poor underdeveloped states in East Malaysia, the chasm between the rich and poor Malaysians and I mean Malaysians, the super efficient up education system(I mean where else can you find one that changes every other year with lots of fine sounding terms for grading).
Of course I love what my country has given us,you know no worries about how I am going to finance my kids education because I am not entitled to government scholarships,handouts discounts etc because I am of some category of citizen.
Naah.. Patrick the writer is right cos the government has brought our country to such heights that you ,me and our families can compare ourselves to those countries like that small dot Zimbabwe and those green pastures in others that do not have 1Malaysia,excellent laws to uphold the rights of some people,submarines to protect our land and tons of exclusive public universities to educate our masses,our protected rights to freedom of expression free and unbiased press, and need I go on Patrick?And before I forget continue to support those fellow Malaysians financially because after half a century of independence from those evil colonials still cannot bring themselves to work themselves to death like some of the immigrants that came here earlier you know.
Yes I think Patrick my son..I think you ,me and others should really appreciate what the government has done to our country and people like that writer.

Totally And Submissive Bovine

Patricia said...

Hey Patrick,

Just to give myself some perspective, I went and read your previous post again. And I think the coin dropped - for me - because I thought it odd, too, the comment.

My parents were like that. We couldn't 'condemn' (their word) the government, or the PM or people in charge. It just wasn't done.

And like the comment-er says:'... this country has been so goood to you...' so how can you complain.

It is people like that who keep things the way they are. Never feeling that even if things are 'good', they can be better. And that it is up to us to try to make it so.

My parents voted BN at every election. No changing their minds. And don't talk about 'opposition' - what you want all hell to break lose?

I think we need young minds to realise that it is not enough to settle. And it is not enough to accept that things are ok lah, because don't we have jobs, a house, etc.?

We need to understand that speaking out against wrongs, or injustices, and feeling the need to make things better for ourselves and those who come after us - that's not being 'ungrateful' or 'anti-government'.

That's called loving the country you live in, and wanting to be a part of the change to make it a better place.

wongsy said...

You know what Pat, i seriously think that this guy or whatever, is a direct end result of a leaking condom!! Honestly!!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Umno that not so long ago was accusing Anwar of being supported by the US and that he was a spy? The real crime here is the amount of money that the PM is spending to pay APCO to promote his sloganeering, and that he is paying a company from another country to do it, and the said company has ties to Israel.

How can they possibly justify punishing the opposition leader for saying what he has said when they are guilty on so many levels.

Shouldn't Najib be referred to the privilege committee if the Kelantan oil issue of three nautical miles is not true? This is more meaningful than this 1Isreal or 1Malaysia where the people of Kelantan were badly treated by federal government.

Usamae Baen Laidaen said...

hi unc pat..

yeah.. u shdnt be angry or wat.. u shd be thankful instead..

if ur blog is without such joker giving out such GREAT jokes, i think ur Niamah!!! wont b whr it is now..

i salute this 1Malaysia joker. and i salute Niamah!!! to the max..

and btw, i wonder how much did the govt paid him to be a Niamah!!! joker.. =)

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is people like this make up the majority overall, hence our current situation

Anonymous said...

4 weddings and a Funeral (ie 1Malaysia)?? Malaysian newspapers are just a joke really - never fails to cheer me up!!

Anonymous said...

It is half empty of half full. Whilst PT is stating and alerting us to the obvious.

There are some who still hold on to their views that everything is fine and dandy. BUT the fact of the matter is that we have gone retro and laggard in so many aspects.

Not unlike frogs in boiling water. It does not react and just assimilates and endures the ever increasing heat and eventually fatal outcome. Lest we resign to the fate as the frogs, we must be aware to change and want to change... for the better

Anonymous said...

The grass is actually much better on the other side. It is greener and also juicier and for an old cow like me a bit long in the tooth, believe me, it is also more tender. I am beginning to wonder why there are not many people clever like me here where I am, munching on the sweet grass, smelling the roses and admiring the twinkling stars at night not having to worry which umno polly is growing fat at my expense.

So my bro Pat, pass my message to that ass.ole that there is really a heaven on earth, though this heaven is not up above but down below.

Malaysia though not yet hell, is surely on it's way there. The fire has already being lit and umno is fanning it well.

Anonymous said...

This bum is like a doctor who puts his finger up the as.hole and says it's the mouth.

johnnie L said...

I think that guy must be someone who has benefited from the other side.(must have lots of contracts sure la say is good)
that is why he talk so highly on the 1government. but he is missing the whole point. we are talking about the country as a whole where the common rakyat have been Neglected and mistreated. I will not be surprise if he is one of umno's cyber troop.

Anonymous said...

This is moronic comment by a typical melayu katak UMNO who thinks that Malaysia is the best country in the world to live in and those non-melayu should be very grateful of what they've got here. Sorry lah katak, this country is on its verge to becoming Zimbawe soon if more katak to jump out from tempurong and bark like a dog like you.

Teoh Nia Sing

Anonymous said...

We're not demanding, it's our rights to be treated as equals. Why is there this 'ketuanan' things whn all our ancestors worked hard to toil the land? all races, majority, minority or pribumis deserved to be treated equally! NO one race shd be deemed to be on a pedestal as compared with othr races.

Also, look at how SG has progressed since the 80s!
Shame on us, M'sia has more land, resources, but we pale in comparison bcz of the BRAIN DRAIN, no thanks to the KETUANAN thingie!

For a start to both BN and Pakatan, can u guys at least (for this decade), make KL or Penang (GE Lim, take note!) to be like SG (thn move on to othr towns/cities? I believe it is possible, but first, let's get rid of the frogs and crooks!


Anonymous said...

Niamah smelly crab!!!!


Check this out, im sure many of you hv read this oredi:

~ ROAR ~

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

Well, what i can just say is look elsewhere to stay.. Dun stay here in this so called deepsh*t coz you're a bunch of loosers and ungreatful people..

Have to agree that people have their flaws, including politicians. And that doesn't exclude those know-nothing-so-called-people-leaders PKR. Similar to BN or any other party that PKR is against, not all group of people privilage from their so called administration.

Have promises been fulfilled? Have people stop complaining? Have rulers congratulate them on what they've done? NO TO ALL QUESTIONS!!

So, don't expect overnight changes. Be greatful to what you have. If you want changes? Start with yourself...!

Anonymous said...

Bro, hes trying to provoke without facts
Amno memang tak boleh lah, rasuah boleh lah kot

Zeroed said...

Aiyoo....Uncle patrick arr...people say u low moh already lah...kap seow bay theng. Non chu kong wah...So...aun chua?! Mai kwai ee lah...boh chiak bak kut teh eh lang see eneh khuan eh la.

"This country and govt has been so good to YOU ALL these years...". What "You All"?! Unless u're foreigner (to which u should instantaneously shut your pile hole up), the proper phrase for u to use is "WE ALL"!!! Like I always say, another Self-Proclaim-Syok-Sendiri-Tuan making a statement from his arse again issit?!

Eh...there's a sound reason why the Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah decided not to attend that inaugural national gathering. Wise Sultan, I say. Racial discord should be eliminated all together before our beloved country can ever stand a change to progress.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree that it is a peaceful land especially when I have to kowtow to the powers that be that says black is white and so forth AND so long as I kept my head down and don't look them in the eye. It's alright to take money out of my pockets so to speak and give to the so called 'deserving' because the powers that be says so and I SHOULD be happy living in this so called bertuah land where I am considered not a 1st class citizen and an 'anginputra' as opposed to a 'bumiputra' maybe because my dad caught me in mid air as I came out crying out of my mum 50 years ago! Sarcastic and full of 'angst' (READ: not anger) better believe it, NUMBNUTS! Time to take out the garbage..oh peacefully of course! ROTFLMAO!

Anonymous said...

Actually the grass is indeed greener on the other side... or for me...the grass way down south. Here I am... enjoying my 100MB cable broadband at home, thinking of filling my income tax but just realised that I do not have to do anything (not even clicking submit online) if my tax relief did not change since last year and my employer submits my income online.

Anonymous said...

"one peaceful nite just close your eyes, with adam in your thoughts.. go back to the first memory you can remember and step by step think of all the phases in your life. then quietly conclude whether this is a blissful place or hell on earth"

Do not feel threaten, else you will be ISA'ed to get you protected.

Anonymous said...

Irrespective of all the Niamah's fanboys and fangirls this person had it nailed about you. The one who is a load full of crock is you.

You got too arrogant when you were on top of the world and your mouth got the better of you. Now you spew acid from your blog.

I agree with that person. You have gone extreme .. and it's just to be extreme for the sake of extreme and anger to the world at large for dislodging from the top.

The grass will be always greener on the other side for you. Your tunnel vision and twisted mind now only look at situations to satisfy your need to 'hit back' for the perceived past 'injustices' (been kicked out from TV3) inflicted upon you.

The 'Voice of Malaysia' had become the Joker over the years .. very sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Patrick, do not be ashamed or disheartened with it. Let them say whatever they want, I have never disappoint in you. Because we know we are doing what should be done.

This isnt just about you, or me, or us. Neither is about Anwar, LKS, LGE this is about Malaysian!

About us! Everyone, and every child of this country!

Anonymous said...

Try visiting Che Det blog once in a while for a reality check. TDM attracts hundreds of comments from all over but you'd think some are Tg Rambutan current inmates!


the traveller said...

Well everyone's entitled to their own opinions I guess. It's typical UMNO people's mentality that we should always be thankful to the government. Best just ignore these kind of people.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Cynthia's commet. Aren't you fed up with the one-sided, race-based, distorted govt policies?! that penetrated and implemented in basically everything, eg there are quota in attending university, buying houses, doing business, hiring employee....................

Anonymous said...

The grass is greener over the other side of the fence....I checked it out and found it to be true wor. I am of course comparing to countries who were on par with us in most aspects back in the 70s. Now they seem to be better off.

But we all must support 1 Malaysia la. One for bumis and another one for non bumis. This is law ma, it is in the constipation, i mean constitution ma. Dont argue with it. Singed sealed in concrete, well, most times la.

Racism is everywhere la. This i totally agree but in 1 Malaysia, it is legal to be a racist. Check constitution la.

We are truly 1 Kind

Anonymous said...

"you all" means that we must be grateful bcz we are 'beggars'
"we all" give to "you all" because we are the "Tuan" and u must be 'submissive' and be 'thankful' for whatever pittance that is given to us (SEDEKAH) - whatever is left after giving our hard-earned money to "Your Race" and "Your Politicians".

"You all" are the 'immigrants'
"Immigrants' cannot demand, must be thankful for citizenship and 'exploitation' of your hard earned money.

No wonder the pribumis are gonna mengamuk soon bzc they're only given 2 hectars of their own land!!!

Niamah fried crab you TUAN!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ayo! "This country and govt has been so goood to you all these years..." where, how, why would someone say this? Please to whom who wrote this, go around Malaysia to understand and see how the lower income and mid income people are "surviving". Do you think these people who are leaving hand to mouth are having so good? Malaysia is an oil rich country, we see billions of ringgit go into pockets of a few well connected people in Malaysia without benefiting the citizens.

Yes, we Malaysian are now, presently living in a reasonably peaceful and safe country. But please do not take it for granted as the "floor boards" that we live on is reasonably good for now but the foundation of it is rotting and if we do not voice out or do anything to repair it, it will collapse like other countries around us have.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, kicked out from TV3 is a blessing.
All the years I have been observing and learning what is good and what's not, I believe fighting for basic human rights and freedom, to treat everyone equal and nice, to make the world a better place and against destruction of the planet..etc..
And now suddenly somebody come and warn me that I should instead shut up and stop having my own mind, be thankful for whatever reason and be deaf and blind!
I'm not into politic or power but those who greed and thirst for power will do the opposite!
Don't worry Patrick, good that you published those comments and they will be valued by everyone here, and from here we can see who are those in greed of power, or wealth, or simply an idiot.

the traveller said...

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq:

Loosers? Ungreatful? We might be losers but you have loose screws I think. As for being "ungreatful", should you be grateful for such lousy english lessons that you had as evidenced from your writing and spelling? If there's anything that will describe you better it will be confused and convoluted.

Anonymous said...

What is so great about TV3?

So boring with those inferior programs.

Anonymous said...

Pat, this person with more loose screws up in his head is nothing but an ignorant piece of food-stamps (go figure). Here we are competing against the world and this prick is still thinking of how to elbow the next Malaysian. The "you all" comment just shows how shallow (has always been anyway) some people are with our country. Perhaps it is he/or she who should tell us how far ago was his ancestors born in Malaya? Heck, the land prince terminology is just a bunch of hoohah by the government to enrich themselves. As long as people still have the mentality of spoon-feeding (they have a better name for it - NEP), they will never get the respect from other people. When the oil runs out, who the hell is gonna fun your F1 cars, your megaprojects, sport complex in London, longest satay, biggest flag, angkasawan (or astrococonut) and all the stupid apanama projects that is currently enriching a select group of BN-putras (yes, UMNO, MCA, MIC and the whole lot) losers in the country?

And amidst our bickering and injustice to Malaysia-born citizens, other countries in Asia will be so far ahead in human capital, we will be the next wave of illegal workers to clean their toilets and construct their skyscrapers!


Anonymous said...

i know u never agree with the government but sometimes u gotta give credits when credits is due..dont just go around and criticize everything ur eyes lay upon. i mean DAP also screwed up big time in penang,why no comment on that? somehow anyone with power in malaysia are bound to screwed up sooner or later

Anonymous said...

This country have been good to me because our past leaders were good and had served the people and nation adequately. As for the present leaders, they need to begin serving the people. Presently, their actions and statements does not show it.

Talking about grass. No need to look at the other side la ... the grass was greener in the past in Malaysia. If not looked after and checked it will soon be taken over by lalang. Also now the damn cows are eating all the grass lor :))

Anonymous said...

Dude, what DAP screw up in Penang? tell me?

The only thing they did is get rid of the racist quota? and not letting UMNO contractors to get anything?

Anonymous said...

Pui! these barstards is wasting our precious blog space. NOW FUCK off go away and die la.

Anonymous said...

anon 7.30pm,

It's so obvious la weii.. pat loves DAP. Followers here oso like dat. Can see it in their replies what. Hates the current establishment to death. DAP can do no wrong one.


Anonymous said...

Ya lor, Patrick why you always pick on the BN leaders?
Is it bcoz PR leaders can do no wrong or you just bias?
Why every coments that are not support you will be label as Umno or ketuanan things?
For me you're just a racist Chinese for want only Chinese to govern and that's DAP.
Told you before if not satisfied with this shit land than go home to your mainland China and start blogging there, write the same way you wrote about the goverment there and see what will happen to you & your family .

Pukimak Cina racist!
Tiu nimah ka chaohai!

Wang Pu Liao.

Karen said...

definitely a cybertrooper. that or some senile old fart, oR somebody who has just awaken from a decade-long coma

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is not all that bad, but guys, we r an educated lot, we are talking about it could have been BETTER! Seriously, putting race aside, would u like to see ex-MB taking the whole family incl maid to disneyland at the expense of the rakyats'? Would you like to see spending millions for printing inks, would you like to see millions of contract awarded to a RM2 company? Would you like to see allocation disappeared half way before reaching the poor people?People here are voicing out the corruption practices and we have a blogger who is championing such an open forum to provide the feedback to the leaders concerned! What's the fuss? What's the fart?