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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fantastic Facts and Funnies

I found a couple of funnies in The Sun this morning and thought I'd share them with you.

Fantastic fact #1

Home Minister, Hishamuddin says that he and Musa Hassan, the Inspector-General of Police are pals and that there is no rift. This after the now well-known IGP ding-dong that happened a couple of weeks ago.

IGP is quitting.
No!IGP is not quitting.
Okay, he is going to be replaced.

So things led to some rumours that maybe Hisham and the IGP had some sort of falling out. And today in The Sun Hisham says "No rift with IGP. No lah. There is no problem at all." Okay. But that's not the funny. Hisham went on to say that ......

"if the relationship between Musa and him was not close, there was no way the national security forces could reduce crime or move the National Key Results Area (NKRA) as planned".

That's when I went HUH???!!! What the fuck has that got to do with reducing crime and moving the NKRA?

Fantastic Fact #2

The MACC has decided to use the Internet in their public relations efforts. The Chief Commissioner said that this was to garner public cooperation for the MACC's efforts to eradicate corruption. Okay, that's not funny. Well, it is milding amusing to read that from the MACC actually. Anyway, what's funny is that the fler 'called upon' the public to acknowledge all the good work done by the MACC in the past year.

"We succeeded in solving high-profile cases, catching high-profile 'sharks'. Over the past four decades, the MACC has never had a record like we did last year. We caught 22 politicians and charged 14 of them. We have never caught that many high-profile individuals before.

"We also made history by solving 92.6% of the 586 investigation papers we began in a 6-month period," he said, pointing out that such achievements were "forgotten" by the public because of "one incident" - namely the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock, whose inquest is still ongoing."

So what is the guy asking for? A pat on the back? That all of us should genuflect and give thanks just because they are doing the job that they are PAID to do? But this type of attitude is becoming so typically Malaysian isn't it? You pay someone to do a job and we're supposed to be so "grateful" that they are doing it?



ktteokt said...

To them, getting a government job means HIBERNATION time and if they ever work up to work, they are doing a great favour to those paying them, i.e. the taxpayers! Otherwise, why would the judiciary be so STUPID as to hang up the "BUAT KERJA" banners at every courthouse throughout the nation just a short while ago! That was a silent admission by the judiciary that they were HIBERNATING ALL THESE WHILE and had just awaken to DO WORK!

Anonymous said...

Morning Pat,
I check yout blog few times a day to read the interesting Niamah articles and updates. Hope you can post more regularly (I'm sure there are many fantastic facts & funnies everyday given the loads of jokers we have in cabinet).

Anyway, saw this too...

From MT "Datuk Mohamad Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) said “I wish to ask the Malays who had burnt the Utusan Malaysia several weeks ago whether they were aware that their action was most insulting to the Malays."

How about when they use it to wrap nasi lemak, goreng pisang or even use it as 'alas duduk' (imagine the most 'dignified' paper under your butt!!.

About this kerismoodin & PIG, these 2 fler also funny la. But again, how come the PIG didn't take any action or the guy with a mouth from ear to ear also didn't ask PIG to take action. When China Press reported something, kerismoodin jumping up and down like beruk kena belacan.

We need a Pejuang Rakyat Malaysia not any Pejuang Melayu or Chinese SIFU or Indian Guruji.

Anonymous said...

No harm to give a pat on their back if they had done a good job (even though they are paid for). As in corporate world, sometimes a pat on the back is more rewarding than giving out bonus.

But the question is, are they really doing a good job? Out of the 92.6% "solved", are they only targeted to certain group only?

In corporate world, sometimes even though we had done a good job through out the year. But if one thing screw up, it will screw up our whole year performance appraisal or even the career in that company.

Anonymous said...

In ancient China, when King of Lu asked Confucius what he should do to run the country.

Confucius replied the very first thing to do is to appoint a honest and noble person on the top position to run the country and he (the King) must also be honest. Then the rest in the administration will automatically follow suit.

Anonymous said...

What kind of shark le. Ikan bilis also cannot catch.

niakong said...

RE: Fact 1

Okay, let's give him face a bit. Assuming that he is damn right, ie the performance of the PDRM is highly correlated to the relationship with the Home Minister, the very next logical move is to change the latter asap if Malaysians are to have a peace of mind while walking down the streets or go makan angin.

RE: Fact 2

Intelligence can be grouped under two categories; ie HIGH and LOW.

I'm sure everyone has come across this scenario where some workers do nothing but complain, complain and complain year in year out about how much they've done but their bosses never reward them accordingly but yet they stay put. On the other hand, there are those that do their job diligently and queitly, and got recognised accordingly even if the boss happened to be blind. If not, they'll look to somewhere else coz people with substance are always appreciated elsewhere.

No offence, but i would say the former group of workers has LOW intelligence and the latter HIGH.

So, where do that MACC fellow belong to???

Anonymous said...

Utter rubbish as usual!
Mainstream media days are numbered!

Jules said...

Here's a beauty on page 12 of the online Sun ... "In order for the department to overcome the issue (management of strays), the deputy director-general (Datuk Dr Ahmad Suhaimi Omar) gave the option for consideration that whoever wants to consume dogs is permitted to do so." ... Excerpt from a press release by Nur Daliza Dohat, Head of Corporate Communications, Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry (24 March 2010,

Usamae bien Ladiean said...

aiyah.. malaysia BOLEH mah...!!!!

crazyant said...

hah? really meh? what about that toyol's palace and his disneyland trips? pkfz motherfuckers leh? all those mismanagements reported in AG report every year? the list is motherfucking endless in the lass 50 fucking years. niamahai! solve your bloody cibai. where got solve?? go eat shit la... give him a pat? shove a stick up his ass more like it la!!!

Anonymous said...

92% cases solved within a 6-month period? Do cases which end up as No Further Action also considered solved? If like that then I believe la.

Jong said...

Yeah, like the mamakfler used tax-payers' money to fatten himself and his cronies then dropped some crumbs for the kampong Malays and they are supposed to be eternally grateful to him and umno! He kept harping on it for decades, never tell them the NONs contributed the most in Malaysian taxes.

KANASAI said...

That Hisupmoodin always talk without wisdom. It is the duty of the police to fight crime irrespective of their relationship is good or bad with the Minister.God help this moronic guy!Niamah!

Anonymous said...

1.What Najib wants least is additional bagge to carry.It was reported that IGP has huge amount of cash found in his house.Also IGP now 'mo lun yung 'already.
2.ALL in the civil service,include MACC,have the mentality that what they do is a favour for the Rakyat.
So they should be rewarded with gaji and 'kopi duit'.Not happy.Your problem.OK?

Anonymous said...

Go die la!!! From top down. Talk cock 24-7!!

Sorry Mr Teoh. This is all I got to say. MACC dont inspire my cells.

Have a fully-NIAMAH week ahead.


u-en said...

For the sake of balance and objectivity, let me say this:

"Patrick Teoh! you extreme talentless geriatric old fart. Why are you so extreme and arrogant?! Can't you see all the good things the government has done for you and your extremities? Isn't the grass extremely brown on the other side? So brown in fact, as to blind you to all the goodness and peace and wonderfulness that surrounds you when you go to sleep at night and dream extreme, inappropriate and viridian thoughts about the other side's grass? Your arrogance stems from the pathologically extreme need to hit back at perceived "injustices" (i.e. being referred to parenthetically without proper syntax) inflicted on you, redundantly and for no apparent reason. The Voice of Malaysia has become the Joker indeed, which has caused a lot of people to laugh, as this is what jokers do and get paid for."

Okay, that's it. In response to this, I suggest you post the following separately:

"This is a wonderful country. I am so happy to know that I am safe and can sleep soundly and the grass is green. Losmah Manchor so bootifooo. Yes. Truly.


Stormsea7 said...

"if the relationship between Musa and him was not close, there was no way the national security forces could reduce crime or move the National Key Results Area (NKRA) as planned".

You forgotten about the (ISA / Sedation Act / Press and Printing Act / Secret Document Act)?

Anonymous said...

Is PKFZ, Be End politicians and RM60 billion syphoned in Sarawak by the Be End government included in the 96.2%?? Or those are inside the 3.8% being left out to rot in the cabinet?

Anonymous said...

Very funny lah! All the comments & Pat's too....

What they ARE trying to say is....

"Hello.... We deserve more than a pat. We "ARE" the ones that have to do the "dirty" job of "cleaning" your people's "filth".....!!"

Anyway, its their DUTY, DUTY, DUTY, to "serve" the institution they are in. Or have they forgotten their "obligations" to the rakyat on WHY they are there...?????????

92% solved in 6 months is no joke la... (I wonder which & what kinda shark is he referring to..)

Guess we don't need police forces anymore yah...!!

As for our Home & PIG industry..... let's lay back & watch the drama.

ttm said...

Of the 22 politicians, what is the percentage of PR politicians? The 8 not charged, what percentage of them are BN? And does solved include NFAing a case? And who are these "high profile individuals" you speak of? And shame on you to characterize the death of an innocent man in your custody as "one incident". Do you think the family of TBH regard his death as "one incident"?

Y2K said...

Hey Pat,
A new one from today's Star.

Somehow, I fail to see how automatic promotion after a set time can motivate someone to provide the best service. Seems to me, it rewards slackers. After all, if I can do nothing and get promoted, why should I even bother providing any service?

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced Wednesday several incentives for police officers and personnel to motivate them to provide the best service.

The announcement was made when he launched the 203rd Police Day celebration at the Police Training Centre in Jalan Semarak here.

The incentives are:

* A monthly allowance of RM200 to 33,000 police officers and personnel who perform general duties

* Constables to be promoted to rank of lance corporals after three years while lance corporals will be promoted to corporals after five years. Both are on time-based scheme.

* Outstanding and best police stations to be given special recognition based on their achievements and performances.-- Bernama

Anonymous said...

There are some forces within Umno which are covertly working to overthrow Najib as he did to Pak Lah. They could be collaborating with those Independent MPs to embarrass Najib. These forces also consist of NGOs which promote 'Ketuanan Melayu' and Utusan Malaysia.

This also accounts for the recent outburst by the police chief against some powerful third party which he said could be "pihak politik" (politicians) or "orang-orang tertentu" (certain individuals), who are giving orders to people below him.

Anonymous said...

Just realized something...

Now... its all about "pleasing" everyone.

Mmmm.... the PR company must be doing their stratigies...!

Joe said...

Your last para is the most apt