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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Of course not!

The Star reports that the MACC survey says that low salaries, high costs of living are not the main factors for corruption.

I think, for once, the MSM may be reporting the truth. We all can guess that the main culprits are really those who don't have low salaries and hardly need to worry about high costs of living. Right? Hee hee hee..... just thought I'd leave you with a fantastic fact and funny before shutting down for the weekend.



Anonymous said...


I support the MACC survey. If I earn less than RM50 million per year (legal or illegal), this is really too low because how can I afford the high cost of living. I've to support a few wives and many more mistresses, my fleet of Porsches, Ferraris, Bentleys, Lexus, Mercedeses, BMWs, maintenance of RM50 million mansion, overseas holidays for wives and mistresses, first class air tickets for shopping trips to Paris/London/New York, fine wine and RM300 cigars, under table payments to UMNO members to vote for me, prostitutes, etc.

How not to succumb to corruption with my pittance salary and high costs of living?

If only the previous Mamakthir and current 1Najib give me more contracts, then I will not be so deprived......sob, sob, sob...

Ibrahim Ali, I'm joining your Perkosa party so that you can fight for more contracts for me.

Anonymous said...

Then ask MACC what are the factors loh!!! Cheers Brother...

Anonymous said...

Yes MACC was rite. Low salaries and high cost of living is not the cause of corruption. It is greed.

But why is garment increasing the pay of Polis Raja Di Malaysia? Is it because they are so Raja di Malaysia?

Adnan tak sempit said...

When you are greedy, you will never have enough even if you are highly paid. That's why our umno politicians succumb to corruption, even though they would swear by Quran.

Anonymous said...

We shit on the urinal
cause we need to shit

We pee on the toilet bowl cause we need to pee

Anonymous said...

1. Let's cut the salary of all MACC staff by 90%.

2. What they are trying to say is high-salary with high-cost of lifestyle living are corrupted. We can see that in one particular political party.

Anonymous said...

Patrick this country is so fucked uo tis beyond repair already la.

Haris said...

In related news, "greed", and "lack of morals" is still not ruled out ;)

wandererAUS said...

It is those blokes (God fearing) who keep four wives and a couple dozens of children.. are the LIKELY CULPRITS.


Anonymous said...

What a crock! Should be targeting the 'higher uppers" then shouldn't they? Yeah, probably will happen when monkeys start calling me uncle and giving me bananas and nuts!

Anonymous said...

rezeki datang jgn tolak......

KANASAI said...

Correct,correct,correct !

Timsook said...

What are they putting in their cigarettes or their coffee??

Anonymous said...

one big fish is more than a thousand ikan bilis. So go catch the big sharks. dont say you dont know who they are. Even ex IGP Tun Hanif said most police live beyond their means. What does this means? They borrow alot is it? Aiyah, corruption la.

Politicians just the same.

I suppose you dont have proper fishing gear for sharks....

Maybe try catching those crooks in your own dept first.

Anonymous said...

ha2 ha2.

ask Wong Chun Wai on a Sunday morning.

For Pete's sake said...

RPK said: Yes, to Muslims, ‘crimes’ are just confined to wine, women and song. Everything else is okay. Offer Muslims pork chops and they will go berserk. Offer them a glass of beer and they will foam at their mouth in anger. Offer them a bribe and they will say, “Alhamdulillah for God’s rezeki showered on me.

RAHMAN Theory said...

Coming to the end of Najib’s first year as Prime Minister, the country is bogged down with many unresolved questions and issues, including:

the two missing jet engines disappearing all the way to Uruguay;

the multi-billion ringgit submarine that cannot dive;

the RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal still awaiting the prosecution of “big fishes”;

who killed DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock who went willingly to Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) headquarters on July 15, 2009 and came out as a corpse the next day;

when MACC will break its apron-strings to its political masters making it the catspaw of Umno/BN political agenda to declare war on Pakatan Rakyat instead of declaring war on corruption;

Malaysia’s unchecked plunge down the slope of decreasing international competitiveness accompanied by avoidance of FDI and flight of domestic capital;

First anniversary of Najib’s 1Malaysia slogan and concept dogged by the worst politicking of race and religion in recent years, spearheaded by none other than the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Umno media Utusan Malaysia;

The lack of political will to institutionalize inter-religious consultation to promote inter-religious understanding, goodwill and harmony evident from divisive and protracted controversies over the use of the term “Allah”;

the difficult birth of Najib’s Malaysia.2 new economic model with the continuing and even worsening crisis of brain drain, demonstrating that Najib’s administration lacks the political will for the government transformation to win the international competition for talents needed to successful free Malaysia from the middle-income trap and catapult to a high-income country.

The political persecution and trials of Parliamentary Opposition Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim;

the false light at the end of the tunnel for restoration of national and international confidence in the independence, impartiality and integrity of the judiciary highlighted by the 5-0 Federal Court decision on the two Perak Mentri Besar case;

the escalation of Umno/Barisan Nasional conspiracy to cause the disintegration of Pakatan Rakyat and downfall of Pakatan Rakyat state governments; etc.

Anonymous said...

C'mon now..

why so much sadness? keep on blogging!

Anonymous said...

low salaries, high costs of living = high crime
corruption = comes from those who are in power and have the opportunity to do so

Wah Lai Toi said...

VERY DIFFICULT but we can make it EASY.

One is invloved in a billions ringgit project fiasco.

One is involved in a porno video.

One lead MCA in the biggest lost during the last General Election.

Don't tell me there are no more good chinese leaders. Why those who portray themselves as leader who will protect the chinese are all tainted. No wonder these so call 'saviours' cannot fight for the chinese community, their balls are tightly grabbed by AmeNO.

Who to choose? Very difficult le.
But let us make it easy. DON'T CHOOSE THEM - DON'T ATTEND THE PARTY ELECTION. Just sit back at home and watch Wah Lai Toi.

Anonymous said...

Yes, to Muslims, ‘crimes’ are just confined to wine, women and song. Everything else is okay. Offer Muslims pork chops and they will go berserk. Offer them a glass of beer and they will foam at their mouth in anger. Offer them a bribe and they will say, “Alhamdulillah for God’s rezeki showered on me.


Runie said...

Just recently, Musa Hassan said that PDRM takes no orders from anyone. Now he is saying that there is a third party involved. A 'third party' intervening in the police force? Who is the 'third party'? Musa, since you have mentioned this, why keep quiet? We the rakyat would like to know.

The key point is, Musa has lost all respect. It's now a free for all in PDRM. The public at large is able to see that his subordinates are trying very hard to please the Umno political masters to earn their favour. Musa himself is saddled with lots of skeleton in his closet just like PM Najib Razak. It's a real mess in PDRM.

The only way to clean the mess is to vote Umno/BN out. Those who have not registered to vote, please go register at any post office. Another son of mine will be eligible next month to vote and he is eagerly waiting to register. That's another vote for change. Let's save our beloved country - Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Leave nothing to assumption. It is not safe to assume that Malay progress will be part of the progress of the whole society.

Malays can be left behind even though our society as a whole has progressed. So far, the effects of economic policies implemented since 1970 have supported this observation- we can still be behind while society in general has improved. Assuming progress comes automatically is fatal.

Hence from the beginning we must assume nothing and leave nothing to chances. We mustn’t assume that because we have a Malay government, economic progress flows naturally. It hasn’t and part of our disappointment is attributable to the fact that we have assumed having a Malay government alone is sufficient, without reading into it, RIGOROUS QUALIFICATIONS OF HOW A GOOD GOVERNMENT MUST BE.

mohd ali ismail said...

Patrick,If not of low pay and high cost of living that make many a person succcumbs to graft,then what cause the ever rampant corruptions within our system?My guess is, the ever demanding lifestyle that people want to keep abreast with. Only a GOD fearing person can live within his means, and the rest will resort to whatever it takes to be current,more so with people in high society.

Ossamae baen Ladaen said...

yo brater.. i love u!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am amused by the remark of mohd ali ismail 94:39 pm).

What's the point of fearing God when a person cannot curb his basic desire/instinct (for lavish lifestyle).

Pray to God for strength?

That's an excuse of not wanting to believe in own's ability but continue to be dependent. I guess that's the shortfall of believing in a supreme being.

Anonymous said...

The MACC is right, you see those non Government Servants, and/or those no chance to associate with the Government can still survive with such low pay.
Will the juniors/kaki see the seniors/depala get so much easy money with ease, they just sit and watch, when complaining is useless?
I was told some departments even arrange to share the fixed "contribution" to those new staffs, or the "don't know how" staffs regularly, and they are not allow to refuse, else you will be transferred to somewhere nobody like to go. "We are shits, you must be shits too" tactic.
Anyway, if complaining is not working, then the corruption issue will never ceased.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, the cause of corruption is lazyness, society that do not want to work but want a good lifestyle. The lazy people that either want your wealth to be distributed to them or resort to corruption. Other society have to feed these lazy society. The mother of all crimes is LAZYNESS. Can you name an invention that contribute to society by these lazy people. AMOK is invented by these lazy people.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

And the best part is that they goes to Friday prayers without fail to pray for a bigger REZEKI.

*Credits to RPK as he dare to say it loud.

Anonymous said...

NO, not God- but Allah-fearing ones,
who !? ...WHO !!??

Anonymous said...

reader3:52am, r u makes fun of the inglis grammars !?

Anonymous said...

These gomen people when they are paid to do a job they also expect the contractor, supplier, consultant etc to add them in the service providers payroll.Ha ha been doing it for the last zillion years!!