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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Is it not ironic that one of Malaysia's biggest embarrassments of this era is the Malaysian Embassy in Singapore. 20 years have passed, I have personally seen this and experienced it; and to date NOTHING has changed. Excuse this not the year 2010?

Why?.. with all the latest technology available, all the big and bold talk about "PRODUKTIVITI" & "MALAYSIA BOLEH". Changing the "Salam" by placing your hand on your heart to show sincerity?

Maybe someone forgot to inform all the people at the Malaysian Embassy in Singapore that it is the 21st Century. The Embassy is a representation of the people for the people. Or am i wrong or have i been on the moon for the past decade?

What is prevailing is their pre-historic work ethics and attitudes. This is the main reason we have a system that can never improve, because the people in the drivers seat are enforcing the poor work ethics in anything they do. They don't care...plain and simple.
Still the same "tidak apa" attitude. Still the same "gaji sama tapi kerja lebih" attitude. I ask every Malaysian..are we not so tired of this? When are we going to see some change and not just talk? How long more do tolerate this before something is done? Another 20 years?

What is the use of having an Embassy filled with LAZY people. The same people who are the FIRST to respond to any criticism with either a denial or a different version of a story we all read and know its untrue. People who just "cant be bothered" and will give you every and any excuse possible to cover their poor performance and lack of responsibility. Basically re-enforcing their "tidak apa attitude". Makes me sick to the stomach.

To what you may ask is my immediate frustration? I went to the embassy yesterday at 10am as i needed to renew my passport. 2 security guards were comfortably sitting in their office chatting away. Yes, after 10am our embassy security they are paid to sit in their office and talk about football and the latest scores.

"What you want" was the first thing they said to me. No good morning, how may I assist you or even the slightest gesture of courtesy. My response was that I would like to renew my passport. Without a blink of an eye they both started laughing as if I was asking when in Malaysia Elvis was residing. "No more number" they time come earlier. Slid the glass panel shut and continued with their conversation. At this point I felt well I'd just try again tomorrow.

This morning I was there at 7.30am...again I approached the same security guards. They did not recognize me and again I asked them for a queue number to renew my passport. This time the laughing was a little more sarcastic and they both blatantly told me..."halo" better you come at 4am and line up. Maybe when we give out numbers at 7.10am you can get a ticket. We only issue 150 tickets a day. You don't get.. not our problem..we cannot do anything. Embassy rules. Hence this email to all my fellow Malaysians. It is time to speak up to stop this incorrigible attitude.

So I am to believe that the entire Malaysian Embassy is only able to process 150 applicants or renewals a day? And we are blatantly told we have to line up at 4am or literally drop dead? I asked around, and the response from many people was the same. One auntie was there since 8am...she must have been about 65 years old. Did the embassy staff even bother? I would like to ask, would they let their own mother stand in the hot sun for half a day just to get her passport renewed?

They don't care and they have the attitude that if we don't come even before the chickens awake in Malaysia its not their problem.

I called the embassy, asking to speak to an officer pertaining to this. A rude lady answered, "yes what you want"...I replied i would like to speak to an officer pertaining to the difficulty of renewing a passport. She blatantly responded "you want to complain" go ahead, you think you are the first person who want to complain"?. And hung up the phone.

I do hope there is a glimmer of hope left in our system. Hope that there is a possibility of change. Lets be realistic...20 years and nothing has changed. It is a major embarrassment to the country.

I have had better productivity from a embassy in a 3rd world country where they transport your papers via land on horseback and sea by boat...and its done in a few hours.

Or maybe the 150 applicant documents processed at the embassy here are put in a sampan and rowed along the straits of Malacca to Port Klang where they are transferred to a Kereta Lembu before reaching the embassy in KL for the appropriate signatures?

Malaysia, it is time to speak up. The truth is undeniable.

Andrew Johnson
CEO & Managing Director



H J Angus said...

For those above 55 (senior citizens)it may be worthwhile to hop over to JB where you do not need to queue as you get special treatment - maybe the time taken for travel both ways may be 2 to 3 hours outside rush periods but once there your passport will be renewed within one hour.
I think most foreign embassies do limited processing of passports and this is not only for Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Pat it is already written on the wall.You are all 'Immigrants'.Not happy here,you can balek kampong ok?

Anonymous said...

When will people change?

I'd say, it's when the reformers stop getting shut down by bribery, influence, and general apathy.

Also, if the sender is really a CEO, he should just cut the bullshit and BRIBE the officers out.

Again, it's not about incentives to register as a voter, it's just that there's not enough force forcing the Rakyat to register.

I'm too young to even try to register. The best I can do is scream as things get worse through little fault of my own.

lohpatrick said...

ehh uncle. think you can run for office also la... you sure can garner votes also...

Anonymous said...

are those workers S'porean or M'sian ?

ktteokt said...

This is a disease inherited by "public servants" in Malaysia and now it has been exported to Singapore! What a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

what do you expect from savages, integrity? lol

Anonymous said...

yup, numbnuts running the country and they ARE so proud of it! Only in Malaysia can you say 'you no like, you can go back to so and so country'. Like I have said GE13 when the politicians came knocking, lets say thank you but no thanks. YOU have done enough!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that the poor guy has to experience all that bull but rest assured THIS is so typical of our civil servants who apparently HAVE forgotten that are just that .. CIVIL SERVANT!This is BOLEHLAND where f@#!kwits rule..where you want to puke when you see these F@#$%rs talk and think themselves so special..aiiyaaa what the F^%$k

SAd Sad

Anonymous said...


No, it aint Najib's fault frankly. Its the result of Ketuanan policies started by the great Mamak.

Anonymous said...

What do we expext? Even JJ can be the EmbASSador of USA!


Dennis said...

i lost my passport to theft and made a renewal at the Singapore Embassy back in 2004. Honestly I thought they were real good haha.... I went there around noon time. By the end of the day I already got my temporary passport, despite the lengthy investigative interview... Maybe I got lucky

Anonymous said...

I'm not at all surprised, are you? This has become the service culture in practically all government departments. There may be some black sheep amongst them and these black sheep do provide some decent service. But that is rare and far in between and if you do come across one, you better buy lottery (as the Chinese saying goes). However most often than not you will face crap. It has become sickening!

stella said...

oh my god!!
to be honest, same thing happened to the embassy in Berlin!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you dont like it you can get out of the country,nobody force you to live here....the usual response from the so-called patriotic "nation-defenders" who grab every chance to score a few political points which is so very important here.

Anonymous said...

Based on what you described, I'd say the Laos and Myanmar Embassies at where I'm staying provides much, much better service with a professional attitude. And their embassies are definitely not in any posh building nor were their offices lavisly decorated.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. In this modern century, still expect people to line up at 430am. Mad or what? Used to be like this about 15 yrs ago but if it is still happening now, we have not progressed.Rakyats must have good quality of life and surely to queue at 450am in the darkness is sheer madness. Maybe the relevant head should look at this process for improvement.

Anonymous said...

This is so saddening. I really don't know what to say.

- Yen
Kuala Lumpur

White Dog said...

These guys don't have an iota of pride and responsibility in their work. They were brought up with hatred and jealousy. God...actually can't help them.

Anonymous said...

Too easy to criticise Pat... Too easy.

For all you know, the guards and the lady answering the call were not Malaysian. Most likely they were not.

Secondly, this Andrew Johnson fellow might just be a real prick and writing crock. Did you bother to check on the truthfulness?

Anonymous said...

It's the attitude isnt it...the "tidak apa" attitude that is..the Brits were able to halt it for awhile but after 1957 it returned with a vengeance and is here to stay in Malaysia...till the end of time....

Anonymous said...

Macam mana nak menrealisasikan prestsi yang tinggi?

Obviously the embassy is not responding to time to cope with the demand. maybe they are not happy that many malaysians are now cari makan in Singapore and need to renew the passport there. Maybe it is some form of 'punishment' to these people?

3rd class mentality still sthere are all these years.

cicak said...

Wow I can't imagine what I will do if those guards laugh at me like that. I would have shoved their cotas up to their asses.

Damn I'm fired up.

mohd ali ismail said...

You have my sympathy Patric and certainly you don't deseve the ordeal and frustrations you endured. I am surprised that such crude manners is exhibited at our Embassy.Those guys responsible must be reprimanded by our Ministryof Foreign Affairs and they must be thought a lesson or two how to be couteous to people irrespective of race or creed.It is an embarasment to our country to have such personnels working in our Embassy.

Anonymous said...

20 year is an indication for having no hope for transfomation to a better, progress and justice society. Take action to migrate to a progressive country. Even China is more progressive than bolehland. Bolehland will become a fail state based on the process of natural selection. Bolehland will never have a merits system. It will always have a system based on their rights. Why do people still think there is a hope for a better change. Do you really think you and your next generation have a better future in bolehland?

Anonymous said...

Mr Johnson,
Why you can't go back to Malaysia to renew? Must do in Singapore. Why you must Kacau us in Singapore. We got reason only process 150 .. so we can meet KPI. Otherwise every idiot Malaysian who is too lazy to renew their passport in Malaysia will swamp our Embassy, then we sure cannot meet KPI.

You understand this simple reason? why we only process 150 only. We actually already doing more as our KPI is only 100 a day.

Go ahead and complain lah. You think I like to live in Singapore. I like to be transfer back to Malaysia lah. Go ahead and make my day.

Bloody Niamah to you.

p/s There is no Malaysia
Embassy in Singapore. It's Malaysia High Commission. You got study history properly or not. Niamah.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised to hear about the writer's experience. The service at the Malaysia High Commission in Singapore has improved tremendously over the years. I just went to change my expiring passport a couple of months ago and had no problems doing so. I arrived at about 7:30am and went through the process smoothly in airconditioned comfort.

Anonymous said...

Dennis @ were not lucky. Everyone gets good service back then in 2004. Now it's 2010. Don't you know Malaysia is going backwards? about 10 years ago, Malaysia was a very competitive country. I was proud to say I am a Malaysian. But now, people ask, I'd say I am from Borneo...
Did Malaysia stand out to the world recently? YES! SODOMY & CHURCH ARSONS! I saw that in Australia prime time news...Sometimes, just wish some natural disaster will wipe out all the governing people and restart the country again.

maureen soon said...

Malsian in the civil service are a bunch of lazy people, they should think that by giving that attitude of tidak apa is religiously wrong.They are paid to do their job...

Anonymous said...

Mornin Pat,

How r d chickens & ducks?

This story is NOTHING new. Their "plucked up" attitude has been like these for more than 2 decades. More...!!

They have forgotten that they are goverment "servants". They are put there to be the rakyat's SERVANTS...!

Even here, they give us BIG time attitude problems. Its like there's so much of sorrow to serve us & one can "NEVER" find a smile from anyone of them...!!!

Its like as if we owe it to them for whatever the rakyat wants...!

If I have a title, perhaps I'll get better treatment yah....!!!!!!

Datuk Pat...???

Anonymous said...

The public servant is the servant of the people. The people who we vote employ them. Plain to see, the change starts when we we vote for the people who has the political will to change.

People vote for change


Anonymous said...

I think these flers were disillusioned working in a super-efficient city of Singapore, but went on to prove that the tidak-apa culture can at least survive in the embassy of malaysia.

Oskar Charli said...

I hope and pray that at the next general election, the opposition gains greater than two-thirds majority so that it can repeal all the misdeeds that have been inflicted on our constitution. It only goes to prove the BN is in government only for (its members' interests) itself and to hold on to power any way it can. Enshrining racism into the constitution is repulsive. I hope someone teaches BN a lesson in humility.

I also believe Malaysia is the only 'democracy' where people are hauled away and locked up under the guise of national security, which BN is okay with.

Anonymous said...

Dear bro Pat

I see some other people have had the same bucket of shit thrown at them which was thrown at me decades ago. This form of low life behaviour appears is the standard in ALL malaysian embassies .... perhaps only for non-bumis. In my case I told them to stick it up their ass and got another passport from my new motherland. I wish more people would do that, but quite unlikely, as many still have delusions things will change for the better.

Think again carefully all unhappy malaysians, if you can, get the hell out of malaysia. There is only one direction malaysia is going and that is downhill and the brakes are off !

Other countries value you more than you realise. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 1.37 AM

Please go back to your malaysia and rot there. You are useless to S'pore and most probably useless in malaysia too. Please go and hasten malaysia's demise.

Anonymous said...

I am a Malaysian and have been in SG for the past 27 years. Believe me things did change but are exceptionally exceptionally slow. It's true their work attitudes are still prehistoric and I know for a fact that all the M'sian high comms and embassys around the world have the same work ethic. Yes, I've personally experienced all these "difficulties" all the time. Pat you are right we should do something about this. Btw, the security people only start to work by 7am eventhough they are there earlier they will ignore you even when you talk to them. ;)

Anonymous said...

It is funny that in these high comms or embassies there are no preferential treatment. Whether you are a big short, e.g. CEO, movie star and etc, you'll be given the same treatment as ordinary/common folks do. Throughout my years I've seen very well dressed and even film stars queueing up just like everyone else and getting angry and fumed up just like we do. They tried to shout or complain but no one will "hear". Hahaha!

Anonymous said...


Haven't you heard the oft repeated motto spewed everyday;


Sorry mate doesn't apply to Malaysians not staying in Malaysia...

Anonymous said...

Service is not a priority to these people in the embassy, probably they thought u people need them to get things done for u, so aksi aksi lor. Correct, third class mentality no doubt! These people must be some putras' cousin and relatives and work there without being screened thru one....

Anonymous said...

Haha.... you think that is slow...wait till you go to the Singapore High Comm to give up your citizenship. 1st they will fix an appointment which is 6 months later. After going for your appointment 6 months later (you only submit your application then), you have wait 1 more month to get the letter stating that you have successfully given up your citizenship.
I thought they would be more than happy to see you leave... less pendatang!!!

btw... I did see their people from their own race queuing up to get appointments to give up their citizenship.

\m/^.^\m/ said...

in every singaporean there is a malaysian just trying to crawl out

not your ordinary blogger; said...

Do we really need to talk about this anymore? Its an open secret that our government servants sucks big time! 1 malaysia....hahahaha....laughing stock la! Yeah we boleh la as usual for all the wrong reason la! Pay money also need so many hassle...Kanasai....Najib....what is 1 Malaysia??? Please elaborate in details????? sad to say....we are gone...and I see little chance that we are going to improve in the next 10-20 years if that bunch of lazy mutha fcuker is still around! HOPELESS!

Utusan Roket said...

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Date: 12.03.2010
Time: 7.30pm

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Special guests: Lim Kit Siang, Tunku Abdul Aziz, Teresa Kok, Ean Yong Hian Wah, Gobind Sigh and Hannah Yeoh;

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Anonymous said...

Najib will have no time for affairs of state as Prime Minister if he spends 10 hours a day on Facebook – given one minute for a Facebook message, which will consume 600 minutes (or 10 hours) for 600 messages.

Where is the schizophrenia about Najib and the Facebook?

The answer is of course Datuk Seri Rais Yatim, Najib’s Minister for Information, Communications and Culture, who recently lambasted twitter and Facebook as “tools of the West” which could erode Malaysian culture.

Should Najib be looking for a new Minister for Information, Communications and Culture to end the schizophrenia in his administration?

Taiping Joo said...

... power to the rakyat.

Imagine if rakyat can directly influence their respective bonus cheque - via a service ratings. Perhaps then they will start to improve service to paying rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Biasa lah.....get used to it liow....

Anonymous said...

What else is new .. same thing in Vancouver. If we go by Anonymous @ 1:37AM's reasoning, we are fucked!! You'd think that rudeness is the norm in all M'sian High Comms! My child has better manners!

Anonymous said...

Like they say, civil servants - especially malaysian civil servants - are neither servants nor are they civil!

Anonymous said...

Do you think they care?
Their mentality are brought up that way, everything tak apa, got NEP what, why think and work so hard?
Maleysians are just too dumb being fooled by politics while they grew up to be a morons.

Anonymous said...

Now, you know why SO MANY Malaysians migrate. I can vouch for the truth in the letter (I kena the same problem).

M'sian embassy in Singapore is basically telling M'sians working in Singapore to convert to Singaporean and do not kacau them.

Anonymous said...

Customer service is the cheapest marketing tool; those idiots never learn.

Anonymous said...

BANG! i love all my malays mates but that is the biggest difference between a Malaysian malay and Singapore malay. When you meet one, you'll know!

Anonymous said...

im sorry to hear the writer’s experience. I had a better one when I renewed my passport recently. yes I had to go early since the queue is always long. however the process is now much faster because I got my passport on the same day, not like many years ago. I remember when I have to wait like more than a week because they had to send the application to jb.

Anonymous said...

When you take a taxi to the High Commission at 9 morning ,the taxi driver will be surprised .
Too many people waiting outside the gate and long queue and will say "The Embassy with many people outside and you should come very early " .
That was in 1996 and now 2010 still Same Same.
What bullshit we are are talking 2020 developed or same same as 1996-The golden age under TDM.

Anonymous said...

anon1.37, ARE u speaking to me ?
(Johnson Mah)

Anonymous said...

If you are Malaysian Chinese holding a PR, the Malaysian Embassy in your PR country will definitely treat you like shit if you want to renew your passport. True and real experience from someone who live in UK and NZ.

brukarer said...

We anticipated this problem when applying for my niece’s student visa to the UK. We were there at 5.30 am. The crowd was getting bigger by the minute. I leaned over to the young guard and whispered, “Give me the first no., please. I had to find a place to do solat.” That was being proactive. When we came back at 7 he nodded. At 7.30 am we were given the #1, despite being in the middle of the queue.

At the visa office we had to wait some more, standing, leaning, crouching. Then the guard, a tight fitting voluptuous Indian woman, came and she began making loud noises asking them to queue up properly and not linger around, like they were school children. She was even being sarcastic. When the lift opened, out came two mat salleh and coat attired personnel. She completely changed her skin. Beaming and ‘ass licking’ them. Niamah!!! I lost my cool and spoke my mind out.

A few minutes later we were given a room with chairs to rest our tired feet, and the person in charge was courteous.


"Anonymous Anonymous said...
Secondly, this Andrew Johnson fellow might just be a real prick and writing crock. Did you bother to check on the truthfulness?"
11:43 PM

I know this person Andrew Johnson on a personal level and for many years too and i have to beg to differ with your opinion bro.
AJ is one of the better persons you could come across. For as long as i've known him, he has never bullshitted about his ordeals or experiences....coz if he did he knows i'd be on his case like a bad rash!

But let's face the truth for a moment....what he faced isn't anything new...i'm sure every Malaysian at some point of time had to go through the problems AJ went through when dealing with some kind of Malaysian govt dept. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

its sad that some of you claimed that certain people are racist while you are no less racist than them

Anonymous said...

Hello Pat,
Take a trip to Thai-Malaysia border lah! Long long queque both ways.Dont know what is their KPI!Slip RM10.00 into passport and pass to agent will 'kow tim'.no need to see your face also!!!

patrickteoh said...

Brukarer, I find it very strange that you accused the Indian woman for being racially biased when by your self-admittance you race and religion to secure your queue number. So what's the deal?

Anonymous said...

and the biggest niamah of it all is....

u flers would be paying for their pensions when they retire!

it's like they slapping you and you say thank you very much to them.

The Book of Eli said...

BN government has been providing jobs to jobless graduates.

Why can't they increase the headcount at the embassy in Spore to cope with demand? Passport renewal ia afterall a good source of revenue for Najib's hardpressed administration (RM300 per passport vs RM50 per credit).

Malaysia may consider open a special office (near a MRT station) for the convenience of Malaysians working in Spore. They actually earn S$ and remit home to Msia to help our economy.

Anonymous said...

this is worst than 3rd world countries mentality... tell that to our gomen and they will arrange study tour to god know where.

What is our new slogan again??? Rakyat di dahulukan??? kanninah

Anonymous said...

Give up the passport lah...........why do you still bother? Balik one day ah?????Balik for what??

k4kenny said...

Hey Pat, if someone wants to complain about Malaysia public servants, plenty by the truck loads la.

What to do ....Pat....nevermind the complaints afterall when it comes to naik gaji tahunan (annual salary increment) the stupid-government will be held by the throat by cuepecs - the public servant union of Malaysia.

SO, WHAT THE FUCK TO CHANGE??? That's why these moron servants dare us to lodge complaints!!!


SK said...

Hahaha, are those people are the same group of gangsters who proudly declared to the world that Rosmah is very friendly, very nice, very good first lady?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, muthafucking hillarious la!

Anonymous said...

The staff in Malaysian Embassy in Singapore are paid around RM1,000 when you convert that to Sing dollar which is less than S$500, these people could not even pay for their daily lunch in Singapore. And they have to be serving you Malaysian working in Singapore and getting paid 10 times more. No wonder they are pissing on you guys.

EPIC for UNITY said...


I am a 23 year old Malaysian and I lead a team of dreamers who are working hard to make this country a better place. We are not trying to start a revolution nor are we trying to disrupt the peace. We are merely trying to put back that true sense of peace and unity which we lost when we left primary school. We want to tell the youth of our nation that indeed there is still hope for our nation, that we are not alone. We want all to know that there is indeed a longing for POSITIVE action brewing within all of us in the midst of today’s issues whether we speak of it or not.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Pat
I have 'followed' your blog for quite sometime and agree wiyj you on most things.... but .... this passport incident of yours icks me much ... I think those embassy staff in sg have been there toooo long and NEED TO BE TRANSFERRED BACK TO KL for refresher coursesss under a task master... we in tawau, sabah only need 2 working days to complete most transection... maybe staff of tawau should be transfered to sg???

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy... you should have recorded down their names and published it on this blog. Make sure you come back to Tg.Bungah and vote in the next election. VOTE FOR CHANGE !!!!

Anonymous said...

The problem is the same with most government departments in Malaysia which is filled to the brim of Malaysian citizens of only a single race only. From my observation, when u have people of a single race dominating......this kind of crap service is that u will face. To join Wisma Putra as a PTD officer, if u are a Malay then all is plain sailing eventhough your English is half-past-six. Non Malays, especially Indians have a tough time getting into it as JPA will find all kinds of excuses to knock u off. I have met many Indians who have to swallow humble pie & eat their hearts out frustrated by settling to accept home sector postings at dumping ground Ministeries(applicable to non-Malays )such as KPKT, KKM,Intan Bkt.Kiara,MOA, MOT, to name a few.Hence, it is nothing surprising with the service that is happening at the Singapore High Commission. The same crap service is almost at all other Malaysian missions overseas, cos overwhelmingly staffed with people of one race only. In short, when JPA discriminates the races, ultimately it is the Malaysian population as a whole that suffers in the end. Just ask any home-posted Chinese and Indian PTD officers and they will lament on how they were discriminated from entering Wisma Putra.Deputy Minister Kohilan Pillay is only there to warm his seat and to receive his Ministerial perks. Discrimination in joining Wisma Putra will continue forever.

najib manaukau said...

Why do we bother to have embassies aboard ?
The Malaysian government is not there to help Malaysians but to make it as hard as possible.
They know the Malaysians in foreign countries will never ever vote for them on the contrary they want the present government kicked out of their places and replaced them with a government to help the people. Hence all sorts of excuses were and are introduced to discourage the Malaysians aboard getting assistance from the embassies.
They don't even want them to know they are there when they use Jawi instead of BM a language we were and are still taught in school.
Is this is just another way not to help Malaysian aboard to pretend that Malaysia is part of an Arab country. Why bother even then to teach BM in school ? A blogger, obviously a Ketunan Melayu, once mocked at those for saying so, would he please refer to the Webster Dictionary that explains that Jawi is an Arabic language. He must be be betterthan the dictionary !

Anonymous said...

I think most malaysian is upset because we start comparing with Singapore - a developed country.
If we compare ourselves with say Indonesia - ok ok but service is better there because if you pay unofficial rate - fast and friendly service.
If we compare with Thailand if you pay overtime Kap Kap - no problems.

The only problem in Malaysia is they pretend to be clean but not,
if you pay "fine on the spot" still thinking is their entitlement.

Pay or don;t pay is dilemma ie the malay dilemma for being not honest KALAU MAHU DUIT CAKAP SAJA

This make the rakyat very confuse since we a corrupt country from top to bottom. Pay or don;t pay please do not pretend lah to be bersih.Tidak apa kalau saya mampu bayar tambahan sikit sahaja

Anonymous said...

that spot in jervois road... seriously cannot make it!!! even the sg taxi man tells me of people complanining about that place. shy a not?

Anonymous said...

Unlce Pat,

My deal with Msia,SG embassy was rather good.My son born in SG and we need to get him a passport for Full month celebration in Msia.

I thought the officer were rather good and open.Even open up the door for my 2 weeks son to have the foot print without needed to join the long Q.

I do deal with even the old Embassy building and also not as bad as the so call CEO describe.

I thought it might be so personal
unhappiness and add oil,add sault.

I get my son new passport just within a week.That is about 7 years ago.

Really not tha bad lah....

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Johnson,

Very sorry to hear about your bad experience. I can understand how disgusted and frustrated you are. If I were you (working in Spore and being successful), I would have given up my Msian citizenship. There are so many other countries who would welcome you to their land.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

sorry about your bad experience. i personally not all of them behave like what you said. it must be your bad luck days. i must praise the embassy staff in london; both consular/immigration for their efficiencies.

Anonymous said...

sorry about your bad experience. i personally not all of them behave like what you said. it must be your bad luck days. i must praise the embassy staff in london; both consular/immigration for their efficiencies.

Anonymous said...

i expected shitty service at the embassy when I was in Bern, Switzerland - or maybe i'm just lucky since my mat saleh fiance tagged along. The staff were really courteous, friendly and gave out many insightful information. Left the place in good spirits. My fiance loves our M'sian embassy compared to his. :/ I'm yet to see how nice are the ones in Doha!

Anonymous said...

JB residents who have not yet registerd for GE can do so at City Square (next to Season's Cafe, 2nd Floor) on Sunday 21 March.

Anonymous said...

In governmental and non-governmental organisations championing the special rights of the Malays, there are members whose parents are not even called 'Malays'. Their parents are perhaps Chinese, Malabaris, Tamils, Pakistani, Javanese, Ambonese, Communists, Socialists, Capitalists, Scientologists, Turkish, Siamese, Bugis, Melanau, Batak, Bajau, Iban, Portuguese, and a hybrid upon hybrid of all these.

Anonymous said...

In governmental and non-governmental organisations championing the special rights of the Malays, there are members whose parents are not even called 'Malays'. Their parents are perhaps Chinese, Malabaris, Tamils, Pakistani, Javanese, Ambonese, Communists, Socialists, Capitalists, Scientologists, Turkish, Siamese, Bugis, Melanau, Batak, Bajau, Iban, Portuguese, and a hybrid upon hybrid of all these.

Anonymous said...

In governmental and non-governmental organisations championing the special rights of the Malays, there are members whose parents are not even called 'Malays'. Their parents are perhaps Chinese, Malabaris, Tamils, Pakistani, Javanese, Ambonese, Communists, Socialists, Capitalists, Scientologists, Turkish, Siamese, Bugis, Melanau, Batak, Bajau, Iban, Portuguese, and a hybrid upon hybrid of all these.

Anonymous said...

I just had my passport renewed before chinese new year & I sympathise with Mr Johnson! I only managed to get my passport renewed on the 3rd attempt.. the first day happened to be a public holiday, the 2nd day, too late as I reached there at 9.30am & no more Q (only 150). Finally, the 3rd day I was there at 7.30am then spend the whole morning there just to submit the forms.... but the plus point is you get to collect yr passport the same day in the afternoon!! However, there is only 1 counter thats working... there's 3 other counters (mind u with staff sitting there chattin) that handles visa application when the droves of people were there to renew passport!!! That's Malaysia!!! hahaa.. no point getting all worked-up...
Sigh!! Boy am I glad that I dun have to renew my pastport yearly!!!

Anonymous said...

Dei Andrew... no need to advertise your title la. This is a blog to voice your opinions only.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, Mr. Andrew Johnson has been away from Malaysia for far too long. He forgotten on our Malaysian "system". Its not about the 4:30am thingy, it is about the "Agung's pass". For ticket number #1 to #20, a RM100 note should do just fine, but if you have take 1/2 day off for the exercise, then RM80-RM50 should be good enough to gain you top 100. Sad but true.

p.s: The moment we recognized and admit that "tidak apa" attitude is part of the Malaysian culture without any embarrassment, then what we see around us is TRULY MALAYSIA. Too sad for the truth.

Anonymous said...

my experience was, when it was time to pay up. I gave some SG50 as I did not have any small change, the lady at the counter said- no change, this is an embassy, we dont provide change, please pay exact amount..!! U think i go renew passport everyday and wld know THE EXACT amount to pay?? I asked if any NETS since exact amount is required, guess what is the answer? lucky the photostating pakcik has change for me.

Anonymous said...

Kriss would have reluctantly asked Musang to disappear as Musang too has his bag of secrets of the Kris wielding scavenger. He has also stacked millions in Singapore and australia. But what they dont know is that the Musang would have given the underworld the pics of Najis with Altantuya for safe keeping as insurance. So from on these foxes will be chasing each others tails till they fall into some gutter and die a painful death. Fatmama is all part of the equation. Her time is coming too when the rising takes place .

Anonymous said...

Encik Johnson

Kerana kamu tak 'memberi',
Kamu dapat 'merasa' frustration.

Gunakan 'Pas Agung'.
Make sure the colour is correct.
Minima RM50.
Ini cara hidup di Bolehaland.

evision said...

Robert Leong said...

To give credit where credit is due, not all our embassys behave that way. I worked and reside in HK/Macau and have renewed my passport a number of times at our consulate in HK and never once (i hope i dont speak too soon) have i faced any problem as decribed. Usually I arrived at the consulate between 9 to 10am and hand in my passport and pick it up at about 4pm the same day. The staff are friendly and it feels just like home. Well done HK consulate and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Oh I see.. so, this is a blog for the anti-Malays to show their true colors against the Malays. Very racist indeed. I am a Malay and of course I feel offended by the slant of the blog as well as the comments by fellow readers which most of them were very racist.

The fact is that each embassy/high commission comprises officers from Malaysia AND ALSO local staff. If the blogger is smart enough (no disrescpect though), he must be aware that the security guards and the receptionist (who answered the blogger’s phone call) are the locals. I might be wrong, but as far as I know this is standard for all embassies/high commissions to employ local security guards and receptionist. So, to the fellow readers, please get the facts correctly before making such irresponsible remarks. Like I said I might be wrong, if indeed I am wrong in assuming that the staff are non-Malaysians, I urge the blogger to get the names and make an official complaint.

To the embassy/high commission, please act on the irresponsible staff. Of course, the behavior shown by the staff is unacceptable. But to take the easy way out by assuming that all the Malaysian civil servants are like that, I think that is very unfair to them.

As a Malay, I am sad and disappointed with some of the non-Malays (I believe) who used the blog to bash the Malays. I do have lots of non-Malay friends. Of course in front of me they are all nice, but I do not know for sure that they would be that nice behind my back. Well, I’m not surprised if it happened. Why? You just look at the comments posted here. Enough said!

To the racist non-Malays, let me tell you FRANKLY. I can’t recall having Malay friends who are against the non-Malays. Some of them yes, they are protective on their privileges but NEVER in my experience that I encountered Malay friends who spoke very badly against the other races. This is contrary to some of the comments posted here. Some of the comments have tested my perseverance of having a true and sincere friendly relationship with my non-Malay friends.

By the way, thank you very much Mr. Robert Leong! I truly believe you are not a racist whatsoever.

u-en said...

Dear Anonymous 10:05PM,

I agree with you that there are some commentators on this blog who are far worse than the "Malay racists" they claim to attack: in "defending" the rights of Malaysia's minorities they hide behind an offensive against Malays that is not only filled with blind hatred, but also hypocritical in the extreme. To these people I say: if you really detest living here in Malaysia, then leave if you can; I shall wish you all the best and hope that wherever you may go and whatever you might do, you will find peace and be free to pursue your dreams and goals.

But for those of us who *choose* to remain behind, we have a duty not to perpetuate the same cycle of hate and vilification that has brought us to this point.

Comments like the next one, although well-intentioned, serve no useful purpose:

"Very sorry to hear about your bad experience. I can understand how disgusted and frustrated you are. If I were you (working in Spore and being successful), I would have given up my Msian citizenship. There are so many other countries who would welcome you to their land." (Anon 12:28AM)

Other comments, like the next one, serve only to feed hate:

"In governmental and non-governmental organisations championing the special rights of the Malays, there are members whose parents are not even called 'Malays'. Their parents are perhaps Chinese, Malabaris, Tamils, Pakistani, Javanese, Ambonese, Communists, Socialists, Capitalists, Scientologists, Turkish, Siamese, Bugis, Melanau, Batak, Bajau, Iban, Portuguese, and a hybrid upon hybrid of all these." (Anon, 5:49-5:50PM)

It is everyone's right to an opinion. I just wish that they also believe that it is their duty to have an informed opinion.

That said, I do not believe that this is an anti-Malay blog, or that Patrick is a racist. Patrick routinely attacks incompetence and inefficiency in government service -- which I think we'll all agree can do a great deal to improve. This does not translate into an attack on Malays.

Likewise I truly hope that you will not allow the empty words of a few mangled idiots to colour your own friendship with non-Malays. They are YOUR friends, just as you are THEIRS; and nothing anyone can say or do should change that if the friendship is true.

We have a duty to expose the wrongdoings committed by any of those entrusted by us with the government of our country -- and this we have to do for ever if we value our freedom.

I don't care if our leaders and public servants are Malay, Chinese, Indian or Lain-Lain. If anyone of them fails any one of us, the Rakyat, then they fail *all* of us regardless of what race we are individually.